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The P-rankings- Hazardous Edition

I'm going to simply start out with the picks/bans of each player/team for the last 3 weeks. Subs are denoted in italics. These are for your own study to look at scouting, typical team comp styles, and how some teams have much more synergistic comps than others.

Apologies for the weird formatting but Excel copies weird into here so had to use screenshots lmao

And now to the fun stuff....

Player Rankings


  1. Koy- With Sun and Stars nipping at his heels, Koy continues to lead the pack in support gameplay and map impact. I genuinely believe the surge in Koy and Furry's performances are the core reason for Elysium's recent burst of wins.

  2. Sun and Stars- Consistency and stealing Ratthew's farm are the names of Sun's game, and Toomy has always wanted to have to dive bot 40 times per match. As the co-owner of the S tier of supports with Koy, the two of these lads have dominated the support role.

  3. Godly- The last few weeks, IBeyondGodly has been on an absolute tear, including slapping Koyesh around a bit on Seraphine and walling off M1x in their most recent series. I look to see Godly continue to ascend to godhood with future games.

  4. Daeda- honestly, its hard to rank Daeda because there are very inconsistent performances between popping the hell off on Bard to low-impact lanes like Sett, but overall a net positive performance set across the board, strong impact on the wins, and a deep champ pool leave a positive impact.

  5. FinalNinja- Ninja is one of, if not the most consistent player on We Love Soulbert and he does well peeling for their namesake carry. Performance comparative to recent opponents has been very good but it's also been against the lowest two ranked teams/players in the role.

  6. M1x- I know I'm gonna have Hwasal in my DMs later about this but NLE has been on a downhill slope ever since the name change and many of the deaths have come from M1x. I look to see redemption pending soon- the Akuma game is my light of hope for this player and I look to see a repeat of that performance heading towards do-or-die for playoffs

  7. Oriri- Absolute smashing performance against Pea Team, but otherwise other supports have typically dominated; absolutely enough to get 7th seed in the support role and potentially compete for higher slots in future matches.

  8. Draconical/Qixing- I apologize if this comes off as too much flame as it's not meant as such, but botlane overall for Pea Team has been much more of a liability than a benefit during the split, especially in the last 3-4 series.


  1. Idrees- Koyesh's work husband and the other side of the high-impact botlane coin, Idrees has heavily benefitted from Koy cooking on the map and in turn makes Elysium's life easy with his consistent and effective ADC gameplay. Idrees is making a bid for sole highest Kills per game (tied with ratthew at the moment) and has sole possession of damage per minute (we don't count Nick who only played one series).

  2. EpicFailGuy- Highest K/D/A ADC, consistent performances, and I believe the linchpin carry for the TTM roster. The more Sutekh can get red kayn to play frontline for Epic, the easier the game becomes. Well done.

  3. Ratthew- Tied for highest KPG, Ratthew is the gatekeeper between S and A tier in the ADC rankings. He has stayed consistent despite the cow-based Akuma roster changes and kept positive performances throughout.

  4. Jed- Good wins, not many outstanding performances recently but consistent overall. Looking to see a return to form after the recent losses. Also someone ban Jinx please dude is too good on her

  5. Ons3t- Akuma games- pog. Next series- support gamer? Series after- mixed bag. Onset throws a lot of variability and I like it but I'd like to see stronger and more consistent performances to rank higher.

  6. Soulbert- quality performances against Pea Team and AoW but other rosters are capitalizing on capping the captain of We Love Soulbert and punishing the ADC life very heavily

  7. Dolen- similar to Soulbert, good performance against the Peas but otherwise lackluster showings comparable to the rest of the field

  8. NoClip- Overall, Pea team's botlane has struggled as a pair against the other lanes across the league. I'm looking to see a surge in performance to rank any higher.


  1. Karma Warrior- overall dominant performances, statistically and otherwise. Clear #1 imo.

  2. Ratchet- #2 statistically and I genuinely think 2nd is a fair ranking as how much of an impact player he is for his team is clear through his picks and KDA lines

  3. LL Cool Jayce- MVP of taking down NLE, Jayce has stayed near the top this season and continues to provide consistent performances.

  4. Toomy - Still developing within his new role (bye bye toplane), toomy has provided solid performances so far and I'm waiting for more games to judge off of before ranking him higher

  5. Earleking- Basting swears I'm wrong on this so I might be but I have you as the middle of the pack gatekeeper between the high and low tier midlaners- I'm curious to see if its just a team diff dropping you in rank or individual performance.

  6. Hwasal- My golden child, how you have fallen. Icarus, once known as Hwasal, flew so close to the sun and then his wings melted. Waiting on daedalus to come fix this dude up for the playoff run.

  7. Obilisc- Solid performance against Peas but overall consistent struggles against other opponents

  8. Brady- Overall lackluster performances throughout the season leaves little reason to raise above the 8th seed.


  1. FurryLittleFeet - Not much needs to be written here- dominant performances across the board, and, outside of Koyesh, I believe the second key piece to Elysium's major surge.

  2. Sutekh- statistically Sutekh doesn't show highly, however his unique role as an enabler for his team and his high macro impacts guide me to rise him to the second seed slot because deaths aren't everything when judging a person's impact

  3. Renku- The consistent core for Akuma, Renku has survived solo lane swaps and performed consistently well across the board.

  4. Daedream- full credit- absolute improvement in performance from start of the season to now. Absolutely tearing it up on the Taliyah, but when faced with junglers ranked above you (recently, Renku), showing difficulty in macro comparisons and H2H stats.

  5. ECHKO- The downfall of NLE hurts my heart, and the most pain I feel for is none other than Echko recently. As a fellow jungler I understand the pain, and I hope for a resurgence soon.

  6. Crimzs- Absolute chad caster tapping in for AOW and playing supportive picks and controlling the map. Way to come in and provide decent performances, just a hard and an easy matchup make it hard to judge where your average is.

  7. Soul- I absolutely love the diversification of your champ pool picks as of late, however I'm still looking to pick up wins or close matches to raise the rating :) (Insert new jungler here to replace Mytharium- much love Myth <3 )


  1. Sir Raven - #1 in the toplane #1 in our hearts- honestly Raven has overall impressed me with their performances and even into the other top matchups has performed very well. Someone 3d print this lad a gold medal

  2. Vaulter- Coming up right behind Raven is the legendary pole warrior- Vaulter. Dude has had very consistent performances, weakside warrior of the world, and concludes the top 2 rankings as the gatekeeper to MVP top competition

  3. Basting - Weakside warrior #2 is basting- which surprises me since in my memory he's normally played strong side champ pools. Overall good performances upon his return to the scene and consistency has been his key.

  4. Night Ravens- Night's success seems tied to his team's success, in which when he does well, his team performs well, but a shutdown of Night means his team is shut down. Looking to minimize isolation and losses will help NR improve to the next level.

  5. Synarc- Syn's performance has been average across the board the past few weeks- not doomed but not exceptional. Imo the next step is improving where that average is and bringing it back to the next level as playoffs approach.

  6. Amid- Recently really subbed out a lot so very hard to rank

  7. Tuchi- same as above, with the added loss against the AOW sub.

(Insert Elysium toplaner "Flame" here)

Team Rankings: 1) Khan 21 +2 (23) 1) TTM

2) TTM 20 + 5. (25) 2) Khan

3) Akuma 17 + 6 (23) 3) Akuma

4) Elysium 17 + 6 (23) 4) Elysium

5) NLE 17 +3 (20) 5) WLS

6) WLS 15 +6 (21) 6) NLE

7) AOE 13 +2 (15) 7) AOW

8) Pea 8 +2 (10) 8) Pea

Upcoming: AOW vs Khan --- Khan 2-0, moving to 29 points (AOW to 17)

Pea vs Akuma --- Akuma 2-0, moving to 29 pts (pea to 12)

Khan vs TTM --- TTM 2-1 Khan, moving TTM to 30 and Khan to 26

ELY vs WLS --- ELY 2-1, moving ELY to 28 and WLS to 24

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