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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Week 6

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. Dynasty, Conduit Gremlins, Subatomic Gaming, and Agni Kai should be secure in their playoff spot. As of now I believe that, BDE, GSG, and Nameless are the only teams still vying for the last two playoff positions. Let's discuss the highlights and then analyze our teams' anticipated performances in week 7.

Week Five Results:

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 0 Subatomic Gaming Proton - The Gremlins secured a clear victory in game one with their impressive macro play, while in game two, they completely overwhelmed SG Proton, showcasing how dominant they have been all season. It was a disappointing series for SG Proton, considering how strong their team is on paper. Hopefully they can turn it around in playoffs.

  • First Class Esports 2 - 0 AIE Anguish - King vivi delivered a commanding performance, securing victory over AIE amidst what has undeniably been a challenging season for both teams. It's my sincere hope that this season serves as a valuable learning experience for these teams, motivating them to return even stronger in the future.

  • Big Duck Entourage 2 - 1 Nameless Gnomes - In a thrilling back-and-forth series, 0utrage and Vendetta clinch a hard-fought 2-1 victory, in a standout performance during game 3.

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 Goon Squad Gaming - DYNASTY CAN'T BE STOPPED!

  • Agni Kai 2 - 1 Conduit UMAD - Series was closer than I expected, but once fini realized his true calling as a supprt, Agni Kai finish strong.

The following content is not the opinion of BOL staff, but of the content creator.

Team Power Rankings: 

  1. Dynasty Celestials - Is this team unbeatable?

  2. Conduit Gremlins - Gremlins#1?

  3. Subatomic Gaming Proton - If this team focuses they can easily be # 1!

  4. Agni Kai - Can they close out the season strong?

  5. Big Duck Entourage - There is a possibility that this team starts to climb the rankings.

  6. Goon Swarm Gaming - Its been a tough season. Can GSG hold on and make playoffs?

Week 6 Game Prediction Results:

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 1 Subatomic Gaming Proton

  • First Class Esports 2 - 0 AIE Anguish

  • Big Duck Entourage 2 - 1 Nameless Gnomes

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 Goon Squad Gaming

  • Agni Kai 2 - 1 Conduit UMAD

Standout Players of the Week:

  • Top:  Feathers (Dynasty Celestials) - Weakside Orrn God

  • Jungle: Pinei foi mal (Conduit Gremlins) - Strong showing vs SGP

  • Mid: 0utrage (Big Duck Entourage) - Ban this guys Azir

  • ADC: king vivi (First Class Esports) - Showed up big for FCE to secure their first win!

  • Support: Fini (Agni Kai) - Finally found his true calling

Week 6 Game Predictions:

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 0 Agni Kai - Agni Kai's roster changes might put them at a disadvantage against the experienced Gremlins squad.

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 1 Subatomic Gaming Proton - I'm rooting for SGP to pull off an upset, but realistically, I expect DC to emerge victorious.

  • Big Duck Entourage 2 - 1 Conduit UMAD - UMAD's playoff hopes may hinge on this crucial opportunity.

  • Nameless Gnomes 2 - 0 AIE Anguish - With the challenges AIE has faced this season, Nameless should have the edge to seal the victory.

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 First Class Esports - After a challenging defeat last week, I anticipate GSG to rebound strongly against a team of a lower tier, such as FCE.

Player Rankings








AK Wock Warlock

CG Pinei foi mal

CG gvgnumber1

DC Grim Dafyre

CG Vidyarthi


CG Jieun

DC Batman

AK Socks To Thighs

SG Yömi

DC FoxStepBro


SG Chai

SG SingularBread

DC Níghtmarë

CG NotŠoDark

SG Cheongseolmo


DC Feathers

GS Neck Romancer

SG AlfaiatE

AK Tortüga

GS ThatDeckerGuy

Comments on UMAD: 

  • Rest in pepperonis

Fan Opinion: 

I've decided to keep them anonymous to avoid bloodshed in gen chat.

  • Think Dynasty is worse than they seem because of their current record not including what I think are the two strongest teams in the league.

  • Conduit Gremlins: Definitely the leagues strongest team but I also feel that we (Agni Kai) are the best match up for them with our settled roster. Dynasty Celestials: Strong team, I think we got unlucky with some roster issues but you cant take their win away because they outplayed us in the end. SG Proton: Unless they have something hidden up their sleeves, just doesn't feel like they click at the moment. Maybe they can figure it out against dynasty. If dynasty wins next week i think proton is going to have a rough time. Not very knowledgeable about the rest of the teams but there could be a huge shake up this week.

  • SG Proton wins the games they should but they lose games that no Platinum team worth their salt should lose. I fully expect them to choke to a lower seed in playoffs. Dynasty Celestials are 100% the fraud team in this League. Conduit Gremlins are the favorites to win it all. Can't wait to see what questionable players Outrage and BDE bring in for playoffs!

  • GSG - better than they give themselves credit for, also some of the best human beings in BOL which matters more SGP - good team, but shouldn't be flaming anyone BDE - interesting roster changes...

  • Dynasty and Gremlins would struggle if BOL actually did winrate contracts like they said they would

  • TLP is the best player on his team, stealth goes melee form on jinx

  • Feathers is as much of a liability as he is an asset in a game if you draft and play effectively around his pool. GVG is the most fraudulent mid laner in the league particularly due to him listing himself at #1 on his own power rankings.

  • Chai is arguably one of the best top laners in the league. If not the best. Proton needs to stop sticking him on tanks and let the man go crazy. It would balance their roster

  • gvg isnt the best mid on the team

  • Too many of these players need to leave Platinum after this split. Emerald players and elo sitters = the top teams in this League

  • Singularbread - clutch, fantastic jungler and good guy

  • Vidyarthi - highly fraudulent

  • Feathers - weakside king, the carries get a lot of attention but he's a huge factor

  • Alfaiate - gvg's son

  • Stealth - sneaky good player, shouldn't retire

  • NotSoDark - best player in BOL

Fan Team Rankings: 

Information gathered from public vote and quantified using rank choice voting

  1. Conduit Gremlins

  2. Subatomic Gaming Proton

  3. Dynasty Celestials

  4. Agni Kai

Fan Player Rankings:

  1. NotSoDark

  2. Grim Dafyre

  3. Gvgnumber1

Stay tuned for another exciting week of Platinum action!

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