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Plat Breakdown Week 4 Power Rankings Edition

Hey all CTRL ULT ELITE here again! I hope everyone had a good week. Work is still trying to crush my soul and I have not had nearly as much time as I would like with this(I am sorry if I skip you when talking about your team I was up late getting this done) I had a bye this week and woke up to over 100 messages in the plat general thread between TA Akatsuki and Iceborn Chaos so I guess these teams have some beef now. Hope the random trask talk was cathartic for both teams! This week as you can see I am redoing my power rankings from pre week 1. I will be using data Benjamin provides on how people are performing to back up my thoughts. We have had 125 players so far play a game in BOL and I am going to try and only compare data if a player has at least 3 games worth of data(average of playing once every week). Please remember though these are my personal thoughts I don’t have the time to watch every game(I don’t think anyone does) and I can only get so much information from post game information. Intangibles exist just because I say oh X player only dealt 400 damage a minute as an ADC in their 4 games. I could not know things like that player is stuck at a relatives playing on a different setup with 80 extra ping. Don’t flame each other(unless it’s in Trash Talk and you want the smoke). Every team is getting sorted into a tier that you can find information on below.

The 3 teams found in S tier I think are the true contenders teams. These are the teams that if I were to make a bet on who is winning BOL, they would be who I have my money on. These teams are a lock for playoffs and I think will have no problem placing 1st in their respective groups. If they get less than top 4 in playoffs I think they would be disappointed. A team in S tier will be undefeated in matches, have highly rated solo queue players and have players in the top 25 stats that Benjamins provides.

Teams in A tier are the teams looking to upset these S tier teams. If they have lost it would be a loss to a team in S tier. Some teams here are undefeated with a bye or had a very easy schedule so far so I cannot put them as a top team. Teams in A tier are still serious contenders having 1 player rated in the top 25. These are the teams who I think are making it to the quarter finals or semi finals depending on matchups and have a good chance at taking a game off S tier teams.

A team in B tier is a team looking like they have a good chance at making playoffs. B tier teams are probably coming 3rd or 4th in their group and are strong teams still. A B tier team is a team I would bet to win over a C tier team and can upset an A tier team on the right day. These teams are the ones I think have potential to make a playoff run but I think an S tier team would probably still 3-0 them.

C tier teams are the teams that are battling to make it into playoffs. They are teams that currently have more losses than wins. This might be due to playing some of the best teams in the group early or not having their full roster. Teams in C tier have series wins over those in D tier and are looking to squeak by into playoffs taking 4th in their group. These teams I think are going to be placing 4th and 5th and those that make playoffs will be 1st round playoff exit teams.

D tier teams have not won a game and I think are the teams who have no chance at making it into playoffs. A team in D tier is going to have to make some huge roster changes or start dominating quickly to make it into playoffs. Instead of bashing these teams I'm going to focus on the players doing best on their rosters.

Below you will find my reasoning for putting every team in each tier. Position does matter within the tiers(CN is the best S tier team, Xflow is the worst B tier team).

Im curious to see what other peoples list look like let me see yours!


Crustacean Nation(S)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


I think that Crustacean Nation is the team to beat in BOL. I think they are going to go all the way. If I had another tier above S I could place CN there by themselves. I think this team is way better than anyone else. CN is currently 3-0 with 18 points and they have yet to drop a game in what I would say is the division of BOL that is the most top end stacked with talent. The scariest part is I’m not sure they are going to drop a game this regular season. This team has very few weaknesses. They draft well, play amazing and are one of the highest solo queue rated teams as well. The players on CN are all in the top 15 of BOL.

If we look at players with individual talent Teegarden is the best ADC in the league at rank 3. They have the least deaths a game(giving them the best KDA) and are also in the top 10 for kills and damage a minute out of everyone not just ADCS(they are of course rank 1 out of all adcs in these categories). CN also has the best top laner in the league so far the 4th best player as well just in case you thought you could play the other side of the map. Elsa from Frozen has absolutely top gapped most people they have played against. They average almost 4k gold a game more than their opposing top laner and are the only top laner in the top 10 of gold per min category. Their support DragonMoonCake is ranked 5th in the league has the 2nd highest KDA, most assist per player and has the 2nd least deaths. Skifter their Mid is ranked 9th is also top 10 in KDA, Gold per minute, damage per minute and kills. The “worst” player on CN is still ranked number 14 TehSplash. Don’t worry this player has top 10 stats out of everyone they are in highest gold diff per game, KDA and least deaths.

But CN is more than just great lanes they also play objectives and games really well. CN has the highest kills out of every team the most assists and the least deaths. Sorry just let that sink in, this team's KDA is so much higher at 7.61 than everyone else's it's crazy(the average KDA in BOL is around 2.8). CN does not just have the highest PVP totals out of every team but the highest PVE averages as well. CN takes 3 dragons a game and are the only team in the league that averages out to over 2 inhibitors taken a game(if we count out the game that Xflow took 11). They get baron in pretty much ever win and take the most towers out of every team so of course they also make the most gold as well. CN also takes every Rift Herald as well most games and has some of the lowest game times. Look CN had better stats then REDACTED who as a team apparently had players that were fucking gradmaster and high diamond.


Changes since pre week 1:

Different support most weeks although ˇˉˉˆ still has the most games played with 3 played

CB rush are another team sitting on top of their group. They have dropped only 1 game so far and it was their very 1st game vs Iceborn Chaos. I can see this team easily winning Mt Targon which I would say is the division with the closest skill level between all the teams within it. The only team that is left in this division that I can see giving this team a run for their money is Xflow blue who they play in week 6 giving them plenty of time to prepare.

CB Rush has tons of great players, their jungle Mid and ADC are all top 25 players in the league. They have the best farming player in the league with gl4cial who statistically makes the most gold per minute of any player in BOL plat getting 8.5 cs a minute(2nd in CS a min). Gl4cial has a great KDA being able to stay safe most games. The only issue with gl4cial is that they are doing only 700 damage a minute. This I would argue is an ADCs most important job. Gold is great but it's how you are able to use it that matters the most and if we filter everyone by the damage they deal there are 14 players(5 of them being other ADCS) doing more damage a minute then gl4cial and every single one of these players is making less money. The games gl4cial is not carrying CBR Rutledge the mid laner of this team usually is. CBR Rutledge is a top 10 player in the league stat wise who is one of the league's kill leaders. Teams are going to need to start respecting this Sylas it has won all 3 games that it was picked. Huntersteelwolf5 is the 2nd best jungler so far in our league. They have the highest dmg a minute taken among all junglers while only averaging 4 deaths a game showing that they are a great frontline for this team. CB Rush has played with a different support every week so I'm not going to talk about this role on the team. Pipp is stat wise not doing very well in comparison to his other teammates. Most of the players in CB Rush are top 25 but Pipp is ranked all the way at 84th. The most worrying stat for me about Pipp is they only have 35% kill participation(that is the lowest out of every starting top laner in BOL Plat). I could understand if they were on split push duty and could not affect the rest of the map but Pipp has low CS numbers as well.

CB Rush has great team stats like any top team should. CB Rush blows every team out of the water in MT Targon when it comes to average kills they get 8 more a game compared to everyone else in the group and they are 2nd in the league in this category. They actually get .1 more dragons a game than Crustacean Nation averaging 3.3 a game. CB Rush has a low game average as well at 30:05 taking 8 towers a game and 0.9 barons. These are all fantastic stats showing that CB rush can convert a lead into game ending plays.

Titan Gaming Atlas(F)

Rosters Changes:

Hamsandw1ch in mid instead of 0dysseus

Titan Gaming Atlas are currently on top of the Freljord. They have only lost 1 game so far in this division and are poised to hang onto their lead for the remainder of this season. TGA has impressed me and I was way wrong in my initial power rankings for this sqaud. With a new mid laner in Hamsandw1ch TGA has proved that they are not just a playoff team but are serious contenders to win BOL.

The best players on TGA are in the botlane. AU KnuckeD is the number 1 player in the league currently. This player has been amazing so far for TGA having one of the best KDA ratio of almost every player in the league and are still in the top 10 for vision score. They have played 6 supports over 7 games and have looked good on all of them. The worst game for AU KnuckeD their loss vs EM still had this player with a KDA of 4.6. AU KnuckeD and Aclick love to play for push so teams need to start hardcore camping the duo down bot and making sure their lane can survive the push. Speaking of Aclick they are also having a fantastic season so far at rank 8. Aclick is in the top 10 for kills per game, gold per minute, gold diff per game and CS. They have exactly 700 dmg a minute to players which is a little lower than I want to see but Aclick is doing 1080 damage a minute to objectives which is the highest of any ADC showing that they are using their up time. Aclick is making youtube shorts as well about being an ADC in our league go check them out! Rågnar is next on the list sitting as the number 4 top laner. The weird thing about Rågnar is they have played Ornn every single game so far this split. And uh Rågnar is one of the only people playing the pick well. Ornn is sitting at a sub 40% win rate in our league with 19 picks. Rågnar has an 85% win rate on the fire below the mountain. That means only 1 other player has won while on Ornn Duty. Uh maybe ban this pick? It is a lot easier for your team to play for push and hyper carries when you have a really great blind pick top. Hamsandw1ch the mid laner for TGA has some bizarre picks. They have played almost exclusively melee mid laners and are getting counterpick almost every draft. Hamsandw1ch has played Sylas three times but also Gwen and Aatrox. Be very careful what you pick into this player. Vxpir is not doing the best on TGA but they are playing well. They are not going for the incredibly bloody playstyle I was expecting and are almost always playing teamfight focused junglers like Wukong. They have below 50% kill participation and are only doing 270 dmg a minute which is rough for a jungler but have a great KDA.

Overall TGA as a team are doing really well. They claim 3 dragons, 1 baron and 1 herald on average every game. This team's tower count is a little low at 6.9 but that's fine it just shows you end decisively. Overall I think TGA is a solid lock for playoffs if they are able to continue to play at this level.


Elementals Maelstrom(F)

Roster Changes: PeIIi in for L9 Skootin

Originally I had this team rated as the clear number 1 in their group but I think that Titan Gaming Atlas has taken that from you. EM have gotten most of the easy wins from this group out of the way with Mystic Cats and Literal Monkeys both getting 2-0ed by you. But EM you failed to beat TGA. And your losses were not close.

I need to start by talking about TheRealOogway. I had this player pegged in my mind as someone who is going to stand out and hard carry this team to victory. TheRealOogway is currently ranked as one of the worst player in the league. They are all the way down the list at number 97 and 19th out of 21 starting top laners. TheRealOogway is doing 640 damage a minute which is great! That's top 5 among top laners in that stat. But that's their entire uspide. They have low vision scores, low CC scores, low mitigated damage, low damage taken, they are making 100 gold less a minute then most tops and are not even on tank duty! I looked at objective damage and the dedicated split push players are doing around double what this player is to objectives a minute. You played Dr. Mundo once and other than that have been on high impact top laners like Jax, Tryndamere, GP. I hope you turn this season around for your team and get back into form. PeIIi seems to have taken over as your teams new jungler which is kind of a shame cause L9 Skootin was playing super well. PeIIi is taking a lot of damage a minute which makes sense when you see they are most playing engage for this team. They are doing well and setting up Nèzumi to carry.

Nèzumi has been stepping up and this is why I have this team in A tier. Nèzumi is the 2nd best player in the league and the number 1 mid laner. They average 7 kills a game with only 2 deaths. They are dealing 833 damage a minute putting them at number 4 out of everyone in the league on that stat. Do yourself a favor and ban Viktor when playing EM. DMForScholarship is also doing great for EM having some of the highest assist per game out of everyone. Not bad for someone in their off role.

As far as team stats goes they are a little weak for a team that is on 19 points. EM play much more for Hearld then early dragons only securing around 2 dragons a game and getting 1.7 heralds. This team is going for quick victories having an average game time of only 26 minutes and getting 6.7 towers a game. I think EM are a lock for top 4 in the group but that is just as much due to the fact that this is a 3 team group as anything else.

Sensei Squad Susanoo(S)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


If you are looking for a dark horse to root for to win BOL this should be your team. I personally think SSS is an incredible team but most people are not as high on them as me. In the week 3 poll SSS was ranked 8th by everyone(I had them in 3rd due to REDACTED being an option). This team had a rough schedule playing CN and CBT in 2 of their first 3 games and you know what they are sitting comfortably in 3rd place with a 2-1 win over CBT. They had a great showing vs GE Emerald almost getting 2 perfect games. Sensei Squad does not have any player on their roster doing anything outstanding stat wise but no player is lagging super far behind as well.

Lavalizard8u is doing the best on SSS with an average of a 4.41 KDA across 5 games. They have great damage numbers as well doing 700 dmg a minute as a mid laner. Lavalizard8u is currently in the top 10 of all mid laners and is ranked in the top 30 of all players. Orphic is rated as the worst player on this team sitting in the low 60s currently but they are for sure not the team's weak link. Orphic has not had wins where they were quite as dominant in terms of KDA, their best game was probably game 3 vs CBT whereas Gwen they became unstoppable in the side lane. Orphic has played lots of different champions this split of BOL having 6 unique picks over 7 games. SQD Zippy is a fantastic support, being 2nd in vision score a minute out of everyone in BOL but are dying more than I want to see. Sunflowers most interesting stat is that they have higher kill participation then their support. Sunflower needs to try and start playing more aggressively; their dmg a minute is quite low for an ADC. SQD Vaulter88 has a high kill participation for their team sitting at 71%.

Team stat wise the thing that sticks out most to me is that they only get 0.3 barons a game which is concerning. If you are able to have a strong split pusher like Orphic, the rest of this team should be able to get Baron easily when the enemy team is forced to send people to deal with the side lane. When SSS loses, they are normally able to at least get some objectives showing they can play the map.

X Flow Blue(T)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


XFlow Blue have only played 2 series currently in BOL they have yet to play their 3rd series vs Hypntoic. Xflow blue is 2-0 but has dropped a game in both series that they have played but have looked really good even in their losses. This team is definitely a leg up over the other teams in MT Targon I feel and they should get 2nd place which is why I have them in A tier. They have not looked nearly as dominant as an S tier team but I think this team will do well even this other B tier teams in other divisions. This team has a really great roster with an average ELO of plat 2 and they have I think the best mid laner in BOL.

I cannot talk about Xflow without talking about OP Kill Switch. The 6th ranked player in our league and the 2nd best mid as of right now. They also are doing 1106 dmg a minute right now. Thats over 200 more than 2nd place and double the average mid! They are this team's hard carry. They did 1800 dmg a minute as Ziggs in a 45 minute game. I don’t know how to put that into perspective. It's sheer insanity. They are also top 10 in CS a min and gold diff per game. I played vs Xflow and we got blindsided by a Vel’koz that did more damage than a 3.5 item Zeri. If BOL has some sort of all pro team or something OPKillSwitch is getting my vote. The rest of this team is doing decent I would say. The bot lane duo of Xfw PraYx and New IGN wanted are ranked in the top 50 being the other players on Xflow doing well. New IGN wanted is top 5 in vision score a minute and has a KDA of 3.0, 66% KP and are doing the 3rd most dmg a minute out of any support. Xfw PraYx has a KDA of 4.50 and is doing 600 DPM which is pretty good for an ADC playing mostly late game picks. I think this number should be a little higher as this team does have some of the longest game times and damage tends to go up the later a game gets. XFW Gibb Diff and XFW ReedandWrite are not doing nearly as well as I thought they would. XFW Gibb Diff is one of two cap exception Junglers in our league and I expected them to be awesome. They are not awesome so far they are in the bottom half of starting junglers stats wise. XFW Gibb Diff only has a 2.3 KDA and 57% KP. They have been playing much more towards team fight junglers then I thought they would and are struggling for it.

Overall Xflow Blue is poised to take 2nd in Mt Targon. They currently have the longest average game time in BOL and when you play scaling going late is a good idea. This team has the most barons a game and inhibs out of everyone in BOL thanks to their week 1 series where they had a game with 4 barons and 11 inhibs taken. They are taking 2.5 dragons a game as well so their objective game is not weak. Hopefully Xflow blue can continue to play at their pace 2nd place is not a guarantee for this team as they have yet to play CB rush or Iceborn Chaos.


Basement Dwellers(T)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


Basement Dwellers are another team that are hard to rank. The reason I have this team at the top of B tier is that if you look at individual player rankings this team is very highly rated. They have only played 2 series having a bye in week 3. Their 1st series was a stomp vs Hypnotic Gaming using a substitute player. Week 2 they played Xflow blue and lost that series 1-2. BD are currently sitting at 4th place in the group and just 2 points separate them from 2nd. This upcoming week is a big test for the Basement Dwellers they play CB Rush. I don’t expect them to win this series necessarily but they need to take a game to show that they can remain competitive to give themselves a chance to get into playoffs. After playing CB Rush the rest of the BD series are against the teams competing for the last 2 playoff spots in the group so they are masters of their own fate.

The BD have almost all of their roster currently sitting in the top 30 of players stat wise and the worst player on their team is still in the top 50. The best performing player on Basement Dwellers that is on the main roster, is BattleGnome the jungler for the team who played support week 1. Battle Gnome is currently in the top 25(ranked number 23) but I do not want to talk to much about their stats as they are influenced greatly by the 2 wins they received while being a support(for example this player currently has the highest KP out of any player with more than 2 games and the some of the highest assists per game out of all junglers while having some of the lowest CS scores). Amandalin, despite only playing 3 games and losing that series, is still in the top 25(number 24) as well. Amandalin is top 10 in least deaths per game, Kill Participation and vision score. I’m not sure what more you can really ask from a support player if I'm being honest. NakNak in mid lane is also doing very well they have one of the higher CC scores among mid laners with 2 games on Galio and Cassiopeia. NakNak is doing more dmg a minute(575) then they are taking(515) which is a great sign but is not making as much gold as most mid laners. NakNak is in the bottom half of all mid laners when it comes to gold a minute. This might be due to the fact they normally play more for roaming. Jayel the ADC for the BD is right up there with the rest of his teammates having over 750 dmg a minute and playing quite well. They are top 10 in CS a minute as well. CTRL ULT ELITE has the worst stats so far on this team but as a weak side tank top laner that's to be expected. They are still a top 5 top laner so far and in the top 50 of all players. CTRL ULT ELITE has the highest dmg taken a minute out of every player in the league at almost 1200 a minute and is still doing a quite respectable amount of damage sitting at 615.

The BD as a team have some interesting stats. They have some stats that are top of the table worthy like exactly 3 dragons, 1 inhibitor a game and taking 7.6 towers while having a team KDA very near 4. But they also have some rather abysmal stats as well. BD have some of the lowest baron stats as well as the longest game times.

New World Esports Nebula(F)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


New World Esports Nebula are kind of a hard team to rate and I am torn about throwing them anywhere from S tier to B tier. Originally when I was writing this I had this team in A tier. After writing it they are getting moved down to the top of B. NWEN has only played 2 matches so far due to having a bye in week 2 against teams I don’t think are very good. They easily 2-0ed the mystic cats(as a playoff team should) but had a really close series vs TA Tropics who I do not think are as good as this team is. If anyone besides Goati on this team was popping off I could put them into A tier or even S tier, they are undefeated in matches.

Goati is the best player on this team by a long shot. Goati is currently ranked 7th in the league and the next best player on this team is ranked number 40. Goati has 67%kill participation and are dealing the most damage on the team as well as taking the most. Listen I know this player has an absolutely wack champion pool but do yourself a favor and ban the Olaf. If this team starts picking Wombo combo type stuff ban Rumble. NuFFies is also playing good for NWEN. They are not doing great but good. NuFFies is taking more damage then they are dealing which is a major red flag but at least both are high showing that they are playing to win and will not simply watch the enemy take advantages. Duck but Rubber is ranked number 53 right now in total and is number 12 among the ADCS, this is concerning. Duck but Rubber is almost completely average stat wise among all marksmen, doing average damage a minute and is normally down a couple of CS every game. The worry is that Duck but rubber has been given hyper carry duty they have 3 games as Sivir and 2 as Twitch have stats this low. These numbers should all be way higher. Top lane they had a sub one week so I wont cover it. Safe to say both top laners have been average for them. 5ugar has been struggling to put in bluntly. They only have 43% kill participation that's bad. They are warding well for their team but do have 5 deaths a game.

Despite having huge problems again this team is 2-0. NWEN loves bloody games they average 46 kills and deaths over 29 minutes. They have less dragons then a lot of the other top teams with 2 a game. They have the most towers a game in Freljord taking 7.4 a game. I hope that someone on NWEN shuts me up and proves me wrong but I think this team is in for a rough couple of weeks playing Elementals Maelstrom and Titan Gaming Atlas.

CB Tsundere*(S)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


CB Tsundere are a hard team for me to rank. They have some really good players on their team and everyone's really highly rated on them. However they have only played one series so far this season due to having a bye and trying to find time to play their third series vs RIA. In the 1 series CB Tsudnere did play it was vs Sensei Squad Susanoo and they lost. The series was really close going all 3 games and 2 of those games going late. But like they did lose to the 2nd place team in this division. I think CN is going to 2-0 this team on Tuesday more due to the fact that I'm not expecting CN to drop a game till playoffs. If CB Tsundere does not 2-0 Revolution Ice Age we need to be seriously worried about their playoff chances.

New World Esports Titan(S)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


I don’t really think we have seen enough of NWET for me to rank them higher than this. With REDACTED leaving the league and having a bye NEWT has only 1 series played now. Granted that 1 win was a complete stomp vs GE Emerald but uh I’m not sure that team is going to win a series. As I do not have much to go on, I'm going to leave this team in B Tier where I had them originally ranked. This team has still yet to play Custnacen Nation, Sensei Squad Susanoo or CB Tsudere so they have a tough road ahead of them.

Ice Born Chaos(T)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


Iceborn Chaos has not played as well as I expected them to. They are currently 5th in Mt Targon and have gone the full 3 games in all of their series so far being 4-5. They have handed CB rush their only loss so far but also failed to 2-0 teams like Hypnotic. The worst thing is that they lost their series vs Ta Akatsuki who they will be directly competing with for some of the remaining playoff spots in MT Targon.

QLUU has been the standout player for this team playing in 6 of the teams 9 games and is ranked number 16. Jinx has been their go to pick and they have a KDA of 5.43 so far this split which is in the top 10. Other notable stats for this player they have the highest CS per min and are top 10 in gold per min as well. Stunna is also playing extremely well; they are top 30 in the league and are top 10 in kill participation. The rest of this main roster has not been doing as well, all of them are outside the top 50. Taíase is doing the worst stat wise on his team with a KDA of 2.02 and only dealing 441 dmg a minute in top lane. Mikewiwi was a player I was hyped on looking at their OP.GG. But without the bird this player has been less than stellar a middle of the road mid laner.

Iceborn Chaos as a team does not have stats that inspire a ton of hope either. They are getting on average less than 2 dragons a game, normally do not get rift herald or take an inhib. They get 5 towers a game and I would expect this number to be higher. This team has played the most games so far in BOL and with an average game time of 30 minutes they need to start working on their neutral objective game.


TA Tropics(F)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


With a 2-0 loss to Titan Gaming Atlas, TA Tropics find themselves towards the bottom of Freljord sitting at 1-2. I had this team ranked 3rd in their division previously and I am now unsure if they will even make playoffs. TA Tropics play Mystic Cats in week 5 and this match is going to decide who will take the 4th slot in the group I feel.

The bright side for TA Tropics is that they have Paneer as their starting ADC. Paneer is number 11 right now on the player rating list and has hard carried in the teams wins. Paneer is doing almost 800 dmg a minute and is 2nd in kills. It's odd though Panner’s lane partner Jackie Moon 33x is not doing very well this season averaging 5 deaths a game. Twiggy 44x is one of thems other brightsports doing well in both jungle and top. They have a 69% KP(nice) and a 4.0 KDA. Twiggy 44x is mostly playing frontline taking over 1k damage a minute. CoffeBlack 7x the team's main jungler has only a 20% win rate with a KDA of 2.18 and a KP of 53% and is also taking a lot of damage at 1100 a minute. It's a little worrying to have 2 players on your team who are tanking that much. It shows that your games are getting out of control and you are taking free poke or just being indecisive and not hard engaging.

Luckily for TA Tropics Freljord is a very top heavy division and they are currently in 4th. This team does have decent averages taking 2.1 dragons a game, and 5 towers. They do have an equal amount of kills and deaths so hopefully players other than Paneer can play safer allowing themselves to get carried.

CB White(S)

I feel really bad for CB White. It is really hard to join a league mid way through the regular season especially when you are starting down 0-2 already. CB White has only played 1 series in BOL and it was vs Crustacean Nation. They are now in the situation that they are 0-3 and must effectively win out the rest of their games to get into playoffs. You still are scheduled to play Sensei Squad and CB Tsundere. I wish this team the best of luck. Hopefully some of the other teams in Shurima are willing to play rematches vs this team and give them a fair shot.

So the series vs CN is a rough way to start the league but they put up a good fight in game 1. CBW got 18 kills which is the most CN have allowed against them. Denali the king played fantastic this game 1 as Graves but CN had an AOE teamfight comp that just locked them down and were unable to carry. Game 2 was much more of a standard CN game(aka they stomped CB White).

Mystic Cats(F)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


The Mystic Cats have played 3 series so far and have won 1 match. Their series have been sweeps none of them have gone to a game 3 so this team is 2-4. Their 1 series win was against the Literal Monkeys and that team had some subs in. This team needs to try their best to win the next 2 weeks. If they do, I think they will get into playoffs. TA Wild Side are also on the bottom of this group and TA Tropics are the team directly competing for the 4th slot in Freljord.

Shòvy is currently sitting in the top 20 and is the 2nd best top laner in the league. They have been on weak side picks like Ornn and Gnar but have played amazing with a KDA of 5.4. 70% KP, have a great CC score of 32(that's about 5 higher than most other top laners) and are doing 683 dmg a minute. Unfortunately no one else for Mystic Cats are currently in the top 50. Washing Hands and CornStar are both close to getting there. CornStar has had an interesting time in the league being forced to fill top lane in the 1st week before getting to head back bot. Without these games dragging their stats down I think CornStar for sure would be in the top 50. CornStar is making the game about themselves they are the teams X factor, having half their games on Yasuo ADC as well as Samira and Twitch. Tambourine King is having a rough time simply put. They are dying too much, not warding enough and doing basically 0 damage. ChupapiDADDY did really well as a sub maybe look to play with them more?

These next 2 weeks are the big test for the Mystic Cats. If they can find wins vs TA wild side and TA tropics they are almost guaranteed to place 4th in their group. The Mystic Cats have the lowest game time of any team in BOL they are going to need to make sure to be in positions to fight for early objectives

TA Akatsuki(T)

Roster Changes since Pre week 1:


TA Akatsuki I had previously ranked as last in the MT Targon division and are doing better than I thought they would. TA Akatsuki had a bye in week 1 lost to CB Rush(who can blame them for that?) and were able to eke out a series win vs Ice Born Chaos(with some subs for both sides). TA Akatsuki are going to need to keep winning this week they play SG Invictus a 2-0 here puts you into playoff contention. Hopefully they are able to put their full roster together and can try to look for more upsets.

The best player so far for TA Akatsuki is Snowlife who is ranked in the top 40. They have swapped roles maybe due to subs. The 1st week had this player in mid playing control mages where in their set vs Iceborn Chaos they were playing bot. This player still played mages most games so I would not call them an ADC. They have a respectable 60% KP, 3.79 KDA, and are dealing 540 dmg a minute. Not the best stats by any means but far from the worst. PotPot PotHead is right on the edge of being top 40 as well they are dying much more with a KDA of 2.8 but having a really high KP of 76% being second in the league in that stat. PotPot PotHead has also played different roles being jungle in their 1st series and playing Viktor mid the rest of the series. Cynic and DownBadandSad are both not doing very well for the team.

The best team stat for TAA is the fact they get 5.2 towers a game, 1 inhibitor and 1 rift herald. They have 2 wins and 3 loses over their 2 series. They have not done very well for other objectives only averaging 1.5 dragons 0.4 barons and have the least gold a game out of everyone in their division.

Hypnotic Gaming(T)

Roster Changes: Removed Seven Devils for Pod(ADC)

ìnsØmniac in for Neeble(Jungle)

Hypnotic gaming has not been performing so far in BOL plat. I expected this roster to do well in Mt Targon having them ranked at 4th as a team I expected to make it into playoffs. This team has strong solo laners but is not meshing together well as a team. They have made some roster changes with a new ADC so that will hopefully fix some of the teams problems. The duo lane of this team has not performed well to put it mildly. Currently Hypnotic are 0-2 in matches with just 1 game win and have yet to play their week 3 game vs Xflow Blue. Hypnotic has to start winning out their matches if they want a chance at making playoffs. They currently only have 5 points if they get 0-2d any week I think they are almost guaranteed to miss playoffs due to losing head to head records.

GreatJace in top lane has been the best player for hypnotic they are currently ranked in the top 50. GreatJace has a top 10 KP% average, decent CS scores and is doing 690 DPM which is some of the highest out of any top laner and the top on their team. They have played 4 different top laners in their 5 games with 2 games on gnar. Unfortunately no one else on this team is doing very well. The bot lane specifically for Hypnotic has been bad. Seven Devils had some of the worst ADC stats out of the entire league but this may be due to getting put onto more supportive picks like Seraphine and Ashe. NotBangbusdriver is one of the worst supports in the league as well at number 105 having a below 2 KDA and only 50% KP. They are also only doing 109 DPM which is laughable. Hopefully this player can start to synergize well with Pod. King Yeetloaf in mid is also not doing great like I imagined they would. To be fair week 1 this player was banned out and they did have a pop off game week 2 with their Xerath pick. However King Yeetloaf in their other 2 games of that series was not impactful. ìnsØmniac has been pretty mediocre as well, they die a lot.

Overall Hypnotic have identified some team weaknesses and are doing their best to address them. I trust that this team will be able to put up a fight in the latter half of the season and will play spoiler in this group, upsetting teams that do not respect them. This team is getting objectives every game unlike some of the D tier teams geeting on average 3 towers, 1.6 dragons and a Rift Herald every game. If Hypnotic can simply start fighting better and dying less I think this team can easily climb the ranks of Mt Targon.

Stunned Gaming Invictus(T)

Roster Changes

Alphexus out and Shaquille noPeel in for mid lane? Both have played 1 series.

Stunned Gaming Invictus have at least won a game so they are sitting in the bottom of C tier as opposed to D tier but with their strength of schedule I probably would have placed them in C tier anyway. I originally had this team ranked in 6th and I am spot on in this case. SGI have had a rough schedule so far playing CB Rush and Xflow Blue and getting a bye in the first 3 weeks. They play TA Akatsuki this week and this should be a good indication for this team. If they win this match there's a shot they can make playoffs. Lose and I think your playoff dream is going to die with how close Mt Targon is.

STN lizard is performing the best on this team and that's what you want from your ADC. They have a KDA of 3.7 and are dealing 606 damage a minute. Thats starting to get a little lower than you would like to see but is pretty good when you factor in that this team only has 1 win. STN lizard has played best on Miss Fortune. Shaquille noPeel played great the series that they were in for you as well having over 300 cs a game. STN Kubix is also doing good for SGI being in the top 50 and having a high KP % at 69%(nice) and is doing the most dmg a minute for their team. They are also dying a lot which is why they are not rated higher. STN e dash trade is not doing great but are still a top 10 top laner. STN e dash trade is below 50% in kill participation as they are most playing for split push having the most CS on average a game out of every top laner.

Splitpush is hard to play it requires lots of communication and I hope that SGI are able to figure out something that works for them. SGI as a team has some concerning stats. They have the most average deaths of any team in MT Targon and are getting very few objectives even though they play games on average 3 minute longer than the rest of their division.


Revolution Ice Age(S)

Revolution Ice Age are the team in D tier I think has the best shot at winning a series. This team currently has a win due to playing REDACTED week 1 and were given a free win. They played CN in week 2 and were unable to get a win and play CB Tsundere on Thursday. This week should be tons of fun both for RIA and GE Emerald as they play each other. I hope that these teams are able to have a close series and really enjoy their time in BOL.

I think the player with the best chance to pop off on this team is still Twiz. They showed they have more in their champion poll besides Viktor and Vex having some pop off games on Le Blanc. Leavy was given their Zeri for 2 games and was the richest player on their team in those 2 games. Hopefully with the nerfs to that champion teams will be less scared of the pick and Leavy can show people why Zeri needs to be respected.

Revolution Ice Age as a team does have the most objectives taken a game average out of everyone in D Tier. They had 2 dragons a game which is pretty good.

TA Wild Side(F)

TA Wild Side is an experimental roster trying to see if players who have not played together can mesh and can look to win future events. Soulbert is the veteran leadership for their team and their primary carry. This team has yet to win a game like the rest of D tier. TA Wild Side is the only team in this tier however with a cap exception player in Soulbert. In their games TA Wild Side has played TGA and TA Tropics so they have played 2 pretty good teams. I mean th There are series here that you can look to win like when you play Literal Monkeys or Mystic Cats.

The best player for TA wild side so far has been their top laner TâcoCât. TâcoCât has been playing frontline for his team with games on Shyvana and Ornn. This player like most of TA Wild Side have some worrying stats like only 47% KP, a sub 2.0 KDA and generally is down gold. TâcoCât does have 10 dmg a minute out of every starting top laner and are taking quite a bit as well. Hopefully TâcoCât is able to learn to be an effective frontline for their team.

Honestly TA Wild Side need to remember that they are playing on a development roster. Their goals should be more personal and less about how they end the season in BOL. I think for a player like TâcoCât a great goal and something to strive for would be to achieve some sort of KDA average or dmg a minute threshold. This team should be focusing on stuff like trying to trade objectives correctly or how to set up winning lanes. Have obtainable goals and try your best to reach them, it sucks to lose but it sucks even more if you leave every game feeling like it's hopeless.

Literal Monkeys(F)

Well I guess I was a little too hyped up on this team it seems. I had this team ranked 4th in pre power rankings for Freljord and they are looking like they are going to come 7th in this group. One of the brightsides I can offer this team is that they were unable to field their full roster either week that they have played. Maybe with everyone together the synergy between this team will let them play much better. This team has shown that they are not afraid to fight whatsoever their games are all around 2 kills a minute. Hopefully Literal Monkeys will play early game comps and push an advantage and try and force teams to come fight them for objectives. Kittykick3r has been the best player on your team in your recent games vs EM.

The only advice I can offer literal monkeys is make sure that you are taking fights for a good reason. Simply put I think you are fighting way too much right now. And if a fight goes horribly make sure whoever is not in that fight can try and get some sort of objectives. This team does not get almost any objectives you do not to full force 5v5 teamfights at dragon every 5 minutes. You can trade for Rift Heralds and towers gold is useful!

GE Emerald(S)

GE Emerald have a full platinum roster which is a plus side when talking about the teams in D tier. GE Emerald has played both New World Esports Titan and Sensei Squad. This week should be tons of fun both for RIA and GE Emerald as they play each other. I hope that these teams are able to have a close series and really enjoy their time in BOL.

Deeyo is my pick to watch on this team they have a 66% KP so they are the one making things happen for this team. They have played 4 different junglers so far and looked best when playing early aggressive picks like Volibear. Hopefully Deeyo will be able to pick a lane and camp it, getting someone on his team ahead so they can secure some early objectives and come into teamfights on even ground. 1 icecream guy 1 has also been doing good for Ge Emerald they are being given counter pick and they are going for it. 1 icecream guy 1 has played Kled, Darius and looked best on Camille. I hope this player in top lane continues to go for solo kills and can get a top lane 1v9 dream game.

As a team the best thing going for GE Emerald is that they have the lowest Deaths a game of anyone in D tier and beat even teams find as high as B tier at this stat. If this team can just work on their early game and get to objective fights on an even footing I think they can win some games.


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