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Blue Otter League Emerald Deep Dive Piltover

Hello everyone, my name is Storm or CTRL ULT ELITE. I am an Emerald Tank enjoyer who has played League for far too many years. I will be the main writer for the Blue Otter League Emerald Division this split. I am also joining you guys in the league as the top laner for Mint Spark. I have been creating written content for the past few seasons. I have written for The Nameless, CCS, Aegis and BOL. In the past, I also wrote articles about Yugioh and Fantasy Hockey. I'm eager for feedback; feel free to DM me.

This season in BOL we have 16 teams broken down into 2 divisions, Piltover and Zaun. The BOLE format is playing a round-robin against every team in your group for the 7-week regular season. That means we have 8 teams in each division and playoffs will be the top 4 from each division. In playoffs, the number one seed from each group will play the 4th seed from the other group and the second seed will play the third seed. So it is in your team's best interest to place as high as possible to make your playoff road easier. 

Today's article will be focused on the Piltover division with an introduction to 8 of our 16 teams. These are just my impressions from looking at every team's OP.GG and any players I recognize from my time playing and writing in other leagues. The point total found at the bottom of every team is simple: the higher the score, the better, based on their current solo queue rank(as of my time writing this the 8th). A team of full emerald 4 players(what I consider to be average) is 25 points. The highest point team in BOLE is Mint OTS at 34 points(being an E2 average team).

I am also predicting how Piltover will look by placing each team into a tier list. The S tier is the team that I believe will win the group. A tier teams are those I think look like solid playoff locks. The B tier is where I have the teams that I think will be fighting for the last playoff spot in their groups, and the C tier is the teams I do not think will make the playoffs.

Piltover Teams

Blue Pearl Spire

Overall Solo Queue Total: 24 

Tier: B I predict this team will finish 5th

Blue Pearl Spire presents a lineup brimming with potential, featuring players who have ascended from the gold ranks to carve their path in the Emerald tier. While their names may not ring familiar to seasoned spectators, their journey signifies a promising trajectory within the competitive scene. A cursory glance reveals a penchant for standard compositions, with a focus on stability and versatility across all roles.

At the helm of the top lane stands Endo, a player whose prowess commands attention. Emerging from the shadows of lower tiers, Endo epitomizes adaptability, effortlessly transitioning between meta picks and champion experimentation. With a keen eye for exploiting the latest trends, Endo remains a player to watch, capable of dictating the pace of the game through calculated aggression and strategic maneuvers.

Eros the mid laner is a mage aficionado who is looking to bring the wave clear and late game burst for Blue Pearl Spire. Mastery over a diverse array of mid lane champions enables them to pivot seamlessly between utility and carry roles, offering flexibility in drafting and team compositions.

Islamic Samurai commands the jungle domain, wielding an arsenal of engage champions with finesse and authority. However, I have concerns regarding role adaptation as the Islamic Samurai transition into the jungle role from support. While they do look good with picks like Rell, Xin Zhao, and Maokai, Islamic Samurai assumes the team's primary initiator role, laying the groundwork for decisive team fights and objective control. There are concerns, however, with their tendency to practice sub-standard supports in solo queues, such as Hwei.

Completing the roster is a dynamic bot lane duo of Fallen and AyeYoPenguin who epitomizes adaptability and synergy. Unbound by convention, they easily navigate the bot lane with finesse, pivoting between traditional ADC-support pairings and off-meta strategies. Expect Senna lanes and Seraphine flexes from this duo. Their versatility mitigates the predictability of their drafts and amplifies the team's strategic depth in both laning phase skirmishes and late-game teamfights.

While Blue Pearl Spire may lack the star power of renowned rosters, their strength lies in cohesion and adaptability. Each player brings a unique skill set to the table, collectively forming a formidable unit capable of challenging established contenders within the league. However, concerns linger regarding role transitions and individual proficiency, particularly in the case of Islamic Samurai's adjustment to the jungle role. Addressing these areas of improvement will be crucial for Blue Pearl Spire to ascend the ranks and assert their dominance in the Emerald tier.

Clown Gaming Forklift Certified

Overall Solo Que Number: 28

Tier: A I predict this team will finish 2nd

Clown Gaming Forklift Certified boasts a lineup characterized by a mix of signature picks and potential game-changers. Spearheading their charge is OccupationalHzrd in the jungle, whose mastery over champions like Zac poses a constant threat to opposing teams, often commanding bans or counter picks. However, beneath the surface lies a conundrum of playstyle disparity, wherein individual preferences clash with team dynamics, particularly evident in their jungle strategy.

The heart of the team, the jungle position, serves as a focal point of contention for Clown Gaming Forklift Certified. While OccupationalHzrd's proficiency on champions like Zac is undisputed, the team's overall strategy appears at odds with their solo queue tendencies. In a meta favoring early aggression and side-lane pressure, Clown Gaming's jungle pool lacks synergy, potentially hampering their ability to execute coordinated dives and map control.

A cornerstone of their strategy lies in the bot lane duo's ability to exert pressure and secure advantages through strategic pushes and plate acquisitions. With picks like Zyra, Caitlyn, Tristana, and Braum, Clown Gaming aims to dominate the laning phase and transition into mid-game skirmishes with a gold advantage. However, the disconnect between their bot lane strategy and jungle preferences raises concerns regarding coordinated plays and objective control.

VeyCaution emerges as a potential weak link in Clown Gaming's armor, tasked with shouldering the burden of playing on the weak side. While proficient on champions like Gragas, Poppy, and Gnar, their true strengths lie in split-pushing champions such as Fiora, Camille, and Gwen. This discrepancy poses a risk, as Clown Gaming's reliance on OccupationalHzrd as their sole tank could leave them vulnerable in teamfights and objective contests.

Despite these concerns, Clown Gaming Forklift Certified boasts a roster of individually talented players capable of turning the tide in their favor. With a penchant for snowballing advantages and overwhelming opponents with sheer mechanical prowess, Clown Gaming thrives in situations where they can leverage their individual strengths to secure victories. However, the true test lies in their ability to synergize as a cohesive unit, adapting their playstyle to accommodate strategic imperatives and team dynamics. Dspite all of my concerns with Clown Gaming I feel they have the individual talent and ability to press every team they play. I feel this roster is placing in the top 4 for sure, and I am confident in giving them an A-tier ranking.

Lotus Crypt

Support: Wakka#NA69

Overall Solo Que Number: 19

Tier: C I predict this team will finish 6th

Lotus Crypt emerges as a beacon of strategic ingenuity, defying conventional wisdom with their calculated approach to the game. Despite lacking the star power of top solo queue performers, Lotus Crypt embodies the essence of teamwork and synergy, spearheaded by their ADC Rebootz. With a focus on full-scaling compositions and meticulous shot-calling orchestrated by their coach in the top lane, Lotus Crypt presents a formidable challenge to opponents, capable of stealing victories from the jaws of defeat.

Lotus Crypt's strengths lie in their ability to execute full-scaling compositions with precision and finesse, leveraging their strategic vision to outmaneuver opponents in the game's later stages. With a plethora of CC and peel options at their disposal, they excel in creating opportunities for Rebootz to shine and carry the team to victory. However, their reliance on late-game dominance exposes vulnerabilities in the early game, where they struggle to assert control and often find themselves at a disadvantage against aggressive opponents.

As Lotus Crypt navigates the competitive landscape of the Amateur Blue Otter League Emerald, they face formidable challenges on their path to success. The division's packed roster of aggressive teams presents a formidable obstacle, testing Lotus Crypt's ability to weather early-game onslaughts and emerge victorious against all odds. Moreover, their early-game struggles in Week 1 highlight areas for improvement, necessitating adjustments in their approach to ensure a more balanced performance throughout the season. For this reason, I am placing them in the C tier as they will likely struggle to reach playoffs.

Despite their early-game struggles, Lotus Crypt poses a significant threat to teams unwilling to close out games swiftly or disrupt their team fight-oriented approach. With a keen understanding of their win conditions and impeccable shot-calling, they capitalize on opponents' mistakes and exploit openings to turn the tide in their favor. Moreover, their penchant for "stealing games" from superior teams underscores their resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, cementing their status as a dark horse in the league who may be able to claim a playoff spot.

Omega Gaming Soda Shakers

Support: Kurido#NA1

Overall Solo Que Number: 7

Tier: C I predict this team will finish 8th

Omega Gaming Soda Shakers are a team that is looking for growth and evolution, driven by a collective desire to improve as players rather than merely chase victory. Despite boasting the lowest solo queue ratings among all teams in the league, Omega Gaming Soda Shakers embody resilience and determination, epitomizing the transformative power of dedication and perseverance. With a roster marked by lane swaps and champion diversity, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to defy expectations and forge their path to success.

Despite their commitment to growth and adaptation, Omega Gaming faces challenges stemming from their champion pool diversity. With players like The CrazyPete in the jungle, who have attained "one-trick" status with champions like Udyr, concerns arise regarding strategic flexibility and adaptability in draft phase. However, amidst these challenges lie opportunities for innovation and experimentation, as Omega Gaming explores alternative strategies and compositions to maximize their potential on the rift.

The bot lane emerges as a focal point of potential for Omega Gaming Soda Shakers, with Big News showcasing remarkable prowess on champions like Miss Fortune in Week 1. With a penchant for carry performances and a willingness to embrace unconventional strategies such as double-mage compositions or fasting Senna lanes, Omega Gaming's bot lane poses a threat to opponents, capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor with decisive plays and strategic ingenuity.

With a roster marked by versatility, adaptability, and a thirst for growth, Omega Gaming are looking to defy expectations and challenge the notion of conventional wisdom, proving that ratings or rankings do not determine success but by the relentless pursuit of improvement. As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on Omega Gaming Soda Shakers as they continue to inspire others to embrace the journey of self-discovery and evolution. Omega Gaming as it currently stands does not have the roster talent or champion pool to inspire confidence in their ability to win games so they are a D-tier team.

Bloom Gaming Abyss


Overall Solo Que Number: 31

Tier: C I predict this team will finish 7th

Bloom Gaming Abyss emerges as a team faced with unique challenges and formidable obstacles on their path to success. Despite boasting one of the best solo queue ratings in Piltover, Bloom Gaming finds themselves at a crossroads, grappling with issues of role adaptation, individual proficiency, and strategic cohesion. With Loveless, Unleashed, Cloudbry, and THECOBER navigating unfamiliar roles, Bloom Gaming Abyss embarks on a journey of self-discovery and adaptation, seeking to transcend their limitations and carve their path to glory in the fiercely contested arena of amateur league esports.

At the helm of Bloom Gaming Abyss lies Loveless, a D4 exception player thrust into the top lane role after transitioning from support and jungle. Despite their high-rank pedigree, Loveless is struggling to find their footing in their newfound role. Loveless has only 8 games of solo queue this season as a top laner, and they have not won lane in any of those games ending every game down an average of 800 gold at 15 minutes and doing more damage a minute when playing Bard support.  With limited experience and a steep learning curve, Loveless represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Bloom Gaming Abyss, as they navigate the complexities of role adaptation and positional mastery.

Unleashed emerges as the linchpin of Bloom Gaming's jungle strategy, tasked with shouldering the burden of initiation and playmaking. However, their historical performance as a gold player, coupled with a negative win rate in the current season wile being stuck in the depths of Platnium, raises concerns regarding their ability to execute on the rift. With a penchant for engage champions and a reliance on early ganks to secure advantages, Unleashed's performance holds the key to Bloom Gaming's success, as they seek to capitalize on opportunities and overcome their shortcomings.

Cloudbry and THECOBER find themselves thrust into unfamiliar roles within the Bloom Gaming roster, facing the daunting task of adapting to new responsibilities and expectations. While Cloudbry boasts experience as an ADC in the past and showcases promising statistics, their ability to carry the team remains a source of uncertainty. Similarly, THECOBER's transition to an off-role position adds another layer of complexity to Bloom Gaming's roster dynamics, as they strive to find their footing and contribute to the team's success in unfamiliar territory.

Bloom Gaming Abyss stands at a crossroads in the Amateur Blue Otter League Emerald, poised on the precipice of greatness yet burdened by the weight of uncertainty and adaptation. Bloom Gaming are an enigma they could be the best team in Pltover and emerge as the first seed or not even qualify for playoffs. As Loveless, Unleashed, Cloudbry, and THECOBER navigate the trials and tribulations of role adaptation and positional mastery, they embody the resilience and determination of a team determined to transcend their limitations and achieve greatness. With each match, Bloom Gaming Abyss inches closer to their destiny, forging bonds of camaraderie and unity as they navigate the tumultuous waters of amateur league esports, united in their pursuit of glory and redemption.

The I in Team


Support: Ayrtone#NA1

Overall Solo Que Number: 30

Tier: B  I predict this team will finish 4th

The I in Team emerges as a paradoxical entity, characterized by a roster plagued by glaring weaknesses and formidable potential. With a mid-laner languishing in Silver 1 and a team grappling with role transitions, The I in Team embodies the essence of uncertainty and unpredictability. Despite their Week 1 victory against the formidable DZG, doubts linger regarding their ability to contend with the league's elite, relegating them to the C tier in pre-season rankings. As they embark on their journey, questions abound: Can XSoccer25X rise to the occasion and carry the team to victory? Will Mint's transition to top lane yield dividends, or will their performance falter in the face of adversity? And what of Okami's limited champion pool and the burden of mid-game resurgence? The answers remain elusive, shrouded in the mysteries of The I in Team's enigmatic journey.

At the heart of The I in Team's challenges lies the precarious situation of their mid-laner, locked in the depths of Silver 1 with almost 300  games played in the current season. Despite their struggles, XSoccer25X showcased flashes of brilliance in their Week 1 victory, demonstrating their potential to rise above adversity and deliver impactful performances when given the opportunity on champions who are much more team-orientated like Swain and Malzahar. However, concerns persist regarding their consistency and ability to contribute significantly to damage output, particularly in the face of formidable opponents and unfavorable matchups.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, The I in Team's game plan teeters on the brink of collapse. With a mid-laner struggling to make an impact, the burden of carrying falls squarely on Raijin's shoulders, their Herculean task exacerbated by Mint's lackluster performances in the top lane in week 1. Furthermore, Okami's reliance on a narrow selection of champions further restricts The I in Team's strategic options, leaving them vulnerable in the mid-game when clawing their way back into contention becomes paramount.

As The I in Team navigates the tumultuous waters of the Amateur Blue Otter League Emerald, they stand at a crossroads, poised on the precipice of greatness yet burdened by the weight of uncertainty and adaptation. With each match, they inch closer to unlocking their true potential, forging bonds of camaraderie and resilience in the face of adversity. However, the road ahead is fraught with challenges, and their journey towards redemption remains uncertain. Only time will tell if The I in Team can transcend their limitations, defy expectations, and emerge victorious in the fiercely contested arena of amateur league esports.

DZG Arcadia

Overall Solo Que Number: 33

Tier: S I predict this team will finish 1st

DZG Arcadia emerges as a titan among contenders, armed with a roster brimming with talent and strategic acumen. With a clear game plan centred around early-game dominance and aggressive skirmishing, DZG Arcadia embodies the essence of precision and calculated aggression. They are my pick to emerge as Piltover's number 1 seed. Led by Canny and dillonbeast2's formidable synergy in the top lane, complemented by Andicus's mid-lane prowess and Castro's ADC potential, DZG Arcadia sets their sights on conquest, seeking to assert their dominance and claim victory in the fiercely contested arena of amateur league esports.   

At the heart of DZG Arcadia's success lies a strategic blueprint built on the pillars of early game snowballing and calculated aggression. With Canny playing juggernauts that thrive in small skirmishes and attempt to play for the induvial outplays Dillonbeast2 plays junglers that can look to join on this aggression with early fighting and unique ganking paths.DZG Arcadia leverages their formidable early game prowess to secure advantages and dictate the pace of the match. Andicus's mastery of skirmishing mid laners like Yasuo, Yone, Zed, and Talon further amplifies DZG Arcadia's aggression, providing the team with the tools needed to dominate the mid game and secure victory.

Complementing the aggression of their top and mid lanes is the bot lane powerhouse of DZG Arcadia, anchored by Castro's ADC prowess. Despite a lackluster performance in Week 1(having a 1.77 KDA the lowest of every ADC who had at least 1 game win), Castro possesses the potential to turn the tide of battle with their mechanical skill and strategic positioning. With the ability to push early and secure leads, DZG Arcadia's bot lane serves as a linchpin of their strategy, enabling the team to transition their early-game dominance into mid and late game victories.

However, amidst their early game prowess lies a potential weakness in DZG Arcadia's reliance on champions that excel in the early game but falter in scaling. Despite their strategic clarity and coordinated aggression, DZG Arcadia's struggles to close out games quickly became evident in Week 1, as each match extended beyond the 30-minute mark. While champions like Kled and Volibear effectively secured victory in Game 2 by accelerating the game dramatically with tower dive opportunities, DZG Arcadia's need to look to stay agressive and I think they beat every team in Piltover.

The Shadow Cows

Support: Omensoul#GFX

Overall Solo Que Number: 23 

Tier: A I predict this team will finish 3rd

The Shadow Cows emerge as a dynamic force, driven by a blend of diverse solo queue ranks and a collective desire for mid-game dominance. With a roster that defies conventional wisdom, balancing the scales to an Emerald 4 level despite the presence of gold and diamond players, The Shadow Cows embark on a journey of proactive play and strategic innovation. Armed with formidable drafts and a penchant for mid-game aggression, The Shadow Cows set their sights on conquest, seeking to carve their path to victory in the fiercely contested arena of amateur league esports.

At the heart of The Shadow Cows' success lies their commitment to proactive play and mid-game aggression. With a focus on pushing for early advantages and securing objectives, The Shadow Cows leverage the strengths of Crush Card and Omenoul in the bot lane to pressure for plates and establish dominance. Supported by champions like MF, Ashe, and Caitlyn, alongside poke-oriented supports such as Lux and Xerath, The Shadow Cows excel in creating opportunities for early skirmishes and objective control, setting the stage for mid-game supremacy.

However, amidst their strategic clarity lies a potential weakness in The Shadow Cows' jungle position. With Bustinn, an ADC main with limited experience in the jungle role, questions arise regarding their ability to execute on the team's proactive game plan. Despite their performance on champions like Vi and Maokai in Week 1, concerns persist regarding their adaptability and strategic depth in the jungle position, posing a challenge for The Shadow Cows as they navigate the complexities of competitive play.

In the mid lane, Manh brings a less traditional approach to the game, favoring counter picks like Diana, Akali, and Fizz over wave clear control mages. Despite their unconventional champion pool, Manh's performance belies their Platinum ranking, showcasing a formidable skill set and a penchant for disrupting the enemy's game plan. With the ability to create chaos and capitalize on opponents' mistakes, Manh serves as a linchpin of The Shadow Cows' mid-game strategy, providing the team with a unique edge in the heat of battle.

Rounding out The Shadow Cows' roster is DJ Zeller, an exception player in the top lane boasting a strong champion pool. With a preference for strong-side juggernauts like Darius, Sett, and Renekton, DJ Zeller embodies the essence of frontline dominance, capable of dictating the pace of team fights and exerting pressure on the enemy's backline. Moreover, their versatility extends to tank champions, offering The Shadow Cows a fallback option for engaging and controlling team fights when necessary.

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