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The Storm Watch Grand Finals Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Grand Finals of BOLE and the last Storm Watch of this year. We have proved that Zaun was the superior group to Piltover, with three of the four semifinalists and both finalists from that division. This week, I will once again go over the games from last week and show my biased predictions for the finals. There are even some interview questions with members of every Finalist team. I will be running Otter Fued on the 14th(next week), so please sign up(if you want to play) and fill out the form if you have the time!

What Happened Last Week?

Omega Wooper Vs. DZG Arcadia 3-1 For Omega Wooper

DZG won this game one completely on the back of Canny and his Mundo. This series did not go the way I imagined DZG did not get any of the laning phase leads in game 1 that I thought they would. DZG was able to take both first dragons but at 15 minutes were down 1.5k gold. DZG looked very uncoordinated in team fights Wooper often had 2 or 3 members surviving on sub 30% HP showing that if DZG could just focus fire they would win. But DZG could not and were down over 10 kills towards the mid-game. Canny was the saving grace for DZG in this game with their lead as Mundo they were able to draw members of Wooper constantly to themselves. DZG grabbed a baron buff and got tons of towers off of Wooper over forcing onto Canny. But DZG did not have enough of a lead for the rest of the map. When Wooper grouped for Baron the rest of the team could not stall enough for Canny to get the inhibator. After Wooper got their Baron, I thought the game was over, but Wooper blundered ending this game. Wooper was content to let Gyser match Canny despite being down a full item. Canny was able to simply ignore Renekton and kill him when he turned to fight. Wooper committed fully to the base race panicking as Canny and Andicus started to hit their inhibator and Mordstriech overstepped diving the Nexus towers allowing DZG to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in game one.

In game two Wooper was once again playing fully toward team fights and DZG was all about picks. Gyser who was top-gapped last game was the hero for Wooper in game two and this game was incredibly close. Gyser as Renekton played the top lane fights really well this game punishing Canny on Olaf with Ignite making this game a top gap going the other way. Gyser had solo kills and had a 2 wave lead at 10 minutes despite the fact that Assclapper was sitting top lane. DZG were masters of finding picks and were firmly ahead in the first 15 minutes and looked to be in control of this game. But just as I thought DZG was going to run away with this game the teams grouped for the third dragon fight. DZG played this team fight terribly they missed Skaner Ult, Talyiah Combo, Zac E while sitting in IshaN’s Hwei Ult and as a result, Wooper won the fight giving their carries more time to scale and got their first dragon. As the next Dragon Spawned Wooper again showed they were much better coordinated as a team. Both teams had their top laner blow summoner spells to chase the opposing ADCs. Wooper had Jinx run behind their Wukong and Janna with Ghost and lived whereas Gyser simply got to outplay Castro with the Flash W to 1 shot them as no one else on DZG was around to peel for them. By the time Assclaper was able to land a multi-man impale no one had any damage left Andicus had used his rotation already, Castro was dead, and Kaiser was in passsive. Just as I think right well the game is over Wooper just wins every team fight from here on out DZG is never getting an angle to win Wooper faces check Baron without any of their frontline and give over their Jinx shutdown on a silver platter. Canny proves once again to be the Hero for Wooper in game two when they kill 2 people in the Baron pit and escapes. DZG then throws the rest of their Baron buffs away. But Wooper keeps disrespecting the pick potential of DZG. They use almost all of their peel tools on KaizerCoolness Zac and let Canny and Castro simply run at Mordestreich to kill him. But past 30 minutes Wooper simply formed the all-mighty deathball. DZG tried to split the map but Wooper was able to get Barons and just walk as five at them. With the two teams simply fighting as five DZG stood no chance Wooper got 4 kills and no one died so they ran down Mid lane to end the game. 

Game 3 started and Wooper continued with their same teamfight style. DZG in game 3 took a much more skirmish-focused team to try and break apart the map with plenty of dive options. Game 3 started out with a bang as DZG got first blood as OGW had done their standard level 1(they literally do the same thing every single game send 3 to ward enemy raptors while Mord and Sixela look for the level 1 cheese). This game again had DZG getting off to an early lead as their team composition needed to. DZG was again dominant in the early game with some solo kills in the Top lane, first tower, scrappy skirmishes Bot lane DZG had a 10-kill lead at 15 minutes. They were also getting objectives from this DZG took the first two dragons, Rift Herald and 2 early grubs giving them a 5k gold lead. But once again Wooper proved that no matter what lead this DZG team has Wooper can out-team fight them. Wooper is able to kite out the DZG engage as the third Dragon spawns and wiped them granting them some huge shutdowns and their own Dragon. Wooper takes over in the mid game defending dives well and take a Baron Buff as Andicus ints it running right into Baron pit by themselves. At 25 minutes Wooper had tied this game up the kills were now 13 to 14(DZG had gotten 0 kills in 10 minutes), tied the dragons at 2 a piece and had 3 towers killed to the two of DZG. Wooper completes the comeback and their top lane push with Baron ends the game.

In game 4 DZG elects to take the blue side and picks comfort champions giving them again a more skirmish-based team composition all about trying to find early game leads and to dive on repeat. Wooper played the peel composition taking slows on every champion they drafted and just went well when you dive us were going to kill you. Payneless decided to gift DZG first blood by running into all 5 of them by himself. DZG ran the early game yet again at 15 minutes they were up 8 kills to 4 and had both early dragons. But the third Dragon curse continues as Wooper wins the Dragon fight. I think we all know how this goes by know yeah? Wooper randomly lets DZG catch members and kill them but team fights are all Wooper. Wooper ties the kills in the mid-game by 23 minutes gets Baron Buff and ends the game on the push.   

It is obvious who deserves the title of most valuable player for DZG in this series. Canny for DZG in the top lane more or less solo won game one as Mundo and had another huge top gap going into game three. Canny did the most damage this series for DZG as a top laner and had the most structures killed. Andicus also probably deserves a shoutout for their Tayilah damage. For Wooper I think Sixela66 gets my MVP vote.There are arguments for honestly anyone on Wooper(other than Payneless who was invisible) but Sixela66 was the best player across all 4 games. Sixela66 adapted well to the Zac engagement and gave Gyser the tools needed to be the ultimate frontline as well as keeping Mordstrich safe. IshaN looked great on Ahri for two games and had some clutch charms and did some awe-inspiring damage as Hwei but got caught so frequently they cannot be my MVP. Geyser bounced back really well in games two and four but lost them game 1 and jeopardized game 3. Mordstreich was not the OMG I cannot believe the kiting team fight god in 2 games this series they did not do all that much in games 1 and four honestly.    

TLDR: DZG won every early game and threw mid-game. It did not matter how high the DZG lead was. Wooper won every major team fight in this series but would get caught until they learned to death ball and win. 

DZG MVP: Canny

Wooper MVP: Sixela66

Mint Spark Vs. Conduit Jiji 3-0 For Mint Spark 

Game 1 of this series had RatQueenDelilah got going in the early game. Skarner was able to first blood, blow flash mid and get some return kills. Conduit was able to trade back and get some kills top lane but a failed dive really set Chris far behind. But at the 15 minutes the game was dead even. Mint Spark focused heavily on dragons as they always do and were able to take the first 2 dragons and Conduit was able to take all 6 void grubs and the teams were within 500 gold of one another. Mint Spark again got onto dragon early and defended their vision getting some picks. The teams traded kills at the dragon but Mint Spark emerged with the dragon and were not on soul point before 20 minutes. Mint was able to get all 3 outer towers as well before Conduit got their 1st tower giving them a slight gold lead of 2k. Both teams at 23 minutes grouped and Shifti on Twitch was able to get a great spray and pray letting Conduit take a team fight win. But at 29 minutes both teams once again gathered to fight again to deny soul. Chris gets blown up by AlbinoSunBears Annie as the fight starts. CTRL ULT ELITE on Mundo having hit level 16 joins the fight and is able to simply walk at Twitch and kill them despite 4 people attempting to peel him away. After getting soul Mint Spark walks over to Baron and sieges to end the game. Conduit not having a dedicated go button really hurt them as even when they tried to force 4v5 they were unable to actually start a fight. As Conduit engage onto the Mundo hitting their Inhibitor turret the rest of Spark arvies and ace Conduit ending game 1 with a 10k gold lead every dragon and the baron buff.

Game 2 has Conduit deciding they need all the go buttons taking Vi and Rell with Orianna and Mordekiaser to back it up. Mint Spark took a team that was all about disengaging having Lulu. Tahm Kench and Veigar. This game at 4 minutes was everything you could want as Mint Spark as your Jinx got a double kill at a 3v3 fight. Mint Spark kept the pressure on the bot lane and got another kill and take the first Dragon after they saw Vi top. Conduit again took the first set of grubs while RatQueenDelilah caught up on their farm and went right back to bot lane. Jinx baits Vi and Rell's engage by walking up to ward and with ghost and Lulu peeling them gets them to jump into the waiting arms of Wukong. At 9 minutes this game felt over Jinx had 3 kills 4 plates and Mint overall was up 3k gold. At 10 minutes Jinx officially took the first tower allowing Mint to grab the second dragon again. Conduit traded on the other side of the map taking the 6 full grubs again to give themselves something to play for. Both teams rotate their ADCs mid for the mid game and Mint take the Rift Herald. Mint forces Conduit to fight 4v4 without both top laners at Dragon and KTL is untouchable. Mint picks up another 4 kills and uses their Rift Hearld to grab 2 more towers. At 20 minutes Mint is far enough ahead to just run down mid lane and grab the inhibitor in the face of Conduit. Mint is up 7k gold and just simply grabs the Baron buff. WIth Baron Mint sprints down bot lane and knocks on the Conduit Inihbotr turett. When Conduit eventually does pull the trigger they burn everything to kill Jinx and AlbinoSunbear as Veigar is able to clean up the rest of the fight. This game was a slaughter.

Game 3 was the closest of the series by far. Mint got first blood through a great gank again with RatQueen. Mint started dragon early and forced Conduit to come fight them. Mint punishes Chris over aggressive flash and both teams leave after having secured some kills and having low health bars. The teams then fight top lane for the first time in the series and Mint pick up 2 kills and take just the 1 grub. Conduit is able to take the first Dragon but again the early game is all Mint. Mint takes the 2nd dragon gets the second set of grubs, and takes the first tower and rift herald. By 15 minutes Mint was up 5k gold having 11 kills to the 5 of Conduit. Mint is overaggressive trying to crash their Rift Hearld a 2nd time and give some shutdowns over to Camille. As Mid game continued Mint Spark was unable to keep KTL alive and the solo lane of Contuit Jiji were firmly back in the game at 25 minutes the gold lead had shrunk only to 2k despite Mint claiming a Baron. But fights continued to be scrappy. Every fight that CZI joins means that KTL dies but Conduit is never able to keep thier own ADC alive having to burn their resources to jump in. Mint even with their mid game throws never let Conduit claim a real objective. Conduit got a baron but never pushed into an inhibitor turret and claimed a dragon. Mint eventually claims their dragon soul in trade for the Conduit Baron. As Conduit tries to start attacking Mints mid inhibitor tower Mint is able to engage and KTL is not burst down so they take over the fight. When Elder Dragon Spawns Conduit is once again not in a position to contest it and is forced to face check Mint. Mint with Elder quickly takes the Baron and with both late-game super objectives stop fooling around and just group down mid-lane and focus the nexus.

TLDR: Mint Spark won this series convincingly. They were ahead in gold and kills this entire series. The early game was all RatQueenDelilah who dictated the tempo of the games and set Mint Spark up to win with their dragon control. 

Ginta009 MVP: RatQueenDelilah. They exerted so much pressure no matter who they were picking in the early game getting first blood every game of the series and was a beast in game 3.

Aulzcasts MVP: CTRL ULT ELITE. Even though CTRL had no real standout game(maybe the Mundo game), they were a rock in the top lane for Mint. CZI was looking to play split this entire series, and CTRL ULT EILTE was a brick wall able to shut down the side lane and provide much more in team fights.

Final Predictions Mint Spark Vs. Omega Wooper 3-1 for Mint Spark

So, obviously, as Mint Spark's top laner, I am biased towards my own team. But I would like to think I would be voting for Mint Spark anyways as an outside observer. The reality is that Wooper has not looked nearly as dominant coming into the Blue Otter Emerald Grand Finals. Here's why: Mint has higher ELO players in every lane except support(as of when I wrote this on May 3rd). Mint Spark is 6-0 in playoffs and claimed Dragon Soul in every single playoff game they have played. Mint also had a gold lead in 5 of their 6 playoff games and killed more towers a game than Wooper. Mint was the better team in the regular season dropping a single series with their main roster(losing 2 fewer games than Wooper or [4 fewer games with their main roster] and even beat Wooper 2-1 just 3 weeks ago. Mint have looked almost unstoppable in playoffs and Wooper has faltered at times. Wooper dropped a game to Team Syndicate who I would argue was the worst team in the top 8, and lost a game last week to DZG with their odd base race/dive call that they are uncomfortable with end-game push scenarios. Wooper has been behind in gold at 15 minutes in 6 of their 8 playoff games, has not claimed a Dragon Soul in playoffs and relies on team fights in the mid-game to come back from their early gold deficits. Wooper has lost 4.5 towers a game to Mint’s 2.6 and has slain fewer towers a game in their wins. Mint won the last series against Wooper by simply out-team-fighting Wooper in 2 of the 3 games after drafting for it. Below is a breakdown of the lanes and I think Mint has the better Jungler and Mid laner. The only reason I do not have this series as a 3-0 for Mint is that I believe that Mordstreich and Sixela66 will make the magic happen one mid-game and dig Wooper out of a hole. Otherwise, this series seems very heavily favoured for Mint Spark. 

Gyser has been stepping it up in playoffs, and that's an objective fact. Gyser ended the regular season as the 8th best top laner where as I (CTRL ULT ELITE) was fourth. Gyser has made 12,987 a game on average in the playoffs(about 800 more gold a game compared to the regular season) as a strong side hard carry and has out-damaged CTRL ULT ELITE. CTRL ULT ELITE, while playing as a weakside tank, has been making 12,385 gold a game on average. That is less than 1000 gold which is not the top gap level that Wooper needs. When the Mint and Wooper last played CTRL ULT ELITE made more money than Gyser as well when the two played the tank vs tank matchups, and CTRL ULT ELITE has a lot more expertise on these champions. Gyser needs to be a secondary threat almost for Omega Wooper and CZI who was a much better top laner than both players in the regular season but could not get a meaningful lead despite playing mostly for the side lane last series. I think CTRL ULT ELITE should be able to stonewall Gyser and make Top a farm lane which should favor Mint Spark.   

 Payneless in the Jungle has been stat wise almost a nonfactor for Wooper all playoffs. Payneless mostly slots in as the engage threat for Omega Wooper but they have had a rough playoff go. I could argue that they were getting out jungled by a silver player in their off role in series one losing several important smite fights and not being as active around the map, having lower kill participation in the early games. But the biggest difference between Payneless and RatQueenDelilah is when you look at their damage numbers. RatQueenDelilah has been feasting in the playoffs they have the highest KDA on Mint Spark and are a serious threat. It is also not like RatQueenDelilah is playing Graves or another carry every game either: they dominate on tanks like Skarner(an OP pick that Paynless has shown no games on).  In their second series, Payneless did 58,000 damage across 4 games for Wooper(or 14,500 damage a game). RatQueenDeliliah out-damaged everything Panyless did in a single game when they dealt 64,000 damage in 38 minutes as Xin Zhao. RatQueenDelilah dealt around 32,000 damage a game over double what Paynelss did in their last series. So, I think it is safe to say that we should expect more of a jungle impact from RatQueenDelilah in this series. 

In the mid-lane I have been critical of IshaN’s play as I think they are the worst performing member on this Wooper roster. IshaN has had the highest death count of everyone on Omega Wooper this entire year in BOLE dying an average of 5 times a game. He is dealing less damage than his Top laner and ADC while having the draft resources and champion picks of someone who should be shining. IshaN is in no way a bad mid-laner, but they have not stood out. IshaN finished the season in the bottom half of the mid-laners in our league(ranked 11th of 16).  IshaN, in the 26 games Omega Wooper has played this year has had 5 pop-off games where, looking at the post-game game you go wow they were the difference maker, having above a 5.0 KDA. IshaN has also had 5 games this season where they struggled dipping below a 1.0 KDA. The rest of the games have been just that: stable wins on champions that are designed to go even with plenty of games on champions like Ahri or Talyiah who look to neutralize mid-lane and roam. AlbinoSunBear finished the season ranked as the 6th best mid-laner in BOLE and is another player who is not a beacon of outplay potential on Mint Spark but a stable team fighter who makes the big play when he needs to. AlbinoSunBear died just 2.8 times a game in the regular season having a top 10 KDA. Sunbear has fumbled in only 3 games this season and looked great in 8 games. SunBear plays champions that can fundamentally change a games outcome as Wooper knows. The last time the teams played Mordstreich on Twitch was unable to play teamfights whatsoever in game 3 thanks to Sunbears Annie headhunting them. Even though both mid-laners share similar champion pools, AlbinoSunBear will demand bans whereas I am not sure that IshaN will pull any this series. IshaN in the two teams' last series was placed on Ahri duty playing the champion in all 3 games and had a total KDA of 2.8. SunBear played 3 different champions had a 5.5 KDA and was the series MVP despite taking two first-round bans every game. I think it is safe to say that we can expect AlbinoSunBear to be more impactful as well.    

So, let's get into the bot lane. Sixela66 and Mordstreich are the best bot lane duo in BOLE. It's not close. Mordstreich has probably been the number one rated player all season in BOLE. Mordstreich is the league kill leader, gold earner, is top 5 in damage done a minute and has the highest kill participation of any player. With this massive gold generation, they are also the number one player in gold difference per game. Sixela66 at support is number 1 in assists per game and had the highest KDA of any support player all season. The duo has been a terror all season and is the major reason that Omega Wooper is in the Grand Finals. They deserve a tremendous amount of respect and I hope we play both of them at their best tonight. KTL and Mollywhopps the bot lane of Mint Spark however are no sloutches. KTL ended the season as the third-highest-rated ADC thanks to their incredible KDA all season(they finished with a 5.37 compared to the 5.69 of Mordstreich). Mordstreich made 50 more gold a minute than KTL thanks to Woopers longer game times, but KTL made more money than Mordstreich did in the first 25 minutes of the game. Both ADCS are almost tied in CS a minute(Mordstreich farms .2 CS more a minute), and both had insane damage numbers(Mordstreich dealt about 15% more damage a minute). Support comparisons are hard to make with farming lanes skewing stats, but overall Mollywhopps had a better vision score as a support but much lower KDA values. Again the two teams played each other and there was no bot canyon that series. KTL finished that series with a higher KDA and damage a minute than Mordstreich and both players finished the series within 1000 gold of one another when the two hyper-competitive bot lanes played. We should expect Mordstreich and Sixela66 to win their lane but I doubt they will win hard enough to compensate for the rest of the map.        

Mint Questions


Thanks to Accel for Providing the questions for me and helping edit the Storm Watch!

Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

3-1 for Mint Spark. I think RatQueenDelilah is easily the best jungler in BOLE and KTL has shown that when given the resources to play aggressively, they can take over a series. Gyser and Ishan are not going to solo win a series and thats our team's “weakness” SunBear and I are setup men and quite frankly I think are better versions of the Wooper solo lanes.  We have already beaten Wooper in the regular season 2-1 and have yet to drop a game in playoffs I feel we should be the heavy favorites to win BOLE. Wooper is a team that relies completely on team fighting and I think we are much better at team fighting than they are.  

How did you decide on your IGN?

The IGN that I always used for everything was Tempest growing up. When I tried to sign up for League that was taken(shocker) so I used some of those funky letters to get my name. When I started University, I quickly realized how hard it was for people to add me so I changed it. Control Alterantive Destruction was the name of the team I played in 2013 in BCAL. I went that is a sick ass name as an 18 years old Computer Science student and put a riff on it thus, CTRL ULT ELITE was born.

Did you expect this match up for finals? Or were you expecting a different outcome?

Honestly, I thought Final Boss being the only team that beat us all season was easily going to tear through the other half of the bracket and meet us in the Finals. I was expecting this Zaun dominance however after seeing the scrim results of our sister team who failed to make playoffs against some of the Piltover teams. I mean it's pretty easy to see with the results that Piltover was a really low power level side of the bracket but I was shocked when even Clown choked as hard as they did. 

What would you consider to be your biggest obstacle so far in the league and what made that team/player/style/strat more difficult than others?

I mean Wooper should be the biggest final obstacle for us they are a team in the finals. But previously, it was Final Boss, as I had alluded to before. We did not have the correct read on them and were unprepared for them. Final Boss played completely toward the early game against us, picked champions we had no idea they could play(like Rumble Jungle), and did not give us many opportunities to group and team fight. It made us reevaluate some of our flex picks as a team and made us make sure to have some sort of early game in every draft moving forward.

If you could convert all of your league skills into any one survival skill (fishing, cooking, shelter building, swimming, running etc.) what would it be and why?

I have studied and practiced league more or less daily for over a decade now so I would want to choose something I could use being a city boy. I don't really understand the desire to be good at any of this survival stuff I don’t really enjoy camping. Archery seems like it may be a fun hobby to get into? I enjoyed it at summer camp and when I did it for my friend's birthday one year. I'm a decent swimmer, but I hate running and am a good cook so none of those. I have the worst sense of direction, so no interest in geo caches or map reading.

If I could pick any outdoor sport instead of a survival skill golf would probably be my choice. I find the game incredibly interesting and entertaining but with my awful hand-eye coordination(turns out being “blind” in one eye makes it hard to judge distance who knew), fine motor control issues and being left-handed Golf is fucking brutally tough. I live in a great place for the game and most of my other hobbies(volleyball, hockey, TCGs, cooking) would not really bring me any more joy if I were magically better at them.  

You’re in a room with Kobe, Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth and Usain Bolt (in their prime) and you have to face them in their sport. If you win, you will be given anything you want, but if you lose, the other three break your knee caps. Who are you challenging and why

Uh, my kneecaps are done for I guess lol. If I can decline this challenge, I will. There is no way anyone is beating any of these people at what they do. Babe Ruth was the least impressive of that bunch as a genetic freak of nature so I guess I am playing baseball again. I am a couple of cm taller than him, so maybe in 1919, if I had glasses like I currently do to correct my vision, I would have a shot at matching his hitting. Pitchers were throwing around 80 MPH pitches, which is like the current high school level, and I have at least played that sport at that level. That's the only shot I have. I can run a 100m in about 13 seconds so there is no way in fuck I am catching Bolt. I did combat sports for like 3 months as a teenager(like every hockey player does) and confidently learned I am never ever getting in a ring with another person. Basketball is another obvious failure for someone with poor hand-eye coordination like myself. 


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

Prob something like 3-1 or 3-2 for us

How did you decide on your IGN?

Honestly I started spamming rat gifs for a while for no real reason other then finding them funny and I'm a queen obv 

As a jungler, how do you deal with the constant flame in solo queue?

I deal with it by hard muting everyone and blasting music probably the only way to stay sane 

What do you think are the most important skills for success in League of Legends, both in-game and out-of-game?

Honestly I think it's one thing and one thing only mental with good mental I think an old man can climb to masters tbh

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would you choose, what would you eat and what would you talk about?

Uhh eminem uberhaxornova and my grandfather prob like rice and hamburger for the first two and lobster or oysters with my grandfather cuz he loved that shit 

If you were put on an episode of Jepoardy featuring categories of things you are knowledgeable about how much money do you think you would earn?

A lot I have the clinical problem of knowing a fuck ton of things with very minimal information about all of them


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

3-1 for MINT 

How did you decide on your IGN?

I had a different IGN when I first started playing and wanted to change it so i asked my girlfriend at the time to help cuz I have no creativity. I'm pretty pale so she said Albino and the Sun Bear part is cuz they're goofy as hell with long tongues . Very riveting but I love the name. 

Mid lane is the role that seems the most accessible to gank and to roam from. How do you deal with the constant push and pull from your place on the Rift?

Mid lane is very similar in the sense that you have say on the map state, if you have no prio you can't do anything and your lanes will suffer. However mid and jg decide how the map will play its a symbiotic relationship. Since there are so many ways to play mid you can be a diverse player but you are the stability. 

If you were the lead designer for a special limited-time game mode in League of Legends, what kind of mode would you create?

I love single player games so something story driven, maybe a hack and slash or bullet hell. 

If you could only communicate by making animal noises for a day, which animal would you choose to imitate?

I'm adept at making whale mating call noises (ask KTL he loves it). 

A cosmic event has chose you and given you the ability to put liquid currency(dollar dollar bills yall) into a hat for one month. At the end of the month the hat disappears and you gain 100 times the amount of money put in tax free in your bank account. What is your strategy to get the most amount of money possible into this hat? 

I'd probably get my closest friends and family to put their money into the hat with me and divide the profits afterwards between everyone who contributed assuming there is not funny business with the hat or bank. I trust them enough that I believe pooling everything will lead to quite a large profit for everyone.


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

i think the series will be 3-1 spark due to our track record of beating wooper before.

How did you decide on your IGN?

KTL is just short for my stream name which is kingtiltlord. Basically used to get really tilted playing games when i was younger.

What is the thing you enjoy most about being an ADC in a team environment compared to solo queue?

Being able to actually be played around and having players who recognize your strengths and play around them.

How do you balance your time as an org owner and playing in various amateur tournaments with other aspects of your life, such as health, relationships, and education?

Balance in life is something I always try and work on improving constantly. I am lucky to be self employed so I am able to work from home which helps with putting time into running a league, an org, and also playing on comp teams. 

How long do you think you could last in solitary confinement if you were paid $10,000 an hour?

I could probably last 4-5 hours if I didn't have anything. If I was given things like movies or anime to watch its for sure 2-3 weeks.

Being a Fellow Internet Boomer who should have won the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny? Lemon Demon - The Ultimate Showdown [4K REUPLOAD] 

Ultimate showdown... god I can't believe I had to watch this lol. my money was on Hulk Hogan


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

I think a safe 3-1 for Mint Spark is where it'll land, I personally would prefer a smooth 3-0

How did you decide on your IGN?

My IGN though process is a massive NSFW thing. but it involves mushrooms. no drugs 

Do you enjoy the quest reward system that Riot introduced this year for support? Do you find it promotes diversity or is it just another stat fueled decision?

No, I despise not earning gold til 1:50 in the game but finishing it at 400g/800g is a nice little change. the items at the start of the season were very gapped in comparison. some were greatly better than others but now are more evened out

What league champion do you feel is the most overrated pick?

Most overrated picks are def ahri and karma. iunno they just dont win anymore

Molly chose to ignore this question. He is guilty.

How many of the 167 champions would you let sit on your face? There are at least 15 champions who should be a frim no(14 yordles, 4 minors and a literal dog).

110% Ahri. the tails might be awkward but thats neither here nor there. Sett also. dudes a stud fight me on that, we can skip gragas because im not looking to get me head pulverized. that being said we can also skip out on Galio and Alistar. maybe Janna, Sona, Irelia and Kaisa.

Omega Wooper Questions


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

3-1 Wooper(this a nonbiased opinion)

How did you decide on your IGN?

I honestly don't remember. 

How much interaction do you want with the rest of the map as a top laner? Like should top lane be a 1v1 fight club? Or did you enjoy season 11 bot lane TP fest?

although I did enjoy the 10 man bot fights at lvl 3, I do prefer to be alone on my little island. 

What do you think Riot should do to address the lane swap meta that is currently developing in pro play? 

add more armor to towers in the 1st 5 minutes making champs do basically no dmg to them before 5 minutes. 

If you were a professional wrestler, what would your entrance theme song be, and what would your signature move be called?

Macho Man Slim Jim REMIX - The Remix Bros My signature move would be the joey drop kick. 

In the event of a zombie apocalypse lets you are part of the 1% of the population that is immune to the airborne disease. What special traits or talents do you have that would let you survive? Or would you give up?

If they were like world war z zombies id ff so fast. If not and according to the question above im a a professional wrestler so me big and stronk. 


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

OGW 3-1

How did you decide on your IGN?

A pun off my last name, Payne

How do you practice smite fighting as a jungler? Do you have any tips for contesting objectives?

Practicing at this point is just from practice tool and stuff, I usually end my practice clears with soloing dragon and stuff, timing it right at the border of auto/spell + smite health value. Tips for contesting are going in a couple hundred health prior to when you wanna try for steal, can surprise opponents and make them question their focus

If you had to swap any two non ultimate abilities between two different champions to make both of them more balanced which champions and abilities would you choose and why?

More balanced huh... jarvan w with nautilus W. Jarvan w feels meaningless as its his worst form of cc, you'd rather get a damage buff from it, and Nautilus is like always wanting more CC, so giving his shield a aoe slow would feel better for getting him in auto range without needing q

You are stuck in a time loop against Tyler1(an 1800 ELO player or top 1% in the world) in chess. The only way to escape is to win. You will not age, go insane or die. Every time you lose the loop resets itself, but you remember all moves about the game and Big Tonka T does not. How many loops does it take for you to win?

around 50 something. I'm not that great at chess, but I've practiced a lot of endgame situations with puzzles, where I'm like 1500 rating, so I think if I get into a favourable spot, I can win once

What is the go to interesting fact about yourself when you are asked to provide one?

I was the top 4 golfer in the state golf tournament through the first 9 holes of the tournament


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

OGW 3 - 1 MINT

How did you decide on your IGN?

My name is Ishan, it looked boring, so I capitalized the "N"

What is your take on champion mastery vs depth for climbing in mid lane? Do you think it is best to simply 1 trick if your desire is to hit Diamond? Or do you think someone needs more champions?

For solo queue definitely just one tricking

If you were able to influence an absolutely incredible mid lane prodigy who has the desire to go pro in league what champions outside of the control mage archetype would you want them to gain proficiency with? 

Lee Sin or GP

If you had the ability to time travel to any major historical event of the past 50 years to observe, what would you choose to see? 

Does the 2018 CS:GO Major count as a major historic event? If it doesn't, it should, so that's my answer.

What's the silliest thing you've ever done to impress someone?

I was wearing C9 merch at PAX West several years ago and a kid walked up to me and asked if I was part of C9. I told them I was a part of their new Paladins team that hadn't been announced yet and he asked for a picture with me. I did it more because I thought it was just funny than to impress them but I think it counts.


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

It feels weird to predict to the person I'm going to be playing against, but 3-1 in our favor.

How did you decide on your IGN?

I took inspiration from Asian countries using one word, English names. To be unique I wanted to use another language. I'm German by heritage and thus the German name. My name roughly translates to killing spree/killing blow. Which I feel is fitting for my role

Do you feel any additional pressure with how your team is structured to be playing around you as the primary carry and damage threat?

Simply put, no. I used to play competitively a lot from 2014-2017 and each of my teams functioned similarly. As much as my team and I joke about my ego, it's disingenuous to say that it is solely on me. The team, while going through plenty of ups and downs as a whole, has been putting an astronomical amount of work into identifying and improving upon what works best for us. While I may be the most consistent player on the team, I can't singlehandedly get a team to finals without the other 4 doing their jobs. Except Sixela. I had to beat him into shape.

What are your take on the upcoming ADC item changes that have been shown? Are you happy with losing items flexibility in order for them to be more specialzed and powerful? Or do you feel that being able to slot nearly any marksmen item in allows for the greatest build diversity?

I haven't looked too deep into them as of writing this. I'm mildly upset that LT is being removed as a lot of my champions utilize it. But PTA/Fleet will likely become more situational again depending on the strength of the new healing rune. I think in the current meta I would rather have more tank shred options than blanket stats across the board. I'm worried that the ADC item changes will make builds feel cookie cutter again to be useful like they were up until mythics being added.

If you were a character in a sitcom, what catchphrase would you be known for?

It's fine, I'm alive.

If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what would it be and how would you take care of it?

Something with flight like a Griffin or more stereotypically, a dragon. I don't fking know how to take care of either of those things. Reference Harry Potter or GoT idk man I'm fkd


Predictions for the Upcoming Series?

As ive said before, its a must to predict 3-0 for yourself every single series. So 3-0 Wooper as usual, would be shameful to back out now. That being said I do think Spark are the best team we played this year, and look forward to beating them up

How did you decide on your IGN?

Well uh...its my name backwards. Im an extremely creative person so, I knew I had to come up with something truly special. And putting my name backwards then slapping some numbers next to it felt like I achieved by goal of a truly unique username.

How do you enjoy your love-hate relationship with your ADC? Do you enjoy the constant back and forth between you two? Who started it?

Well it's been like this between me and mord since we met. First time really interacting with each other, I was carrying his inting ass on ornn, we were in VC playing norms, he got solokilled like 5 times in lane, im autofilled in my worst role and 6-0 while getting perma camped. I get a bit mad and tell him to step it up. And he basically says "Shut the fuck up you piece of shit its a norm fuck off" and then gets a 1v3 triple kill. Which like, respect tbh, I deserved that, not that he wasnt inting though! Mord knows a lot about the game, and hes generally pretty direct about it. I think he really enjoys the fact he can be direct with feedback with me, and knows that I take criticism very well and won't ever be offended by it. And on my end, Im European so that's just how I roll, not the type of person to be fine with skirting around the edges when my adc is griefing for some reason I just have to tell him so we can fix it, Thats how you grow. I don't think we would be nearly as successful as a botlane pairing if things were any other way, so I very much enjoy it.

Do you feel that the current gold income for supports is at a healthy spot in the meta? Do you feel that only being able to complete 1-2 items in an average match is healthy? Or should Riot try creating more cheap items and how do you stop other lanes from abusing them?

I think theres a lack of support item variation which is an issue. The issue with support income before was that if they got ahead, they got VERY rich, VERY fast. But after they finish support item they fall off a cliff gold generation wise. And with the new 800g item, the cliff is around 1.5 real items or 2 support items (basically 4.5k gold). Which would be fine, if it was possible to have good support items for every champion. But thats not the case. 

Theres basically only 1 MR support item (Abyssal) and it's not good in every game. 1 AD damage item, and its got the most broken passive in the entire game and is a lethality item. 1 support AP item (Morellos) and its very much not good every game, the more supportive AP items like Shurelyas or Staff are good items, but not great damage items, so most mage supports dont like them, Rylais is good and basically support priced, but most champs cant use it or use the health. 

The enchanter items and fantastic and super good and versatile, you can build whatever you want with those for every game. And the tank items, if you dont need heavy MR and can just sit on negatron at worst, are good. But basically, theres a lot of support viable champs, which are kinda seriously harmed by support gold income being what it is, which fucking sucks. And if there just were more support viable items it would be fine. Most support items are very effect driven with underwhelming, so most other lanes dont really want to itemize them when they can just get stronger heavier items, but if you dont want to have to do that you could just support item lock some items it would be perfectly fine.I don't think that the amount of gold support gets is too little, think its fine for support gold income to fall off because of how much impact the role has and thats fine. But the fact a lot of the champions id want to play are capped from playing support not by the fact they cant function as a support but because support gold cant support their SECOND item is silly and stupid

Would you rather have to fight a chicken every time you get in your car, or an average adult orangutan once a year, and you get a sword for the orangutans?

I'm not fighting a god damn orangutan with a sword, spear maybe, those things are pretty slow so I could probably kite it? But they are strong as hell so no shot im getting close enough to use a sword on them.

Thankfully, I dont drive. Chickens are a pain but I use public transit, and i'm not gonna use a car I own for a while. So I get to dodge the question for a good bit.

If I did commute with a car every day, answer is probably orangutan is doable with different weaponry but risk is high, whereas chicken would likely increase average damage but risk is low. So chicken is answer

If you were a potato, how would you like to be cooked?

If im gonna get cooked I might as well taste good. Maybe go all out and make me like a stuffed potato, but tbh Im a huge fan of Gnocchi so that would probably be an even better answer. Those things taste fantastic

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