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Week 7 Platinum Power Rankings - By TripleCute

Hey everyone. For this week, I’ll only be doing the power rankings for teams that still have a chance at making the playoffs as the other teams have all but fizzled out. Hopefully you enjoy and I’ll see ya’ll in the next one.


1. Omega Gaming Unknown (+1):

OGU moves up into the number one spot this week as they have had back-to-back 2-0 sweeps and are looking to hold that number 1 spot in their division come playoffs. While the events of the previous week were rather unfortunate for this OGU team as they walked away with a 1-0 victory, they took no time in showing why they are truly a great team beating LXBB 2-0 the following week.

Player to watch: Delilah– With a strong showing against LXBB, Delilah will need to play a solid, impactful game if OGU wants to secure their spot at number one going into the playoffs.

2. VBU Monster Mash (-1):

In quite a shock, VBU took a 1-2 loss this past week struggling against Hypnotic Gaming. While they started their series rather strongly, it only seemed to go downhill from there as the showing from HG afterwards was just too oppressive for this team. While they did lose to a competing team in their division, I didn’t feel it quite necessary to rank them below HG just yet. I still believe this team has the tools to come out on top of their division as they have what should be the easiest matchup this upcoming week.

Player to watch: Archer– In the one win in a losing series last week, Archer managed a really strong game. I believe if VBU wants to reclaim their throne, Archer is the person to bear the weight.

3. Hypnotic Gaming (=):

HG was a force to be reckoned with in their last series against what WAS the highest seeded team in their division. While the series didn’t start great, Dictator Scruff and company was just incredible. It is already hard enough to come back from a 0-1 start, but Scruff put the team on his back and they took down the number 1 seed for their division. As there is still an opportunity for any of these top 3 teams to secure a first spot for the East, HG will need to come out swinging against LXBB this week.

Player to watch: Denali the King– losing their first game of the series, Denali really struggled. However, they kept it in check and were able to bounce back with a strong performance in their final two games. This team needs a strong performance from Denali this week.

4. Limitless Bad Bunnies (=):

In what looked to be a really great start for the LXBB team, they struggled to make use of their lead and took a rather close loss against OGU in their first game. As for the second game, well… not so much. LXBB looked outclassed and is in dire need of a good performance this week against a very strong Hypnotic Gaming team. I believe this team could be something special with some sort of identity, the problem is finding that.

Player to watch: Okyas– as a new support of the team last week, Okyas will look to solidify his position and show why this team made the right decision in role swaps. I believe Okyas to be a strong performer in this bot-lane and can make or break these gold leads.

5. Team Ambition Tempest (=):

Struggling in their first game of the series against PGC, Tempest cleaned up their gameplay and were able to come away with a 2-1 victory last week. With a strong performance from individual lanes over the course of the final 2 games, TAT is looking to compete against one of the best teams in the league and their respective division. With that, they have the opportunity to tear down OGU from holding a number 1 seed going into the playoffs.

Player to watch: Son Wu Dragon– I think the best chance this team has of winning this week is shoving SWD on a carry and play through the top side of the map. They showed they can carry, now they have to be consistent.


1. CB Rush (=):

With another 2-0 sweep, CB Rush cleaned up a struggling MG team and look to hold an undefeated series record going into the final week of the Platinum league. Sitting atop the back of CBR Acid, CB Rush continued to prove why they have some of the best players on this stacked roster. They will need to come out strong against a solid AOE team if they want to hold their record and go into the playoffs with ease.

Player to watch: CBR Acid– with a collective 31 kills on Kha’Zix this previous week, why the hell would you NOT want to watch him?

2. The Mystic Cats (+1):

Mystic Cats came to prove why they deserve the number two spot in their division this last week. Up against what was the previous number 2 seed, AOE, they came out and had two solid games winning in a 2-0 series. It didn’t even matter that this team had to use a sub, with strong performances from Cornstar, Kim Peter, Skizz, etc. they made easy work of a very strong team and will look to ride this wave as they play into a rather lackluster RSO team.

Player to watch: Riot Gurg7– I enjoy watching supports carry their ADCS. Swapping back and forth between sub and starter last week, ya’ll better make sure Gurg is happy cause you’ll need that carry out of them.

3. AOE Gob Squad (Formerly known as God Squad) (-1):

What proved to be the most shocking from this AOE team was in fact NOT the awesome name change (love it by the way), but rather their 0-2 loss to Mystic Cats. AOE has been a true force this season so it was quite shocking to see such an apparent mismatch in one series. Unfortunately, AOE will see their hardest matchup of the season this week against CB Rush and it will be a true test to the skill and grit of this team.

Player to watch: ur mad cute– playing a strong game in a losing series, I believe this team can look to funnel more resources into their jungle and come out with a win. If all else fails, at least you’re cute ;)

4. GSG Epsilon (=):

GSG saw a more laid back playing into a weaker RSO team, however, they took no time in cleaning this series up into a quick 2-0. With strong performances from each player on this squad, GSG needed a good victory if they wanted to make playoffs and have a decent amount of momentum going into playoffs. They look at playing against a fairly decent Literal Monkeys team this week and will hopefully come out as strong as they did the previous week.

Player to watch: EnglishMuffin67– Playing a very dominant series last week, Muffin can be the go to carry this week. I think this team should look to play through their top-side of the map and have a strong outing from a strong top laner.

5. Literal Monkeys (=):

Literally Monkeys started off the season swapping players left and right and struggled as a team to scrape away with even a few wins. However, this team looks to have made a full sweep and have been dominating their series the last few weeks. While the Revolution does need to “revolt” and find a better roster (as I said last week), that didn’t stop LTMK from claiming another series in their favor. This week will be a true test for this team. They can manage to hold their playoff spot with a win over GSG and that’s exactly what they will look to do.

Player to watch: PacaPaul– as the most consistent player on this roster, PacaPaul can create massive craters in the jungle (those of us cultured in the ways of League might call them ‘gaps’) and carry this team to a much needed victory

6. MG Precision (=):

If my math is correct, MG still has a slim chance at playoffs this split in BOL. They will need to not only win their series in a 2-0 against The Revolution, but will also need Literal Monkeys to take an 0-2 into GSG. If I’m not correct on this, then just feel free to ignore this whole section. If there was ever a time to personify a David and Goliath story, this would be it.

Player to watch: DuxPredator– Dux needs a strong showing this week. While maintaining an advantage in one of the losing games, I think Dux has the opportunity to strengthen their back and carry this team to a much needed 2-0 series.

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