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Jen's Journal - BOL Masters League Week 5

TLDR; stop trolling and ban Jinx

Week 5 Recap


The Crabs Radiant


Dorado Gaming Beta

Goofy Goobers


Khan Esports

DZG Styx


Omega Akuma Pairing Knives

The Fraud Team



The Crabs Radiant vs Dorado Gaming Beta (0-2)

After the Crabs’ surprise win last week + Beta losing their mid laner, it wouldn’t have been crazy if the Crabs pulled off a win in this series. But Dorado Gaming Beta is really starting to show that maybe they aren’t a garbo team after all! Still think the jungler change was probably massive, but at the same time I wish we could’ve seen their previous jungler step up to the plate.

Everyone from Beta performed amazingly, but Noatak and Blue Shell are the standouts. Noatak had the most KP at 83% first game, while Blue Shell took that spot with 87% KP in game 2. It’s rare to see the carries beat out junglers and supports for kill participation, and it suggests they have extremely strong presence instead of just afk farm bots.

From the Crabs, it looks like Palmgoat was their only hope. However, I’m wondering if it’s because they’re sacking too much for bot lane? Putting their ADC ahead is good, but not at the cost of losing absolutely everything else. 

Goofy Goobers vs Khan Esports (0-2)

Uhh... why’s there a King Koney on the Goobers? They’re clearly compromised, so it’s no wonder they lost. 

Game 1 took 40 minutes, but I’m not sure if the Goobers ever had a chance. Their comp didn’t have any win cons besides getting super ahead early and closing the game out ASAP, which they failed to do. I think Khan was able to play it carefully by making picks and taking objectives before eventually winning. MVP here was Puffles on the LeBlanc!

Game 2 looks like a takeover by Adouphoof on Jinx. I said you don’t usually see highest KP on the carries, but here it is again. 89% KP. Some early flubs by the Goobers + maybe some rocket snipes by Adouphoof = gg ez. 

Most impactful/least inty on losing team award goes to moustachetacohat, who made plays happen where they could and avoided running it down with their team.

DZG Styx vs Omega Akuma Pairing Knives (2-0)

Jeez, DZG Styx came back with a vengeance after their first dropped series last week. And they said no more first game losses either.

The first game was a crazy 24 minute end, with DZG securing 5 grubs, herald, dragon soul, and baron to end the game. Might be a top/jg diff, with Tonzo really popping off on Aatrox and cuuz doing a great job of getting them there. Shoutout to Rapidfire who was probably at every fight to support their team and getting murked for being an immobile ADC as their reward.

raging alcoholic took over the teamfights in the next game. I think DZG was great at securing picks and winning every skirmish. I like how powerful they looked this week, and hope to see them continue the new 2-0 tradition.

As for Omega Akuma Pairing Knives, Mid 2 EZ was probably tilted from team diff both games. But then again Ahri is just so strong, and the rest of their team couldn’t get in or out of fights as easily. Ritty stands out unfortunately for getting extra stomped this week. Maybe 5 King Koneys is the angle...


USAE Academy


Dorado Gaming Gamma

Nameless Tritium


Lane Zero Maelstrom

BCS Demolishers


Leash the Dog

Death Cards



USAE Academy vs Dorado Gaming Gamma (0-2)

No surprises here. Dorado Gaming Gamma continues to dominate, with the whole team crushing it in game 1. The no cc Gwen jungle paired with strong CC in every lane must’ve made for some great ganks. Goati did a good job of getting every lane ahead. YUNOHANA did what they could, ending the game 7/4/8 with 100% KP... I feel bad for them. 

And we have an even faster game finish in game 2 of this series, which took only 15 seconds past 20 minutes. Just like Ahri, Jinx is such a strong champion right now. Karino got ahead and completely took over the game, ending 9/1/7 on Jinx and doubling the highest damage from USAE. 

Nameless Tritium vs Lane Zero Maelstrom (1-2)

Lane Zero Maelstrom has finally dropped a game for the first time in this league, and it was a huge stomp, too. We can chalk it up to Jinx being an absolute menace right now. If I wasn’t sure before, I’m sure now. Revan ended the game 18/0/5 on Jinx in less than TWENTY FOUR MINUTES. Against the best looking team in the league! It might be unfair to chalk up the win to just Jinx diff, so let’s give Nameless Tritium a little cred for ruining Lane Zero’s perfect reputation.

Then again, the next two games were easy stomps for Lane Zero. They learned from their mistake, picking Jinx in game 2 and banning it in game 3. The whole team was great, with the jungle/mid duo being especially impactful. NA Stallion had amazing map presence, alongside Griffin who was there to be a damage dealing monster.

I’m sure everyone knows by now, but seriously. Ban Jinx. 

BCS Demolishers vs Leash the Dog (0-2)

Saw that you called yourselves Leash the Dogs in match history? I’ve seen Leash the Dog everywhere else so I’ll assume that’s right, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Game 1 was a 45 minute clencher, but Leash the Dog was able to secure soul and 3 barons. I think they probably had the advantage for most of the game, but had trouble closing out vs Anivia waveclear. Kled on coffee was amazing at snowballing and securing objectives. Bonsang and Oreo Murderer did very well on the enemy team, but I think their top/jg specced a bit too hard into early game.

BCS turned it around in game 2, with the whole team getting ahead and stomping. They took soul, elder, and baron and ended at 32 minutes. I wonder why it took them so long to end, though? 

Then Leash the Dog brought it back in game 3 to win the series. The MVP was TALLHANDSOMETOP, who roamed and snowballed extremely hard on Camille support. Younglin did what he could to try to keep their team in the game, but everyone else was completely run over. I’m curious about why Leash the Dog swapped their mid to support and got a new mid laner, but maybe it was a good move? 

Week 5 Predictions


Khan Esports vs The Fraud Team: Khan Esports 2-1

Omega Akuma Pairing Knives vs The Crabs Radiant: Omega Akuma Pairing Knives 2-1

Dorado Gaming Beta vs Goofy Goobers: Dorado Gaming Beta 2-1


USAE Academy vs BCS Demolishers: USAE Academy 2-1

Lane Zero Maelstrom vs Death Cards: Lane Zero Maelstrom 2-1

Nameless Tritium vs Dorado Gaming Gamma: Dorado Gaming Gamma 2-0

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