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Week 7 Platinum Player Rankings (Top 3) - By TripleCute

Hey everyone, Triple again. This week’s player power rankings will be based on last week’s performance. I want to do this because I think it will allow me to shine a light on some newer faces that may not have been mentioned in previous weeks and deserve it. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be familiar names as well. So sit tight, enjoy the read, and once again: if you’re mad about the rankings… uh, get good?

Top Lane

1. Dictator Scruff (Hypnotic Gaming) There’s no question here for the top spot in this top lane role this week. Dictator Scruff has a whole team on his back and it shows. With a fantastic performance into VBU Monster Mash, Scruff was able to take their team up against the highest seeded team in their division and made quick work in a 2-1 series. I mean, I’m hearing voices. They’re saying.. “MVP.”

2. Acbalough (Literal Monkeys) Again, with a very fluctuating roster in the early season, it’s impressive that LTMK was able to get anything going at all. What I see when I look at last weeks impressive performance is a very strong top laner who managed a fantastic series. Racking up 14 kills on Camille and another 7 on the Cleaver Doctor, I expect LTMK to have another strong series this week if they can play through a carry top.

3. EnglishMuffin67 (GSG Epsilon) GSG was in desperate need of a win last week and EnglishMuffin delivered. In a quick 2-0 series against RSG, they were able to manage two impressive games on the tentacle queen herself. Being able to draw that presence top lane and still win the lane itself speaks volumes; I think GSG has a chance this week to show off through their strong top laner.


1. CBR Acid (CB Rush)

If there was ever any question of how high I ranked CBR Acid last week, you can go ahead and curb that. Walking away with a collective 31 kills on Kha’Zix over two games, Acid came to play. My only question is, what the hell was MG thinking leaving Kha’Zix up for the second game? I can’t imagine they were in comms like, “Oh yeah Kha’Zix wasn’t that big of an issue.” And if they were? Yikes.

2. GrandRoyal (TA Tempest) In what seemed to be a fast 0-2 in the making, TAT was able to fight back and win a 2-1 series outright. The playmaker that kept the momentum going through game 2 and rode that wave into game 3? GrandRoyal. A solid performance on Jarvan with all the playmaking capabilities led this team to a very needed strong game 2 and was able to carry that pressure on another great game 3 for this TA Tempest team.

3. Delilah (Omega Gaming Unknown)

This is one of those where I think you just had to be there to see it. Looking at scores, it doesn’t look like much. But when I say unkillable Graves, I mean it. Delilah struggled a little early on in the first game against LXBB, however, managed to make a snowball comeback and impact the game so heavily on a strong Graves pick. Carrying that same energy into game two allowing OGU’s Demo to get unbearably far ahead with precise ganks led this team to a quick 2-0.

Mid Lane

1. Egirlbender (CB Rush) The only other carry standout player from last weeks CB Rush series comes clearly through Egirlbender. Playing high impact champions is important, but succeeding on such is equally so. Egirlbender managed a solid performance for the week and was able to tag-team the carry with fellow Rush player CBR Acid in a snowballing 2-0 series. Now all we have to do is have a conversation about that cringe name cause I’m not typing that out again ;).

2. Puppet (Literal Monkeys) Puppet had a very solid series and even outperformed their lane opponent in the 1 loss in their 2-1 series by quite a large margin. They’ve earned the number 2 spot this week for mid-laners sharing equal responsibility for a strong carry into Revolution last week. I look forward to the plays Puppet can force on this top side of the map and hopefully we’ll see another strong performance this week.

3. CornStar (The Mystic Cats) CornStar showed off an impressive series against the team formerly known as AOE God Squad (now Gob). With a fantastic game on Syndra, I am a bit confused as to the Ashe pick? Were you role-swapping? What was going on there? In any case, that would just make it more impressive as to how malleable this player can be and still come out with impressive performances.

Bot Lane

1. King Civil (Omega Gaming Unknown) After dumpstering on yours truly, King Civil earns his spot in the top of this weeks rankings. Listen, it’s one thing to get a Penta Kill in comp play, but to get it into my solid ADC performance? Inconceivable. All jokes aside (remember, I’m a sub) Civil had a great performance and was without a doubt the standout carry for their team in a much needed game 1 win. Everything else after that is supplementary as OGU made quick work of LXBB.

2. Paneer (Team Ambition Tempest) Another name that deserves some recognition this week is from a nearly forgotten team (not for me though, ya’ll in my heart forever). While TAT struggled in their series opener, it’s no question Paneer had a solid performance leading into keeping up company morale in order to win their 2-1 series into PGC. While not the strongest team, Paneer managed a healthy performance and will look to do so again this week.

3. Archer (VBU Monster Mash) The only player mentioned this week from a losing team, Archer held his own in a total upset of a series. Leading his team in a solid game 1, it was all but over. While not getting the results they wanted, VBU still had an outperforming ADC and will hopefully look to play through this bot-lane if they want to hold onto whatever title they can.


1. Oreo Murderer (Omega Gaming Unknown) Oreo decided to take a break from murdering oreo’s this week and decided to decimate a bot lane. Oreo’s performance allowed King Civil to dominate their series last week and was 100% the most reliable guardian angel for this bot lane while also holding one of the highest kill participations for the week. What more can you ask for in a support?

2. CoachPizza (CB Rush) Pizza reluctantly makes his way into the power rankings for a second week in a row (he’ll give you some story about how he’s a sub blah blah blah). There is still no doubt in my mind the success of this team relies heavily on him as a support. Pizza can work around a losing lane and still manage to set his team up for success. Maybe this team should look at changing their “starting” spot, you know, for publicity reasons.

3. Riot Gurg7 (The Mystic Cats) Riot Gurg7 has a great week this last week and was able to carry while rotating new bot lanes in in both games. I mean, synergy is so incredibly important for bot-laners, so being able to switch between players in that role in the same series and still show success shows incredible talent. Also, I’m hoping that by mentioning you, you can remove the curse on my account #hardstuckP41300games. Please? Anyway, good work last week.

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