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Jen's Journal - BOL Masters League Week 4

Week 4 Recap


The Crabs Radiant


DZG Styx

Dorado Gaming Beta


Khan Esports

Omega Akuma Pairing Knives


The Fraud Team

Goofy Goobers



The Crabs Radiant vs DZG Styx (2-1)

This might be the biggest upset of the week. Once DZG Styx won the first game, they broke their tradition of game 1 losses and were doomed to lose the series tbh. 

Game 1 looked like a strong stomp from DZG, with Rapidfire and Failz crushing from the bot lane. But things went south for DZG in the next two games, where the Crabs’ bot lane, Palmgoat and Alchemist, took over. DZG wasn’t able to take down the Crabs’ hypercarry or defend their own. 

Game 3 was an especially strong performance from Crabs, and I think it was partially due to a weak draft from DZG. Aphelios and Senna take far too long to scale up, and there was no peel in the rest of their team for them. Dr Drex was definitely the MVP of the Crabs, with an extremely strong presence in both of their wins. 

Dorado Gaming Beta vs Khan Esports (2-0)

I voted against Dorado Gaming Beta in my prediction, but I’m honestly happy to see them pop off this week. It’s worth noting that they had a different jungler this week than in their other two series so far, and that may have made all the difference.

Everyone on Beta did quite well in game 1, but I’d say derakos was the MVP for snowballing all of his lanes. Game 2 had a great showing from Noatak and Frosthook in the bot lane, with 90% and 86% kp respectively. 

This was not a good week for Khan. Puffles held out much better than their teammates.

Omega Akuma Pairing Knives vs The Fraud Team (2-0)

It looks like there’s even more King Koneys than usual this week, which is just fantastic. Both games look like stomps, with every King Koney doing well. I guess it’s just a King Koney diff? Although Ritty did just okay in game 1, they might’ve outperformed all the Koneys in game 2.

There’s not a lot to say since the games weren’t close, but I’ll note that That1guysBro did well like usual, even with their team falling apart.


USAE Academy


Nameless Tritium

Death Cards


BCS Demolishers

Leash the Dog


Dorado Gaming Gamma

Lane Zero Maelstrom


USAE Academy vs Nameless Tritium (2-0)

Maybe this series ties for the biggest upset? Leash the Dog beat USAE, and Nameless Tritium stomped Leash the Dog, so it really looked hopeless for USAE. But I was very very wrong. 

Game 1 seemed close at some points, but YUNOHANA, Ins1d10us, and YSKPomPom completely took over fights. What’s more interesting is game 2, where Genre popped off on... Malzahar??? They went 20/2/13 on Malzahar! The only explanations I can think of are these: 1. Nameless Tritium failed a ton of ganks/dives in the mid lane or 2. Genre was a roam monster

Either way, nice job USAE! Underdog stories are always the best.

Death Cards vs BCS Demolishers (2-0)

Expected Death Cards to have a slightly tougher time after last week’s results, but nah they’d win. ShredMan3 and 2004 Lexus GX470 were absolutely devastating in game 1. 

Game 2 was quite long, while being a pretty bloodless game. Only 16 kills from Death Cards and 9 from BCS. Heroux4 made it out with 100% kp, which is pretty impressive. 

It doesn’t look like any BCS players inted in game 2, but they just didn’t have a win con they could pull off. Death Cards played safely and for objective control, and were able to secure a slow but clean win.

Leash the Dog vs Dorado Gaming Gamma (0-2)

And we’re closing out this recap with another series stomp. Pretty much everyone from Dorado Gaming Gamma did well this week, maybe Karino and Kerrigann being especially great. But the games were stomps, so I guess it’s no surprise that the carries ate well.

TALLHANDSOMETOP tends to do quite well, but not this week. They were gapped and rendered useless. Nuggetz and I am the A did okay considering how strong Gamma was, but it didn’t matter. I think the mid lane draft choices were critical here. Akali and Neeko can be powerful in skirmishes, but be completely neutered if the enemy team is careful.

Power Rankings

Sorry, the power rankings are retiring. The standings based on points that you can find here do the job quite well.

Week 5 Predictions


The Crabs Radiant vs Dorado Gaming Beta: Dorado Gaming Beta 2-1

Goofy Goobers vs Khan Esports: Goofy Goobers 2-0

DZG Styx vs Omega Akuma Pairing Knives: DZG Styx 2-1


USAE Academy vs Dorado Gaming Gamma: Dorado Gaming Gamma 2-0

Nameless Tritium vs Lane Zero Maelstrom: Lane Zero Maelstrom 2-0

BCS Demolishers vs Leash the Dog: BCS Demolishers 2-1

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