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Week 5 Masters Draft Recap

Hello everyone, my name is Glorsnax and welcome to ICYMT (In case you missed it) where we do a brief summary of the previous week of Masters B.O.L. We are reaching the end of the road of the season as the standings formalize and we know whos contenders and whos season is over potentially. 

Dorado Gaming Beta 2-0 The Crabs Radiant 

Really this series was just Dorado scaling and beating them down both games, not really much else to say about this series other than praise for Palmgoat for trying their hardest to win but it wasn’t in the cards. With that win it really helps their playoff race hopes for Dorado while Crabs are not out but still have a chance, a slim one but we’ve seen miracles before

Lane Zero Maelstrom 2-1 Nameless Tritium

This series was just stomp to stomp to stomp, I wish I could talk more all about how the games were close fought games and both games had a trouble time ending but Lane Zero got stomped game 1, then completely stomped Nameless back dying twice and the third game was the “closest” but not really as they just stomp in the end. GGS! Lane Zero take their first place in the standings again while also officially locking playoffs! Congratulations! (they may have clutched it last week but I was away)

 Leash The Dogs 2-1 Bing Chillers

Game 1 was close as both teams played well but it ended up going in favor of the Viego as he was able to finish the game with Kaisa beating Varus and Anivia stall to claim the first game and push the tempo with a close game clutch, Leash has all the momentum and head into game 2 feeling good!

Game 2 was a game of all time for Dogs as Bing Chillers performed amazingly and really showed that even last place can still challenge teams in the middle and upper standings, really great performance from them but will they be cursed with momentum from this series? 

Game 3, Yep. Unfortunately Bing Chillers came back down to earth and got stomped by Leash where they tried to fight back but were just down too much and couldnt do it, Lillia was the best performer on Bing Chillers but they were the ones put to sleep. This series helps Leash The Dogs keep alive in the playoff race for the 4th seed while Bing Chillers are facing elimination next week if they don’t 2-0 I believe. Good luck to both

DZG Styx 2-0 Omega Akuma Pairing Knives

Game 1 seemed close for it being held up by OAPK Ahri who performed well KDA both games as Game 1 was just outscaling with all 4 dragons going the way of DZG, a perfect kda from Aatrox game 1 helps as well as DZG are known game 1 losers but stay calm and help win the game from there

Game 2 was closer then the first since dragons were split 2-2 but it was just Ahri vs the world it seems again this game, DZG break the curse and win a series 2-0, as they pretty much lock first barring any massive collapse and others play out like expected, while Omega is still in a good spot to lock up 2nd, good luck to both teams!

Dorado Gaming Gamma 2-0 USAE Esports

Game 1 seemed close in kills, but most of the kills were on a J4 who went AD and only got grubs and one drag while Dorado out scaled the Jarvan and made sure the rest of USAE can’t get to the level needed to turn fights as they suffocated this game objective wise with 10 towers to 1, A bad showing for the Army but business as usual for Dorado who push it to series point, 

Game 2 was just a dying ember trying to stay alive as they gave almost all of their kills to Kaisa but USAE was still stomped with 1 drag as their sole objective of the game and they lose while Dorado performs and locks in a playoff spot in top 3! (I think it’s impossible for them to get 4th) while USAE takes the loss, they still aren’t out yet technically off points as they fight super hard for the 4th spot of Noxus still open

Khan Esports 2-0 Goofy Goobers

Game 1 was a barn burner as Goofy Goobers kept securing dragons before Leblanc was fully online and able to start pumping damage out, they had to secure two barons and every tower and inhib in the game for it and they were able to win it all and push the series tempo up, 

Game 2 was mostly Khan continuing from game 1 as they handled Goofy Goobers with ease and push the series forward to a 2-0 which helps alot in a super tight race, while Goobers keep control of the playoff spot for now, it should get really interesting in the later stages, (also Random was just not playing game 2). 

That wraps up the week, Stay tuned for an extremely close playoff race in Demicia while Noxus is pretty much locked up except for the 4th spot. 🦢 

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