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Hello everybody and welcome to the seventh edition of BOL Gold’s Dean’s List! Before we get everyone prepared for the next round of games, let’s take a look back at the standout players and stories from this past Thursday.


REV Regalia (5-1) vs Flannel Ethereal (0-6)

Result: Regalia 2-0

Regalia beat Ethereal in a quick 2-0, even going as far as to set what I believe is the new record for the fastest single game of the season in g2, but I’m getting ahead of myself. From what I can tell based on stats and talking to the team, the REV squad was just able to establish an early snowball that Ethereal was never able to handle.

G1 really started going the way of Regalia from the lane phase, with only a few things going towards the Flannel team early. Prisma was able to secure the first round of Grubs, and Mina was able to find a triple kill at 14 minutes, but Regalia outclassed them in nearly every other way. All of the Regalia team told me that Chubby Chernobyl was the game MVP for g1, which I have no reason to doubt, as that fella is goated.

The second game was more of the same, really. The two teams actually split the first Grubs and first set of kills before Cook started to run away with the game from the top lane. Despite Velses trying to put in some work, the Regalia top laner really made an impact on fights from the 14 minute mark on. Despite their best attempts at coming back, Ethereal just wasn’t able to stop the snowball in time, and Regalia ended up with a 35-to-9 kill count win. Borderline. Criminal.

Regalia moves up to remain in contention for first. As mentioned last week, their next match against Typhoon is their most important series if they want to top the regular season standings. Meanwhile, Ethereal is officially eliminated from playoff contention with this 0-2 loss. At 16 points, there is no way for them to pass any of the teams above them.

Player of the Series: Cook - I’m actually taking this one per the suggestion of coach Wingman and the other three Regalia players I asked, but a series KDA of 10 (hilariously with a 12/2/8 scoreline in both games) and a total of 73.5k damage between the two games is more than enough of a reason to see why he gets the nod.


REV Eternal (3-3) vs Nameless Rising (1-5)

Result: Eternal 2-0

Eternal scored a much needed 2-0 in their playoffs race while Nameless was officially eliminated from the postseason.

The pace of the first game was set by the Eternal bot lane. Booter and Billy had a statement game on the Tristana/Zyra combo, doing a combined 43.2k damage between the two of them. Once they established pressure, they enabled their team to secure both of the first two Drakes at the cost of all six Grubs. Still, with so much gold being pumped into Billy’s Tristana from towers and creeps, Eternal was able to win almost every fight they took with their marksman present. G1 ended just under 26 minutes off the back of their two giga-fed hypercarries.

Things were looking great for the squad going into g2, and they stayed much the same. Booter and Billy had an equally fantastic game, taking complete control of the bottom half of the map. Their pressure exerted across the entire map, allowing TheDean0 to secure every objective except for one Drake. The game ended with a strong ARAM-style push to close the game out in 24 minutes, only just shy of Regalia’s record.

Eternal moves into sole possession of third place with 33 points. While their remaining two matches against the Flannels is the easiest remaining schedule, they do have a different hurdle for week 8 - substitutions. The REV squad will be fielding three subs (Puffin top, TrackerJackers jungle, General Danobi bot) due to IRL commitments from the starters. While this keeps the playoff seeding in the air, it does make for an even more interesting and exciting week 8.

Nameless is officially out of postseason contention. While they can continue to look to play spoiler, there is no longer any way for them to make the top 6.

Player of the Series: Billy Badass - I mean. Yeah. A series scoreline of 22/2/12 (17 KDA) and a combined series damage of 42k, over 7 cs/m, 7 towers taken. No matter what stat you look at, Billy had a fantastic series. He’s just so badass, I dunno what else to say.


BDE Typhoon (6-0) vs Mystic Cats Gold (3-3)

Result: Typhoon 2-0

After being awarded the prestigious title of “Best Jungler in BOL Gold,” Kevin assuredly took a week's vacation to celebrate this monumental achievement. Seeing a substitute in the jungle, surely the Cats were able to make the most of this chance to upset the top dogs, right?

Did you even read the result?

Typhoon’s substitute jungler, Varinda, did well enough to keep up with their starters. This series was also a particular low for the Mystic Cats, one that really started from the word “go” in the first game.

G1 saw multiple kills being traded before Varinda was able to secure both the first set of Grubs as well as first Drake. MCG did keep the gold close by taking second Grubs and second Drake, but Typhoon really took the game into their full control around 25 minutes. Kidacus had another particularly strong late game (this time on the Xayah) which enabled his team to end the game with a 10k gold lead in 33 minutes.

G2 was a much more even game until it wasn’t. The first 18 minutes were neck and neck, with each team going blow for blow in terms of objectives and kills. After a strong string of map play from Typhoon, however, the Cats completely fell out of it. The BDE team just played the map and teamfights better, there’s no other way to put it. Basically, once they got a significant gold lead, they never let it go, which is exactly what you want to see from the #1 team in the league.

With this, BDE Typhoon sit at 40 points, which leaves them in a very good spot to finish first. Their next match against Regalia basically decides if they’re gonna end up first or second, so they can’t afford to slow down quite yet. Still, this team looks very scary, and I don’t envy any team that has to play them in a bo5.

MCG are still in contention for playoffs, though they basically need to win out. At 27 points, their Super Bowl is in week 8 against BDE Corruption. While it’s a bit more nuanced than “win and in,” it’s very likely that they won’t make top 6 if they don’t at least get a game against the other BDE squad.

Player of the Series: Rocky - Far too many players were far too consistent, so I’m giving the nod to the Typhoon support. Rocky placed 55 wards in g1 and 35 in g2, soaked 11k damage in g1 and 13.9k in g2, and only died twice all series (both in g1). Also pair these stats with 76% KP in g1 (highest) and 90% in g2 (highest), and, yeah.


BDE Corruption (3-3) vs Hyperion Esports (4-2)

Result: Corruption 2-0

In what is definitely the biggest upset of the week, BDE Corruption beat Hyperion Esports to tie them at 4-3. What’s more, they also move up to 30 points while HYP (that’s their abbreviation now, deal with it 🕶️) sits at 29. How did they do it? In classic Corruption chaotic fashion, of course.

The first game was an absolute knockdown, dragout brawl, with both teams being allergic to a significant gold advantage until the 9th inning. Multiple kills in lane, multiple fights around objectives, multiple Barons, everything was just pure chaos until Narwhal found a quadra at 32 minutes. From there, the first lead turned into a canyon, as Corruption was able to secure Baron and push to end the game in just under 38 minutes.



Corruption did the thing.

Malphite top, Morgana jungle, Kled mid, Nilah/Zac bot lane.


Despite some good early plays from Hyperion, Corruption actually started a snowball at 12 minutes that they turned into an avalanche. It was a slow, brutal beatdown across the map, with only a few stray kills going the way of HYP. For context, Narwhal got three different triple kills in under 33 minutes. Just a brutal game, honestly.

With their win, Corruption leapfrogs Hyperion in the standings, which was a much needed win at a crucial point in their season. While their biggest match is next week against MCG, this was a close second, as this inches them further and further into a clinched playoffs spot.

Hyperion falls from third last week to fifth this week. While they do close out their regular season with a match against Nameless and Zephyr, they need to win strong if they want to finish third or higher.

Player of the Series: Swag - Wait. What?

Yeah, by my meaningless criteria and stat checking, Swag earns his first PotS award. Good KP in the series, good ObSec in both games, only two deaths (both in g1) in the series, yeah. I hate to admit it, but hey really was a demon this week.

Now don’t ask me for anything ever again.


Conduit Prime (3-3) vs Flannel Zephyr (2-4)

Result: Conduit 2-0

Two teams fighting for their postseason lives. Two teams with everything to lose and everything to gain. Two teams that needed this win to stay in the run for the postseason. Two teams, only one winner. Let’s go.

G1 was a back and forth, neck and neck game for almost 22 minutes. Early kills were even while objectives were split across the map, Conduit focusing on all six Grubs while Zephyr secured the first two Drakes. Prime won a small skirmish after their 14 minute Rift Herald, only for Flannel to win a skirmish for third Drake.

The game was busted wide open, however, when Conduit made a gutsy call for Baron at 22 minutes. They not only secured the big purple worm, they ended up winning a 5-0 teamfight immediately after, which wrote the death note for the Flannel squad in g1. It ended up taking them a second Baron to go on the game winning push, winning the 33 minute slug fest. Prime 1-0.

The next game saw Zephyr pull out all the stops. Tyler and Bagoot were playing like their lives depended on it, with both players securing multiple early kills and objectives. By 15 minutes, Flannel had almost earned a 4k gold lead. With their backs against the wall, Conduit had to get scrappy to try and bring things back. Critically, Razors4life took down Bagoot at 23 minutes, which gave Prime just enough of an opening to secure Baron. 

With their gold lead falling rapidly, Zephyr tried for another big fight, which they were able to find at 31 minutes. It was all for nought, however, as Conduit Prime marched through the mid lane and into the base of Flannel Zephyr. Kevbo went down, Regdor went down, the Nexus turrets went down, and finally Bagoot and Tyler went down. It was a nearly 4k gold lead, but ultimately, Zephyr went down as Conduit won the series 2-0.

Prime needed this win to stay in the top 6. They currently sit at 28 points, which puts them in sole possession of sixth place. Their next match against Ethereal should be a bit of a breather before their big week 9 showdown against Regalia, so their odds of clinching top 6 is still looking good.

Meanwhile, Zephyr is all but eliminated. They no longer control their own destiny for the postseason. Their road to securing top 6 includes winning against both Eternal and Hyperion, then they need to jump (likely) Conduit and MCG in terms of points. They aren’t out yet, but their next week will ultimately decide their fate.

Player of the Series: FinalCaptain - This one again comes from the recommendation of the team captain (ha), but it’s not hard to see why Final gets the nod. Over 55.4k damage soaked between the Mordekaiser and Shen, 21.9k damage on the Morde and 26.2k on the Shen, over 82% KP in the series. ‘Twas an overall great showing for the Conduit top laner.


With last week’s recap done, it’s time to look ahead at next week’s matches in order from least to most important!


Conduit Prime (4-3) vs Flannel Ethereal (0-7)

If Conduit wins this match, they move up to 5-3. If they win 2-0, they move to 34 points, which basically secures them top 6. If they win 2-1, they only move up to 33 points. There’s no point threshold to clear to lock quite yet, as Corruption/MCG determines a lot of who locks and who doesn’t, but every point matters.

Ethereal can look to play spoiler here. If they manage to beat Prime 2-1, then Prime would only be sitting at 31 points, which could allow Zephyr to sneak past them depending on how their w8 and w9 go. It’s low stakes for Ethereal, but still higher pressure for Conduit.

Prediction: Conduit 2-0


Hyperion Esports (4-3) vs Nameless Rising (1-6)

Hyperion currently sits at 29 points. A 2-0 win for them moves them up to 35 points, which basically locks them into top 6. A 2-1 win still nets them 34, which could theoretically tie them with Conduit.

Nameless are, like Ethereal, looking to play spoiler. If they can manage a 2-1 upset, then Hyperion would only be at 32 points, and a 2-0 would leave HYP at only 31 points. While these wins wouldn’t net anything for Nameless other than pride, it could do a lot of work to shake up the postseason race.

Prediction: Hyperion 2-0


REV Eternal (4-3) vs Flannel Zephyr (2-5)

Eternal are at 33 points and Zephyr are at 24. Eternal is playing with three subs and a dream, while Zephyr is playing with their entire heart.

If Eternal 2-0’s, then Flannel is officially out, as they’d only have 26 points (REV at 39). If Eternal 2-1’s, then Zephyr would have 27 points, which still isn’t enough to crack top 6.

Flannel needs to win. If they 2-1, they sneak up to 29 points (Eternal to 36), and if they move up to 30 points with a 2-0 (Eternal 35). While this week is critically important for both teams, Zephyr needs to win hard if they want to be able to sneak into the playoffs. Eternal is looking to lock in the third seed here, so they still have a lot to play for as well. Should be a banger.

Prediction: Zephyr 2-1


BDE Typhoon (7-0) vs REV Regalia (6-1)

The battle for first place. Typhoon is at 40 points and Regalia is at 36. Let’s go over the outcomes.

If Typhoon 2-0, BDE secures first and moves up to 46 points, leaving REV at 38. If Typhoon win 2-1, then they move up to 45 points while REV ends with 39.

If Regalia 2-1, then REV ends up with 41 points compared to Typhoon’s 43. If REV 2-0’s, then both teams end with 42 points. In this scenario, the tie would be broken by their head-to-head, which Regalia would secure. Then both teams would play to see who does better in w9 to actually lock up the top seed.

While this should be the highest caliber match of the week, I don’t have it as my “main event” because it has less implications on the rest of the standings compared to the last match. It should still absolutely be a banger, so keep an eye on it wherever it ends up being streamed.

Prediction: Typhoon 2-1


BDE Corruption (4-3) vs Mystic Cats Gold (3-4)

Without a doubt, this is the most critical match of the week. While, yes, it does have implications for Corruption and MCG, it’s almost more important for the teams around them as well.

Corruption is currently at 30 points while MCG is at 27. If BDE 2-0, they move up to 36 points (MCG at 29), 35 points if they only win 2-1 (30 for MCG). If MCG 2-0, however, then the Cats move up to 33 points (32 for BDE), 32 if they win 2-1 (33 for BDE).

Both of these teams obviously want to win for a multitude of reasons (rivalries in #gold-general, the playoffs race, general pride), but the teams around them should all be splitting loyalties here. Hyperion and Conduit want MCG to 2-0, while Zephyr wants Corruption to 2-0. I know what I think is gonna happen, but it really does come down to the day. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Prediction: Corruption 2-1


With my predictions made, let’s look at my hypothetical standings after week 8 to see what we could expect.


  1. Typhoon (8-0, 45 points)

  2. Regalia (6-2, 39 points)

  3. Corruption (5-3, 35 points)

  4. Hyperion (5-3, 35 points)

  5. Conduit (5-3, 34 points)

  6. Eternal (4-4, 36 points)

  7. Mystic Cats Gold (3-5, 30 points)

  8. Zephyr (3-5, 29 points)

  9. Nameless (1-7, 19 points)

  10. Ethereal (0-8, 18 points)


  • If Eternal wins vs Zephyr at all, they end w8 in 3rd

  • Corruption currently hold the H2H over Hyperion, and both HYP and BDE.C hold points over Conduit

  • If MCG wins vs Corruption at all, then both teams would be 4-4, tie broken based on points first then h2h

  • If MCG, Corruption, and Eternal all end up 4-4, REV would win the tiebreaker based on points

    • If Zephyr wins out, they would need at least two of the current 3-7 teams to lose out in order to make top 6


That’s it for this week’s edition of The Dean’s List. Remember, this is all meant to start discussion and to be taken with a grain of salt. If you disagree or if you have any notes on things I may have missed, please be civil and respectful. With that in mind, good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you on the rift!

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