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BOL Plat Power Rankings 2

Hey everyone CTRL ULT ELITE here once again. I asked back in week 2 when do you want me to do power rankings again and everyone voted for me to them again as soon as possible so here we go. I have been sick for the past several days so this is a little shorter than I wanted. For every team I am going to re rank them, show who is listed as the starter for every team and any roster changes that have happened in the past several weeks as well as their MVP so far. For every team I will briefly go over their strength of schedule for the rest of the split and their team stats to show why I have placed them in certain places on my tier list.

Similar to what I did at the start of the split, teams are going to be sorted into one of the same several tiers. This is what every tier in the list means:. The team in S tier is the team I believe will win BOL Platinum this year. Teams in A tier I believe should be the teams that will place top 2 within their group and finish the year within the top 4. Teams in B tier I believe are solid playoff contenders and should finish the season in position 2-3 within their group. Teams within the C tier will be teams that I think will be battling for a wildcard spot in their group for playoffs. Teams that I have placed in the D tier are the ones that I think will struggle this year to reach playoffs.

Here are the updated stnadings heading into week 4.

And this is my ovearll tierlist for week 4.


Dorado Gaming Sigma

Record: 3-0(6-0 Game Score)

Top: NuFFies

Jungle: banger

Mid: Slooter

ADC: matg

Support: Griffun

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far:Nuffies

The new team that I have in S tier rocketing all the way up from my initial B tier ranking placement is Dorado Gaming Sigma. I think Sigma has the best shot at winning BOL Plat with their dominance so far in the Targon Division. Sitting atop the Targon division with a perfect 6-0 game score Sigma is the only team in the league that has yet to drop a game. They also have their entire main roster in the top 25 players for individual players according to the stats right now as well as some of the best team stats. It’s not like Sigma has played only low tier teams either. In week 1 they had to play against their sister team NU and Exiles are no slouches either. The rest of the season I expect them to win almost every series they play. The only teams in Targon I can see challenging Sigma in a B03 are Elysium Blaze and XG Lightning.

So as far as team stats go we can see that Sigma does belong on top of our league. Elite micro AKA team fighting and laning stats are shown through the fact that Sigma have the highest kills a game of every team getting 32 kills a game. That is a kill a minute on average. Sigma is also top 5 in least deaths a game. As far as damage numbers go Slooter(mid laner) and NuFFies the top laner are both top 10 in damage a minute. Marco wise Sigma excels as well; they have 3 dragons a game on average, 1.2 heralds and 9.2 towers a game. They make the most gold a game as well out of every team in BOL plat and have the 2nd highest CS a game as well.

MVP of Sigma is hard to choose as just about everyone is popping off. Like I mentioned previously all 5 of Sigma’s players are currently in the top 25. I am going to go with Nuffies as they are ranked 2nd in the league overall and are top 10 in KDA, damage per minute, gold diff per game, least deaths per game and CS per minute. That is a smattering of insane stats. Nuffies has played 4 champions over the 5 games showing that it's not easy to ban them out.


New World Esports Orion

Record: 3-0(6-1 Game Score)

Top: Ziyk

Mid: Eazy

ADC: Boogie

Support: Mental Boom3r

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: Denali the King

I believe that New world Esports Orion will be the best team in Shurmia by playoffs which is why I have them in A tier. This is the same ranking I gave them in the pre rankings and I think they have made a good case for sitting on top of Shurmia so far. Sitting with a 3-1 record Orion have been playing very well so far this season. Orion has not had the hardest strength of schedule so far this split playing Master McNasty GEE and First Class. They were able to beat the two teams that I rated lower than them in clean 2-0s( Master McNasty and GE Emerald) and were taken to three games by First Class and still took the series win. Orion still has some thought opennet to come in the following weeks playing SHZ, OER and TAC tonight.

Team stat wise New world Esports Orion have the best KDA in Shurmia thanks to the fact that they have the least deaths a game out of every team in BOL so far.(12.7 deaths a game). They have a 32 minute average game time and are making 60,000 gold a game which is too 4 in Shurmia. They have the best neutral objective stats in this group taking 3.1 dragons a game 1 Hearld, getting a Baron every game and seven towers a game as well as more than one inhibitor a game on average. About the only team in the league that have comparable neutral stats would be dorado gaming sigma and Dorado gaming new so Orion is in fine company.

As far as the team MVP and who you should watch out for it's Denali the king their jungler. Denali is sitting at 5th on the MVP list with one of the highest KDAs in the league. They are 2nd in least deaths per game and are in the top 10 in most assists per game. They have a 74% KP which is among the top 10 in all players as well. Denali has been playing a huge variety of different junglers from the spam ganking tanks of Sejuani and Zac to the hyper carry focused Veigo and Nocturne.

Dorado Gaming Nu

Record: 2-1(4-3 Game Score)

Jungle: Eqq

ADC: swbf

Support: Zend12

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: Jasonscript5

Dorado gaming NU are a team that I'm going to be placing into my A tier once again. Even though they were unable to take a game off of their sister team Sigma, they have shown that they are very good in their other two wins. Being able to 2-0 Elysium was very impressive. As far as strength of schedule Dorado gaming NU have a pretty ebay road to playoffs if things continue like they are. They have two series that they need to worry about: Degenerate Exiles in week 5 and in week 7 they play XGL. Their other 2 matchups are VS D tier teams and should be easy wins.

Dorado Gaming NU as a team has some great stats showing they belong as an A tier team despite losing a game. NU are second in kills in the entire league just behind their sister team Sigma and just over top of Degenerate exiles. They have a team KDA of just under 4.0 which is great and have an average game time of 33 minutes long. They are 3rd in gold in BOL not just Targon, making 64,000 gold a game which is a huge number. They also have impressive macro stats they are getting 2.3 dragons a game which is a little low but are getting one and a half heralds a game to make up for it. They are also one of the only teams in the league that are averaging over one baron taken a game getting 1.2 barons on average. I think the most impressive stat though is getting 7.8 towers a game. This is a huge accomplishment as well as the fact that they get multiple inhibitors taken in a series. The only team stat that Nu has that worries me is that their deaths a game are among are on the higher side with it being 19.8 a game. Hopefully as they play some of the lower rated teams in the league they are able to get this stat to go lower.

As far as the team MVP it's very close. Three of these players are within the top 25 and their mid ADC and top laner. Their top laner has not played every series with them so they are not getting my MVP pick despite being higher reated. My pick for MVP of this team is JasonScript5, their mid laner(listed as Sleepcall now on the stats). they're among the league leaders and damage per minute is something very hard to do. It's very interesting however that they have some of the lowest kill participation out of almost every player only having a 21% KP. They also have some of the best non-support or jungle warning stats in the league.

Shadowz Plat

Record: 3-0(6-0 Game Score)

Mid: Moowy

ADC: Archêr

Support: Archêrs eKitten

Roster Changes: Support player found in Archers EKitten(Taliban Karthus is an alt account of Peter Greifer)

MVP of team so far: Taliban Karthus

Well this was the team that I had rated as one of the lowest in my initial power rankings and they have definitely proven me wrong. SHZ are sitting at the very top of Shurmia and have not lost a game(TAC series was overturned). SHZ has proven that they have a great shot at making the playoffs; they're certainly not the D Tier that I had rated them initially. I think it's fair to rate them in A tier as well. SHZ has not just played bad teams and have the three and a record because of it they've played some good teams playing first class TE abyss and TAC. Does have some strong opponents left in the split having yet to play Orion OER or nasty. Tonight they're the stream game of the week playing OER.

SHZ have some very impressive stats backing them up as an A tier team. SHZ gets the 2nd most towers a game of every team in BOL just behind Sigma. SGZ I think are the most blood thirsty team in BOL. SHZ as a team generally has about 2 kills a minute going on inside their matches. A normal match for SHZ is 30 minutes long with 60 kills between the 2 teams. This team fights constantly so they have lower CS a game compared to many other teams but they are not suffering in Neutral objectives. They are also getting 2.6 dragons a game and 1 Rift Herald and 1 Baron. They have a 30 min average game time but are making 60,000 gold a game on average showing that they are using the most of their up time on the rift.

SHZ has 2 players that are clear standouts according to the stats. Taliban Karthus in Jungle and Archer at ADC are the 2 highest rated players on this team and all are within the top 25 players. My pick for MVP is Taliban Karthus. Taliban Karthus has a 74%KP(4th in the league) and is doing 640 dmg a minute to champions(2nd most of every jungler). I think more teams are going to start to try and pinch Taliban Karthus’s jungle pool. It's not very deep as they have just swapped to the role this year and have some definite favorites.


Elysium Blaze

Record: 2-1(4-3 Game Score)

ADC: Idrees

Support: xHomie

Roster Changes: Name change on support

MVP of team so far: Idrees

Elysium blaze sit in Targon tied for second place with three other teams. With a 2-1 scoreline losing a series to dorado gaming NU I have Elysium blaze in my b tier now instead of the A tier that I initially ranked them at. I do not think that Elysium is going to challenge SIgma and be able to get the first round bye but I believe they have a very solid chance at making the playoffs. As far as strength of schedule Elysium blaze needs to be worried about playing degenerate exiles In week seven and Dorado gaming sigma in week 5.

Team stopwise Elysium plays his teamwide 3.68 team KDA which is solid it's not spectacular but it's solid. Elysium blaze has the third highest average game time in all of Blue otter League at 34 minutes. They are top five in gold a game and CS a game. As far as neutrals Elysium takes 2.3 dragons a game and six towers again these are solid but they're not outstanding which is fitting of the team in B tier. With 2 if the top 10 players on 1 team its hard to see why ELYB are not in A tier or S tier. Buts its because the rest of this team according to the stats are doing that great. They have an okay jungler(number 40) , a fairly bad support(number 60) and top laner(71).

As far as the MVP for this team it's pretty easy it's Idrees. Idrees is ranked as the number one player in the league. Idrees is having a monster of a season they're doing the most damage per minute out of every player in the league, they're in the top 10 in a number of categories from: kills per game, gold difference a game, the most gold a minute the highest kill participation. There is nothing more that you could want out of Idrees. They have been playing a variety of different ADCS having 4 different champions in the 6 games.

Degenerates Exiles

Record: 2-1(4-2 Game Score)

Jungle: Shado

Mid: Coalbox

Support: EQ Otto

Roster Changes: Coalbox to starting mid

MVP of team so far: Colabox

Sitting with a 4-2 game record Degenerate Exiles have not played a series that has gone the full three games. They're currently tied for second with three other teams in Targon. I believe the degenerates have a solid chance of making playoffs so I am placing them in my b tier. This is the same rank that I had initially ranked them in the season. DEGEN has not had the hardest strength of schedule; they've played two of the teams that I'm pretty sure are going to be the bottom two in the Targon division playing CB rangers and GP's oranges. They have also played Sigma however who are easily the strongest team within this group. They finish the season as masters of their own destiny. They play all the rest of the playoff teams and mystic cats who should be an easy win if they want to make the playoffs.

As far as team stat goes degenerates have a great KDA as a team sitting at 4.36 they also have one of the shorter match times in the league at just under 28 minutes. This shows that in their two wins against bottom teams they were as dominant as we want them to be. It's also a double-edged sword showing that Dorado gaming sigma did not have much of an issue with them. Degenerates have some very impressive neutral objectives: they take three dragons a game, one baron a game and six towers. 6 towers is not the best stat but it's passible once you start getting into the territory of seven and eight that means you've won the game on average.

As far as the MVP of this team goes it's either Shado the jungler or Coalbox their midliner. Both of them are top 10 within the stats but Shado has only played in two series and did not play versus sigma so his stats are much higher as he has only played in games where they have won. I'm going to give my MVP to to Coalbox just because their stats are still very impressive. They are among the League leaders only dying twice a game and have respectable DPM stats.

First Class

Record: 1-2(3-5 Game Score)

Jungle: FC truest

ADC: piece pipe 13

Support: FC peptic

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: FC Solem

First Class is another team that I had initially rated in my A tier thinking that they were going to cruise to an easy playoff position. Currently sitting at 1-2 in a tie for 6th in Shurmia First Class are certainly not in A tier I thought they were but the 2 teams that they lost to are Orion and SHZ so putting them in my B tier I think is a safe choice. FC has gone to 3 games in most of their series showing that they are competitive. FC has only teams left in the split I think that they should be favored against if I am being honest. Week 5 vs OER should be a close series for the 2 teams and is probably going to decide the playoff picture.

As far as team stats go FC has a good team KDA of just above 3. They have a 33:45 average game time but have not quite crossed into the 60,000 gold a game mark. FC best stat is the average the most CS a game out of every team in BOL at 982 CS a game. The other macro stats for FC are not that impressive not concerning but not impressive either. 1.9 dragons a game, 0.6 Rift Hearlds, 6 towers a game are both just meh. Having the 1 baron average and 1 inhib taken in a game are good though.

Team MVP goes to FC Solem. Having above a 4.0 KDA is great! That's probably thanks to the fact that are playing very safe only dying 2.6 times a game. FC Solem is not excelling at anything else but they are doing good having 590 damage a minute is quite solid, same with 375 gold a minute.


XG lightning

Record: 2-1(5-3 Game Score)

Jungle: fenixflare

Mid: Prim

ADC: Juiceboxx

Support: Improvise

Roster Changes: Prim is in mid lane and Juiceboxx is now ADC

MVP of team so far: Improvise

XG lightning coming into the season where my pick to win all of BOL. And in that sense they've disappointed me. Sitting at 2-1 in a 4 way tie for second was not where I pictured XGL coming into week 4. I don't think they're going to win this league anymore. I am not even sure that they are making playoffs. I think XGL has fantastic players but they may not be a fantastic team. So I have dropped my rating of XGL all the way down to the top of C tier as I am not sure that this is even a playoff team in Targon anymore. If XGL had only lost their 1 series to ELYB in the close 3 games then I would be confident keeping them in A tier along with NU. However this team dropped a game to the CB rangers who are almost a full division below them when it comes to individual skill level. That's a huge concern and puts them in the bottom of B tier or the top of C tier. Then we look at who XGL has yet to play and they slide to C tier. Strength of schedule should be a worry for XGL; they have only played one of the other teams that I predicted will make it out of Targon. They have not played their toughest opponents this split at all. Sigma Nu and Degenerates Exiles await.

As far as individual players, XGL are doing great. They have 3 players in the top 25 and the other 2 are top 50. As far as team stats XGL are not like cratering they're 2-1. XGL has a teamwide 3.82 KDA which is solid and their game average is 32:50. But with only players in the top 50 this team should be crushing games. The best thing going for XGL is that they get almost three dragons a game on average. That's a fantastic number. But again some of their other neutral stats worry me they get less than one Barona game, only 6 towers a game and only one Rift Herald a game on average. Other than their dragon stats none of these stats are A tier they are closest to those in C tier.

For MVP look no further than the bot lane. I am giving MVP to Improvise as the number 1 rated support player in the league instead of their more highly rated ADC Juiiceboxx as Juiiceboxx is not on any of the top 10 lists(other than CS) whereas Improvise is. Improvise has a 14.8 assist a game total and leads the league with an 80% KP. They are also top 5 in vision score per game. Their ADC as i mentioned is also top 5 in the league at CS per minute. I want to see Juiiceboxx and Improvise take the leads that they are getting and do things as a team. Send someone to 1st herald, get early dragons do something with your lead to make XGL play as a team.

Oblivion Esports Ruby

Record: 2-1(5-2 Game Score)

Top: Louis0717

Jungle: Quinntik

Support: KneoStorm

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: Ravensman

Oblivion esports Ruby are currently tied for 3rd in Shurmia with Master McNasty. With their 2-1 score line OER are not as strong as their results show. They have a clean series win over GEE as everyone should and had a 2-0 loss overturned due to the Kiaten smurfing issues. So in reality this team is 1-1 beating one of the worst teams in the league and losing a close series to TE Abyss. As a result I'm putting OER down in my C tier. I don't think they have a guaranteed spot in the playoffs so that's why they are ranked here. OER has some really tough teams left to play this split; they play Orion shadows first class and MMN. So I cannot put them up in the B tier.

Team stats wise OER has good dragons a game(2.6) and good barons(1.3). They have a decent tower score(6.1) and are making lots of gold thanks to having some of the longest game time averages. Towards micro stats OER has a team wide 3.17 KDA. They are very close in kills to deaths which is not great to see but are doing okay.

MVP of this team is obvious. Only 1 player on OER is in the top 25 and that's Ravensman. Ravensman is OER if they had a different ADC this team would be bombing. Ravensman is in the top 10 of just about every single stat in BOL. Kills, damage per minute, gold per minute, CS a minute, least deaths, gold diff. They are also the only player in the league with a Penta in 3 weeks of play.

Master McNasty

Record:2-1(4-3 Game Score)

Top: Skullvezery

Jungle: 0 Quantum 0

ADC: ChessDIE42

Support: nyseahawk000017

Roster Changes: Added Skullvezery as starting top laner and 0 Quantum 0 is starting jungler

MVP of team so far: Bongo Bong

Master McNasty as a team has done kind of what you would expect out of them. They lost to Orion, the best team in Shurmia in 0-2 fashion, crushed GEE and were able to win a close series vs TAC. I am going to have Master McNasty in the C tier now as I think the race for playoffs in Shurmia is super tight. I think MMN are right in the race but I do not think that getting 3rd or 4th is guaranteed like I did earlier in the year when I rated them in B tier. MMN are playing against teams for the rest of the split right with them in the playoff race. There are no easy wins left for MMN and SHZ should be the biggest concern of who they have left to play. Skullzery their replacement top has started to look good and I hope everything on this team falls into place.

As a team MMN has great stats. They should to be fair they have played 2 of the bottom teams in Shurmia. MMN has a team-wise 3.57 KDA which is quite good. They have some of the lowest death totals in the league thanks to playing against GEE and TAC and a sub 33 min game average. MMN shine macro wise taking 3.1 dragons a game and 7.4 towers. My worry for MMN is that they are bottom 6 in the league at gold a game and have no one in the top 25 despite playing some of the worst teams in the league. ChessDIE42 who I was very hyped on has been a disappointment. They are one the bottom ADCS in the league and I guess I had the wrong take.

MVP for MMN is probably Bongo Bong their mid laner. Sitting at 6.7 kills a game and going over 800 damage a minute and has 4 triple kills in 7 games. Bongo Bongo has the stats that I was expecting most of this team to be somewhat near with their current strength of schedule. I hope they can keep it up.

TE Abyss

Record:1-2(3-5 Game Score)

Jungle: yuupi

Support: XTX Viper

Roster Changes: The EloDemon to mid and CountDoku to ADC

MVP of team so far: Yuppi

I thought coming into the season that TE ABYSS were going to be a super early game dominant powerhouse who would run over teams ranking them in my B tier. Instead TEA is sitting at 1-2. TEA is better than their results show. I think I would put them over several teams in Shurmia. TEA has yet to play either of the bottom 2 teams in Shurmia so I guess they are my dark horse to make the playoffs. As far as roster changes Count Doku has looked quite solid at ADC. I am less sold on the EloDemon but they are playing assassins and punishing some of the greedy scaling picks in the league so I am a fan of that.

TEA have a losing record and the stats reflect that. TEA has a sub 3.0 KDA having more deaths as a team than kills. They get only 1.6 dragons a game but are tied for 2nd amongst teams for Rift Hearlds taken. Their current tower count in a game is only 4.3 which is bad. But their baron is a 0.8 which is pretty decent. My biggest concern for TEA is that despite having a 32 min average game time they get only 840 CS a game. That's really bad most teams around their game time have around 910 CS. 70 CS is like 5 kills worth of gold and EXP.

MVP for TEA is Yuppi in the Jungle. Despite having a sub 3.0 KDA, Yuppi has a 70% KP and is top 5 in jungle in damage dealt a minute. They normally out jungle their opennets having a gold lead at all stages of the game.

CB Rangers

Record: 1-2(3-4 Game Score)

Top: Cramma

Jungle: Black Eyed Peas

Mid: BuhRock

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: Black Eyed Peas

So the team I had rated at the bottom of all of BOL are still going to find themselves up 1 division at the very bottom of C tier despite picking up a 2-0 series win over GPO and a win over XGL. CBR has played 3 series one against GPO that was a 2-0 they took a win over XGL(which is why I have them in C) and they lost 0-2 to DEGEN. Targon is a stacked division unfortunately for all the teams here and if I am being honest I think CBR making the playoffs is a pipe dream. It's possible they make the playoffs but I doubt it will happen. They have stats similar to the teams around them on the leaderboard and that is why I have them in C tier but I doubt it will happen.

As a team CBR have similar stats to most of the C tier teams. They have a 57k gold average that is on the lower end of the spectrum(C tier Teams are somewhere around 55-60k) and at least are close to a decent team KDA with it being 2.56(3 is average). CBR can easily up this number by dying less(easy enough right /s) as they are top 5 in deaths a game. CBR thanks to their 2-0 over GPO have some decent neutral stats taking 2.6 dragons a game(4th in Targon or tied for 6th overall) but are bottom 5 in their barons and towers taken a game.

As far as the MVP of this team according to the stats it would be Black Eyed Peas their jungler. Black Eyed Peas leads his team with 63% kill participation and is earning the most gold a minute on his team currently. Playing mostly tank junglers like I talked about in my initial power rankings article Black Eyed Peas does not have the greatest damage a minute numbers but is taking a lot less damage a minute then a lot of players in the jungle role showing that they are at least making sure their fights make sense.


Gp Oranges

Record: 0-3(0-6 Game Score)

Top: Riseofthefallen

Jungle: Cal1burn

Mid: ImJustinAGame


Support: TheComplimenter

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: ImJustinAGame

Another team in Targon that has fallen from grace GP’s Oranges are currently sitting tied for last with the Mystic Cats at the bottom of Targon. I initially rated GPO in the C tier believing that they would be able to easily beat the teams I hated rated below them and struggle with the teams rated above them. Instead GPO has just struggled so far this split playing 3 teams I thought they were at least close in skill to with games against ELY, DEGEN and CBR. I thought they should have taken their series vs CB Rangers but even that series GPO failed to take a game let alone win. I had said in my last power rankings article that no one GPO has excited me. Someone on this team needs to step up right now if they want a shot at the playoffs and start being impactful.

Team stat wise GPO are a mess as is every team without a win. They have the most respectable game time at least out of all 3 of the winless teams at 31:30 and a respectable gold generated a game. But nothing else on this team is very exciting. 2 towers a game is horrendous same with the fact that your team has yet to get a baron. Other neutrals like 1 rift herald taken in 6 games is bad. You guys at least average over 1 dragon a game which is something but man these stats are bad.

So as individual players no one on GPO is doing enough. Everyone on this team has a sub 3.0 KDA Cal1burn is the only one above a 2.0 KDA even. Their mid laner ImJustinAGame has the best individual stats of the whole team. ImJustinAGame has some decent CS numbers getting 7.6 CS a minute and thanks to this leads his team in CS a minute. ImJustinAGame also deals the most damage a minute on the team at 640(this is bottom 5 of mids).

TA Capybara

Record: 1-2(4-4 Game Score)

Top: masoof


ADC: Yoey

Support: Atöm

Roster Changes: Kaïten is gone from mid lane after a comp ruling. Have not submitted a new mid laner as of Tuesday morning.

MVP of team so far: N/A

So TAC are sitting at the very bottom of the standings with only 3 points. This team getting into the playoffs is very very difficult as they had to FF the 1st 2 series that they played. If you want to know why it's all in this article here:Competitive Ruling: Kaïten Smurfing is a huge problem in leagues and I am glad Kaiten was caught. I am just really sad that they dragged their team down with them. I like the rest of TAC as a team. They had interesting drafts, picking things like double enchanter bot lanes and top lane carries. I hope that TAC are able to pick up some more wins but TAC needs to start 2-0 almost every team they play to make the playoffs. Tonight they play Orion so I do not see that happening. TAC remains in D tier.

As far as team stats and MVP I cannot talk about much as Kiaten has kind of tainted their stats so to speak. I think their best player last series was the ADC Yoey for this team.

Mystic Cats

Record: 0-3(0-6 Game Score)

Top: Shòvy



Support: Tambö

Roster Changes: ICMEMES as starting jungler

MVP of team so far: Shòvy

Being in D tier is never where you want to find yourself but the Mystic Cats have yet to pick up a game victory so far this split in BOL so they have moved from C tier to D tier. Mystic Cats are currently tied for last in the Targon division alongside GP’s Oranges. They have yet go get a game win and have some concerning team stats which is why they are in D tier. As far as strength of schedule this split the Mystic Cats have probably played the hardest opponents possible so that is why I have them at the top of D tier. It does not get that much easier tonight as they play Elysium Blaze. Mystic Cats so far have played XGL and both Dorado teams who I think firmly lock the top 3 in this division. It will be interesting to see if the Cats can come back after an 0-3 start and surge up the rankings and fight for the last couple of spots in Targon.

As far as team stats the Cats have proved that they cannot compete with the top 3 in a series. They have gotten washed having an average game time of just over 25 minutes. They also have the lowest overall gold a game of every team in BOL this split currently and lead the league in deaths a game. The Cats also have really poor neutral objective scores so far only securing 1.7 towers a game and less than 1 of every other neutral objective. No one on this team has impressive damage numbers; they are all near the bottom for their respective roles.

As far as the MVP so far for this team it's probably Shovy in the top lane? They are doing 200 more damage a minute(700 damage a minute average) than everyone else on this team and generating the most gold a minute and are closest to their openets in CS & gold on average at all points of the game as well. Nothing Shovy is doing is jumping out as super impressive either to be fair they are just not losing as hard individually as everyone else on the Mystic Cats.

Ge Emerald

Record: 0-3(0-6 Game Score)

Top: 2006HondaInsight

Mid: Shockwave53

ADC: Soprych

Support: aesthetîcs

Roster Changes: None

MVP of team so far: N/A

It hurts to rank a team so low and be right but GE Emerald is having a rough go right now in BOL. GEE are one of 3 teams in the league without a win(4 if you count the overturned TAC). GEE has not looked like a team that can compete and that sucks. This team is constantly swapping players around and I hope that your roster can stabilize. GEE has played 3 of the teams that I think have a very good shot at making the playoffs. They probably have one of the easiest strength of schedule for the rest of the split, only playing SHZ in week 7. Every other team they play should be much closer so I can see this team picking up some game wins. I just do not think an 0-3 start without a game won is a score you can recover from so they remain in my D tier.

As far as team stats go GEE simply need to start getting more kills. Sitting with a sub 1.0 KDA as a team is embarrassing. You guys have a 28 minute average game time which is way too low and make only 41,000 gold a game. I played a game of solo queue with Snakevenom they know what they are doing in the jungle. Just play stuff with early impact, pick a lane and get them ahead. As a team you guys need to find who your carry is going to be and focus on them. Macro wise its safe to say GEE are a mess right now they have the lowest neutral objective scores of every team in the league.

I am not going to select a team MVP for GEE simply put they currently do not have one right now.

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Congratulations, Idrees! I'm super proud of him. It seems like his rivalry with HyperLingo and Hypnotic Viper have really turned him into a spectacular player! Er, sorry not rivalry. Friendship? SUPER close friendship! Friendship is really powerful. Here's a clip of Idrees sweeping away the bodies of his enemies!

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