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UNOFFICIAL Week 6 Platinum Power Rankings - By Denali

As a disclaimer before we get into the power rankings the ideas portrayed in this article are my own and do not reflect those of the Blue Otter League. I am only active within the BOL community so any other leagues or tournaments will have no impact on these power rankings. At most I get to watch one series of my choosing and the series streamed on the BOL twitch channel, so for most of these games I can only go off the post game screenshot and stats.


1. CB Rush (4-1) (8-2) =

Remaining in the number one spot for the week will be none other than CB Rush. We weren’t able to see this roster compete last week because VBU had to forfeit the games due to not having enough players to play. I believe they still would have gotten a 2-0 last week and expect them to do the same this week. They are up against a struggling NSG Crystal and don’t think they will have a problem facing them. I am excited to see this new bot lane play this week and believe they will destroy NSG’s bot lane. This is still a strong favorite for the championship.

Player to watch: DaBay

2. The Mystic Cats (4-1) (8-2) 🔺

Coming off a hot 2-0 this week against MG Black this team is going to prove just why they are the second best team in this division. I believe this team will have no problem giving a mediocre Collective Equinox a swift 2-0 this week. This team is all around better at every role and I don’t see a world where they lose. It would have to take a miracle for Collective to win. Don’t be surprised for a 40 minute series.

Player to watch: Jushbox

3. Collective Equinox (5-0) (10-1) 🔻

Another average win for Collective Equinox. I believe this team has had one of the biggest Mickey Mouse runs I have ever seen. Their counterfeit winning streak is coming to an end this week and they will be receiving 2 losses at the hands of The Mystic Cats. The only decent player on this team is thatsebastianguy and Mahyay will have no problem with them. I expect nothing less than a Mystic Cats stomp this week.

Player to watch: thatsebastianguy

4. MG Black (3-2) (7-5) =

After their 0-2 against The Mystic Cats last week, this team is going to remain in the 4th spot this week. This is a team that I believe is better than the rest of the league but just can’t seem to find a win against the teams above them and they still have to play CB Rush. This team made quite a few roster changes after last week, so depending on how those shape up we should see this team in playoffs.

Player to watch: KTN

5. VBU Airport Speedrun (2-3) (4-7) =

VBU had to ff last week due to having not enough players and it looks like they are still struggling to get a roster together this week. When you are fighting for that final playoff spot it is really hard to take an ff loss and get no points. I believe this team is still better than Crosspoint and they get to prove it this week.

Player to watch: Truz

6. Crosspoint Southpaw (1-4) (3-9) =

After losing last week to Collective, Crosspoint is on the cusp for that final playoff spot. I would say this team has one of the easiest schedules remaining and this week is gonna be make it or break it for them. If they get the win this week, I think it’s safe to say that this team will be the 5th team in playoffs. I want to see their captain step up and lead this team to playoffs.

Player to watch: Classykru

7. No Quarter Gaming (1-4) (3-8) 🔺

No Quarter Gaming managed to grab themselves a win last week and for the first time all season they will no longer be in 8th. With this team having to play two of the top four teams this week and next, they would have to win at least one of those series to be in contention for the final playoffs spot. Right now they are tied with VBU and only a point ahead of Crosspoint. This week is the more beatable of their opponents in a new MG Black roster and I think if No Quarter Gaming plays like they did last week they can easily win and make a push towards playoffs. This will be my pick for upset of the week.

Player to watch: Lopi

8. NSG Crystal (0-5) (1-10) 🔻

And finally we have NSG Crystal who have only won a single game. This team has been struggling time and time again to find any sort of success and I fear that will continue until the end of the season. Going up against the new CB Rush squad this week I expect an 0-2 for NSG. Barring a miracle, I believe this team is eliminated from playoffs and should just look to finish out the season strong.

Player to watch: Johnn Stamos


1. VBU Monster Mash (5-0) (10-1) =

After complete domination last week against a struggling Twin Miracles, Monster Mash will stay at the 1st spot. This might be my go to pick right now for the championship. They are working really well together and have no problem closing games out quickly. I still believe every player on this team outclasses everyone else in this division and Archer and Islamic Samurai are the best bot lane in the league. I look forward to seeing how this team handles a red hot Jensen and His Wards this week.

Player to watch: Panzora

2. EQ Storm (4-1) (9-3) =

Another team that has been playing well as of late has been EQ Storm. After defeating Literal Monkeys last week EQ Storm has to play Scum Gang this week. If this team really wants to prove themselves and fight for that number one spot I need to see a swift 2-0 this week against a struggling Scum Gang. I wonder if top lane is this team’s weakness and if teams can look to exploit that. From game two from last week it looks like TM Germican struggled, but this could’ve just been an off game.

Player to watch: TM Germican

3. Jensen and His Wards (4-1) (9-4) 🔺

After defeating Scum Gang last week this team has proved that they are a contender in this league and should not be taken lightly. After a blunder early on in the season against G&E this team has had no problem defeating every team they have played. However, they still have yet to play the top two teams in the division. This can either be a huge moral boost for the team or can leave them going into playoffs on the wrong foot. If this team wants to prove that they can compete with the likes of a CB Rush or VBU Monster Mash they have to show up this week.

Player to watch: Thrasian19

4. G&E ISU Academy (3-2) (6-6) 🔺

A team that has been going under the radar but has slowly snuck up the standing is G&E ISU Academy. This team managed to defeat Team Harmony last week and get to play Literal Monkeys this week. I believe they should be able to pick up a win against the Monkeys and I think we should be seeing this team in playoffs.

Player to watch: Sinizter Fenix

5. Scum Gang (2-3) (6-7) 🔻

After losing last week to Jensen and His Wards it is getting harder and harder for me to continue putting this team high on my rankings. I still believe with all the talent on this team they should be fighting for the top spot in this division but they keep struggling in games. This week they have the chance to make a statement for themselves and show that they can still compete for the title. They need to step up in the jungle and look to make plays around the mid lane. If Apolo starts performing like we have seen him do in the past this team can easily start winning and even beating the top teams.

Player to watch: cute blue eyes

6. Team Harmony (1-4) (6-8) =

This team hasn’t struggled winning games but they just can’t win a series. I mean that isn’t the worst point wise, but they are just out of playoffs right now and unless they start winning 2 games each series, it is likely gonna remain that way. Going up against a struggling Twin Miracles this week anything less than a 2-0 is a disappointment and will make playoffs really hard for this team. They are also going to need to figure out a roster that works so they can stop subbing players every week and losing bans.

Player to watch: loukaloco

7. Literal Monkeys (1-4) (2-9) 🔻

After getting 2-0’d last week by EQ Storm the Monkeys are gonna look to bounce back and take down G&E ISU Academy this week. If they can manage to win this week next week they take on Twin Miracles and Literal Monkeys could look to fight for that 5th playoff spot. I want to see PacaPaul step it up and start performing like we have seen him do in the past. If he can make plays around the map and get a lead in the jungle I think this team can easily finish the season 4-0.

Player to watch: PacaPaul

8. Twin Miracles (0-5) (0-10) =

Thinking back to my preseason power rankings I made the bold prediction that this team would not win a best of three. I did not think they wouldn’t win a game. Twin Miracles has really struggled this season in both getting a consistent roster together and competing on the rift. With that said, I think this team has two very beatable opponents coming up. This week they play Team Harmony and I think they should be able to at least take off a game.

Player to watch: HEXZ

Week 6 Predictions


(2-1) VBU Airport Speedrun vs. Crosspoint Southpaw

(2-0) The Mystic Cats vs. Collective Equinox

NSG Crystal vs. CB Rush (2-0)

MG Black vs. No Quarter Gaming (2-1)


(2-0) EQ Storm vs. Scum Gang

(2-1) G&E ISU Academy vs. Literal Monkeys

Twin Miracles vs. Team Harmony (2-0)

(2-0) VBU Monster Mash vs. Jensen and His Wards

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