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Storm Watch Week 8

Hello, welcome all to the Storm Watch! Today marks the start of playoffs in BOL Emerald. Every match moving forward is now a best-of-five and games are still starting at the regular time. Today's article will focus on my predictions for the quarter-finals and the last set of interview questions I am doing this season. Good luck tonight. Fighting! 

Here is the playoff bracket. Don't forget to fill out a playoff bracket tonight in the emerald pickems channel in BOL!

Upcoming Predictions

Clown Gaming Forklift Certified Vs. Conduit Jiji 3-1 For Clown Gaming

Clown Predictions:

I think Conduit Jiji is probably the same level as Bloom from Abyss. I expect to win but it may be a 2-1

We'll win, prob 3-0 idk

3-0 no idea who we versus but its a low seed and no one on other side was particularly great

2-1 methinks. Czi playoff buff is mildly scary

I think Jiji is a good team and shouldn't be underestimated. I could see it being a close series, but I expect us to win.

Conduit Jiji Predictions:

1 Piltover, 3-2 Jiji :)

idk i heard some people say they're frauds but ig we'll see

Clown Gaming is the heavy favourite coming into this series and this series has the greatest potential to be a 3-0 out of every series tonight. In my article 15 of 18 votes cast that Conduit Jiji will lose in the 1st round to Clown Gaming. The only reason I have Jiji winning a game in this series is that in one game this series Jiji is just going to slam invade champions do some silly level one starts and set Hazard behind.

Clown has been dominant all season in BOLE and is the only team that ended the season without a series loss. Clown has great stats across the board both as a team and individually. Clown averages 8 towers a game and 1 inhibitor. Clown has only let their opponents claim Dragon Soul in 1 game this year as well. As far as individual players every player on Clown is in the top 25 and everyone on this team has a ban that should be forced on them. Clwon drafts well as a team taking engage in the jungle, strong dueling presence in mid lane and adaptable side lanes taking disengage when needed and diving when the time calls for it. Clown by every metric is the better team in this series and it is in on them to lose this series tonight not for Conduit Jiji to win it.   

For Coduit Jiji making playoffs is impressive in itself. Conduit Jiji took the last spot in Zaun ending the season 4-3. The biggest worry I have and many others do is that Conduit Jiji lost every series they played against the other playoff team in Zaun(other than their narrow week 1 win over a Mint Spark team running 2 subs). Conduit Jiji is the strangest team left in BOLE. Jiji is a team that flips the game either Jiji stomps teams into the ground by simply fighting better in one-versus-one scenarios with risky invades or Jiji loses fights gets massively behind and gets steamrolled. If Chris and Czi can get ahead they can beat anyone but I doubt they will get given the chance this series.    

Final Boss Esports Vs. DZG Arcadia 3-2 For Final Boss 

Final Boss Predictions:

I have no idea. Anything can happen in league.

DZG Arcadia Predictions:

I'm not sure, I haven't looked.

I feel this should be the closest series tonight despite the fact that a first-seeded Final Boss is playing a fourth-seeded DZG Arcadia. With 13 votes 70% of all players believe that Final Boss should take this series.

Final Boss is an incredible team that only dropped 1 series in week 2 while playing with a substitute support. Even though Final Boss ended as 1st seed, they still lost 5 games there are some chinks in the Final Boss armour. Final Boss does not have the same level of dominant stats as other teamswith the least dragons killed of the Zaun top 4 and this team dropped games to several teams that did not make playoffs. What Final Boss does have going for them is an incredible sense of teamwork, macro knowledge of when to rotate to objectives and very deep champion pools. Every player on Final Boss plays a vast variety of champions and is unafraid to bring out new picks at any time. 

While DZG Arcadia is the fourth seed in Zaun, this team is coming in with some momentum winning 3 series straight. DZG Arcadia swapped their jungler in week 3 and have looked much better since then. DZG is a team that plays very well individually and does not mesh very well come mid-game. This should give DZG an incredible matchup against Final Boss if the two teams are just all about laning and then grouping for fights you can make those adjustments. DZG should be able to play early game and snowball games this series and make this series incredibly close.

Team Syndicate Vs. Omega Wooper 3-2 For Omega Wooper

Omega Wooper Predictions:

I think they seem solid but it's hard to tell because we haven't played any teams in the other decision. I think we'll win 3-1.

I gotta be real I don't even know who we're playing. But we're consistent so 2-1

This is the series that everyone, including me, the writer, feels should be the only upset victory of round 1. 70% of the vote has Omega Wooper winning tonight's matchup. Team Syndicate and Omega Wooper are coming into tonight's matchup on the downward. Both teams have lost the last two matches they have played, and there are now some huge red flags about both teams. For both teams tonight is a chance to probe yourselves and build up some confidence as next week you are probably playing a number 1 seed in Final Boss.

After playing better teams, Team Syndicate learned they could not simply throw XxSoccer25xX  (their silver midlaner) onto wave clear and let the rest of the map carry. According to the roster changes, Syndicate is making a drastic decision and is swapping their mid and jungle after role-swapping their top and ADC last week. I hope Syndicate will be able to keep their team together and prove that these are worthwhile changes.

Omega Wooper is proving more and more as the weeks go by that they are a team with 1 hero and some zeros. Mordsreich the team's ADC is quite literally trying to put the team on his back going pick 4 tanks and let me blast them. Mordsreich still has incredible stats but I don't know how far this playstyle will take Wooper. They need Ishan in mid or Payneless to start playing secondary carry well and give Mordsreich room to play in team fights.  

Mint Spark Vs. Bloom Abyss 

Mint Spark Predictions:

I don't know much about any of the other teams since I usually just go in and play but probably 3-1. We'll probably int a game

I have always been a Bloom Abyss Hater. So im taking us 3-1 over them. I dont think Jakob and Cloudbry will 2v8 so that teams going to lose.

they're in playoffs for a reason. no time to slouch

No idea who they are or their power level. but was told that other division isnt the strongest.

Bloom Abyss Predictions:

I think we play mint spark, i havent really looked at much of that division, but they seem solid . I think they are a good team, i can see us 3-1 or 3-2. Id say knowing us a 3-2 is more likely. 

I haven’t paid too much attention to Zaun and MINT Spark but knowing we have a big Bloom Gaming Abyss hater on that team that doubted us since the beginning, I will make it personal. 2-0 Abyss.

As the top laner of Mint Spark, I do not enjoy wiring about my own team as I am biased towards the teams I play on. So I will refrain from writing about my predictions for this series. 

How did the regular season go for your team? Did you finish where you expected to?

Chris Jiji- Could have been alot better. No.

Mint Spark AlbinoSunBear- We finished second which is pretty good, we definitely could have gotten first

Mint Spark's Ctrl Ult Elite- Im happy with finishing top 2 in Zaun. I wish I played vs Conduit in week 1 with SunBear. But Final Boss was the better team on the night we lost and deserves top seed. We have started to scrim more and we should make a deep playoff run.

CGFC AfkBoulder- Reg season went great. 1st seed from Piltover. I didn't know how long it would take for us to click but I had a feeling we'd at least make top 3.

Clown gaming Forklift VeyCaution- Undefeated ez 6-0 

Mint Spark's Mollywhops- Regular season went pretty alright. lost some games we expected to win. but won some we thought we'd have a harder time with

DZG Arcadia nahCnosaH- It went ok, could've done better.

Bloom Abyss Cloudbry- We finished 3rd overall in our division. I think we shouldve ended up at least second, week 1 we dropped a series im sure wed get back if we played again. 

Mint Spark KTL- Wanted first seed but got second

Bloom Gaming Abyss’s Unleashed- Better than initially expected. I knew there we have solid players, and our ceiling is high. I expected us to be top 2 regular season, but I am content with top 3 with the amount of practice our team had together.

IshaN Omega Wooper- Definitely expected to finish higher, regular season was below expectations by far for us.

Blue Pearl Spire IslamicSamurai- No I think we underperformed/ just missed playoffs, for two weeks we seemed lost on our identity as a team and that unfortunately cost us a spot in playoffs 

Faulteh - Final Boss- We are 1st, so pretty happy with that. I didn't really have a good grasp of where we would land coming into the season, but we really clicked as a team. Good drafts and good shot calling really made the difference. 

Forklift- First. Yeah both divisions are cheeks so was expected even with me trolling drafts so I could get entertainment. People really need to learn to draft in this elo its sorta disgusting:(

Hazard- CGFC - Top of the board, top of the group of life's hearts

czi conduit jiji- went 4-3 i think, obv wanted to not lose at all but fuck it we ball

Mordstreich of Omega Wooper- Our regular season was... Okay. To put it bluntly. We did not finish where I expected because we faltered in the last couple of series.

CGFC Cyclone- Regular season went great, ending regular season undefeated was what I was aiming for, so I'm glad we reached that goal.

As far as upsets, almost everyone agreed that Omega Wooper should beat Team Syndicate. The only players who did not vote for this option were those betting that their team would win as the underdogs. 

The best team that missed playoffs?

What champion do you expect to be the highest priority in pick/ban in the first round of the playoffs, and why?

Chris Jiji- Jinx, It's usually pick/ban in every game.

Mint Spark AlbinoSunBear-  Every team seems to be horny for Ahri so probably that

Mint Spark's Ctrl Ult Elite-  Jinx is crazy strong in league right now I feel and should probaly be 100% pick ban. Zeri was nerfed and Jinx can just take over the game like no other ADC can.

CGFC AfkBoulder-  Skarner probably. Most teams haven't been scrimming with it since it hasn't been enabled.

Clown gaming Forklift VeyCaution- Aphileos, Saw somewhere there's a new build with him Toplane and I know teams are gonna be going crazy over it

Mint Spark's Mollywhops- Volibear / Jinx

DZG Arcadia nahCnosaH- Depending on comps, if they have any immobile champions, Jarvan IV will be high value, champs with high mobility will be pretty important. The main adc's right now should be jinx and zeri.

Bloom Abyss Cloudbry- Jinx

Mint Spark KTL- Skarner

Bloom Gaming Abyss’s Unleashed- Considering the meta, Jinx or Zeri. (Not 100% sure about if Skarner is eligible in first round but that would be a second guess) 

IshaN Omega Wooper- Jinx

Blue Pearl Spire IslamicSamurai- Skarner, Champion is busted 

Faulteh - Final Boss- Jinx cuz she's giga busted RN

Forklift- Jinx its not nerfed yet :)

Hazard- CGFC - Skarner 

czi conduit jiji- feel like its either gonna be jinx

Mordstreich of Omega Wooper- Jinx because she's just busted rn

CGFC Cyclone- Volibear, stat check champs are too good right now.

How many pink wards a game do you think your team should be buying? How many of those are you buying?

Chris Jiji- IDK

Mint Spark AlbinoSunBear- I usually get like 4-5 a game on average I think, everyone should get at least a few a game more so for supports and mid/jg

Mint Spark's Ctrl Ult Elite- Like 20 pinks a game? I want to be buying somewhere around 3.

CGFC AfkBoulder- I think it depends on game time / strategy tbh. In a 25 minute game I'd say at least 15. As a support I'm picking up at least 6 depending on timers.

Clown gaming Forklift VeyCaution- idk, that's a question for Boulder, I'll buy like 2-4 a game and our adc will buy 0 pinks with a 50% he doesn't even buy blue ward

Mint Spark's Mollywhops- more than they currently buy. im feeling like a one man show here :D

DZG Arcadia nahCnosaH- Way more than we are now. I usually buy pink wards on back. 

Bloom Abyss Cloudbry- My team is lucky if i buy more than 2 

Mint Spark KTL- 10-15. i aint buying more then 2 

Bloom Gaming Abyss’s Unleashed- For Abyss, I personally invest a lot on vision but I know it delays a lot on our carries. I think 20 is a safe number, and I am content with being 50% of that amount.

IshaN Omega Wooper- 10... 0

Blue Pearl Spire IslamicSamurai- Imagine buying pink wards lol

Faulteh - Final Boss- 20, and I'm an adc, what are wards again? Did you say swords? 

Forklift- 1-3 don’t over buy them. Learn where you should be placing them and learn to protect vision lines

Hazard- CGFC - 69. 42. 

czi conduit jiji- i think adc mid and top should at least have 3 bought per game jung and support needs hella more no cap💯💯💯💯💯😤🤑


Mordstreich of Omega Wooper- Considering I buy anywhere between 3 and 10 a game, I would say 30? Idk man

CGFC Cyclone- 3-4 Average Top - Adc, Support about 10+

Which league champion do you think takes you on the best date?

Chris Jiji- Kayn, dick me down :100:

Mint Spark AlbinoSunBear- TF got that smooth talk for a date or evelynn/ahri if she's sucking the life outta someone

Mint Spark's Ctrl Ult Elite- Illaoi is the muscle mommy I have always wanted. And going to play basketball with Darius would be elite for the dude champions. 

CGFC AfkBoulder- Akali knows all the good ramen places

Clown gaming Forklift VeyCaution- Gragas at a karaoke bar.

Mint Spark's Mollywhops- Braum 100%

DZG Arcadia nahCnosaH- Bro.......

Bloom Abyss Cloudbry- Rammus, hell say yes to everything

Mint Spark KTL- kai sa

Bloom Gaming Abyss’s Unleashed- Rell

IshaN Omega Wooper- Gragas

Blue Pearl Spire IslamicSamurai- The only acceptable answer is Rek'Sai

Faulteh - Final Boss- Ahri charm op? Although Ryze could teleport us anywhere!

Forklift- Qiyana. I will not say why!

Hazard- CGFC - Debonair TF

czi conduit jiji- feel like illaoi would do it right ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mordstreich of Omega Wooper- Evelynn because she'll show me a good time and put me out of my misery after

CGFC Cyclone- Irelia

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