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BOL Gold League Week Five Summary (Ft. No One Else)

Demacia Division - Week Five Game Summary

TE Genesis versus Piltover Pokes - TE Genesis wins 2-0. TE Genesis continues their revival tour as they came out on top in both games versus the Piltover Pokes this week. The thing that leapt out to me is the strength of TE Genesis’s teamfights and the balance of this team - the Pokes had some bright lights (including their botlane) both games but it wasn’t enough in the face of TE Genesis. The quiet influence of Right3ous in top lane with both Ornn and Malphite was the perfect initiate to counteract the carries of the Pokes. For the Pokes, this wasn’t a bad showing but definitely a series they could have won and perhaps needed to in order to secure a playoff berth. They have the talent to win out but will be challenged until the very end.

Conduit Esports Goblins versus CB Shield - CB Shield wins 2-1 - The showdown of the division’s top two powerhouses lived up to the hype as it went the entire three games. I’ll be genuine as I don’t get too much time to criticize CB Shield as I have spent a lot of time talking them up here and now but I think this series revealed that they cannot simply pick any champion and expect to win handily against some of the top teams. They were able to ride their consistent strengths to a series victory and showed that in game one but the remainder of the series could have easily gone to Conduit Esports Goblins. This may be a necessary wake up call for them as there were multiple potential ways for Conduit to take the series. That being said, good teams find a way to win and CB Shield did just that. They will finish at the top of the division for good reason.

RCG Abyssal Nightmare versus TSF Retribution - RCG Abyssal Nightmare wins 2-1. Though TSF Retribution had multiple counterpicks in Game One, they simply could not crack RCG Abyssal Nightmare in Game One, especially when you’re giving Sunbird one of their most preferred picks. Thus, it was no surprise that TSF started this series on the back foot. Full credit to them for bouncing back and knocking down RCG in Game Two through domination in every lane. You could see that they had learned a bit and adjusted their strategies accordingly (Or was it complacency on the side of RCG?) In any case, RCG came back with a strong Game Three to secure a much needed victory with Sunbird stealing the Miss Fortune in the pivotal game. This likely puts TSF into spoiler territory and leaves RCG on the edge of a playoff spot with two weeks to go.

Hyperion Gaming Heretics versus CB Masquerade - Hyperion wins 2-0. There were indeed bright lights in this series for CB Masquerade as per the norm. SG Jak had a fantastic game in Game Two and the botlane of ArkzKnight and Flaccid4U did strong in Game Two but it wasn’t enough to halt the continuous assault of Hyperion and they fell in two games. I think Hyperion likely left a bit on the table in Game Two and they’ll look to regain their top form this upcoming week.That being said, as long as TheFireOfTheFox1 continues to get both the champions and resources to succeed, Hyperion should continue to win. They will be a fascinating case in the playoffs as to how other people assess them both in the Division and the League.

Demacia Division Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - Have silenced any critics and defeated all challengers thus far.

  2. Conduit Esports Goblins - Not the best result for them but still safely in a playoff spot and facing the winless CB Masquerade. No true concerns.

  3. Hyperion Gaming Heretics - Continue to hold onto a playoff spot but they have a hard week this week. One of them or TE Genesis is going to secure a spot and the other is going to have to grind out the last week.

  4. TE Genesis - Great win but they face the Heretics this week. This isn’t going to be easy for them to finish this split.

  5. Piltover Pokes - The Pokes are not in a bad spot, they should have the edge this week, which makes next week a must-win. They control their fate.

  6. RCG Abyssal Nightmare - A major win this last week for them keeps them in the picture but CB Shield looms. They’ll need everything they have to win.

  7. TSF Retribution - Were measured and found lacking, it will be hard for them to get a playoff spot but they could turn the tables on the Piltover Pokes this week.

  8. CB Masquerade - Still searching for their first series win, might not come until the final week though.

Demacia Division Week Six Predictions

Conduit Esports Goblins 2-0 CB Masquerade

Hyperion Gaming Heretics 2-1 TE Genesis

CB Shield 2-1 RCG Abyssal Nightmare

Piltover Pokes 2-1 TSF Retribution

Series to Watch:

Hyperion Gaming Heretics versus TE Genesis - Undoubtedly, this one has the highest potential to upset or create situations with the playoff picture. While both teams are firmly in the playoff picture, a victory by TE Genesis should book their ticket to the playoffs as well as potentially vault them above Hyperion Gaming Heretics. On the other hand, a victory by Hyperion would not only solidify their playoff position but also give them stability in where they would place. Expect Hyperion to focus their game plan on getting the powerful duo of JesusJuice13 and TheFireOfTheFox1 ahead while TE Genesis will bring a balanced attack with the intention of creating multiple win conditions. I expect this series to go the distance.

Ionia Division - Week Five Game Summary

TE Eternity versus Degenerates Esports Eternal - TE Eternity wins 2-0. There was a lot of pride on the line between these two teams this week and Degenerates may have looked the best they have looked in a while here in this split. The botlane of SamuelP and Bixus was looking strong with solid performances in both games but it simply wasn’t enough. Degenerates will continue to play a spoiler role in the final two weeks where TE Eternity may have an outside shot depending on how things break. TE Ormand’s Veigar was a force in Game One without a doubt. TE Eternity needed this win as they will continue to fight for their playoff lives this upcoming week versus Conduit Esports Spark.

Going Ghost versus Mythical Esports Hydra - Mythical Esports Hydra wins 2-0. This was actually the hardest series to discuss because I think it comes down a number of narratives - Is Mythical Esports Hydra that underrated on a weekly basis? Is Going Ghost prone to these stumbles at the worst time? Whatever you may think, the results speak for themselves and this series win firmly puts Mythical Esports Hydra into a playoff position. Kreutz had a stellar week in the midlane - get it, stellar because they played Aurelion Sol and interstellar - but it wasn’t enough in either game. I think Going Ghost recovers this week but I do also believe this was the type of series that will force Going Ghost into a playoff battle early when they qualify.

TE Phantasm versus Mystic Cats Gold - TE Phantasm wins 2-1. Both teams got a chance to bring out the boots this week and kick the other team around for a game. Unfortunately for Mystic Cats Gold, letting someone go first in kicking you means they get to go third, which occurred here between the two teams. Anna Wintour got the chance to put in work on initiate junglers such as Jarvan and Wukong, which was a definite contributing factor to the series victory by TE Phantasm. Mystic Cats Gold showed up in a big way with the Lucian and Nami combination in Game Two but it was surely a team effort. This also likely pushed Mystic Cats Gold down and out given how many teams are so close in playoff spots. While it is unlikely that both TE teams make it out of this division, they are doing whatever possible to make that happen.

Literal Monkeys versus Conduit Esports Spark - Literal Monkeys wins 2-0. A strong effort by Literal Monkeys from top to bottom secures the series win. Conduit Esports Spark likely has to win out for a playoff chance. Old Man Genetics was the unsung hero for this team, as he has been most of the split. Literal Monkeys continues to be the toast of this Division. While I do not think any of their players are individual standouts, all of them trust one another and they deserve the rank they currently are in. I’d be intrigued as to where others would place them as I think they are a team that you might find a substantial variation on.

Ionia Division Power Rankings

  1. Literal Monkeys - They aren’t a barrel of fun for all the teams in this Division, they now get the chance to lock in top spot in the coming weeks.

  2. Mythical Esports Hydra - I’m putting them up here because they continue to impress. Those are the types of series that loom large come playoff time.

  3. Going Ghost - Fought hard but two game losses hurts them substantially. I expect them to rebound this week.

  4. TE Phantasm - Continuing their winning ways, a huge win that keeps them in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot.

  5. Conduit Esports Spark - A harsh result has them on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. This is a veteran team who can claw back into it and they do get a matchup favorable to them this week.

  6. Mystic Cats Gold - Not out of the woods yet but will need to win out to have a playoff spot - they get that chance with a team currently in the playoffs in Going Ghost.

  7. TE Eternity - Likely relegated to a spoiler role, they could extinguish Conduit Esports Spark if not taken seriously.

  8. Degenerate Esports Eternal - Nowhere to go but up and the chance to play a spoiler role for other teams can be fun.

Ionia Division Week Six Predictions

Literal Monkeys 2-1 TE Phantasm

Going Ghost 2-1 Mystic Cats Gold

TE Eternity 2-1 Conduit Esports Spark

Mythical Esports Hydra 2-0 Degenerate Esports Eternal

Series to Watch:

Literal Monkeys versus TE Phantasm - Though Literal Monkeys may be the 8th best team in this Division, they have found themselves in the first spot in this Division for good reason. They have booked a ticket to the playoffs and now have the pleasure of deciding whether they want to put a severe blow to the hopes of TE Phantasm’s playoff ambitions like they have done to so many other teams this split. Meanwhile, TE Phantasm has went about their business throughout this split, positioning themselves in a beneficial spot with everyone below them needing help from the Monkeys to make a push for that final spot. I think there should be a massive matchup in the jungle - will Literal Monkeys remove the initiating junglers that Anna Wintour is so exceptional on? Will we have a game where TE Phantasm gets the boots put to them like Mystic Cats did in one game this week? Stay tuned.

Noxus Division - Week Five Game Summary

Clown Gaming It versus TDS Knights - TDS Knights wins 2-0.

Will not discuss any Clown Gaming It series here.

!rawr versus TPO Goats - !rawr wins 2-1. Somehow, this result was pure !rawr in every aspect. TPO Goats did exceptional in Game One and was able to eke out a Game One victory based off of great play by Kaxi and exceptional work on Cassiopeia by Dathollo. This is evidence that TPO Goats has been continuing to grow on a weekly basis but, unfortunately, will run out of time this regular season. !rawr is not simply the Archer show as Moowy and even extremexcris have been putting in work this season. The fact that !rawr was able to secure yet another 2-1 victory speaks to the strength of this team. They should be able to lock up a playoff spot this week. All according to the plan of Doki.

TD Embrace versus The Epidemic - TD Embrace wins 2-1. The Epidemic showed their resiliency in bouncing back from a Game One loss to swipe a game off of TD Embrace, which some other teams this split cannot claim. PhotographyRaptr from TD Embrace, however, will always punish any team that does not respect what they bring to the table as they are a certain win condition for TD Embrace. In short, it was a strong series from both teams but, as the lanes went, so too went the games for TD Embrace in the end. Rendelman stepped up in a large way in the deciding game to secure the bag for TD Embrace. While I am writing this after TD’s loss this week, they remain in the power position for the final playoff spot.

DZG Arcadia versus Slurp Squad - DZG Arcadia wins 2-0. Though Slurp Squad tried their best, they faced one of the top teams in the Division and came up short in the end. DZG Arcadia’s solo lanes continue to generate leads all by themselves and ultimately were able to overwhelm Slurp Squad’s solo lanes. That being said, make no mistake, DZG Arcadia remains a complete team top to bottom who can trust in Tsuki to control the rivers and Surged to ensure said lanes get ahead. Things haven’t quite worked out for Slurp Squad this split though they remain one of my teams that, if they return next split, their record could easily reverse at this time next split.

Noxus Division Power Rankings

  1. DZG Arcadia -Among the finest in the League, clear #1 presently here until a final week showdown with TDS Knights.

  2. !rawr - Should be able to lock up a playoff spot this week with a win.

  3. TDS Knights - Continue to build on their splendid work, just cannot place them higher as they lost to !rawr.

  4. TD Embrace - Still holding onto a playoff spot, they should be fine.

  5. Slurp Squad - Could throw a shock into !rawr if others aren’t careful, they have a deceptive record.

  6. The Epidemic - So much has to break right for a playoff run, they also face DZG Arcadia this week.

  7. TPO Goats - Almost turned the tables on !rawr, this team hasn’t quit just yet. Kudos to them.

Noxus Division Week Six Predictions

!rawr 2-0 Slurp Squad

DZG Arcadia 2-0 The Epidemic

TDS Knights 2-0 TD Embrace

Will not predict Clown Gaming It versus TPO Goats series.

Series to Watch:

TDS Knights versus TD Embrace would have been my series here. I’m going to be honest and keep it here even though the result is known. This was a showdown between two strong teams and I think TD Embrace could have shut the door and locked down a playoff berth if they won. They should still get the fourth spot, though. I do not want to pick one of the other two series as I feel it isn’t paying proper respect to what TDS Knights did against a team that is likely to get that last playoff spot. Look forward to the week seven fight between them and DZG Arcadia.

Freljord Week Five Summary

TD Unknown versus CB Hydra- TD Unknown wins 2-1. BIG NEWS - Although BIG NEWS had a massive Game One on Sion, TD Unknown buckled down and pulled off a reverse sweep on CB Hydra to throw their hat into the ring for potential championship contenders. So, while Game One looked like typical CB Hydra, the remaining two games were a different story. Lucas and Rigamortus had a dominant performance in Game Two that balanced the series and threw it to a decisive Game Three. I do want to highlight that Game Two may have been a sign of things to come as CB Hydra had never been beaten this decisively in a single game. Thus, Game Three was another dominant performance, this time led by Adishawn and chj in TD Unknown’s botlane. I think we cannot sell CB Hydra short as most teams of their caliber do not have a top five team in their division. Do not let that take away from the dominance that TD showed in this series, though. They made it clear they were the better team this week.

Nameless Asylum versus Conduit Esports Sussers - Nameless Asylum wins 2-0. A needed and necessary win for Nameless Asylum to keep their playoff hopes alive. Though CB Noname was a force to be reckoned with and got leads in both games, unfortunate teamfights at inopportune times cost the Sussers. This, regretfully, may be the epitaph for the Sussers season - they look like a team that should have more wins in both games and series than their record shows but just were not able to finish it off in the end. They will look to play a spoiler role in future weeks here. Nameless Asylum has set themselves up for a late season playoff push. Don’t underestimate the impact of the roleswap of Spread DemCheeks into mid lane for this series as their games on Akali and Yone were needed and necessary for Nameless to win this series in a sweep. Fantastic work by Nameless here.

Conduit Esports Ghost versus CN Craw Daddies - CN Craw Daddies win 2-1. Game One was clearly a CN Craw Daddies affair as, while the combination of Caitlyn and Ashe can be oppressive, they can’t easily escape a Jarvan IV Cataclysm and Annie’s stuns. Make no mistake, the botlane of CN Craw Daddies made Brother Hedge into Brother Deadge in Game One. However, one good turn deserves another, and Conduit Esports Ghost took the Jinx and punished CN Craw Daddies all of Game Two, bringing Jinx to 26/0 through two games and making her look like the most broken champion in the game. Though the result wasn’t as striking in Game Three, Jinx was once more left up and the team that took Jinx in Game Three won as CN Craw Daddies was able to ride a balanced attack in all lanes to secure the series win. Black Eyed Peas had an exceptional series but came up a bit short in the end. It was a necessary win for CN Craw Daddies for their playoff hopes. They needed this in the worst way.

Freljord Power Rankings

  1. TD Unknown - Strutted their stuff and made a huge statement win. Impossible to not discuss them among the favorites to win it all now.

  2. CB Hydra - A great series, cannot criticize them as they know they can’t afford to take a single week off after the regular season concludes

  3. Conduit Esports Ghost - They do not drop but deserve to do so. Losing to the Craw Daddies shouldn’t hurt them too much if they play their cards right to finish strong.

  4. Clinical - Facing a big test this week in TD Unknown, they can book a playoff spot with a win basically. A loss makes for a huge final week.

  5. CN Craw Daddies - Definitely a shocking victory, this team faces Nameless for a chance to make a huge final week of the regular season in this Division

  6. Nameless Asylum - Their playoff run continues, a big win at a needed time. They’ll need to win this week against the Craw Daddies

  7. Conduit Esports Sussers - Can still play a spoiler role but their season is spoiled now.

  8. Titan Mnemosyne - Alas, too many changes and uncertainty sunk this team this split.

Freljord Division Week Six Predictions

CB Hydra 2-0 Conduit Esports Sussers

Conduit Esports Ghost 2-0 Titan Mnemosyne

CN Craw Daddies 2-1 Nameless Asylum

TD Unknown 2-1 Clinical

Series to Watch:

TD Unknown versus Clinical - Simply put, this series is more important to Clinical as they can book a playoff spot with a series win here. If they lose, however, things get mighty interesting in regards to that final playoff spot in the final week. TD Unknown has been steamrolling teams week in and week out and get the chance to deal a major blow to Clinical’s hopes. Look towards the mid lane between these two teams.

Overall Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - The gap between them and TD Unknown definitely isn’t as big as one would think, but they hold the top spot barely.

  2. TD Unknown- Nearly put them in the #1 spot and doubted this til the end. A topflight team who showed up to play against the finest in the League.

  3. Literal Monkeys - Undefeated for good reason. They will be challenged in their last few weeks, however.

  4. DZG Arcadia - Well-deserving of being in the top five, definitely a team that never quite gets the press they deserve.

  5. CB Hydra - Rightly or wrongly, they took a series loss unlike the teams above them, but such is the tragedy of their Division.

  6. TDS Knights - Strong from top to bottom in a division that changes weekly for the most part. They’ve beaten all competitors save one.

  7. Conduit Esports Goblins - A further drop than probably deserved, speaks to how close everything is in this League.

  8. !rawr - Another week where !rawr continues to pile up the victories and get the necessary points.

  9. Mythical Esports Hydra - Those in their division know to not underestimate this team. They are on a major upswing.

Going Ghost - Definitely not the result this week they wanted, they are in a precarious position. Is burnout going to affect them?

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