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Hazardous Takes- Week 1

*with the Asterisk that one game hasn't been played because how dare you

Alright gang, all games (except one, death stare @ Sutekh) have been played, so we can finally set up some RANKINGS. You see, if I capitalize it, nothing else matters to you guys except RANKINGS. So if any RANKINGS were to show up, they would be some hazardous RANKINGS and RANKINGS would be RANKED based on my personal RANKINGS and based on stats, performance, team, and RANKINGS.


  1. TTM. They haven't lost, they haven't won, but they still sit in S-tier for me and genuinely shouldn't be dropping games in their upcoming match.

  2. Akuma. ....welcome to second place I mean sure they had Basting and Koyesh but like did y'all forget dragons exist? Seriously though, still S tier

  3. Khan- BANGER win in a banger series so congrats lads. Well played and well done but the scrappy 2-1 isn't enough for me to jump you ahead of the lads above you.

  4. BBG- Absolute domination against the Peas jump you up to top 4. Keep the consistency and you'll do much more than my initial prediction. As a fellow Zac main...please stop bullying Zac players

  5. Elysium- Super sub-Basting? Legendary gold support Koyesh? This team is answering a lot of my random question marks with good answers, and despite the loss I have hopes for this team to continue climbing

  6. WLS- Honestly this looks like a series controlled solely on objectives based on the match results. I knew it would be a scrappy match but the discrepancies in objectives taken, even in your win, is a red flag. However, good work taking a match off Khan.

  7. AoW Esports- Curious to see how your matches coming up go! Hard to rank you due to lack of matches played.

  8. Pea Team- Look lads. Much love but the absolute smashing by BBG hurts my hope early on in the season. Looking to see a comeback to raise my hopes again.


For the sake of fairness, people who haven't played aren't getting ranked.


  1. Toomy- Weakside warriors rise up for the solid showing by this legend of a man

  2. Syntax- 2-0. Aatrox. and Aatrox. Maybe someone ban Aatrox?

  3. Sir Raven- Got the dub over your fellow Raven, played well, good work

  4. Night Ravens - MORE TOPSIDE FOCUS FROM DAEDREAM. Seriously game 2 strongside top cooked. Otherwise meh showings game 1/3.

  5. Ivy- Basting supersub 2 games, such is life, but when Basting is replaced, a poor showing topside.

  6. Tuchi- single game, 1-0 and Aatroxicus gappicus. Statistically bottom of the full board.


  1. Echko- Number 1 on the statboard, number one in our hearts in the rise of the Brads.

  2. Mytharium- dude has been playing the Mind Flayer run in Baldurs Gate because he psychically mind controlled WLS into just not doing objectives well and capitalized on it.

  3. Renku- Playing the enabler isn't always a glamorous role but you did it well, acted as the glue and aided your team to a win

  4. FurryLilFeet- Well played around Basting but not enough to knock out Renku's impact and once Basting is gone the performance kinda falls apart

  5. Soul- As a fellow Zac main you didn't deserve that pain my friend. However, the results do speak for themselves.

  6. Daedream- It pains me to place you here but genuinely out-macro'd during your matches and it appears Myth just ran the map until he locked Skarner


  1. Hwaisai- stellar and dominant midlane performance while making Echko's jungle prowess look vi-able as a contender to lead the season.

  2. LL Cool Jayce- NA JAYCE DIDNT FOLD- despite every game of yours involving throwing orbs at people, you absolutely earned yourself the second spot on the tier list.

  3. Rachet- Honestly, a solid performance despite the ending result. I expect you to sit in the top half of the tier list for the full season. On paper, you weren't the reason for the losses, but you played a major part in the win.

  4. Moowy. My assistant coach. The legend himself. STOP PLAYING SOLO Q CHAMPS AND PLAY WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT. Thanks! (Brought to you by Hwei enjoyers and Katarina haters everywhere)

  5. Earle- I'm looking to see more of an impact in mid with the champs picked (Syndra, Akali, and everyone's bane of existence Karma) but not seeing it just yet- hoping to see a comeback next week of matches.

  6. Brady- The neeko flex is kinda spicy but the overall domination by the other team leaves you at the base of the rankings both subjectively and statistically.


  1. Jed- Despite the 2-0, tentative first place spot. Good performances but definitely outshined by your teammates.

  2. Ratthew- did extremely well in the wins, not so hot in the loss. Key player for Akuma imo in which where he does well, they do well.

  3. Idrees- SMASHER lucian game but Ls on the other two sadly, decent performances in the Ls though

  4. OnS3t- 2-0 dub, hard to judge tier based on how dominant the matches were across the board and honestly want to wait to judge until facing a higher level team

  5. NoClip (Janz?)- Despite the losses, most even-keeled player on the roster when compared to opponent

  6. Soulbert- honestly not sure he was the issue on the team but still poor performances subjectively and statistically.


  1. Daeda- MORE BLITZ. MORE BARD. Less…rakan getting counterpicked by Leo we feel your pain dude. Good performances.

  2. Koy- Ban Thresh? Despite the result (and the TK getting slapped), good performances especially games 1/2

  3. Mix- Honestly a beautiful 2-0 performance, would like to see into a stronger team but homie took care of business and did work. 

  4. Final- solid use of the Leona making map impact but the braum and TK games have very little substance to them

  5. v—^- statistically and visually the weakest link on Akuma roster last week, into a strong opponent in Koyesh. Rell into TK cooked but otherwise im looking to see improvement into future weeks.

  6. Qixing- despite the statistically high ranking I genuinely can’t ethically rank you outside of 6th at the moment considering the poor team performance and objective control. Looking to see a comeback week 2.

Game Predictions

Khan 2-0 Pea

Tethys 2-0 WLS


Thanks y'all! Look forward to seeing the matches and the flame for my Hazardous Takes! Best of luck on the rift.

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