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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Week 9

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. Welcome to the climactic finale of the regular season! PLAYOFFS INCOMING!!! Let's discuss the highlights of week 8 and then analyze our teams' anticipated performances in week 9.

Week Nine Results:

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 First Class Esports - Dynasty delivered a powerful performance, securing a resounding victory with Grim Dafyre returning to top form.

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes - FF

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 AIE Anguish - A fiesta slug fest ending in a clean sweep for Agni Kai.

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage - A rollercoaster series culminated in a devastating defeat for the Gremlins. Mercenary top laner BIG NEWS delivered a standout performance for BDE, contributing to their victory. While the Gremlins suffered a surprising loss, it's worth noting that they were not fielding their full roster.

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 Conduit UMAD - Another crushing defeat for Umad. GSG put them out of their misery swiftly.

The following content is not the opinion of BOL staff, but of the content creator.

Team Power Rankings: 

  1. Conduit Gremlins - Gremlins#1?

  2. Subatomic Gaming Proton - Positive mental these guys are # 1!

  3. Dynasty Celestials - O' how the mighty have fallen! Can they turn it around in playoffs?

  4. Agni Kai - Solid roster, a dark horse team that could take it all!

  5. Big Duck Entourage - Exodia finally assembled?

  6. Goon Swarm Gaming - Squeezed in!

Week 9 Game Prediction Results:

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 First Class Esports

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes - FF

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 AIE Anguish 

  • Conduit Gremilins 0 - 2 Big Duck Entourage 

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 Conduit UMAD

Standout Players of the Week:

  • Top:  BIG NEWS (Big Duck Entourage) - Mercenary Top laner coming in strong to swing the series against Gremlins in a 2-1 victory.

  • Jungle: Batman (Dynasty Celestials) - 11 / 1 / 28 on Skarner for the series vs FCE

  • Mid: Finch (Goon Swarm Gaming) - Played well for his team vs UMAD

  • ADC: Chef J (AIE Anguish) - Playing out of his fucking mind to try and finish the season with a win game 1 vs AK. Then played a pretty decent panth adc.

  • Support: xTitanx (Big Duck Entourage) - Despite being labeled the worst support by Decker and Vidyarthi, this individual showcased remarkable gameplay, posting impressive stats against a substitute but still formidable Gremlins team.

Playoff Prediction:

I'll admit I am not confidently predicting the Championship winner. Much of the outcome hinges on whether GVG can step up for his team and effectively neutralize the top-tier mid laners they'll be facing. BDE's adoption of a new exodia team composition has certainly bolstered their standing, potentially allowing them to disrupt the established order. Meanwhile, Agni Kai's recent roster adjustments have proven fruitful, showcasing their adaptability late in the season. Additionally, the emergence of this positive mental SGP team has shown it can be a formidable contender, and adds another layer of uncertainty to the tournament's prospects. Lets break down the matches for week one. Big Duck Entourage vs Subatomic Gaming Proton: BDE's jungler, lxtinction, while not holding the title of the league's best, is a consistent performer capable of making game-changing plays for his team. SingularBread, SGP's jungle, I expect to bring a more thought out game plan and be more impactful for his team. SGP's strength lies in their powerhouse bot lane, capable of exerting significant pressure when given the opportunity. Additionally AlfaiatE excels in the mid and late game. In contrast, BDE's mid laner typically plays an enabling role for his team, unless on one of their pocket ADC picks, where they transition into a hard carry. BDE's solo lanes aim to make a substantial impact in the early and mid-game phases. The match's outcome may heavily hinge on which team can propel their solo laners ahead. However, both teams are equally prone to losing leads, adding an element of unpredictability to the series. My assumption is that SGP will present a superior overall game plan and will also be more adept at playing from behind then BDE. SGP also has a more seasoned roster, while BDE has been pieced together with whatever mercenaries Outrage can dig up. All this considered I think that SGP will have an upper hand in the series and should be able to totally shutout BDE.

Agni Kai vs Goon Squad Gaming: Agni Kai has been diligently constructing a robust, cohesive roster. While acknowledging certain skill gaps and areas for improvement, it's undeniable that the team has developed a strong synergy among its members. Their ability to work cohesively and effectively focus on their win conditions is particularly noteworthy. Conversely, Goon Squad Gaming has encountered challenges throughout the season, barely securing a spot in the playoffs. While they possess talented players across the roster, they'll undoubtedly face a tough challenge against Agni Kai. To emerge victorious in the series, GSG must diligently strategize how to leverage their strengths effectively and overcome their opponents' formidable lineup.

"SUS" Player Rankings








AK Wock Warlock

CG Pinei foi mal

AK Socks To Thighs

CG NotŠoDark

CG Vidyarthi


CG Jieun

SG SingularBread

CG gvgnumber1

SG Yömi

SG Cheongseolmo


SG Chai

AK SOL Reaver

SG AlfaiatE

DC Grim Dafyre

DC FoxStepBro



GS Neck Romancer

DC Níghtmarë

FCE king vivi

GS ThatDeckerGuy

Fan Opinion

  • Will return next week!

Stay tuned for another exciting week of Platinum action!

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