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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Week 3

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. What a week of 2-0 sweeps! Let's discuss the highlights and then analyze our teams' anticipated performances in week 3.

Week Three Results:

  • Conduit UMad 2 - 0 First Class Esports 

    • Despite achieving a 2-0 victory, the extended 40-minute matches revealed a struggle, raising concerns for UMAD's continued performance. The wins should have been more decisive for a team of their caliber.

  • Conduit Gremlins 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes

    • The Gremlins duo bot lane demonstrated their potential as the team's cornerstone, effectively contributing to the 2-0 victory. After a hard-fought second game, it was evident that the Gremlins couldn't secure the win as decisively as against weaker opponents.

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 Agni Kai

    • Dynasty's botlane, led by Grim Dafyre and FoxStepBro, essentially carried the series with an exceptional performance. Feathers and Batman demonstrated their capability as a reliable backbone for the team, particularly against formidable opponents.

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage 

    • Clean 2-0 wipe

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 AIE Anguish 

    • Finch impresses again with his trademark pick Oriana, leading to a decisive 2-0 win for Goons despite a slow game 1.

The following content is not the opinion of BOL staff, but of the content creator.

Team Power Rankings: 

  1. Dynasty Celestials - Strong bot lane with a good foundation for jungle and top. It all depends what mid laner shows up.

  2. Conduit Gremlins - Easy first three weeks, still awaiting tough challenger.

  3. Subatomic Gaming Proton - Did acquiring a new jungler salvage the season?

  4. Conduit U Mad - Struggling to find cohesion

  5. Agni Kai - Could this team spiral out of control post-loss?

Week 3 Game Prediction Results:

  • Conduit UMad 2 - 1 First Class Esports 

  • Conduit Gremlins 2 - 1 Nameless Gnomes

  • Agni Kai 2 - 1 Dynasty Celestials 

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage 

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 AIE Anguish 

Week 4 Game Predictions:

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 First Class Esports - Should be a good rebound game for Agni Kai after last weeks tough loss.

  • Conduit UMAD 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes - With the non stop roster changes its hard to tell what nameless team will show up.

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage - Should be a layup for DC.

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 AIE Anguish - Another team for Proton to sharpen their teeth on as they try to rebound the season.

  • Conduit Gremlins 2 - 0 Goon Squad Gaming Both teams chance to prove themselves against tougher opponents.

Standout Players of Week One:

  • Top:  Feathers (Dynasty Celestials) - Stood in Wock's face and gave him nothing

  • Jungle: Batman (Dynasty Celestials) - Anchor for his team vs a strong opponent

  • Mid: Fìnch (Goon Squad Gaming) - 13 / 1 / 19 on Orianna for his series

  • ADC: Yomi (Subatomic Gaming Proton) - Pop off week

  • Support: Vidyarthi (Conduit Gremlins) - Strong backbone support putting up numbers.

Player Rankings








AK Wock Warlock

CG Pinei foi mal

AK Socks To Thighs

DC Grim Dafyre

CG Vidyarthi


SG Chai

DC Batman

DC Níghtmarë

CM Domination2340

DC FoxStepBro


CG Jieun

AK TheGlizzler

CM Messiah117

SG Yömi

SG Cheongseolmo


DC  Feathers

GS Neck Romancer

SG AlfaiatE

CG NotŠoDark

GS ThatDeckerGuy

Comments on rankings: 

  • Looking ahead, player rankings may heavily depend not just on skill but also on their ability at adapting to mid-season team struggles and collaborating effectively with teammates, particularly amidst early-season roster changes.

Fan Opinion:

  • Will return with next weeks content.

Stay tuned for another exciting week of Platinum action!

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