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Season 8 IBS Rules

Emerald Eligibility Rules


Emerald League

1.   (Non-Cap exception players) Players must have ended Emerald 1 99 LP or below AND did not promote to Diamond at any point during Season 13-1 or Season 13-2. Additionally players must not have peaked Diamond 4 in season 14 to be eligible to join a roster. Blue Otter will only take flex rank into account if there’s a big discrepancy between a player’s solo queue rank and flex rank.

1.a   If a player has played the minimum, or close to the minimum, number of games required in the previous season, they may be considered a cap exception player (see rule 2).  This also includes other factors such as previous ranked history, competitive play performance, and the peak rank of the player in the previous season.

   A player may be deemed a cap exception player if they have an excessive win rate while meeting the minimum requirements of the league. 

1.c   A player must have finished G2+ in Season 13-1, Season 13-2, and/or currently be at least G2 to be rostered in the league.

2.   Each team is allowed to roster (1) cap exception player.

2.a   By definition, a cap exception player is a player that has peaked Diamond 4 in Season 13-1, peaked Diamond 4 in Season 13-2, and/or peaked Diamond 4 in Season 14.  Any player that ended Emerald 1 99 LP in Season 13-1 or Season 13-2 is considered a cap exception player.  

      2.a.1  Solo Queue Warrior Clause - If a player peaked, at max, Diamond 3 in season 13-1 they may  request an exemption if they played at least 300 ranked games in Season 13-2  and did not peak above Diamond 4 in season 13-2 and 14.
 If approved, the player will count as a cap exception player.

2.b   A player that was not a cap exception player at the beginning of the season may not become one in the middle of the season to try to switch teams while they are Diamond 4. (See rule 3)


3.   Players that have previously ended Diamond 2 or above in Season 11, Season 12, Season 13-1, or Season 13-2 will be ineligible to play. 

4.   A player may conditionally climb to Diamond 2 
99 LP while on a team. However, once they hit Diamond 4 they are ineligible to switch teams.  Cap exception players are allowed to switch teams as long as they haven’t peaked Diamond 3 in Season 14.

4.a   Players may start climbing after Week 1 has concluded.

5.   Teams are required to research their players, admins are not responsible if a player is found out to be ineligible later in the season. 

6.   All players must have 20 Solo/Duo Queue ranked games on their main account in order to be eligible to play in Blue Otter League at the start of the season. This includes starters, subs, AND e-subs.

6.a  All ranked game requirements must be met on one account.  

6.b   Players must have 50 ranked solo/duo games to be eligible for playoffs this season.

6.c   All rostered players must have at least 10 ranked solo/duo games within the last 21 to be eligible for any regular season match. (Not enforced for week 1)
       6.c.1   Failure to fulfill this rule requirement for any given week will result in the             player being deemed ineligible for that week.

       6.c.2   This requirement is still enforced for any rescheduled matches.  The players           would need to meet the requirement at the rescheduled date and time.

6.d.   Players who have an excessive win rate during the season (55%+) will be put on a win rate contract until their win rate falls below 55%.  This contract will require that the player plays 5 ranked solo/duo games every week.

       6.d.1   The term of the win rate contract is from game day to game day (end of the prior weeks' matches to the beginning of the next non rescheduled game time/date.  The term of the contract is not affected by rescheduled matches.
6.e  Ranked games should be completed with the upmost integrity. If BOL staff
can verify a player has intentionally fed multiple games without a reasonable doubt, this can impact their eligibility for the league.

6.f   Players are not eligible unless they have played 100+ solo/duo ranked games in Season 13-1 and 100+ solo/duo ranked games in Season 13-2.  If a player did not have 100 ranked games in Season 13-1 and/or in Season 13-2 , they can make up the difference in Season 14 if they had at least 30 games in Season 13-1 and/or 30 games in Season 13-2 depending on which season they missed the minimum requirement.

6.g  If a player had less than 30 ranked solo/duo games in Season 13-1, they must make up the full 100 games for that season.

6.h  If a player had less than 30 ranked solo/duo games in Season 13-2, they must make up the full 100 games for that season.

6.i  Players can use excess Season 13-2 ranked games to make up for missed Season 13-1 ranked games.


7.   Banned accounts and any accounts you no longer have access to do not count towards the minimum game requirement. 

8.   Before players are eligible to play on a roster they must be cleared by a Tournament Organizer.

9.   If your main account is permanently banned during any BOL league season, you will be considered ineligible to participate in Blue Otter League for the remainder of that season.  If your main account is suspended at any point in the season, you will be ineligible to play in BOL until your suspension has been lifted. The BOL league season starts when a team is accepted into the league.

10.   Accounts in other regions must be disclosed to BOL staff.  These accounts will be considered when determining player eligibility but will not solely be the reason of acceptance or denial.

11.   All alternate accounts level 30+ must be disclosed.  Failure to disclose an account can result in a suspension or possibly being denied from participating in BOL. If a player’s undisclosed account is found in between seasons, the suspension can carry over to the next season.

12.   Ultimately all eligibility comes down to admin discretion, the admins can collectively agree to deny or remove any player.

13.   Player eligibility cannot be bypassed by an agreement with another team. (Game requirements)

14.   Players must fill out a player registration form before they are considered eligible.

15.   BOL uses to determine eligibility and game count.

16.   BOL uses League of Graphs to determine peak rank of a player.

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