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BOL Plat Power Rankings 2

Hey everyone CTRL ULT ELITE here once again. I asked back in week 2 when do you want me to do power rankings again and everyone voted for me to them again as soon as possible so here we go. I have been sick for the past several days so this is a little shorter than I wanted. For every team I am going to re rank them, show who is listed as the starter for every team and any roster changes that have happened in the past several weeks as well as their MVP so far. For every team I will briefly go over their strength of schedule for the rest of the split and their team stats to show why I have placed them in certain places on my tier list.

Similar to what I did at the start of the split, teams are going to be sorted into one of the same several tiers. This is what every tier in the list means:. The team in S tier is the team I believe will win BOL Platinum this year. Teams in A tier I believe should be the teams that will place top 2 within their group and finish the year within the top 4. Teams in B tier I believe are solid playoff contenders and should finish the season in position 2-3 within their group. Teams within the C tier will be teams that I think will be battling for a wildcard spot in their group for playoffs. Teams that I have placed in the D tier are the ones that I think will struggle this year to reach playoffs.

Here are the updated stnadings heading into week 4.

And this is my ovearll tierlist for week 4.


Dorado Gaming Sigma

Record: 3-0(6-0 Game Score)

Top: NuFFies

Jungle: banger

Mid: Slooter

ADC: matg

Support: Griffun

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far:Nuffies

The new team that I have in S tier rocketing all the way up from my initial B tier ranking placement is Dorado Gaming Sigma. I think Sigma has the best shot at winning BOL Plat with their dominance so far in the Targon Division. Sitting atop the Targon division with a perfect 6-0 game score Sigma is the only team in the league that has yet to drop a game. They also have their entire main roster in the top 25 players for individual players according to the stats right now as well as some of the best team stats. It’s not like Sigma has played only low tier teams either. In week 1 they had to play against their sister team NU and Exiles are no slouches either. The rest of the season I expect them to win almost every series they play. The only teams in Targon I can see challenging Sigma in a B03 are Elysium Blaze and XG Lightning.

So as far as team stats go we can see that Sigma does belong on top of our league. Elite micro AKA team fighting and laning stats are shown through the fact that Sigma have the highest kills a game of every team getting 32 kills a game. That is a kill a minute on average. Sigma is also top 5 in least deaths a game. As far as damage numbers go Slooter(mid laner) and NuFFies the top laner are both top 10 in damage a minute. Marco wise Sigma excels as well; they have 3 dragons a game on average, 1.2 heralds and 9.2 towers a game. They make the most gold a game as well out of every team in BOL plat and have the 2nd highest CS a game as well.

MVP of Sigma is hard to choose as just about everyone is popping off. Like I mentioned previously all 5 of Sigma’s players are currently in the top 25. I am going to go with Nuffies as they are ranked 2nd in the league overall and are top 10 in KDA, damage per minute, gold diff per game, least deaths per game and CS per minute. That is a smattering of insane stats. Nuffies has played 4 champions over the 5 games showing that it's not easy to ban them out.


New World Esports Orion

Record: 3-0(6-1 Game Score)

Top: Ziyk

Jungle: Denali The King

Mid: Eazy

ADC: Boogie

Support: Mental Boom3r

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: Denali the King

I believe that New world Esports Orion will be the best team in Shurmia by playoffs which is why I have them in A tier. This is the same ranking I gave them in the pre rankings and I think they have made a good case for sitting on top of Shurmia so far. Sitting with a 3-1 record Orion have been playing very well so far this season. Orion has not had the hardest strength of schedule so far this split playing Master McNasty GEE and First Class. They were able to beat the two teams that I rated lower than them in clean 2-0s( Master McNasty and GE Emerald) and were taken to three games by First Class and still took the series win. Orion still has some thought opennet to come in the following weeks playing SHZ, OER and TAC tonight.

Team stat wise New world Esports Orion have the best KDA in Shurmia thanks to the fact that they have the least deaths a game out of every team in BOL so far.(12.7 deaths a game). They have a 32 minute average game time and are making 60,000 gold a game which is too 4 in Shurmia. They have the best neutral objective stats in this group taking 3.1 dragons a game 1 Hearld, getting a Baron every game and seven towers a game as well as more than one inhibitor a game on average. About the only team in the league that have comparable neutral stats would be dorado gaming sigma and Dorado gaming new so Orion is in fine company.

As far as the team MVP and who you should watch out for it's Denali the king their jungler. Denali is sitting at 5th on the MVP list with one of the highest KDAs in the league. They are 2nd in least deaths per game and are in the top 10 in most assists per game. They have a 74% KP which is among the top 10 in all players as well. Denali has been playing a huge variety of different junglers from the spam ganking tanks of Sejuani and Zac to the hyper carry focused Veigo and Nocturne.

Dorado Gaming Nu

Record: 2-1(4-3 Game Score)

Top: MøonShot

Jungle: Eqq

Mid: jasoncript5

ADC: swbf

Support: Zend12

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: Jasonscript5

Dorado gaming NU are a team that I'm going to be placing into my A tier once again. Even though they were unable to take a game off of their sister team Sigma, they have shown that they are very good in their other two wins. Being able to 2-0 Elysium was very impressive. As far as strength of schedule Dorado gaming NU have a pretty ebay road to playoffs if things continue like they are. They have two series that they need to worry about: Degenerate Exiles in week 5 and in week 7 they play XGL. Their other 2 matchups are VS D tier teams and should be easy wins.

Dorado Gaming NU as a team has some great stats showing they belong as an A tier team despite losing a game. NU are second in kills in the entire league just behind their sister team Sigma and just over top of Degenerate exiles. They have a team KDA of just under 4.0 which is great and have an average game time of 33 minutes long. They are 3rd in gold in BOL not just Targon, making 64,000 gold a game which is a huge number. They also have impressive macro stats they are getting 2.3 dragons a game which is a little low but are getting one and a half heralds a game to make up for it. They are also one of the only teams in the league that are averaging over one baron taken a game getting 1.2 barons on average. I think the most impressive stat though is getting 7.8 towers a game. This is a huge accomplishment as well as the fact that they get multiple inhibitors