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In Case You Missed It - Week 2

Week 2 Masters draft recap

Hello everyone, my name is Glorsnax and welcome to ICYMT (In case you missed it) where we do a brief summary of the previous week of Masters B.O.L. We all had our fun, now the real season begins as the packs begin to form and teams begin the scrap. “Taco Bell” -The Bully 2024

Death Cards 2-0 Nameless Tritium

Game 1, womp womp, an FF from Nameless already puts Death Cards ahead. 

Game 2 was really unremarkable as Nameless used an Esub and lost 2 bans. A bit interesting thing in draft as Nameless banned Senna on blueside as their only ban. Maokai was the first pick but it’s nerfed Maokai so it isn’t oppressive where you can constantly die and still be ahead. Their botlane ended 3-19, while KDA’s aren’t a real indicator of a game, it gives you an idea of how the game went. Good game to both teams as Death Cards faces Dorado Gaming Gamma (lol) and Nameless goes against Leash the Dog searching for their first win.

Lane Zero Maelstrom 2-0 Bing Chillers (streamed game)

Game 1 was a slow methodical game where Lane Zero just straight dominated them. They drafted a comp that scales well and just as soon as they could, they just won the game. Top fell behind, Jungler fell behind, and Naut was the lamb for most of the fights it seems. Good Game to Lane Zero.

Game 2 was quicker but bloodier, a lot more fights as Lane Zero went for early tempo game and Gragas top (thanos) where they just really put Bing Chillers to bed. For Bing Chillers the spark of the team, Demo, performed the best on his team but it was not enough. Great series from Lane Zero as they hold first with Death Cards (gonna be a good series). As for Bing Chillers, sitting at 1-4 is a bit harder to perform but it’s still early season. They can make a comeback in the second half and threaten for playoffs. They have a bye next week to regroup mentally and save their season.

Omega Akuma Pairing Knives 2-0 Dorado Gaming Beta

Game 1 was a slow game where the top half of Omega really were able to make Fiora to late game scaling, despite the best efforts of Noatak who seems to perform each game. His Lux was not enough to carry this game when Fiora can run you down giving Viego resets or stunned by a fed Syndra and oneshot with R. Omega’s botlane didn’t perform this game but knew they weren’t the wincon and performed well to stop it from getting out of hand. GGs!

Game 2 was a fiesta for back and forth as both teams had a hard time ending it until Omega got the final fight and won it from there. The best chance for Dorado to equal the series but it barely escapes their hands and will fall 0-2 in this series and to a 1-4 in the season so far. Again the topside of Omega didn't fall behind and was able to carry with the support Maokai into the later stages of the game and push it to the end, (DON’T LOOK AT SENNA BUILD). A close game but Omega wins it and makes it 4-0 on the season as they look to continue the winstreak next week vs Goofy Goobers while Dorado faces off against the toughest team, the BYE week.

DZG Styx 2-1 Goofy Goobers 

Game 1 was a bit of a stomp for the side of Goofy Goobers as this entire series can really be summed up with that, all 3 games of the series were stomps with each team getting one but this game was just defined by smolder getting stacks then kill securing with his q as his team just won the game with him being meat shields

Game 2 was the answer from DZG as they shut down Smolder and used their own hypercarry Jinx and pushed the tempo forward and were able to shut them out effectively before he became too much of a problem, they also survived topside to keep it stable and let Jinx carry them. GGS!

Game 3 is really just, a stomp. Nothing really went Goofy’s way and they just tried to keep fighting for something but it just didn’t matter. GGS to DZG! They move onto The Fraud Team next week, while Goofy Goobers face OAPK next week in a really good matchup. 

The Fraud Team 2-1 The Crabs Radiant (RIP ID) 

Game 1 of this series was just a complete curb stomp. I really can’t describe anything about this game that just realize the game is just over and you save mental for the next game if you’re Crabs. Happens to the best of us.

Game 2 was the Crab’s revenge as they locked Smolder and just held the line until he can hard carry the game. The Kog Lulu runback didn’t work in their favor this time as Smolder got ahead and just punished them consistently even if they were even in lane phase, so with back to back stomps, what will the third game entail? 

Game 3 was a back and forth game where both teams had a real chance to win, Fraud with Rex’s Senna and Verticality Darius vs Eddie Boy Gragas, unfortunately for the newcomers, they didn’t have enough in the tank as Fraud beat the allegations as they have a simple Ori comp in the later stages which helps with Sera ult, A great game as Fraud’s are able to secure their first series win and go on the board. They face DZG next week while Crabs is gone…Rest in peace.

Leash The Dog 2-1 USAE Academy 

Game 1 of our series continues the trend of the week as it was a complete stomp again for the side of Leash, Nothing really to talk about these game 1’s this week, a bit strange for this to happen. Maybe it’s a trend for next week.

Game 2 was a scrapy game where USAE crawled back where Genre was able to win through his viktor play and the setup of the teamfights. Really heartbreaking game for Xevel who drops 18 kills on Kayn, but still not enough to win the game as he had to watch his nexus explode. GG’s to USAE.

Game 3 would decide it, but unfortunately, there is no good ending to the comeback kids as Leash just stomps them again, reminiscent of game 1, Genre got his Viktor again and tried his best but just didn’t have enough and it just ends the same way again. GG’s to USAE as they head to face Lane Zero who’s in really good form, as Leash The Dog will face Nameless next week and look to continue their the stomping form. 

That was the second week in the books! If any player would like to give us insight into their teams with an interview, hit me up on discord! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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