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Gold Midseason Player Rankings: ADC - By Toxin

Hey everyone, it’s Toxin! One the most requested things people ask for in our community is player rankings. Before I get into the actual rankings, I just want to go over some of the criteria that I used when making these rankings. First, I did not look at the actual stats that you could find in the stats-bot channel of the Discord. Not only is the bot bugged at times, but I personally believe that looking purely at stats does not accurately depict a person’s skill level relative to everyone else in the league. I also will not be using any scrim results to factor in where a player falls in regards to everyone else. Not only do I not have every single team’s scrim records available to me, but I also know that scrims are not always approached with the intent to win. Players use scrims to practice new picks and play more with their teammates, which does not always mean they are 100% trying to win. On top of that, some teams don’t scrim at all. The main things I will be looking at when making the player rankings is your head to head matchups against others in your division, as well as any past knowledge I may have on you as a player. The players themselves are grouped together into a tier list. While I have them listed in my own particular order, I think that players within their tiers can be interchangeable. For example, any player listed in S tier can be argued for the best player in the role. Finally, I will only be looking at active starting players. For some players, this could hurt your ranking due to a) you not currently being on a team, or b) you not being a starter but doing well when you filled in. Only one player will be allowed from each team. Let’s get into the rankings!

AD Carry:

Smurf tier:

  • Snowlife (CB Obsidian)

Honestly, it would be a disservice to put Snowlife in the same tier as any other ADC in the league. The dude is very clearly the best player in the league, and his team takes full advantage of him. In fact, I would even argue that if you replace him with any ADC in the S tier, CB Obsidian would not be anywhere near as strong. That’s how much Snowlife means to his team and I fully expect him to rank out by the end of the season.

S tier:

  • HowIMetYourTable (Imperial Gaming)

  • Toxìn (VBU Argon)

  • Riv60 (Twin Spirits)

  • YRÙ Running (Rangers)

  • ClassyTrux (Oasis NADS)

  • Wunderworld (Literal Monkeys)

Moving on, we have the S tier AD Carries, which are mainly from the East and the North. I think that HowIMetYourTable has been playing like a man possessed this season, as he has really elevated his game since joining Imperial Gaming. If that team is winning, a large part of it is because of him. Also in the North is YRU Running and ClassyTrux, which are both large parts of why their team wins, just to a lower degree as Table. Then we move onto the East, where I’ll highlight Riv60 and Wunderworld. For Riv, he is basically the 1v9 carry on his team. Similar to Snowlife, this man is the sole reason that his team is ranked highly in the power rankings and why his team wins games. For Wunderworld, I think his lane phase is probably the best in the league, and the fact that he picks lane bullies really plays to his strengths. However, I think out of lane he struggles when he doesn’t have a lead, which is why he finds himself at the bottom of S tier. As for myself, I think that I’m the best weak side ADC in the league. My team rarely gives me resources, but even then I’ve done well against top tier competition.

A tier:

  • BaaMMM (CB Royal)

  • SilantroKiller (Crimson Dolphins)

  • ADISHAWN (Collective Cosmic)

  • Cjkracker02 (Final Esports)

  • Sushisuwa (Gob Squad)

  • BarbaricChampion (NSG Gold)

  • Best Plunger (Mythos Purple)

Next up is the A tier, which again faces the dilemma of strength of competition and consistency. These two factors really go hand in hand in both positively affecting some players and negatively affecting others. For some, such as Cjkracker02 and BarbaricChampion, the fact that these players are able to contend with some of the S tier players in their games give them the boost into this tier. For others, such as SilantroKiller and BaaMMM, the fact that your average competition is weaker means that you kinda need to be stomping to warrant being S tier. I think that both are extremely close to S tier, but I need to see more out of BaaMMM before I move you both up. In terms of consistency issues, I think that ADISHAWN is the perfect example of that. On one hand, he has weeks where he could contend with Snowlife. In others, he’s getting destroyed by BuriedDonut. If he can iron those out, I think that a jump to S tier is in the near future.

B tier:

  • Kawaii Bubbles (NSG Infinity)

  • Mełiødas (Dead Orbit)

  • Round shiba inu (Shrimp Fried Rice)

  • namledneR (NSG Amethyst)

  • Tnzley (KQC)

  • LX Jlightheart (Limitless Chaos)

  • IQ OF A COCONUT (VBU Plutonium)

  • Rosalinã (Mad Rawrs)

  • Flayedon (Classic Esports)

  • BuriedDonut (Silverline)

Spoiler alert: there is no C tier this time! Yes that’s right, I don’t think any player really deserves to be in that tier based off of their play. The players here in B tier aren’t bad players by any means, but I feel that no one in this tier really stands out in their games. I feel that the players in A tier do a better job of taking over their games than these players. Granted, for some players such as Rosalina and Flayedon, the sample sizes are lower than others. I also want to point out that some of these players were better in other roles / are switching roles moving forward. For example I think Flayedon played well in support, and I’ve heard that Rosalina is a beast at support from some people in the community. I think that IQ OF A COCONUT is a great mid laner from what I remember, Tnzley I think is a better mid than an ADC, and namledneR is switching to Mid lane to start week 6. Finally I really want to take the time to say that Lemunaide should be starting for Limitless Chaos. This isn't a knock on LX Jlightheart by any means, but Lemunaide is definitely an A tier, if not a borderline S tier ADC from the small sample size I've seen. He definitely should see the rift more often, especially if his team wants to continue to succeed moving forward.

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