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Gold Power Rankings Week 2 - Division 4

Disclaimer: These power rankings were decided on as a committee of 4 players/people knowledgeable of the Gold League and teams in each division.

1) Scarlet Miracles Scarlet Miracles Secure top spot in this weeks power rankings for Group 4, Defeating titan esports in two games, and with what (according to our roster sheet) appeared to be a sub top laner, and their starting top laner auto filled to support as well as their starting mid not coming in until game two. Game one can be subbed up as bot dif, with lunari and table showing just how OP lane priority and specifically caitlin can be in the current meta. Though it is a bit concerning that despite a 4k gold lead, and a strong bot lane they managed to almost throw the game, with a 8k gold swing over the course of 5 minutes in titan’s favor. Game 2 was decidedly more one sided, with a strong ramp up over the course of the game, and another powerful showing of the bot lane, and this time a mid that isn't inting. The roster will look to keep things going in week 2 against 3-0 in the teams season opener.

Player to watch: Lunari Riv60

Strong performances both games and the knowledge to abuse caitlin makes lunari the stand out player from week 1 for me. I will be interested to see how he performs on other picks once caitlin is taken away or nerfed.

2) VBU Argon

VBU, one of the more toxic teams in BOL solely due to the addition of Cassidy on the roster. The team managed a strong showing in week 1, knocking down NSG in two games. Game 1 was a slow ramp up, close out game over 28 minutes, securing mountain soul and shutting NSG out from every objective, save 3 turrets taken after 19 minutes. Game 2 was a bit different, with the darius on NSG getting fed, however VBU managed to hold out and bring in a win in 29 minutes, showing that they were the better team on the day as proven by the fact that despite a 10-3 darius on the enemy team, NSG never had more than a 600 gold lead at any point in game two. VBU favor a strong bot lane, with scaling team fight mid/top laners and utility junglers so far, a strategy which has worked well for a number of gold teams over the years, and i look forward to seeing what they can do in week 2 vs Titan esports.

Player to watch: BestSuppØrtMain

Strong performance in the mid lane on team fight oriented champions this week. Whether or not these can be abused moving forward will be something to look out for, however the damage charts do not lie and neither do I.

3) 3-0

Fun isn't something one considers when writing power rankings but… this does put a smile on my face.

Getting the first Bye week, 3-0, an org dominant in most leagues they are in made up of players that had subpar showings last season, it will be interesting to see how the roster does in their season opener vs Scarlet Miracles. The team is made up of the worst bot lane from last season, it will be interesting to see how Wakka does with an ADC that isn't auto filled to his worst position, especially considering usually when ParadigmŠhift (previously cmonshootfaster) makes an appearance in a league as adc, he puts up top 5 showings for his role.

Player to watch: Greedee

Will he run Ghost or ignite on hecarim as you are supposed to, or will he continue to run flash? Only time will tell.

But jokes aside, it will be on him to prove himself on one of the most impactful roles in the game. His showing this week against Scarlet Miracles will set expectations for the rest of the season.

4) Chubby Babies Frost

Chubby Babies Frost Took the series vs Hyperion in week one with somewhat impressive showings in both games despite the sub mid. Game 1 saw the roster have a back and forth game for the first twenty minutes before an ace at 26 minutes started a strong snowball in the team's favor. While game 2 continued the trend of ramping snowball victories that group 4 saw in week one. Getting this win without Cocońut is a good sign for the team, that they won't be relying on a single player. For their wins. Though the adc did get to play ashe both games. All in all, the babies can have good vibes going into week 2 vs NSG.

Player to watch: Cocońut

Similar to others on this list, my player to watch is the starting mid, and whether or not he has enough upside to start over Candle King who showed ability to be effective on scaling pics, and absolutely devastation on an assassin like leblanc

5) Hyperion Gaming

Hyperion Gaming was taken down by the babies in a pretty disappointing fashion. However benefit of the doubt has been given to the team as they had their top laner role swap to JG and a sub in the top lane, which can hold even the best of teams back. One thing that did look good was their read on the meta, with catlin and senna both making appearances on their adc. I won't put much stock in the week one performance for this roster due to the out of position players for the team. They will have a bye week in week 2 to try and fix any issues they noticed in week one. And will show up again in week 3 vs NSG

Player to watch: Atílla

Can he hold his own vs other bot lanes in the division is the question in my mind moving forward. Eyes on him to step up along with the rest of the roster

6. NSG Amethyst - Match score:(0-1) Game score:(0-2)

NSG Amethyst had a rough go of it in week 1 against VBU. rocking a sub jungler, the roster was not able to show much against VBU, save an attempted carry performance from top laner tHeChIcKeNsSpRaY in game 2. They did pull out some interesting picks, such as zac support and the rare kindred you wouldn't expect to see in a gold league, so they appear to have a willingness to experiment and adapt. If the roster can shore up the bottom half of the map, and play around their top laners mechanically lacking, yet elo effective picks once starting jungler warotter returns, i could see NSG rising a bit higher in the rankings. It will be a matter of how much of an impact losing the starting jungle had on the roster, and how much the other members can level up in the coming weeks.

Player to watch: tHeChIcKeNsSpRaY

The best performing member on the roster in the first week, he just didn't have it in him to carry his team to a game 3 against VBU. if he can put up performances like he did in g2, he can make a name for himself moving forward.

7. Titan Esports Match Score:(0-1) Game Score:(0-2)

Titan Esports come in as the bottom ranked team in this week's power rankings. However, as previously stated gold power rankings are subjective in the first weeks, and looking down on the roster could be a way to get smacked. TES got smacked down by Scarlet Miracles in week one, and my primary concern would be that the stand out performer on the roster was the mid lane sub, who showed a dominant performance on ekko in game 1. Bot lane phoned it in in the game, however despite that, the team managed a strong fight around baron and swung the gold from -3.1k to 5.k in their favor over the course of 5 minutes after a baron fight, however the game was taken from them around the second baron. Game 2 showed significantly less, as the team appear to have been slowly ground down into submission by SM, and Kanye couldn't abuse the SM starting mid the same way he could their sub. Week 2 will see the roster take on VBU Aragon, and it will be interesting to see if the roster can fix some of their issues, and if donteatbees can make a difference upon returning to the roster.

Player to watch: TES DontEatBees The starting mid laner is my player to watch, as i am interested to see if he can bring some stability to the roster that they appear to be lacking, and if he can provide a high enough floor to make up for the ceiling that kanye displayed in week 1.

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