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Unofficial Week 1 Platinum Power Rankings - By Denali

As a disclaimer before we get into the power rankings the ideas portrayed in this article are my own and do not reflect those of the Blue Otter League. All rankings are based solely off of any prior knowledge I have of the team or solo queue stats. I am only active within the BOL community so any other leagues or tournaments will have no impact on these power rankings. If I don’t have much to say about your team it is because I have either never seen your players play or I have forgotten if I had.


Starting with the North. I believe this division is the harder of the two and I look forward to seeing many of these teams and players play for the first time. My bold prediction is that Meme City Esports Rush does not lose a single BO3 this split.

1. Meme City Esports Rush (0-0)

The champions are back and they are looking to repeat what they did last split. After losing a few of their players the team has had to change around their roster and add some new members to the team. They still have Rutledge and Gasyop who both played a major role in getting their championship last split. I think this team will perform really well this split and think they can easily top this division.

Player to watch: Gasyop

2. NSG Crystal (0-0)

This team looks really solid as all of their players do really well in solo queue. NSG has done well in the gold league and I believe this is the first time we are seeing an NSG team in plat. I look forward to seeing how this team matches up against many of the other teams in the league and I think this team has a good chance of competing with MCE for that top spot in this division.

Player to watch: Frosty is Chaos

3. The Mystic Cats (0-0)

The only player on this roster that I have gotten to play against in the past was Skizz and they were playing mid lane. With them playing ADC now I am excited to see what they can do. This is also a roster that has used up all of their available sub slots so I would like to think that the depth will help them out.

Player to watch: Skizz

4. Collective Equinox (0-0)

This is a team that is hard for me to guess where they are going to be compared to the other teams in this division. Going off solo queue stats I would like to think this team can easily be top 5 in this division and fight for a playoff spot at the end of the split.

Player to watch: Local Foxgirl

5. MG Black (0-0)

I believe this team will be a middle of the pack team. This is the first time I am seeing many of these players play and I am not sure where they will match up against some of the other players in the league.

Player to watch: KTN

6. No Quarter Gaming (0-0)

This is one of the teams that is really hard for me to understand where they line up. Going off of solo queue stats I would think this team will end towards the bottom of the division. They do however have a very full team filling up all of the sub slots so the depth they have could help them out.

Player to watch: NovemberOne

7. Crosspoint Southpaw (0-0)

Crosspoint Southpaw is returning for their third split in a row. After having a tough time in the past it is hard for me to think this split will be any different. They are using the same roster so this team has had a lot of experience playing together.

Player to watch: Ranger24

8. VBU Airport Speedrun (0-0)

At the time of writing this VBU Airport Speedrun only has three players on their roster, so it is hard for me to get a proper idea of what to expect from this team. Of the few players they have on their roster I know Duero has had some really good success in the gold league and look forward to seeing what they can do in plat. Truz has also been a really solid performer in the plat league in the past and I believe if they can fill out the rest of their roster with solid talent we can see this team placing much higher in the future.

Player to watch: Truz


Now onto the South. With Scum Gang returning I look forward to seeing how this division shapes up. My bold prediction for this division will be that Twin Miracles will not win a BO3.

1. Scum Gang (0-0)

Starting with the legendary Scum Gang. I have high hopes for this team as the team consists of many well known names. In the Jungle Apollo has returned after not playing for the last few splits. We have the Chubby Babies Black duo of Eazy and Homie ready to run it back. They have a solid pick at the ADC role with Keorra. This team is a definite upgrade compared to the Chubby Babies Black roster from last split (got rid of me) and I look forward to seeing them play. With Scruff and Viper coaching them this is a definite championship contender.

Player to watch: Keorra

2. VBU Monster Mash (0-0)

Many of these names are people I have heard of but never had the chance to play against. Vrang is a very solid mid laner and I have heard a lot of good

things about Archer. I can see this team easily beating the bottom tier teams and competing with many of the top tier teams. I think this team can easily make playoffs and even have a chance at knocking out some of the other top teams.

Player to watch: Archer

3. EQ Storm (0-0)

EQ Storm is a team that we saw two splits ago returning with a slightly different roster. The two players I have gotten a chance to play against on this team are Jewels and Otto, but Otto was playing top. Jewels seems like a very solid ADC and I look forward to seeing if the changes they made will give them a shot at playoffs and possibly a championship.

Player to watch: Jewels

4. Team Harmony (0-0)

The only player on this team that I have heard of in the past is Loukaloco. I don’t have much to say about this team besides I think they will be battling for playoffs with many of the other middle of the pack teams. I think their week one opponent will be a good test for where this team really belongs.

Player to watch: Benenen12

5. Literal Monkeys (0-0)

The Monkeys are back after taking some time off. The only player I recognize on this roster is PacaPaul but they always bring a pretty solid roster to the and are always competitive. I believe this team will be fighting for the last playoff spot and look forward to seeing how they play.

Player to watch: PacaPaul

6 Jensen and His Wards (0-0)

The next two teams are hard for me to understand where they are gonna line up. I don’t recognize any of the players but looking at solo queue stats I think ThickLatinasOnly is looking really good. If this team has a solid player in the jungle I think we can see the other lanes thrive and possibly move up in the rankings.

Player to watch: ThickLatinasOnly

7. G&E ISU Academy (0-0)

Once again I don’t have much to say about this team as I have never seen any of their players play. One thing I noticed by looking at the solo queue stats is that this team looks like they have two support mains with SharpOtter6 playing mid lane. This is why they are seventh but if he performs well I can see them moving up in the rankings.

Player to watch: SharpOtter6

8. Twin Miracles (0-0)

The bold prediction might be a little harsh but I just wanted to throw something out there. I don’t actually think they won’t win a BO3 but I definitely think this team is gonna struggle. To me this team just seems like a gold team playing in the plat league and we have seen how that turned out for teams in the past. There is definitely talent on this team with Poobin, Table, and Zyzzyx and I hope they can show up and compete with many of the other teams in this division. Their week one opponent is gonna be a rough one but at least it should only get easier from week one on.

Player to watch: Zyzzyx

Week 1 Predictions


No Quarter Gaming vs. Meme City Esports Rush (2-0)

The Mystic Cats vs. VBU Airport Speedrun (2-1)

Collective Equinox vs. NSG Crystal (2-0)

(2-1) MG Black vs. Crosspoint Southpaw


(2-1) Jensen and His Wards vs. GE ISU Academy

(2-1) Team Harmony vs. Literal Monkeys

Twin Miracles vs. Scum Gang (2-0)

(2-0) VBU Monster Mash vs. EQ Storm

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