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Competitive Ruling - Degenerates Esports Exiles


The Degenerate Esports organization was given a chance to participate in Blue Otter League after a few seasons of being shadow banned. Upon entering the league, the organization was forewarned that any wrongdoings this split will result in the permanent expulsion of the Degenerations Esports organization in BOL (See evidence #2).


On April 20th, a support ticket was opened by one of the Degenerate Esports players claiming that a player on the Exiles’ team did not play the ranked games on their account. The player in question is the current jungler of the team, Adolf36. Adolf36 had exactly 60 ranked solo/duo games before the Wildcard match versus NWE Orion. 60 games was the minimum number of games that a player needed to participate in BOL Platinum playoffs. In the ticket, we received a twitch vod of the match between Degenerates Exiles and NWE Orion. Before game 1 draft, the team was debating on who to pick when they started joking around about Adolf36’s champion pool. During this conversation, it was revealed that Adolf36 did not play multiple ranked games on his own account and gave his account information to another player on the team so that he could meet the minimum requirements for playoffs (See evidence 1). The teammate that played on Adolf36 was the captain of Degenerate Esports Exiles, HajimeNoGildo. The other 3 players and their coach (Sovergn,coalbox, Alka, and SamuelP) were all present during this conversation. After reviewing the clip, the BOL staff team reviewed Adolf36’s account to confirm the account sharing. After reviewing, we can deduct that 15 ranked games, all played in the last week, were played by Gildo. During the afternoon, The Bully received a message from the owner of Degenerates Exiles, Bixus. Bixus stated that they have removed a player from the Degenerate Esports Exiles roster for toxicity. This player was SamuelP. He also stated that the team would not be able to field a roster for quarterfinals and that they would have to forfeit or, if it was possible, to allow NWE to take their spot in Quarterfinals. While it is commendable for an organization to remove any toxic players, we believe this was done as a potential cover-up. In the message that Bixus sent to The Bully (see evidence 3), he shared a screenshot where SamuelP basically called out Adolf36 in the BOL player-lf-team chat. In the post, SamuelP stated that Adolf “has people play on his account so that min games are done”. There seemed to be a rift from multiple players on the team which, but instead of looking into the possible claims of account sharing, Bixus removed SamuelP for toxicity. In the end, it is confirmed that Adolf36 did not play the minimum games on his own account. Additionally, Adolf36 would be considered an ineligible player since they did not have the minimum games required for playoffs without the games that were played by Gildo.




Disciplinary Actions

1. Account Sharing

1a. Knowledge of Account Sharing


- Adolf36 and Gildo have been found guilty of account sharing. In our rules, it is stated that if a player is intentionally account sharing on their main account, they will be suspended for at least 1 season of BOL. However, the severity in this case is above the threshold for basic account sharing. Therefore, both players will be permanently banned from Blue Otter League.

-Sovergn, CoalBox, and Alkalora have been found guilty of having knowledge of account sharing. Since the season is over, they will be ineligible to participate in BOL in the next split. They will be eligible to appeal immediately after Season 10.

-The entire Degenerates Esports organization will be blacklisted from Blue Otter League.

-Degenerates Esports Exiles will be disqualified from BOL Platinum in Season 9. The Wildcard match between them and NWE Orion will be considered a forfeit for DEG. NWE Orion will advance to quarterfinals.

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