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Gold "Player Rankings" - By Guardian Wakka

I would first like to start off with this is my first ever ranking or making any content for any league ever! So be prepared for this to be very incorrect and not the most professional but I will give it my best so that we can have more amazing content in BOL. This ranking is my own thoughts and does not reflect anything else from anyone in the League so please take it with a grain of salt as this will possibly be biased as all player-made content will tend to be. I used some of my knowledge of the players ability and past, mixed in some stat research to see if any of that held up or is true, watching some people on streams or spectating if the series are still on and also going off the word of other players in BOL. Have fun and keep it light hearted <3 love you all!

I don't mean any of this as flame if I could, I would put everyone in an S or A tier but then i'm just listing people which sorta isn't what i want to do. So really if people get put in a tier they dont like it's not meant that you are bad it just makes my “List” look pretty, I could of just put everyone from B and below in the same grouping, only real difference is from S to A and from A to everyone else!


Top Lane

Top lane is the island of the rift; this lane is so desolate it lets players AFK top for almost the entire game and maintain a 9.8 CS per minute ego. I think this lane also provides one of the most diverse champions to be played from Bruisers, Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Duelist, and Split pushers. These people have the hardest job since its possible to make one single lane mistake and never be able to recover if the enemy is just far better and that makes top lane one of the scariest roles in League of Legends

S Tier :

  • KillerUnicornz (VBU Plutonium)

  • Clarken (NSG Infinity)

  • Habloufough (Collective Cosmic)

  • Kappa Krusader (Twin Spirits)

These top laners are the creme of the crop best of the best players around our league. Some of them have the best IER’s, vision stats, CSPM, and everything needed outside of statistics to be considered great. First KillerUnicornz is the best player on their team and most pivotal to any bit of the success for VBU they are. It's clear they started building a team around them because they are just THAT GOOD. They are the highest tier player who could be in this spot there is no higher spot than where they sit. Habloufough just seems like Collective keeps spitting out great top laners over and over and over again what else can’t they do! The pressure and control they get over the top lane and ability to micro manage every single wave manipulation is insane. Kappa Krusader, is there ANY ROLE THIS PLAYER DOESNT accelerate at! They are probably the best all around player in the entire league.

A Tier:

  • Altazi (VBU Argon)

  • Ishe (Classic Esports)

  • Shadowballs000 (CB Rangers)

  • Feathers and Fur (Mythos Purple)

Altazi really is just a product of his teammates and will need to be proven in playoffs and without his star studded jungler spoon feeding them their lane it will be interesting! Granted they still have some of the best stats and abilities as a top laner. Ishe while not being on classic esports anymore worked super hard to try and pop off every game I dont think Ive ever seen this player miss an Ornn ult that didn't hit 5 people insanely cracked. Shadowballs000, I think Cramma is better and we should have just stuck with them. Should of stuck with Cramma since he would of not gotten solo’d this last week “Allegedly”. Feathers and Fur is a true BEAST in the top lane and the main reason for the HUGE turn around for this Mythos Purple team without Feathers who knows where that team would be without him and his GOD TIER Illaoi make sure to ban it or you just lose.

B Tier:

  • CMT (Silverline)

  • Triple Cute (CB Obsidian)

  • Synirr (Crimson Dolphins)

  • Yung Natz (Mad MAWR)

CMT is the best top laner in this entire grouping and it isn't even close. They are great at picking up any of the slack if there was any on Silverline there is little to none as this person is the mega carry top this team needs. Triple Cute may be just on an ok team but their power they possess and ability to play the best weak side and possibly some of the best strong side if given is great for their team. Synirr is great on the carry champs and able to keep his team in the positive no matter how well or bad the game could be going and that just causes so much more Dolphins HYPE. lastly in the tier is the 8.6 CSPM god, they seem to be having a down split since they are not able to maintain that classic 9.8 but hey that's not that important to most people. Natz is a great tank player and his non stop Ornn prodigy style plays are what makes Mad Rawrs a play off contending team.

C Tier:

  • The Duckling (Limitless Chaos)

  • BupnCup (Dead Orbit)

  • Funky (Literal Monkeys)

  • ClassyKru (Oasis Nails and Day Spa)

  • Rom (Shrimp Fried Rice)

The Duckling has the honor of taking over the Trynd scrim god on trick. Which gives this team even more power now that their top laner can play more than 1 champ outside of Solo queue. The play they have shown so far has great potential to be some of the best in the league. BupnCup has the luck of playing on Dead Orbit with some of the other best players in the entire league and helps me have a real reason on why I am the Dead Orbit biggest fan and number 1 supporter. They play great carries like Camille and Tanks like Ornn what more can you ask from a top tier top laner. Funky is a pivotal player in the monkeys team dynamic and without them the team would lack some power but this player really makes the team ‘built to win’. ClassyKru is unlucky in the fact that they have to play in North who clearly has some of the best toplaners in the league but that does not stop them from being cracked and popping off every single week being the teams lead carry! Rom is such a great team player. Their ability to TP at just the perfect times to come in and help the team out is unmatched in BOL, huge for this team.

D Tier:

  • Actual Bird (Imperial Gaming)

  • SEMZ (Final Esports)

  • Shugotenshi (NSG Amethyst)

  • Th0r22 (Gob Squad)

The D in this tier means DESTROYERS! These players just brings such havoc to the rift for all of their respected teams. Actual Bird is such a great freaking player give this person Aatrox and the game is just over might as well FF, if you are lucky to get them to actually play having schedule issues once in a while. SEMZ, this man is a bully he beat my butt toplane when I was helping a team out that needed a top laner and he beat me on every single one of my picks he straight up destroyed me and the team, clutch. Shugotenshi just is able to take any little lead they are given and just run with it the rest of the game increasing their lead every bit of the way, straight up destroyer. Lasty the person I scared of most on this list and same with all the other Gob Squad players they destroyed us Rangers when we played them. An actual animal on the rift soooo freaking good watch out for them!

F Tier:

  • Turbo Stainer (KQC)

  • TheRunicBlade (NSG Gold)

No matter how far down this list is everyone is a great Midlaner and I know they are massive and key parts to all of their teams winning because without a midlaner it's a 4v5 game and dang near impossible. With that someone has to be “at the bottom” (no one is really the bottom i just ran out of players). But the bottom of this list F stands for FEARSOME. These players really should be feared when going up against them, Turbo Stainer is just deadly on their WuKong, 5 man knock up ults every single time. TheRunicBlade has some of the best in lane ability that perfectly transitions into the rest of the game almost better than any other player on this list, just a key player in any of NSG Golds success.


Jungle dif, Jungle dif, Jungle dif, we all know what it is and we see it in our solo queues and some of the junglers in this league cause some major jungle differences and these players win and lose games with a single keystroke, the smite button. Teams are made around junglers and their success just look at C9 with Blaber best jungler in NA=Best team in NA. Jungle is King


S Tier :

  • Flatzoner (Limitless Chaso)

  • Batman (Final Esports)

  • Warhead852 (Oasis Nails and Day Spa)

  • CD0000000 (Silverline)

Flatzoner is the single greatest jungler in our league and I don't think anyone can argue that, his pathing is some of the best and has possibly the fastest clear time, close to the likes of Blaber and Closer. Watch out for this next player, they are truly the hero Gotham needed, Batman from Final is their biggest contributor to any of the teams success. Be careful giving this person Nunu because they will literally roll any team with that pick. Warhead852 has done an almost impossible job, taking over for someone who could of been the best jungler in the league if they were actually gold and not a smurf, but warhead has put in the time and is an absolute beast on the rift and not someone to disrespect, they’re a carry still, it's obvious. Lastly rounding off my S tier is CD0000000 no matter how his team is doing this player is such a good jungler and his success shows every single time on the rift a straight up legend on the rift.

A Tier:

  • Eterna1Darkn3s (Dead Orbit)

  • SwaggyP (Imperial Gaming)

  • Myth Jones (CB Obsidian)

Dead Orbit is built around Eterna1Darkn3s shot calling and control of the map, the engages this player gets are some of the best i've ever seen. They are the reason I am a part of the Dead Orbit fan club and one of their biggest supporters! SwaggyP has the next spot on this list and same with the other people on this list the engages and angles this player gets on champs like Sejuani are immaculate, a true masterpiece. Myth Jones, as a support I have lots of experience playing against Myth as they tend to love to sit bot and try and gank and get lane ganks off for 50% of the game, and they still work damn near every time! This person is so good at just sitting bot and getting the rest of their team ahead from his ganks, a true selfless player giving up his timings to camp his laners and he's the best to do it!

B Tier:

  • Wiltonix (NSG Gold)

  • Jayyster (NSG Infinity)

  • Emperor (Twin Spirits)

  • KronicN1nja (Collective Cosmic)

Wiltonix of NSG Gold is the best player on NSG Gold and tied for best jungler in NSG as the other is on this list. I see these players as equals they both learned from the GOAT jungler (exNSG) Myth Jones. But both of these junglers have great timings and pathings to always be where they need to be and I know in solo queue people always say “jungle diff” when they are playing! Emperor is a pivotal part to any of the Twin Spirits wins their objective control is hard to match and is probably one of the best in the league. They also have really high kill participation, great player. KronicN1ja is apart of the Collective Cosmic team and in a very hard fought division with some of the other best junglers in the league and that makes them apart of it as well, there is not a single bad thing I can think of when they show up.

C Tier:

  • Kral Sultan (formerly VBU Argon)

  • Creepin (KQC)

  • DueroxBasting (Mad RAWR)

  • Honey Thighs (Classic Esports)

  • Glada (VBU Plutonium)

We will start this section off with someone I should put lower on this list and or just take them off it as they were bad at elo sitting and happen to rank out and leave his team behind. But it looks like they ended up ranking out and then instantly ranking back down but via rules they are still ineligible. Creepin is such a good jungler their powers as a jungler and getting control over objectives and the pressure they can apply to lanes is hard to match and is why they are up so far on my list. DueroxBasting has the luck to play on RAWR a great team and organization run by some amazing people with good personalities and characteristics. Very important to the team would be hard to replace this player. Classic Esports owes all its success and positivities to Honey Thighs brining this player in has made them a far better team and they have such great knowledge about the jungle and how to move about it and just control a game. Glada is one of the best players in their division and that division also has some good junglers so that sure says a lot they have great engages and their ability to find good fights is unmatched.

D Tier:

  • Decelerate (CB Royal)

  • PacaPaul (Limit Monkeys)

  • Dukee11 (Gob Squad)

Decelerate has a super diverse pool of champs that it is really hard to ever ban this player out and teams really need to try and do that because almost all of they can carry and be such a pop off player on, the only thing they have more of than champs in their pool is name changes, I think him and fini on CB Royal are having a contest who can change names more often this year. PacaPaul coming off his win in ZGG Gold on an all Plat team is a MONSTER in the jungle this player is sooo freaking good. I swear some would say that their team is ‘built to win’ but actually they are one of the top junglers in the league and someone to respect or they will invade and take all the enemy teams camps. Lastly in the bunch is Dukee11 probably my most feared jungler on this entire list and the only jungler to ever win a game and beat us on CB Rangers he is only this low so I don't get scared when I open this doc up again since they are truly the jungler I fear the most.

F Tier:

  • AsianJosh (Shrimp Fried Rice)

  • Nightmarehall (NSG Amethyst)

  • EternalCr1es (Mythos Purple)

  • FOR MADDEN (Crimson Dolphin)

  • Anderson Cooper ( CB Rangers)

AsianJosh on Shrimp Fried Rice is a key player and pivotal part of the wins and execution of optimal jungle mechanics and movements. It's like fine art. Nightmarehall pops off almost every single game and is a cracked jungler love watching them play its so fun to watch. EternalCr1es goes topside and they just win games. It's clear and obvious they have a top tier top laner and a great jungler their ability to play together and control the map and game is unmatched. FOR MADDEN makes me kinda mad. I don't like that their name is in all caps and Madden also tilts me since I can never catch a win against any of the CB Rangers in our Madden leagues. But I guess they are a great jungler always helping their team win. Listen, cooper and I are cool but I simply can’t keep covering for him. His routing is so bad he once ended up in another whole BOL match. Just disappeared off the map. If he knew how to smite, or quite frankly do anything correctly at all he would be a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for all of us, cooper is cooper

Mid Lane

Midlane is where legends are born. Plain and simple some of the best players to ever come out of League of Legends are Midlaners, Faker, Bjergsen, Rookie, Caps, Perkz. The list can go on and on. That being said it's the same here, Mid the the most prestigious role and most looked at spot on the entire map. Now lets take a look at how Blue Otter Leauges Mids match up!


S Tier :

  • BTG (CB Royal)

  • Bonniii (NSG Gold)

  • Buhrock (CB Rangers)

  • Wise324 (Shrimp Fried Rice)

First off the best mid laner in all of Blue Otter League is clearly BTG from CB Royal, this player has some of the craziest Champion pools and is an absolute monster and carry in every single game they play don't think you can ask for a better player than BTG. Bonniii Is a freak of nature and solely the mega carry of NSG gold the Champs that this player can pull out it's crazy fear this player. Wise324 Was the main purpose and carry in the last series that shrimp fried rice won. This guy is such a skillful player just watch his little micro movements it's a pure masterpiece. Lastly in S is Buhrock from CB Rangers,I mean there isn't really much I can say this guy 100% belongs in this tear if not his own tear I don't think this player has a single equal everyone wants to be Buhrock.

A Tier:


  • Rendelman (NSG Amethyst)

  • Eastonn8 (Final Esports)

  • ExStarZ (Crimson Dolphins)

BBANDB Is a cracked player this player has to face some of the hardest mid laners in the entire league and for the fact that they can still stand face-to-face with some of these players is just a sign that they’re great. Rendelman The true face of NSG amethyst is this carry midliner he pops off and it's just better his control over the mid lane is some of the likes of power of evil. Eastonn8 Is an absolute monster this guy has some of the largest and highest damage share in the entire league this player is a creature to fear. look out they have some good pics in the mid lane and then they just carry plain and simple. ExStarZ Crimson DOLPHINS HYPE lives on through this mid leaner they still have a good shot of winning their division solely off of this player. they've shown it week after week they’re going to continue, nuff said.

B Tier:

  • Thefireofthefox1 (Limitless Chaos)

  • Sayjoe (Collective Cosmic)

  • Buried Donut (Silverline

  • Lotuss (VBU Plutonium)

  • ClassyNatsu (Oasis Nails and Day Spa)

Thefireofthefox1 Yes they have some of the best mid lane stats and their champion pool is pretty good I think this is the perfect spot to put them in on a team that they carry over and over and over again. Sayjoe Is so freaking good watching them play is like Watching LCS And that's off the back of Sayjoe. His ability to play Diana and Ori SO WELL is possibly some of the best in the league. Buried Donut after the swap to mid they have just been on a killing spree looking foward to how much more havoc this player can bring on Wednesdays! Lotuss has been putting in the work to be in the running for the best mid laner in their division its true, just look at the numbers they are gonna crack some of the top players in the league if they keep performing the way they have been. Lastly in this list is ClassyNatsu the pokemon card extraordinaire, they have some of the most pop off and cracked carry performances in the entire league no cap, buuut sometimes he gets camped by his old support as payback for joining the team that beat us in the championship last year.

C Tier:

  • Drakana (Dead Orbit)

  • Ballslap ( Literal Monkeys)

  • A clogged toilet (Mythos Purple)

  • Azurexfire (Imperial Gaming)

  • Karma Divine (NSG Infinity)

  • Silver Rookie (Classic Esports)

Drakana is a rock(literally he loves to play malphite mid and just one shot the entire enemy team they are totally cracked for that and i love it) on Dead Orbits team without him this teams would of been on the shoulders of this bot lane to carry and now its a collective team effort. gotta love a player for that! Ballslap now this is a Literal Monkeys player who was not on/ not mostly starting mid for them on that Championship team but I think having this player on your team still makes the monkeys ‘built to win’. A clogged toilet is a clog in the enemy mid laners day this player is so good and he can literally beat any mid on the right day don't doubt this player or they will make you pay for it! Azurexfire sadly Glacial getting nerfed hurt this person on a personal level as they WERE SO FREAKING GOOD on those gosh darn Glacial champs, they are still a great player none the less but holy if glacial was still as good as it use to be this is the scariest player in the league. Karma Divine when this player has the right pieces around them like they do at the moment on Infinity is select champ pool make them as a team so strong and definitely a fearsome team watch out, the karma mid is still nutty! Silver Rookie playing in the division with some of the better midlaners in the league makes this player one of those and their ability to play Neeko is some of the best ive ever seen love this player on that champ.

D Tier:

  • Kaiten (VBU Argon)

  • JJH (CB Obsidian)

  • Smittyeh (Twin Spirits)

First up on this list is Kaiten, just because you play on the team with the best adc in the entire league doesn't mean I should put him high either, that being said they just beat everyone mid lane every game a straight up MONSTER respect this guy its not just their bot lane thats cracked is this fella too. JJH is a Twisted Fate one trick that gives Dopa a run for his money on TF, this person on cooldown with walk away barely leaving teams to not really be sure if he left or not and then tp right on top of you and murder you. This player is good when they are on their own set up in a best of 5 ;) Lastly here is Smittyeh same as i've said in some of my other rankings but D tier really means Destroyer tier and smittyeh is the main reason for that. They have such good mid lane ability and mechanics that it's actually really hard to match this person up in a good match up, good luck facing this player.

F Tier:

  • Raztastic (Gob Squad)

  • Lone Wind (Mad RAWRS)

No matter how far down this list is everyone is a great Midlaner and I know they are massive and key parts to all of their teams winning because without a midlaner it's a 4v5 game and dang near impossible. With that someone has to be “at the bottom” (no one is really the bottom i just ran out of players). But the bottom of this list F stands for FEARSOME, Raztastic still gives me nightmares from when we faced them and gave us our only loss possibly and i mean it the only person to maybe come within face to face of Buhrock. Lastly is the Yone mastermind Lone Wind ban that champ and ban any other champ you can against this player they will make you pay for it if you don't and they have proven that from time to time and will do it again.

AD Carry

AD Carry is where you will find some of the most diverse players other than top lane. There is so many different champions and styles these players are asked to play. From normal ADC’s like Caitlyn, Kai’sa, Miss Fortune, and Jinx. To other different ADC’s like a fasting Senna or mage or whatever else cheese people want to run in this spot. These players tend to be some of the more mechanical players as they have to lane against 2 other people (most of the time in solo queue its laning against 4 other people since middle and jungle always want to live bot) but thats why it is such an important role that every team just wants to 5 man dive it every game.


S Tier :

  • Toxin (VBU Argon)

  • Meliodas (Dead Orbit)

  • Cobber (Silverline)

Let's start this off easy, THE BEST WEAK SIDE, STRONGSIDE, ANY SIDE ADC in the entire league and it isn't even close and he has most of the numbers to back it up and the record to back it up. Love him or hate him for his ability, it's the fact that he has it and people want it. (ps his rankings are always good and spot on!). Meliodas the mega carry for Dead Orbit this guys laning phase is almost unmatched, granted he also has one of the best supports in the league backing him up at every encounter his willpower to carry MULTIPLE 50min+ games shows true power. Last in our S tier is Cobber, this player has the luck to play in one of the hardest divisions in all of BOL and he STILL BRINGS IT EVERY TIME, They are a great primary carry player and a great weakside player whatever they need they will bring it

A Tier:

  • LuvlzntR3al (KQC)

  • Kawaii Bubbles (NSG Infinity)

  • IQ OF A COCONUT (VBU Plutonium)

  • YRU Running (CB Rangers)

  • Marksmen (NSG Amethyst)

  • Silantrokiller (Crimson Dolphins)

One of KQC best players and biggest parts of success are in the hands of the best ADC in North Division and its a big gap, his cspm are among the top of players and his power in fights and ableness to kite so well is why they are up this high. Kawaii Bubbles their the best Kai’sa player in the league and it isn't even close. The only close one to ever match up to their Kai’sa is a certain ‘Retired’ player. If you are not banning this persons Kai’sa you are going to lose plain and simple. Coconut has the chance of jumping up tiers if his performance can keep climbing he will easily be one of the few best in the ADC role. Marksmen is a key player in any of NSG Amethyst success if they get the help that is needed for them they can be possibly the most pop off player. Silantrokiller, the creator of the DOLPHINS HYPE, the main reason we all were rooting for Dolphins. I mean need i say more he is the solo person popping off each week in and out of lane and the person is unstoppable. Sadly last on this list is YRU Running the ADC who has the 2nd most kills in the ADC spot and I think the league, it's such a shame he has to lane with possibly the weakest link on his team and then still happens to get spoon fed from him every single week, maybe one day YRU Running will make Wakka look good.

B Tier:

  • Round shiba inu (Shrimp Fried Rice)

  • Rosalina (Mad RAWRS)

  • FayChild( Classic Esports)

  • CJKracker02 (Final Esports)

  • Snowlife (CB Obsidian)

Round shiba inu may have the best IGN in the entire league and its not even close on possibly the best team name in the entire league like literally nothing is wrong with either and that goes for their gameplay too, immaculate nuff said. Rosalina, they are an amazing player and the reason why they win a lot of games (except when the other team is stream sniping) beside that they are one of the best players on their team and a clear favorite for South because of them. Faychild popping off as usual they have great game knowledge and the mechanics of this player is far from none a top tier adc. CJKracker02 has had multiple pop off and carry performances over the last couple weeks mainly bringing his team all the way to finals in ZGG I mean what else can I say other than GOAT. Lastly in this tier we have Snowlife a Leblanc one trick autofilled ADC I don't know how much Obsidian is looking to get out of this midlaner playing ADC but they better hope it's not that much! They are this high solely off their Leblanc ability.

C Tier:

  • Riv60 (Twin Spirits)

  • Wunderworld (Literal Monkeys)

  • Sushisua (Gob Squad)

  • HowIMetYourTable (Imperial Gaming)

  • Best Plunger (Mythos Purple)

Riv60 is a great player and the best player on his team, you just gotta hope they can make all their games on wednesday and not ask for a reschedule because then Twin Spirits will be lacking their best player. Otherwise he is clearly such a pop off carry player from the ADC Role classic DoubleLift. Wunderworld same as all I can say for Literal Monkeys is this team is built to win that's for sure and it starts at ADC another piece of the ZGG Championship team, nuff said. Sushisua has the best Tristana in the league, by far, no question, their Tristana is what murdered CB Rangers. Amazing positioning and team fight ability, love em. HowIMetYourTable is a carry. Is THE CARRY for Imperial without this person they might not be as high as they are on my other rankings(TBD release date) Give this player Draven and watch the world give him all the adoration they deserve. Best Plunger key player to any of Mythos Purple games its a massive 2 man show between him and top lane, he puts his team on his back and carries them to the finish what a true player.

D Tier:

  • ClassyTrux (Oasis Nails and Day Spa)

  • LX Jlightheart (Limitless Chaos)

  • BarbaricChamp (NSG Gold)

Trux is a MONSTER and I mean he has the Season 4 title to prove it, plays whatever is needed from the team he can provide it. Need a sneaky little Rat with a gat, Twitch. Busty pirate, Miss fortune, or even the emperor Swain, Insane player. LX Jlightheart pivotal to Limitless Chaos winning he has a great day the team has a great day when the rest of the team slacks this player does not let that phase them, straight killer mentality. BarbaricChamp when this person is giving any space at all to be in a good spot to carry the game, they will never give that up and let the team down. Insane gotta love a player like that.

F Tier:

  • BaaMM (CB Royal)

  • ADISHAWN (Collective Cosmic)

No matter how far down this list is everyone is a great ADC and I know they are massive and key parts to all of their teams winning because without an ADC its a 4v5 game and dang near impossible. With that someone has to be “at the bottom” (no one is really the bottom i just ran out of players). BaaMM this player has the possibly to flip this entire rank around if they would be around to play sadly they will be gone for an extended time which is sad because they are SO FUCKING GOOD we will miss them, watching them carry and just be all around cracked. Adishawn, they are actually a true MONSTER and BEAST in the bot lane but someone had to hold this spot and no better person than Adishawn, their Jinx is to be feared that is 100% and if people leave it up they will totally regret it!


The support role is probably one of the most needed roles if a team wants to be successful (pretty bais coming from a support player but we can move past that lol) They are the one that has to carry and babysit most botlaners through the first part of the game, they are reliant on needing good positioning in fights to help peel the most important players or one of the most import players on the engage. Vision is also a huge part of what makes support such an important role and one thing I like to focus on and make a huge part about my play style and will win or lose teams games based off of their supports vision ability and control. With that let's get this started off with our player tier list ! (these lists will be in no particular order just a grouping of players)


S Tier :

  • Sqwadoosh (Mythos Purple)

  • Frozxen (Crimson Dolphins)

  • Moyushii (Dead Orbit)

These players above are the top tier of what supports are supposed to be at their best in their role. First off on this list is Sqwadoosh the support for Mythos Purple. This player is so key and pivotal to their teams success it is so crazy how much they are needed, their Thresh and Nautalus play this past week against NSG was among the likes of CoreJJ and SwordArt. Next up is Frozxen, They pop off on such unique picks in the support role to help out their team like no other. The pyke play in their series against Mad RAWRS last week had them dishing out coins and making it hail like they are at a strip club giving all that extra income to the team, HUGE player for Crimson and a huge part of their success. Next up, last but definitely not least in this S tier is Moyushii from Dead Orbit, They are THE ROCK that holds Dead Orbit and holding onto that 3rd playoff spot in the incredibly hard and close South division. Their ability to hold strong and keep up the vision control and immaculate support play in multiple 50+ minute wins is beyond me. Look forward to seeing what the rest of these players can make happen in the rest of the season

A Tier:

  • Insatiably ( Shrimp Fried Rice)

  • Bliss (Oasis Nails and Day Spa)

  • Hold My Weave (NSG Gold)

  • Rin (Imperial Gaming)

Next up on the player list are the A Tier supports who are just on the brink of pushing into the S which can happen in the next few weeks if things keep going well for these players! First on this list is Insatiably who has been MASSIVE to this Shrimp Fried Rice team, in the last week matches they put on a true show of how amazing support can be just POPPING OFF on the fasting senna being a key carry and then going completely deathless in the 2nd game on Karma, huge from this player hope they keep it up! Next we have the Scum Gang Mexico Coms Coach himself and Season 2 Gold Champ, Bliss. What can I say about this player that already has not been said. What a true gamer being able to role swap and adapt so fast it's incredible by the end of the season he can easily be in the S tier just you all wait. Hold my weave coming in HOT for NSG Gold great solid player and a key inner piece to keeping their team safe with their enchanter picks, amazing. Finally last in the A tier we have Rin from Imperial Gaming, a LONG STANDING part of what makes this team great is his consistent play and ability keeping everyone safe and in position with his GOD Thresh, its insane people need to ban it!

B Tier:

  • Itnator ( Final Esports)

  • Astrhoe (Mad RAWR)

  • Botlane Hok4ge (Collective Cosmic)

  • Flayedon (Classic Esports)

  • Drakas424 (VBU Argon)

  • Guardian Wakka (CB Rangers)

Starting off this list is Itnator, the pressure this player creates in lane is hard to match it.makes people respect him and his adc in the botlane, super pressure. Astrhoe is a menace in the support role, their vision control and ability to play so many champs well makes it hard to ever ban this player out. Botlane Hok4ge is a straight up MADMAN when it comes to securing vision with some of the best vision stats in the entire league as I said earlier at the top if I could put every in an A or S tier I would. Flayedon the Captain and true leader of his team. Times may be shaky but that doesnt mean players are shaky and this person never misses he seems to be on point almost every single match day, what out for them. Drakas424 the support for Argon is a key point to why his duo is the best strong side adc in the league, he is the heart and soul of VBU Argon that always finds insane engages in the mid game that helps their team win. Finally last in this tier and barely making it in this one is myself, Guardian Wakka. I don’t think I'm a great player and probably still the weakest link of CB Ranges as I was the weakest link of 3-0 Esports and the main reason why we lost finals in the last season of BOL. My engages are meh my vision is average maybe one day I'll be better and able to climb this player list.

C Tier:

  • LX Crona (Limitless Chaos)

  • Pentakill Ahri (CB Royal)

  • Woo Am I (Twin Spirits)

  • Bucket Boy (KQC)

LX Crona is a pivotal player in how the Limitless’ team runs, when he pops off his team pops off. Showing that support is the motor to the team's engine. Pentakill Ahri has the scariest Zyra in all of BOL, they have such a sick nasty pool that can do a ton of damage and carry the team a true monster on the rift. Woo Am I a staple and main spoon feeder of Riv60 the reason Twin Spirits is at the spot it is. If I was making a different style list they are moving up forsure next time! Bucket Boy, support is a much needed and high demand position and bucket boy does both of that, great fighter and pressure in lane, keep it up !

D Tier:

  • Tato (Silverline)

  • Just Bobo (Literal Monkeys)

  • Damnation (NSG Amethyst)

  • Nuzzyfuts (Gob Squad)

  • WolfyEX (NSG Infinity)

Tato, Tato, Tato the person is a non-stop carry player. Them popping off and getting their team a bunch of kills and prio is great and amazing much needed for Silverline and I bet they love them for it. Just Bobo coming off his ZGG Gold title has been a true idol to look up to in the support position, his carry potential and control of the game from the support spot is almost unmatched. Damnation is an important part to any of NSG Amethyst's success when he is having a great night everyone is jumping on his back to the wins. Nuzzyfuts is a massive player and key figure to the Gob Squad on their wins, they were the biggest part of the big win over CB Rangers giving them their only loss of the season. WolfyEX is the best player on NSG Infinity, they have amazing if not one of the best vision control in the entire league and that helps out so much to their success, give this player more credit!

F Tier:

  • GhostTP (VBU Plitonium)

  • Grandfyte (CB Obsidian)

No matter how far down this list is everyone is a great support player and I know they are massive and key parts to all of their teams winning because without a support its a 4v5 game and dang near impossible. With that someone has to be “at the bottom” (no one is really the bottom i just ran out of players). GhostTP they have a great map awareness and ability to move with and flow with the team. The power this player has on the roam with their team is great one of the best. Last but definitely not least is Grandfyte from CB Obsidian, they are a BEAST at Nautilus this person uses Q on cooldown and it hits every single time and sets them up for success on the back half. There is a reason he has some of it not the best support stats in the league an absolute animal on the rift, if you ever wanna be like Grandfyte remember, just Q on cooldown ;)

Ok ok ok, you probably know by this point but this is 100% not some real analyst of every single player and every stat in the entire league, the “rankings' ' are meant to be satire but what I say about some of these players are true. I like and care about every single player on this list and hope and wish them well and hope they enjoy my kinda spoof/spin on a player's rankings. This list was literally made from a wheel spinner website zero of my own thoughts were in the positions of where these people were ranked it was only from the wheel spin LOL so dont take it too hard and to heart kinda just wanted to make fun of player rankings and meme a little ;P

Psst I will probably have real-ish player rankings coming out before game time on Wednesday if not earlier ! :) Love you all Wakka <3

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