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Hazardous Takes- the Survey Edition

Apparently the only thing harder than not throwing a game is filling out a Google form...but oh well let's get into it! (Special interview at the end!)

  • For all legal purposes, all I did was write the questions. The answers are y'alls just copy-pasted lol

What do you want to see content-wise in the future?

More Zaxe love (There was never any in the first place)

Pea Team content (see your local vegan deli for more information)

player interview questions (upcoming)

Power rankings, predictions, (upcoming)

predictions, player rankings, team rankings, maybe something like matchup of the week?

idk (MOTW is Khan/BBG)

Annie x Jax Cosplay / Skit (no.)

Just more of it in general. More rankings, more analysis, more interviews. Maybe even some skits or comedy content? (TBD)

Who is your vote for MVP Weeks 1-3 for a player NOT on your team? Why?

Zaxe (didn't even play)

SHEESH idk probably Sutekh

i didnt watch the other games lets give it to brad balster team they 2-0 akuma i knew they were a good team even tho we 2-0 them


Hwasal cause that guy 1v9

koyesh cuz hes my goat


LL Cool Jayce kinda the goat ngl

If you were to anonymously flame one player in the league, who and with what flame?

Hazard, he smells

Tuchi that guy is awful LMAO

moowy lul

Moowy, because he is the burger flipping king and doesn’t play any game intelligently

JED cause that guy stinks

moowy cuz his flame is not flame, just him being pissy

bro 80% of the players in this (redacted) league are (redacted) and you want me to choose one ?XD just flame them all and call them pigs


What team deserves more hate than they receive? More love?

Pea team

Pea Team deserves more hate. Brad Balster Gaming deserves more love those guys are mad underrated.

more hate to WLS imagine naming a team after urself omegalul more love to pea team look at the logo

Akuma deserves all of the hate they receive and then some, ely and Brad balster should get a bit more love

Acuma frfr on more hate. OFC TTM tethys deserves more love cause they are cracked

bbg deserves more hate for their rat midlaner, elysium deserves more love for their goat support

khan deserves more hate because those guys are something else ELY or Pea team more love!

Art of War Esports, Art of War Esports

Who is the best BOL staff member?


Bully duh

i dont know

None of them they all smell


Hazard o7

bully because hes my good kitten

I don't know you guys. Does MadMagical count as BOL staff? Pog casting from them

If you had to live as a league of legends champion, which champion? Why?

Mundo, I go where I please


ekko, his ult in canon quite useful

Ekko, because after the events of his lore he just chills and does whatever

Briar cause them toes 0_0 (Someone go ban this man)

Nilah cuz i can go around hunting gods

azir so I could make friends :(

I already live as Naafiri cause I got that dog in me yaknowwhatimsayin


Alright, interview time with our mans Hwaisai I mean Hwasal

1) What makes your team unique? Probably our most unique aspect is how all of us are just kinda solo q andys or retired comp players that recently came together with very specific identities in our champ pool. The only person that truly has comp experience recently on our team is Ons3t, our adc. For everyone else it's pretty much our first competitive season. Our individual identities mesh together really well as a team of 5, however, especially in early skirmishes, which is, in my personal opinion, what makes our team so entertaining to watch (not necessarily the most clean/best gameplay though).

2) Why is it Brad and not absolute Chad?

Got no clue, our team owner knows someone called Brad and named the team Brad Balster. We're rebranding to Next Level Esports in the future though.

3) What makes you and your junglers style and combinations unique or so strong?

generally it's the fact that we draft really strong 2v2s and I'm usually letting myself get pushed in so 3 camping into mid is always an option for him. If he doesn't do well, though, I also dont do well as a result since we heavily play off the fact that me and him will win every 2v2 mid no matter what.

4) How many bans should it take to ban you out in a game? 6.

5) If you had to pick a single ward skin to define your season, which ward skin would it be and why?

I use default ward so probably that. It's kinda the opposite of how I would describe my gameplay since I don't "default" to meta at all and just play what I like.

6) Everyone flaming moowy- based or just drama?


7) Who wins between the Peas and AoW in the Bottom Bracket Battle?

AoW from what I've seen? They've had some popoff moments.

8) What's your history as far as joining the competitive scene/being in it?

none, it's my first season.

9) Who is the most chaotic person in the history of the comp scene?

I have no clue, dont know the history of the comp scene. Right now I'm inclined to believe its the cow on Akuma Sabres though.

10) Thoughts on week 10 Matchup?

Khan Esports is a very strong team and I'm excited to go against their midlaner especially, who has been at the top of the midlane charts by a pretty decent margin. I'm also pretty interested to see how the rest of our team will perform in their individual matchups, especially echko versus mytharium (and how we'll do in 2v2s against the highest rated mid jg duo stats wise).

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