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BOL Gold League Week Four Summary (With CTRL ALT ELITE!)

Demacia Division - Week Four Game Summary

Piltover Pokes versus CB Masquerade - Piltover Pokes wins 2-1. An excellent series and competition between both of these teams as a balanced attack in multiple lanes by Piltover Pokes secured a Game One victory. The important thing for the Pokes was that it was not simply the Nikolai K show which was necessary in later parts of the series. Not to be outdone, however, CB Masquerade answered back with a dominating performance in the solo lanes and SG Vesuvius in Game Two. In Game Three, CB Masquerade tried a unique team composition that sadly did not pan out for them but full credit to them for throwing caution to the wind. A very strong showing that was necessary for Piltover Pokes to continue to be squarely in the playoff picture. Special credit to Lamb Astaseul and Lyranea for a crucial performance in Game Three to secure the series for the Piltover Pokes.

TE Genesis versus TSF Retribution - TE Genesis wins 2-1 - Has Kazuha Nakamura shown up to save this team in their darkest hour? It may well be true as TE Genesis was able to eke out a victory over Team ShadowFrost in a critical series for both teams. All systems were go on game one and every lane of TE Genesis rolled over TSF Retribution in a decisive victory. However, like so many series this week, Game Two was a different story and TSF Retribution got their revenge behind CC3025’s Olaf, which was a contested pick in this series undoubtedly. While THECOBER tried hard on Kindred in Game Three, TE Genesis was able to win the deciding game. Special credit again to Kazuha Nakamura for strong performances in all games this series.

CB Shield versus Hyperion Gaming Heretics - CB Shield wins 2-0. While I think Hyperion may feel they left some things on the table and did not play to the level they expect of themselves, they did not have an awful week against the juggernaut that is CB Shield. CB Shield’s botlane was more than a match for Hyperion’s in Game One and the unfortunate matchup of Ornn into Jax meant that CB Shield had a splitpush monster as well in the toplane. Although Game Two was closer and TheFireOfTheFox’s Gangplank was strong, it simply wasn’t enough to hold back CB Shield as they wrapped up the series. Special credit to Cyclone here, pay some respect on their name already. They more than held their own against one of the finest midlaners in the League in TheFireOfTheFox1.

Conduit Esports Goblins versus RCG Abyssal Nightmare - Conduit Esports Goblins wins 2-0. For a series that ended 2-0, both teams ended up combining for the same amount of kills. This speaks highly of both teams in different ways. In regards to Conduit Esports Goblins, this is why they are so effective as they will seize any opportunity and gain advantages wherever possible. On the side of RCG Abyssal Nightmare, they did not make it easy on Conduit and pushed them heavily in both games. They just were not able to ultimately win out and, as such, the series result did not reflect the effort that they put in. While they are 1-3, I do believe in a path to the playoffs for this team but they now have barely any margin of error. Special credit to BaaaMM for strong carry performances on the Jinx and Zeri.

Demacia Division Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - Different week, same result. Just a dominant team to the core who comes in facing another substantial challenge. It may be their last challenge for a bit.

  2. Conduit Esports Goblins - Major challenge this week as they face CB Shield but I doubt they will drop below second for the remainder of the split. Powerful team.

  3. Hyperion Gaming Heretics - Still comfortably in a playoff spot but were caught lacking this week. Still potent and many players on the team know how to be a factor in the game.

  4. Piltover Pokes - Piltover Pokes continue to do exactly what they need to and, if they win this week, playoffs surely becomes even more of a reality.

  5. TE Genesis - They continue to take care of business and are on the right track, this week will be massive for them. If they win over the Pokes, playoffs will come down to the wire.

  6. Team ShadowFrost - Basically a playoff situation with this team this week. They have pushed numerous teams to the limit in this Division.

  7. RCG Abyssal Nightmare - The sun hasn’t set on them but a loss this week may be the end of their playoff hopes. I do believe they can best Team ShadowFrost, though.

  8. CB Masquerade - Full credit for playing hard and throwing curveballs at teams, even if the results just have not been there yet.

Demacia Division Week Five Predictions

TE Genesis 2-1 Piltover Pokes

Hyperion Gaming Heretics 2-0 CB Masquerade

CB Shield 2-1 Conduit Esports Goblins

RCG Abyssal Nightmare 2-1 TSF Retribution

Series to Watch:

CB Shield versus Conduit Esports Goblins - One of the marquee matchups this week and perhaps one of the best ones in this Division this split, this matchup is one that both teams have probably circled on their calendars since the schedule was released. Undoubtedly two of the strongest teams in the Division, this matchup could have massive playoff implications. Conduit Esports Goblins has quietly put together an impressive split and met every challenge thus far but they do go up against one of the strongest teams in the entire League in CB Shield. This is a regular season match for the ages. I look forward to what both teams bring to the table and am curious if there will be any unorthodox picks from either team here.

Ionia Division Week Four Summary

Hey everyone new writing voice here this is CTRL ULT ELITE the platinum writer. I volunteered my services to help out with your content this week as Feathers and Fur is very busy. I chose Ionia as it looks like the league with the closest match scores. Keep in mind I do not have time to watch every game I am just going to be looking at your guys drafts, overall record and post game stats.

Week 4 Recap

TE Phantasm vs Mythical Esports Hydra

Mythical Esports Hydra 2-1 TE Phantasm

Game 1 of this series was a dominant win for TEP. Despite the game taking over 30 minutes TEP was able to nearly shut out MEH from every objective on the map only allowing them to take 1 turret and no neturals. Draft for this series was absolutely wild as TEP 1st pick A Sol with none of his classic counters banned by either side. TEP somehow picked 3 winning lanes on blue side. MollyWhops in mid for the side of MEH kept their team in this game at least picking up 6 kills and having 70% KP. As far as the MVP overall for game 1 I am going to go with Grim Dafrye on Ezreal for TEP as they had an insane 81% KP, the most money in the game and a 11.0 KDA.

Game 2 of the series was the closest and had the blue side win once again as MEH bounced back thanks to an incredible bot lane performance of a Jinx Lulu by Arsenal and IEnders off a front to back team comp. Gragas 1st pick was taken as a flex baiting TEP into taking GP in round 1. MEH was then able to pick Cho and Sylas into GP making sure that he had no side lane threat. TEP played much more of a pick comp but was unable to get to the squishy hyper carry of Jinx often enough.

For Game 3 both teams went nuts. IDK if this is normal for gold but 62 kills in 30 minutes is not normal in Plat. Again MEH was able to take the game this time on red with a counter pick. TEP went back to their poke comp idea for game 3. MEH simply played for hard engage with Malphite top and Sylas jungle. MollyWhops was MVP in game 3 on Cho mid eventually as they fed enough to the point where they did not care about all the poke and simply walked at TEP.

So what are my key takeaways from this series? As MEH you need to make sure your early game does not doom you. You need to have lanes that win in isolated matchups. Game 1 both your bot and top lane are into losing matchups and you cannot get out of the early game. Looking at your team stats you guys are playing for Hearld trading away dragons. That's great if you are winning but when you are losing it's just making sure that you are forced to fight earlier in the game.

For TEP you guys need to work on your isolated deaths. 24 deaths a game is way way too high. You guys have above a 3.0 team KDA(barley) and that's the number that to me says you are a real team. In plat you guys would be top 3 in deaths a game(and we have several teams who are without a game win). You need to have a frontline for your team. Playing tanks sucks but your team needs a way to enter objectives. If the enemy team is drafting more and more beef you cannot try and counter it with more and more damage. You don't need to pick Ornn/Sion every game but maybe look at bruisers instead of the hyper scalers in top lane. I mean just imagine an Aatrox into Cho, sylas and Malphite. You would drain tank them forever.

Going Ghost VS Degenerate Esports Eternal

Going Ghost 2-0 Degenerate Esports Eternal

Game 1 of this series has GG on the blue side and DEE on red. GG based their entire 1st draft around Sejuani jungle taking very strong melee lanes to gank for that hard snowball with Olaf and Sylas and an independent scaling bot lane of Zeri Janna who play for each other and try their best not to die. DEE on the other hand has a very bizarre comp. It's trying to do too much of everything from teamfight AOE, to picks to poke. Wukong is not the early game snowballer he relies much on teamfighting and most of DEE’s comp needs to get ahead to function. This comp is also picked into an olaf who can just ignore all the CC you have drafted. Game 1 takes just over 30 minutes and DEE are only able to get 12 kills and 1 tower compared to the 30 kills and 9 towers of GG. Belesaurus on Zeri for GG gets my mvp as they had a 15.0 KDA and 260 CS having the most gold diff in the game.

Game 2 of our series has GG on red side with counter pick and DEE on blue. DEE take the blue side strongest jungler in J4 setting up a draft featuring lots of early game ganks with the idea to win every lane hard and snowball. GG on red drafted much more to kite backwards and disengage with things like Ezreal, Ahri and Nami trusting in their split push Jax to win out in the side lane vs a Volibear. Minibeast in Jungle on Wukong is the clear MVP of game 2. They died the least of every player in this entire game and still had a 77% KP.

This series showcases what makes a team at the top of the standings different then one at the bottom. Going Ghost has a better read on the gold meta playing comps that make sense ensuring they have CC, clear carries and engage options. DEE are trying to do too much in the draft. Flex picks are welcome for teams but you need to have a point of them. If you end up having to play Pantheon into one of 2 different lanes that lose, that was not a good pick. Find your key carry and ensure they are set up for success. With this loss DEE are out of playoffs in Gold.

Literal Monkeys vs TE Eternity

Literal Monkeys 2 -0 TO Eternity

MKY are the blue side for game 1 and pick a very solid front to back team with Sivir and Viktor as the primary threats. TEE on the other hand are playing an absolutely wack team comp going for Veigar Leona bot and rumble top with Kindred and Panth to bring the AD and early game. Unfortunately, Kindred is not able to invade all game and get ahead in the jungle. Pyramid boy in mid on Viktor gets MVP of the game for me having a very high KP and not getting shut down by the pantheon mid flex.

Game 2 TEE is on blue and they go with Seraphine 1st pick. They again have a nonsensical team comp in my eyes taking almost no winning lanes, few ways for Kai”sa to ult and no clear engage options. This team is playing for Jax to win on the side and win the game I guess? MKY on the other hand has like every engage option in the game plus the kitchen sink to throw at TEE. This game is a banger, it goes for 47 minutes and is incredibly close. Both teams take barons and MKY win out thanks to claiming an elder dragon.

My Key points from this series

  • Work on pulling the trigger for MKY. You guys had way too much engage for game 2 to take 47 minutes. If Jax wants to split push anytime fater 25 minutes let him and go ace the enemy team. Like I don’t know if its not synching up ult timers or what but game 2 you have legit everything imaginable to start a fight. At dragon find where this team is and press your buttons together and game 2 is a wash same as game 1.

  • For TEE try to ensure that your lane combinations make sense. Viegar bot is great but Leona is not who he wants as his support. You want something that interacts with the cage, Alistar, Naut, Pyke. Seraphine needs an ADC with slows to be a real support. Ashe, MF, Twitch.

Conduit Esports Spark vs Mystic Cats Gold

Mystic Cats Gold 2 - 1 Conduit Esports Sparks

So I am going to start this series off by saying these 2 teams are drafting absolute nonsense this week. Teams are not comps; these are just a selection of picks. Also whoever uploaded this make your pics bigger these are like images for ants.

Anyway game 1 MCG lose on the red side playing a front to back team comp. I am very surprised to see Morde jungle as I thought his nerfs to that role made him terrible at it. This team also has an Ori with like 0 Ball delivery. Sej is almost never able to fully jump on people and my guess is Zeri for CES just needles everyone until they all die. MVP for game 1 is Batman0308 on trundle jungle for CES.

Game 2 I hate the CATS DRAFT SO MUCH. Why on earth do you ban Zeri, Aphelios if you are 1st picking Yummi? Why do you have an entirely melee DOT style top side of the map? Lucian Yummi is a lane I have never seen and it dominates into Kai’sa Naut somehow. CES into a team of only things that want to run you down has like 0 anti engage somehow. They have immobile squishy things that if Singed presses W on them they die. Dragon eventually forced CES to come fight the CATs and they lose off of it.

Game 3 CES Bans Singed bravo. That is the best part of the draft. This draft again makes 0 sense whatsoever. IDK who is doing this but both coaches or players drafting are deranged. So for Spark you have a team with really hard core engage and poke damage taking really safe carries. But this team's mid game damage is absolutely abysmal. Corki is not a real champion until he gets like 3.5 items. You have 2 super tanks in top and jungle and Xayah who wants her team to be as front loaded on damage as possible as she self peels. So CES teams sucks. Cats are playing counter picks the team. Nothing makes sense together. There is no engage except the Rakkan flank or bowling ball sleep. This team has very risky waveclear. There is 1 knock up for Yas. I hate almost every aspect of this draft. Cats also crush this game. It's not close. Coach Eggboi on Yasuo runs a train on CES. They secure dragon soul 2 barons every Rift herald and all 11 towers in 29 minutes.

So my key takeaways:

  • Both teams try to come into drafts every week with some sort of overall plan. It can be as loose as we are playing Yasuo plus a knock up and looking for 5v5s to more nuanced of we are going for pushing lanes plus Kindred to prey on early weak jungle picks.

  • Pay just as much attention to what your team can do as a whole then what the enemy team can

  • For Spark please just focus on getting your CS numbers up and your kills down. Despite having plenty of teams with similar game times, all of them are making so much more money then you. It takes 5 minutes a day in practice tool for a week to get the 1st 3 waves of CS down to a science that you can do in your sleep. I do not have to tell you that 3.5 towers a game is bad. You know it, I know it. If a dragon fight is looking bad try to trade for a tower at the very least.

Ionia Division Power Rankings

  1. Going Ghost would be my pick for number 1 in Ionia. They are sitting with 23 points the same as the Literal Monkeys and possess superior team stats to Literal Monkeys. They average more kills, have a higher KDA and get more objectives every game on average. Both these teams get a chance to prove once and for all in week 7 who is superior as they play one another.

  2. Literal Monkeys sit in number 2 for me down just a little from their initial placement at the top of the leaderboard last week. This team got a fairly free series vs TEE who are sitting without a series win and are still behind in team stats. That game 2 seriously worried me. I find it incredibly hard to believe that you guys had to go to elder dragon before securing the win against a team without a series win

  3. TE Phantasm - In 3rd ahead of Mhical Esports Hydra. The game wins of TEP are crushing victories and they have the stats of a top 3 team. If they can just die a little less I think they are all but guaranteed a playoff spot.

  4. Mystical Esports Hydra - A Step above the rest of the teams below them here in this division. With over 6 towers on average and 2.4 dragons a game they have decent team stats. These are the stats of a team who will just squeak into playoffs and that looks like what MEH is going to do.

  5. Mystic Cats Gold - At least you have the fighting part of league down if nothing else. You are right in the playoff race and play TEP next week who are tied with you in the standings.

  6. Conduit Esports Spark - Playoffs are very quickly leaving you behind. Its time to win out or lose a playoff spot.

  7. TE Eternity - Out of playoffs. Your team has a better KDA then the teams around you. Try to make sure that you are taking something with your kills. Get little things a better reset timer, a deep ward. Simple steps lead to the greatest results.

  8. Degenerate Esports - Eternal Unfortunately 1 team has to be the losers of every division. Try your best to focus on what works in draft for your team. If you are leaning one way in the draft go all in with it. Want to play for all in fights have 3 AOE ults. Playing for picks? Make sure everyone contributes to that goal.

Back to Feathers!

Noxus Division - Week Four Game Summary

Clown Gaming It versus The Epidemic - Clown Gaming It wins 2-0.

Will not discuss any Clown Gaming It series here.

Slurp Squad versus TPO Goats - Slurp Squad wins 2-0. While things looked up with the TPO Goats in both games, they sadly were not able to take the series to Game Three. I appreciate the team composition of TPO Goats in Game One to be unorthodox and challenging but, sadly, SS Hamill’s Zeri was simply too much to handle for them. While Game Two was a back and forth affair, Slurp Squad seized the day and capitalized on a few mistakes to win the series. This was a necessary series for Slurp Squad in order to position themselves for a playoff run and an attempt to swipe one of those playoff spots. Both teams definitely needed this series victory. Make no doubt though, the botlane of Slurp Squad of SS Hamill and SS Milky were the difference in late game team fights. Special shoutout to Tanjiro27 who also was able to get leads and be an additional win condition for Slurp Squad.

!rawr versus TDS Knights - !rawr wins 2-0. Death, taxes, and unpredictability with !rawr rosters. This series was extremely influential in regards to the playoff picture as TDS Knights came in with an undefeated record and left wondering what magic Doki had pulled out this week. Once more, the combination of Archer and IslamicSamurai ran roughshod in both games, creating a botlane gap that TDS Knights simply were not able to overcome. DokiFTW getting Cho’Gath both games also wasn’t bad as he was able to live out his tank fantasies in top lane once more. While Wimbels and Swedish Pancakes had a few solid games, it just wasn’t enough for TDS Knights. Such is okay, one week does not make a season. I expect TDS Knights to rebound massively this week. Special shoutout to Moowy for two more strong AD midlane games.

TD Embrace versus DZG Arcadia - DZG Arcadia wins 2-0. DZG Arcadia furthered their grasp and control over this division with a strong and decisive two game series victory over TD Embrace. Tsuki in the mid lane continued to exert their dominance as they demonstrated that they are likely the best midlaner in this Division. TD Embrace fought hard and, while there wasn’t a particular area of weakness, there just were not enough areas of strength over the course of the games for them to find their footing. I do not fault them for that as every team thus far has stumbled versus DZG. Special shoutout to BaegopaQC who quietly and effectively went about their business, including a game on Singed. That takes talent as that was not a pick I have seen in Gold in quite some time.

Noxus Division Power Rankings

  1. DZG Arcadia - The toast of this Division right now, they simply are the best until proven otherwise.

  2. !rawr - Huge win this week for Doki and his crew, they continue to roll towards a playoff spot.

  3. TDS Knights - Definitely not the result they were looking for but they have still continued to position themselves well.

  4. TD Embrace - Stumbled against DZG Arcadia but they are still in a good spot as well. No concerns just yet.

  5. Slurp Squad - A strong response to secure their first series win and they can continue that this week. Underrated even here.

  6. The Epidemic - Instability and uncertainty have sabotaged The Epidemic’s season but do not count them out just yet.

  7. TPO Goats - Definitely can play a spoiler role in the weeks to come and I expect them to do just that.

Noxus Division Week Five Predictions

!rawr 2-0 TPO Goats

TD Embrace 2-1 The Epidemic

DZG Arcadia 2-0 Slurp Squad

Will not predict Clown Gaming It versus TDS Knights series.

Series to Watch:

TD Embrace versus The Epidemic - While this may not be the highest ranked game on the roster for this Division, this series is one of those battles that can quietly have major ramifications on the playoff picture. Both teams are coming off of losses last week and need a rebound in a big way. In the case of the Epidemic, this is basically a playoff series for them and a must win. I’d expect them to come in willing to try anything and everything in order to secure a series victory. On the side of TD Embrace, they just faced DZG Arcadia and are likely to want to take out their discontent on The Epidemic. I expect this series to go to the limit and both teams to be challenged.

Freljord Week Four Summary

TD Unknown versus Nameless Asylum - TD Bootleg Ibiza wins 2-0. While Spread DemCheeks performed admirably on Irelia in Game Two, the bright spots for Nameless Asylum were few and far between as TD Bootleg Ibiza continued their dominant performance this split with two convincing victories. The thing I appreciate about TD is that they do not seem to take a single game off and consistently perform at a high level. Regretfully, for Nameless, this may have made it highly improbable that they will make playoffs with this loss but I do think this team is talented and, importantly, has stayed relatively stable for a long time. There’s a lot to build off here for them. Special shoutout to EDN Maj0r for a strong series in the midlane and minimizing potential win conditions for Nameless Asylum.

CB Hydra versus Titan Mnemosyne - CB Hydra wins 2-0. It feels like a familiar refrain that speaks to the power of CB Hydra that Game One versus a team seems somewhat close and I want to talk about the other team. Soon after, I click on Game Two and see a strong convincing victory where CB Hydra just rolled over their opponents. Such is the case this week as Titan Mnemosyne showed signs of life in Game One with a quite solid performance including some strong gameplay by Dawnie on their Gragas. Game Two was a relative stomp and this team remains among the finest in the League with no signs of stopping. Special shoutout to Splitbreed, if only because I really appreciated the Pantheon jungle pick.

CN Craw Daddies versus Conduit Esports Sussers - CN Craw Daddies wins 2-1. The battle of two teams both seeking their first series win went to the wire this week. Both teams traded punches in Games One and Two with CN Craw Daddies striking first blood with an AP heavy team composition. Game Two saw the Sussers strike back with olenoname running around on Lillia and that cat also being played by Conduit Esports Sussers to relative perfection by Slothman. That being said, when the chips were down, things went the way of the Craw Daddies with a long range pair of carries in Zermie’s Ziggs and Level 1 Rattata’s Jinx supported by Rell, Trundle, and Ornn. Make no mistake, this breathes new life into CN Craw Daddies and could fuel a late surge into the playoff picture. For the Sussers, however, this may be their death knell. I think this team remains better than their record shows but inconsistency seems to affect them at the worst times. Special shoutout to Cheongseolmo for switching between the protective stuns of Taric to the aggressive stuns and crowd control of Rell.

Clinical versus Conduit Esports Ghost - Conduit Esports Ghost wins 2-1. - While Clinical gave it all they had, they simply came up a bit short in the end versus Conduit Esports Ghost. Such is how it is at times - I truly think that Clinical is always a stronger team than I give them credit for. Taking Conduit Esports Ghost to the edge speaks to that. Clinical even secured an early Game One victory, punishing Conduit through very strong solo lanes handled by Bunnykiller96 and Fastbeyondlight. Even though Fastbeyondlight got their Swain again and did exceptional all three games, the strategies and changes that Conduit Esports Ghost adoptedd allowed them to come back to reverse sweep Clinical. Though the entire scorelines of Glada and Ypsi were not dominant on the Xayah and Rakan, that stability and knowledge helped them along with the rest of the team to turn the tides of war. It was simply quiet, unassuming work that pushed them over the finish line. Special shoutout to Greatribman for strong gameplay in toplane with multiple games on Mordekaiser, Even though the first game didn't end up in a win, their trust in the champion and themselves was important.

Freljord Power Rankings

  1. CB Hydra - I sometimes feel like I could raise money by putting advertising on teams like CB Hydra being the top of the division where the most eyes can see them. This week is their hardest challenge yet, though.

  2. TD Unknown - This week is absolutely massive for this team. I think they can match CB Hydra and they finally get their chance to prove it.

  3. Conduit Esports Ghost - Clearly should be grouped a tier above any teams below here, probably for the remainder of the split.

  4. Clinical - A lot of teams lurking around Clinical but win out and a playoff spot is theirs. Their destiny is in their hands.

  5. CN Craw Daddies - Will be heavily pushed by Conduit Esports Ghost but now that they have a win, could an upset be on the horizon?

  6. Nameless Asylum - This is their week to strike against the winless Sussers and secure a much needed victory. Pride cometh before the fall, however.

  7. Titan Mnemosyne - Make no bones about it, Titan Mnemosyne could make this entire Division’s final playoff spot interesting this week if they can beat Clinical.

  8. Conduit Esports Sussers - The only team without a series win yet, they can play a spoiler role in the weeks to come.

Freljord Division Week Five Predictions

CB Hydra 2-1 TD Bootleg Ibiza

Conduit Esports Ghost 2-1 CN Craw Daddies

Clinical 2-1 Titan Mnemosyne

Nameless Asylum 2-1 Conduit Esports Sussers

Series to Watch:

CB Hydra versus TD Unknown- Without a doubt, one of the biggest matchups in the BOL regular season is this week in the Freljord Division. All through the season, both of these teams have been near or in the top five of the entire League and they finally get the chance to meet one another. For TD Unknown, this is the chance to declare that they should be mentioned as potential favorites to win it all and they come in riding a wave of momentum. For CB Hydra, this is their chance to basically force people to disprove a CB Finals prediction. I fully expect this to be the sort of match that affects playoff predictions and causes a lot of hot takes. Buckle up.

Overall Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - No changes here at the top, they continue to perform as advertised.

  2. CB Hydra - Huge week coming up between two teams in the top three as TD Unknown lays in wait for them.

  3. TD Unknown- They can make a major statement to the League and declare themselves as championship caliber with a win this week.

  4. Conduit Esports Goblins - Could drop slightly, facing CB Shield isn’t an enviable task but they are surely up to the challenge.

  5. Literal Monkeys - Another week, another 2-0, another placement in the top five for this team. They continue to prove any critics wrong.

  6. DZG Arcadia - Early roster changes have not stopped this team from being a steamroller in their division.

  7. Going Ghost - Quietly taking care of business in the Division, keeping up pace with many other teams. Did not miss a beat after their stumble.

  8. Conduit Esports Ghost - A slow and certain climb up the rankings, they have been continually improving and refining their talents.

  9. !rawr - Results are results and !rawr continues to surge up the rankings with another strong weekly victory.

  10. TDS Knights - A stumble and tumble down the rankings but are well positioned to end up returning to their winning ways this week.

Honorable Mention: Mythical Esports Hydra - Not a team to be underestimated, they have crept up the Power Rankings and sit poised to be in the top 10 shortly at this pace.

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