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Competitive Ruling - Master McNasty


After the BOL Platinum round of 12 matches on November 7th, BOL received concerns about a player on Master McNasty named "Oranchi". Oranchi was a newer player to the McNasty team this split and originally played top for the team. During the seeding week and playoffs, Oranchi was swapped to ADC because the team's original ADC had to step down. In the 6 games Oranchi was playing ADC, they had outstanding performances on champions like Kai'sa, Xayah, Kalista, and Seraphine. According to champion mastery, Oranchi has 4,370, 5,855, 3,051, and 133 points on those champions respectively. While first timing a champion is not unheard of, Oranchi played those champions with little to no practice on the account and played them at a decently high level. While reviewing the account, BOL staff noticed major discrepancies between matches which included active summoner slots and item placement. Using Aatrox as an example, it can be seen that two different players were actually playing on the account because of the different tendencies that the players have. One player has their main active on 2 and puts their boots in the last slot while the other player puts their main active on 3 and doesn't care where the boots are (Evidence 3). There were only a few exceptions to this. The same could be seen on other champions, like Sett, that both players actively played on the account. ADC champions were rarely played previously which could also be seen from the low champion mastery. BOL then looked into Oranchi's past competitive history and found out they are an active participant in cLOL under the Wake Forest Gold team. While looking up the cLOL information, it was found that Oranchi's listed discord account was TheOneAsianGuan#7629 while the discord account being used in BOL is named emmassential which are 2 completely different discords (Evidence 1). We also found a screenshot of TheOneAsianGuan showing a ranked game they played as Oranchi which can further solidify that TheOneAsianGuan is the true owner of the account (Evidence 2). Furthermore, a message from the team captain of Wake Forest included TheOneAsianGuan as part of the A team along with @level16riven. Level 16 Riven was listed as an alternate account of Oranchi. Looking back at the Level 16 Riven games, the last game they played was 213 days ago and was played with Oranchi and Nerium Oleander, who is the Wake Forest captain. There was clear evidence that Oranchi's account was being played on someone that was not Oranchi. BOL decided to look into the friend circle of some of the players and Nerium Oleander popped up. Nerium attempted to play in BOL last split but would need a ton of games in order to be eligible. Therefore, Nerium decided to be the team's coach instead. BOL staff decided to look at Nerium's account and found that before before late September of this year, Nerium's actives were mainly 3, and 1 on some random occasions, but ended up going all over the place recently. As seen on Nerium's, the account started to use the 2nd slot as the main active with boots in the last slot which is what the original Oranchi owner would do. There are occasions where the actual Nerium player goes back to the Nerium account to play some games, but for the most part, both players have swapped accounts in the meantime. Lastly, looking at the Master McNasty gankster account, their listed roster (not the team bio) does not have Oranchi as a player and only includes Oranchi in the team bio (Evidence 7). The 7 members on the right side has all players accounted for besides Oranchi and has one extra member, Schneider. Schneider used to be the old discord name for o.m.a355 who is Nerium Oleander. Ringing is a difficult rule violation to prove in any game without doing things that are borderline illegal. However, we believe we have found evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Oranchi has been found guilty of ringing/account sharing in an official BOL match and therefore, Master McNasty will be disqualified from BOL Playoffs. TD Unknown will take their spot in Quarterfinals. EVIDENCE



  • Account Sharing/Ringing

  • Knowledge of Account Sharing


  • Master McNasty will be disqualified from BOL Platinum playoffs

  • TD Unknown will advance to Quarterfinals and will play against Dorado Iota

  • The Master McNasty players will be indefinitely suspended from BOL

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