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Unofficial Week 5 Platinum Power Rankings - By Denali

As a disclaimer before we get into the power rankings the ideas portrayed in this article are my own and do not reflect those of the Blue Otter League. I am only active within the BOL community so any other leagues or tournaments will have no impact on these power rankings. At most I get to watch one series of my choosing and the series streamed on the BOL twitch channel, so for most of these games I can only go off the post game screenshot and stats.


1. Chubby Babies Rush (3-1) (6-2) =

Starting off with a controversial take, I have decided to keep CB Rush in first place after their blunder last week. The team had some drama unfold and Rutledge was not playing in their games. I still believe nobody will beat this team when they have their starting roster playing. With that said I am excited to see how this team plays under their new org, but sadly we will have to wait and see how this team performs as their opponent forfeited this week.

Player to watch: Rutledge

2. Collective Equinox (4-0) (8-1) =

This is a team that many would have thought to see in first this week but I believe they only got their wins because CB Rush was playing with a different roster. This team is definitely good and I am sure we will see a rematch in playoffs of the matchup we saw last week.

Player to watch: Insekiro

3. The Mystic Cats (3-1) (6-2) =

Now onto The Mystic Cats, this team handled Crosspoint Southpaw with ease last week and are definitely a force to be reckoned with. These next two weeks should be a good test for this team as they are facing MG Black and Collective Equinox. It’s gonna take them winning both series if this team wants to move up any more in the power rankings. If they play like they have been lately I can see them not dropping a game.

Player to watch: Jushbox

4. MG Black (3-1) (7-3) =

MG Black seems like a really solid team and I think they have a shot at taking down The Mystic Cats this week. This team still has to play CB Rush so I think they are going to really struggle at placing any higher than 4th this season.

Player to watch: nunu is so good

5. VBU Airport Speedrun (2-2) (4-5) 🔺

After picking up a win against a weak No Quarter Gaming last week this team has a really tough opponent in CB Rush. I am not sure if they have a chance with the real CB roster returning this week. Next week will be a very important match for this team when they play Crosspoint Southpaw. I hope to see this team perform to the best of their ability and look forward to seeing them play.

Player to watch: Truz

6. Crosspoint Southpaw (1-3) (3-7) 🔻

I believe this team along with VBU are going to be fighting for that last playoffs spot. Since VBU is struggling with their roster I can see this team taking over that fifth spot. They have had some really close games and I think this team can definitely upset some teams come playoffs.

Player to watch: Classykru

7. NSG Crystal (0-4) (1-8) =

This is a team that has struggled to get anything going for them this season. Right now they are tied for last place and they are going to need a lot of wins if they want to make playoffs. This week they play the other last place team so this is their chance to get some momentum and carry it into the following weeks.

Player to watch: LPX

8. No Quarter Gaming (0-4) (1-8) =

This is a team that has struggled for most of the season and I believe they are going to need a miracle if they want to make playoffs. This is a team that has won only 1 game and their schedule is looking really tough. If they don’t find a win this week, I believe it is safe to say that they will not make playoffs.

Player to watch: Lopi


1. VBU Monster Mash (4-0) (8-1) 🔺

This team is the undisputed best team in this division. After taking down Scum Gang I believe this team has one of the easiest remaining schedules and will have no problem ending the season 7-0. The whole team seems to work really well together and I think they have a good shot at winning the whole thing. This team also has the best bot lane in the league and think they are going to be tough to beat.

Player to watch: IslamicSamurai

2. EQ Storm (3-1) (7-3) 🔺

EQ is a team that I think can make a decent run in playoffs. They have been performing very well and as long as they finish out the season strong they can make it far in playoffs and possibly win a championship. Week 6 is gonna be a tough one as they take on Scum Gang but if they play like they have been I think we can see them winning that series.

Player to watch: Jewels

3. Scum Gang Mexico (2-2) (5-5) =

After dropping a series to Literal Monkeys it was hard for me to put this team any higher than 3rd. They are better than Jensen and His Wards in my opinion and think they will have no problem against them this week. I still think this team needs to make some improvements if they want to have a shot at the title but they are a really good team individually. Eazy has been performing very well and I hope to see their bot lane start performing better.

Player to watch: Eazy

4. Jensen and His Wards (3-1) (7-3) 🔺

This team has been performing surprisingly well and I think they will for sure make playoffs. With that said they have had one of the easiest schedules and have to play the top three teams in these next three weeks. If they can maybe pick up a win that would be big, but it's a tough task.

Player to watch: Thrasian19

5. Literal Monkeys (1-3) (2-7) =

The Monkeys managed to defeat Scum Gang two weeks ago and I think they will be able to fight for that final playoff spot. They have had a tough time finding a consistent roster this season but I think if they do this team will be able to beat out Team Harmony for the final playoff spot.

Player to watch: Basting

6. Team Harmony (1-3) (5-6) 🔻

This is a team that I thought would be very good at the beginning of the split but they, like many other teams, have struggled to put together a consistent roster. Because of that we have found this team struggling to finish games and series out. They have won quite a few games but have only won a single series. If this team wants to get that final playoff spot I think they need to find a solid roster that can make it every week.

Player to watch: loukaloco

7. G&E ISU Academy (2-2) (4-5) 🔻

ISU Academy has found themselves in 5th place in the standings but I still think they are not as good as the teams above them. This week they take on Team Harmony and if they manage to win expect to see them a bit higher in the power rankings next week. I haven’t had the chance to watch this team yet but I look forward to actually seeing this team playing.

Player to watch: SharpOtter6

8. Twin Miracles (0-4) (0-8) =

This team is struggling to get anything going for them. They have had to forfeit a week and are struggling to get a roster put together. I am not sure if this team is technically eliminated from playoffs but it is going to be really hard for them to make it. This week they play the top team and I think they really don’t have a chance. Hopefully they have learned something and get a stable roster together and give it a shot next year.

Player to watch: HowIMetYourTable


Week 5 Predictions


No Quarter Gaming vs. NSG Crystal (2-1)

Crosspoint Southpaw vs. Collective Equinox (2-0)

(2-0) Chubby Babies Rush vs. VBU Airport Speedrun

MG Black vs. The Mystic Cats (2-1)


Twin Miracles vs. VBU Monster Mash (2-0)

(2-0) Scum Gang vs. Jensen and His Wards

(2-1) Team Harmony vs. G&E ISU Academy

Literal Monkeys vs. EQ Storm (2-0)

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