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BOL Gold Week Six Summary

Demacia Division - Week Six Game Summary

CB Shield versus RCG Abyssal Nightmare - CB Shield wins 2-0 - In a must-win series for RCG, they regretfully came up against the juggernauts of the Division in CB Shield and came up short. They worked hard at removing multiple initiate champions from the pool of CB Shield but their drafts made it hard to protect their own champions from the onslaught of CB Shield, who just continue to win. It will be interesting with CB Shield as to whether Demacia Division was weaker than others (I called it the group of life coming in) but the fact remains that this team should have its sights set very high. They’ve positioned themselves exceptionally well and done all that can be asked of them. The real games, for them, start now. The expectations will remain skyhigh.

Conduit Esports Goblins versus CB Masquerade - Conduit Esports Goblins wins 2-1 - Rumors of the crowd going wild when CB Masquerade took a game off of Conduit Esports Goblins were not exaggerated as they seem to be a team that people are actively rooting for to do well. The fact they were able to decisively win that game, as well, shows that this team can remain in a spoiler role and continue to affect the results in the League. While they face a team in RCG Abyssal Nightmare who are also eliminated, this may be an excellent chance to secure their first series win. On the side of Conduit Esports Goblins, much as I have talked about CB Masquerade here, Conduit secured the series through wins in Game One (Through a heavy botlane carry) and quietly strong gameplay throughout the roster in Game Three. They have taken care of business and look like they will be the number two seed in this Division. They’ve earned it quietly and taken care of business.

Hyperion Gaming Heretics versus TE Genesis - Hyperion Gaming Heretics wins 2-1 - In a week with multiple reverse sweeps in Demacia Division, Hyperion Gaming Heretics started the party by turning the tables on TE Genesis and locking up a playoff spot. By far and away, Game One did not look like typical Hyperion gameplay as Kazuha Nakamura had a field day, though WashedCycle did perform well on the good Doctor. Additional, the team composition that TE Genesis brought out was perfectly suited to multiple carries and styles which I am not sure if Hyperion prepared for. They got back to their winning ways in Game Two with a more typical result and countered the impact of Olaf effectively, allowing them to dictate the terms of some fights or put necessary distance between them and TE Genesis if need be. Game Three was largely Hyperion playing on comfort champs and getting the desired result - this remains a team that knows itself well and plays to its strengths rather than reinventing the wheel. TE Genesis put up a strong fight even in their losses and can still secure a playoff spot with a win this week but will be in tough as they face Conduit Esports Goblins.

Piltover Pokes versus TSF Retribution - Piltover Pokes wins 2-1 - Piltover Pokes rebounded from a Game One loss to reverse sweep TSF Retribution and keep their playoff hopes alive. Running headlong into Nikolai K’s Zac multiple times, it’s possible that they underestimated the impact of that jungle matchup as the series continued as the Zac was a heavy influence even in Game One. They corrected this and banned the Zac first in Game Three but, sadly, TSF came up on the short end of things in the final decisive game. That being said, there were strong performances, especially by TSF Petty throughout the series. Meanwhile, Piltover Pokes has the opportunity to still get a playoff spot depending on how the final week shakes out. I admit that the Pokes have had a solid split for the most part, especially in what I’ve largely considered to be a mostly set division. They’ll have to claw for that final spot against Hyperion Gaming Heretics.

Demacia Division Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - Nothing they have done this split has proved that they should not be one of the favorites. Anything less than semifinals would be a shock.

  2. Conduit Esports Goblins - Have taken care of business as well as they could. Definitely a team that can beat anyone depending on who they face.

  3. Hyperion Gaming Heretics - Should still secure a playoff spot - the power areas of this team can match up against anyone in the League.

  4. TE Genesis - In a ferocious fight for the final spot, could come down to the wire and face a tough team to wrap up the split.

  5. Piltover Pokes - May need to upset Hyperion to secure the final spot. They have the talent to do so but it will be close until the very end.

  6. RCG Abyssal Nightmare - Likely just out of the playoff picture. They showed some strengths and could easily be a playoff team next split.

  7. TSF Retribution - Came up short but had numerous 2-1 results. Left feeling like they could have done more damage but better than their series result shows.

  8. CB Masquerade - Took a game off of Conduit Esports Goblins, very well done. Could even win the last week - wouldn’t surprise me!

Demacia Division Week Seven Predictions

Conduit Esports Goblins 2-1 TE Genesis

CB Shield 2-0 TSF Retribution

Hyperion Gaming Heretics 2-1 Piltover Pokes

RCG Abyssal Nightmare 2-1 CB Masquerade

Series to Watch:

Hyperion Gaming Heretics versus Piltover Pokes - Of course, we’re going to focus on the series with the highest probability of playoff implications here. Nikolai K remains the straw that stirs the drink for the Piltover Pokes and, when he is on, few junglers in the League can keep pace. I think that the jungle matchup will be utterly crucial in this series and how Hyperion adjusts and accounts for him will be necessary. JesusJuice13 has been a primary win condition for Hyperion as well, in multiple games, so I’ll be looking for whether it’s priority picks for these two players or counter picks. With the Pokes needing a win to have a shot at playoffs and Hyperion heavily fighting for playoff positioning, it should be a great match.

Ionia Division - Week Six Game Summary

Mythical Esports Hydra versus Degenerates Esports Eternal - Mythical Esports Hydra wins 2-0. Mythical Esports Hydra finally and decisively punches their ticket to the playoffs with a two game series sweep over Degenerates Esports Eternal. Rightly or wrongly, looking at iEnders getting 30 kills over both games is a daunting statistic and speaks to how effectively Mythical Esports Hydra plays to their typical win conditions. Make no bones about it, though, this is a balanced team and it was through this balance that they were able to win back to games. MollyWhops and Pariis are strong solo laners and will be counted upon in the playoffs to continue this level of play. Degenerates, while they did not win a series this split, was competitive in many series and perhaps deserved a better fate than they got. Such is the nature of Gold Amateur Leagues sometimes. Can’t wait to see them next split as they forfeited this upcoming week and their season is over. For Mythical Esports Hydra, they conclude their regular season with a match against TE Eternity.

Going Ghost versus Mystic Cats Gold - Going Ghost wins 2-0. I harken back to those stories where a cat has its ears back and hackles raised at some shadow or sound that you may not hear. Perhaps it was those cats imagining about Going Ghost because the Cats that played this week were defeated by them in two rather convincing games. Regretfully, as Degenerates is forfeiting their last match, we won’t see the Mystic Cats any more this split and wish them well going forward in hopes they can be back next split even stronger. On the side of Going Ghost, this team continues to deliver convincing victories most of the time. The botlane of Belesaurus and AyeYoPenguini was dominant in both games and, if that continues, they will be a team that can surely go deep in the playoffs. Going Ghost faces a big challenge in Literal Monkeys to conclude the split and their playoff position remains uncertain at this time, though they will be in it.

TE Eternity versus Conduit Esports Spark - TE Eternity wins 2-0 - A needed and necessary win by TE Eternity and the end of any potential playoff hopes for Conduit Esports Spark. With the spark extinguished, Conduit will look to build off of this foundation going forward for the next split. Game Two for them had me believing they were in control for most of the game. They seem to end up similar to their sister team where there’s always something good occurring for them, either in draft or in lanes, but things just did not all come together at the same time. For the side of TE Eternity, it may also be too little and too late but it was a decisive victory for them. They have the chance to finish off their split strong versus Mythical Esports Hydra and potentially help their sister team to finish the split.

Literal Monkeys versus TE Phantasm - Literal Monkeys wins 2-1. Given how hard it has been to evaluate both of these teams, a full three game slate where both teams showed off their potential was likely destined to happen. Each team got a stomping in, exposing weaknesses. The combination of Malphite, Maokai, and Rammus in Game Two from the Literal Monkeys showed potential but when you get Sylas, as TE Phantasm did, you’re likely in for a bad time. Couple that with Anna Wintour getting a prime initiate champion like Wukong and I think the Monkeys had a solid plan that just was missing a few pieces. That being said, they secured the series win by encouraging TE Phantasm to play those exact same champions and shifting their team composition accordingly. That’s the mark of a good team and they dealt a blow to TE Phantasm, likely putting them squarely in the fourth playoff spot. Meanwhile, Literal Monkeys will be challenged until the very end as they face Going Ghost.

Ionia Division Power Rankings

  1. Literal Monkeys - Continues to steamroll, though many still doubt them. It will be interesting how they are assessed coming into the playoffs.

  2. Mythical Esports Hydra - Riding a wave of momentum, this may be the team from Ionia that people would least like to face.

  3. Going Ghost - Strong team and given that one of their wins was reversed, highly likely this team will come in with a lower rank they deserve. Their opponents should beware.

  4. TE Phantasm - Need only to take care of business to lock up the final playoff spot. Have fought through a lot and are about to be rewarded for their efforts.

  5. TE Eternity - A strong effort, should be able to finish strong.

  6. Conduit Esports Spark - The spark is out for now but the fire still rises. Perhaps next split.

  7. Mystic Cats Gold - Finishes with a 2-0 victory. Likely will not be enough for playoffs but definitely a respectable effort.

  8. Degenerate Esports Eternal - Forfeiting the last week, hopefully they come back stronger next split!

Ionia Division Week Seven Predictions

TE Phantasm 2-1 Conduit Esports Spark

Literal Monkeys 2-1 Going Ghost

Mythical Esports Hydra 2-1 TE Eternity

Mystic Cats Gold 2-0 Degenerate Esports Eternal

Series to Watch:

Literal Monkeys versus Going Ghost - My head is spinning imagining the possibilities that can occur for this Division coming into the final week but, in the end, this one will loom large. Going Ghost should clinch comfortably but could drop into fourth if things break wrong. This team, however, has won most of their series and have a chance to knock Literal Monkeys down as well if things go awry. On the side of Literal Monkeys, I came in feeling they’d just find a way to make playoffs somehow. Yet here we are at the end of the regular season with a chance for them to go undefeated. I expect a barnburner between these two teams where any result is on the table. In any case, this will also be one of those matchups that teams will look at coming into the playoffs, especially their opponents. It should be a great one.

Noxus Division - Week Six Game Summary

Clown Gaming It versus TPO Goats - Clown Gaming It wins 2-1 - Will not discuss this series for personal reasons.

TDS Knights versus TD Embrace - TDS Knights wins 2-0 - TDS Knights came in with something to prove and demonstrated it against TD Embrace, especially Swedish Pancakes. They were able to neutralize and minimize the impact Rendelman had in both games. Let me be clear, though, that both games were relatively close, especially the second game, and that TD Embrace should be able to comfortably secure that final playoff spot coming into the final week. The botlane of Spirit1ess and got heem1106 has been electric all throughout the split and this week was no exception, either. They just could not get a single game win in the end. In any case, in the fight between these two playoff teams, TDS Knights won this match. With a final week showdown versus DZG Arcadia looming, the playoff picture is basically set but the positions remain volatile until the very end.

DZG Arcadia versus The Epidemic - DZG Arcadia wins 2-0 - Sorry to keep this short but there’s not much that truly needs to be said. DZG Arcadia won convincingly and The Epidemic wasn’t able to field a team for Game Two. DefiniteLesbian did wonderfully and was a primary win condition in the first and decisive game. I fully expect DZG to be challenged far more this week as they face TDS Knights in a final week showdown which I will talk about more below. For the Epidemic, they will work to build up a foundation for the next split.

!rawr versus Slurp Squad - !rawr wins 2-0. First of all, shoutout to Slurp Squad for keeping it fun and running a full Teleport team in Game Two. I don’t think there’s much to say game wise other than !rawr turned in two dominant performances and look to be in playoff form already. Moowy putting up 46 kills over the course of the series is just absolutely stunning and speaks to their talent. As they are finalizing a trip to the playoffs and should cruise in this week, Slurp Squad is left licking their wounds. I think they may be one of those teams that gets dismissed too easily in the upcoming split and make a massive turnaround. Look for big things for them in the future but the big things in the present are !rawr’s.

Noxus Division Power Rankings

  1. DZG Arcadia - Have remained the top dogs in this Division for good reason. Their solo lanes have stood strong week in and week out.

  2. !rawr - Are the kingmakers in this Division - where they finish is highly volatile until the very end. Could be as high as second and as low as fourth.

  3. TDS Knights - Comfortably in a playoff spot this final week but where they finish is unknown. Justifiably rewarded for their efforts.

  4. TD Embrace - It is possible that TD Embrace is on the edge of a playoff spot. They should secure it but their hold is tenuous.

  5. TPO Goats - Have continued to grow on a weekly basis. Will come up short in the end, though.

  6. Slurp Squad - Respect them for trying something fun in the last game this week, would not count them out from doing the same this week.

  7. The Epidemic - Things just did not work out for this team this split. It is likely that SingularBread will rebuild this team stronger, better, faster for next split.

Noxus Division Week Seven Predictions

Will not provide predictions for Clown Gaming It versus !rawr

DZG Arcadia 2-1 TDS Knights

Slurp Squad 2-1 The Epidemic

TD Embrace 2-1 TPO Goats

Series to Watch:

DZG Arcadia versus TDS Knights - Was there any other choice? This showdown has substantial implications with every single game. DZG Arcadia can complete a flawless regular season with one last series win but this may be one of their hardest challenges yet. TDS Knights has the ability to sneak into the first seed as well if things break their way. In short, a lot is on the line here. Look for TDS Knights to work to minimize the potential advantages that DZG Arcadia could get in their solo lanes. TDS Knights remains a team has made noise throughout the split and may look to bot lane for a lead. That being said, given how late we are in the regular season, there’s no better challenge for both of these teams to get ready for playoffs.

Freljord Week Six Summary

TD Unknown versus Clinical - TD Unknown wins 2-0 - An astonishingly low kill count for both teams this series speaks to the controlled atmosphere that surrounded this series. Fun fact - Moowy in a single game against Slurp Squad in another division had more kills than the 10 members of these two teams in a game. That’s a credit to these teams, however, as TD played to their win conditions flawlessly. Adishawn and chj continue to be a formidable botlane duo and Game Two for Clinical was just a game where they couldn’t get any traction. While they hold a two point lead over CN Craw Daddies for the fourth and final playoff spot, the Craw Daddies get a win in their final week. Thus, Clinical will have to force their way back into the playoff picture in this final week against the Sussers. Should be exciting.

CB Hydra versus Conduit Esports Sussers - CB Hydra wins 2-0. Another week where similar storylines emerge for both teams. ON the side of CB Hydra, they continue to be a talented and deep roster that will get challenged but usually has multiple ways to pull out the victory in every single game. Likewise, on the side of Conduit Esports Sussers, they are always a challenge but there is often one small misstep or lane that stumbles, leaving them close but not close enough to secure game and series victories. Such was the case as the botlane of CB Hydra was potent in both games and, while there were bright spots like Doctor Shrouds on Veigar in Game Two, it just wasn’t quite enough. Both of these teams are likely locked into their spots to conclude the split but the Sussers could yet play playoff spoiler versus Clinical this week.

CN Craw Daddies versus Nameless Asylum - CN Craw Daddies wins 2-1. The Craw Daddies have done what they could as they will win their final week due to Titan forfeiting. It may not be enough depending on other games in the Division but they at least gave themselves a chance by taking this series off of Nameless Asylum. The fact that CN Craw Daddies was able to take advantage of an extremely close Game One speaks volumes about this team’s resilience and determination. While Nameless Asylum won relatively quickly and decisively on some of their most popular pick in Game Two, Game Three was my favorite. Both supports were dedicated to sacrificing themselves for their teams as they combined for 28 deaths between them - more deaths than either team had kills for the first two games. That being said, CN Craw Daddies was able to come out on top and give themselves a way into the playoffs. On the side of Nameless Asylum, they face CB Hydra to conclude the split and will give it their all. Look for them to come back with a vengeance next split.

Conduit Esports Ghost versus Titan Mnemosyne - Conduit Esports Ghost wins 2-0. This was a forfeit so nothing more needs to be said. Conduit Esports Ghost continues to soldier on and will face a major challenge in this upcoming week which will be discussed below.

Freljord Power Rankings

  1. TD Unknown - Put on another performance and look poised to seize the top seed in this Division. A deep and talented team.

  2. CB Hydra - I pity the team that has to face CB Hydra as a #2 seed.Simply put, this is a number one seed in a number two seed’s clothing.

  3. Conduit Esports Ghost - I would not be surprised if this Division, coming into the final eight, had three teams from this Division. So many strong teams just like Conduit Esports Ghost here.

  4. CN Craw Daddies - Their fate is out of their hands, they will be huge Conduit Esports Sussers fans this final week.

  5. Clinical - All they need to do is take care of business as their fate is in their hands. The final spot can be theirs if the price is right.

  6. Nameless Asylum - Came up short but put in strong consistent performances week in and week out. Could easily take the next step next split.

  7. Conduit Esports Sussers - Have the opportunity to play massive spoilers and affect the playoff race in their final week of the split.

  8. Titan Mnemosyne - Better luck next split.

Freljord Division Week Seven Predictions

CN Craw Daddies 2-0 Titan Mnemosyne

TD Unknown 2-1 Conduit Esports Ghost

CB Hydra 2-0 Nameless Asylum

Clinical 2-0 Conduit Esports Sussers

Series to Watch:

TD Unknown versus Conduit Esports Ghost - While this series may not affect playoff standings too much, it is still an important warmup and challenge between these two teams. For the most part, these two teams have remained in my top three for the Division most of the split so it’s a great showdown even if both teams are playoff bound. Look for both sides to approach it like a playoff match. I would say this match will also be a great measuring stick for the teams that will have to face these two in the playoffs in the coming weeks. In short, I think it’s the series in this Division for the week that is most likely to go to three games and give an opportunity for both teams to see where they stand.

Overall Power Rankings (With Question Marks!)

  1. CB Shield - Was their division enough of a challenge?

  2. TD Unknown- Is there anyone who can stop this team prior to semifinals but themselves?

  3. Literal Monkeys - Are they the most likely #1 seed to get potentially upset?

  4. DZG Arcadia - What will happen when they encounter teams with a focus on what they want to play?

  5. CB Hydra - Being a likely #2 seed, will they run into the wrong #1 seed and create a “Finals” matchup if they make semifinals?

  6. TDS Knights - Can they sneak into the #1 seed?

  7. Conduit Esports Goblins - Will this team run into a hot team at the wrong time in the playoffs?

  8. !rawr - What team will Doki bring into the playoffs on a game to game basis?

  9. Mythical Esports Hydra - How battletested is this team in truth, given the various things that happened in the Division over the split?

  10. Going Ghost - Will they be able to handle the everpresent possibility of burnout with a team this good? We’ll learn a lot this week before playoffs.

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