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Gold League Week 4 Division 2 Power Rankings

1. Mad Rawrs

Mad Rawrs stay at top of the group with another convincing win this week, absolutely dismantling The Collective. Coming into week 4, they will face NSG Gold, and I suspect another win this week from the Mad Rawrs

Players to Watch: Nuttby

Lil Natz had a great series vs The Collective, posting a 10.5 KDA ratio. He will need to replicate this performance going up a much tougher bot lane on NSG Gold.


2. NSG Gold

NSG Gold continue to find themselves in good form after a swift 2-0 over the Poro Snaccers. They find themselves going vs top of the group, Mad Rawrs. If they can keep lanes even, and fight as a team better, they have a real chance of winning.

Player to Watch: Thor22

Thor22 will need to be at his best this week going against Mad Rawrs. He showed some strong games last week, but things just got a lot harder this week. We will see if he is up for the challenge.


3. Imperial

Imperial found themselves climbing after not having to play last week. They do have a tough matchup against the Collective this week. Hopefully, the week off gave them some time to reset and refocus, because they are going to need it.

Player to Watch: IG Shiru

IG Shiru had a tough showing vs Mad Rawrs. I expect with the off week and time to reset, Shiru will rebound and look much stronger.


4. The Collective Esports

Although The Collective lost this week, I’m keeping them at my in the playoff picture. They do however find themselves going against an Imperial team who had a week off. It should be a tough match up, but if Collective can win it, they will find themselves in the top 3 of the group.

Player to Watch: Rurfu

Rurfu had a difficult week last week and he will need to perform much better if his team wants a chance of winning against imperial.


5. Chubby Babies Shock

Chubby Babies Shock drop down the list after last week trouncing to Twin Disaster. Luckily for them, the series vs twin disaster, will be remade and played later. Also, they have a by week to work out some of the clear issues this team is going through. Only time will tell if they will start to click and be able to make it into the top 4.


6. Twin Disaster (Twin Miracles Academy)

Twin Disaster is the drama of this division. They can absolutely play when they are on the rift, but unfortunately, cannot seem to follow the League rules for their wins to actually stick. They will be playing catch up as now they have their game vs Poro Snaccers this week on top of the 2 series awaiting to be rescheduled. If they can re-win those series, they are one of the top teams in the division.

Player to watch: Toxin

As stated last week, the player is incredibly good, however, he was ineligible to play.

I suspect he will get his required games in and lead his team.


7. Poro Snaccers

Poro Snaccers again find themselves bottom, after another tough loss. It feels like they have failed to find a way to win from week to week. They find themselves going up vs Twin Disasters. If they don’t figure it out, they will add another loss to their season.

Players to Watch: Anyone

Anyone on this team at this point needs to put up some solid stats if this chance wants a hope to win.

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