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Plat Breakdown Semi Finals

Hey all CRTL ULT ELITE here. Sorry I missed last week. Work is crazy for me right now I have not had very much time to myself to write or play league. We are now into the top 4 and I am sad to see there were no upsets last week. The top 4 teams who earned a bye were all pretty dominant in their wins.

This is how ever series last week broke down

TAA 3-1 NWE Titan

EM 2-1 - CBW

CN 3-0 NWE Nebula

CBR 3-0 Mystic Cats

And without further ado here is what the bracket looks like

Points of Interest from Last Week

  • EM won against CBW 3-1 despite not having any 1st round bans and having an ADC sub in as their top laner

  • Aatrox was Picked or Banned in 13 of the 14 games last week. Hope every top laner has this champion in their pool that remains in playoffs.

  • The highest KDA of any player in an individual game was HunterSteelWolf5 on Hecarim in game 1 of CBR VS MC. They went 13-1-9 had a 4 level lead and made over twice the gold that Washing Hands did on Vi

  • The best individual game by a team that lost last week's series goes to Protmorphs Jihn of NWET who went 16/2/20 in game 3 of their series.


Elementals Maelstrom(2 Seed) Vs Crustacean Nation(3 Seed)

Our streamed match of the week for platinum this week is the CN VS EM. Both of these teams have been amazing all season. On one side we have Crustacean nation, the winners of the Surmia division and the most dominant regular season team in BOL Plat, who were able to take down NWEN 3-0. I have high hopes for this team. I mean come on I wrote a copy pasta more or less about this team back in week 3 I was so hyped. I think that Crustacean Nation is the team to beat in BOL. I think they are going to go all the way. If I had another tier above S, I could place CN there by themselves. I think this team is way better than anyone else. CN is currently 3-0 with 18 points and they have yet to drop a game in what I would say is the division of BOL that is the most top end stacked with talent. The scariest part is I’m not sure they are going to drop a game this regular season. This team has very few weaknesses. They draft well, play amazing and are one of the highest solo queue rated teams as well. The players on CN are all in the top 15 of BOL. On the other side of the Rift is Elementals Maelstrom, a team that has looked dominant all season as well. They also had an incredibly dominant run, crushing everyone in the Freljord division. EM won every match they played other than week 2 where they still took their series to 3 games in the regular season. In the postseason they have lost only 2 games, one in seeding vs CB Rush and one game in the last series vs CB white the dark horse of BOL. They have beaten CN in seeding; they just have to prove they can do it in a series. My perdiction for this series is 3-1 in favor of CN.

EM went 3-1 in their series over CBW taking blue side to give themselves the 1st pick Aatrox when given side selection. EM are a team that have primarily played through the bot lane looking for defly to be the games win condition for the team. Defly and The Coach Dom have both been excellent all season. This team has high priority on playing comps with high amounts of CC for more teamfight focused drafts allowing defly to free hit in fights. Nezumi in mid has been this teams other primary carry playing mostly for control mages. In the top lane EM are having to use a sub and are currently playing with Federer. They looked good on Aatrox vs CB white. UBC Sauder might come in for the rest of the playoff run according to the subs channel and I am eager to see if this new top laner can stand toe to toe with Elsa From Frozen, a tall task. In jungle Pelli has been mostly sticking to engage for this team playing lots of Sejuani and Poppy making sure that his team can start the fights and have priority.

CN were able to take their last series 3-0 over NWEN. CN also chose to take Blue side in game 1 and were denied the Aatrox pick in all 3 games. Maokai was taken instead as one of the best flex picks of the patch. I hope EM are ready with no 1st round bans Aatrox pick 1 on blue is coming. That is a lot of pressure to put your newest team member on. I hope Sauder is ready. Catwater who came into this roster recently has fit in really well playing mostly control mages in mid. The rest of this team is the same and all are looking great. DragonMoonCake and Teegarden still are both able to die so little in their games itz crazy. If EM are not able to draft enough CC to properly dive I fear that this duo will run amok in their series.


CB Rush(1 Seed) VS TA Akatsuki(4 seed)

I think it's safe to say coming into this matchup that CB Rush are the heavy favourites to not take just this series but another title. CB Rush are the titans of this league winning the past 3 seasons in a row and they are looking to crush everyone under the weight of the world in their talent and execution. TA Akatuski are going to look to be Atlas in this series and see just how long they can hold up under the constant pressure that CB rush exerts. CB Rush and TAA are both from MT Targon and both did very well in the regular season. CB Rush dropped only 2 games this season and TAA only regular season series loss was to CB Rush. I think that CB Rush will take this series 3-0.

CBR come into this series after a 3-0 clean sweep victory over the Mystic Cats. They looked dominant in this series like they have all season not letting the Mystic Cats take a single inhibitor and closing every game within 35 minutes most before 25. CBR as a team has little to no weaknesses. You cannot point at a player on this team and go that's the lane to go after everyone on this team takes turns stepping up and dominating when the time calls for it. CornStar had been dominant all season and was just outlander by Gl4cail in their last series and honestly so was every other lane. But once again the scariest part of playing CB Rush was not just that everyone lane gaps you, it's that they have a clean macro plan and execute it. Players roam to objectives and set them up before spawn, players roam for deep vision and look for picks when you are trying to get vision back. Back when I was playing in week 4 vs team it was a nightmare it felt like the map was constantly dark and players were always where I wanted them to be the least.

TAA are looking for the upset of the season here. TAA are coming off a 3-1 series win over NWET. This series was again pretty dominant. Game 3 got away from TAA when they were playing a pick comp into a poke comp. They simply never were able to set up and NWET were able to rack up the kill count and then safely take objectives. But the other 3 games of this series were clear cut wins the way TAA plays. Eqq forms the front line for this team in the jungle playing bruiser picks like Volibear and Trundle. RivenSteponMe plays fighters in the top lane and looks to skill check their opposition. Snowlife and PotPot Pothead takes turns being the primary carry. Snowlife has swapped to botlane and brings tons of draft flexibility they just as often play mage bots as they do regular marksmen. As TAA you are going to have to look for some of your more unique bot lane picks like Syndra bot and see if you can get to the 1 shot point. I’m not sure that RivenStepOnMe will be able to create the same type of leads as they did in their last series playing through top lane might not be ideal.


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