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Platinum League Breakdown: Week 1

Hi all my name is Storm or CTRL ULT ELITE. I am sure I am a new name to everyone in BOL as I have just started getting back into competitive league this year. I am the top laner and captain of The Basement Dwellers and am going to be the main content writer for our Platinum league. I have written articles for Yugioh and done some Fantasy hockey articles in the past but this is my first foray into LOL content. I hope to see you all on the rift and we all have a fantastic season!

This week I'm going to be providing a little bit of information on every team in BOL Plat as team rosters dropped recently. I have written a short team summary for every team as well as a little bit about every player with their solo que picks and general lane style from research I could find based on their OP.GG as of August 4th.

Here are the teams competing this split in platinum! We have 3 divisions each with 7 teams with the top 4 teams making playoffs in each division.


1) Elementals Maelstrom

Top: TheRealOogway

Jungle: L9 SKOOTIN

Mid: Nèzumi

ADC: defly

Support: DMForScholarship

Elemental Maelstrom are poised to top their division; they have a high solo que average at platinum 2. Their highest rated players are both platinum 1 are TheRealOogway and defly. With a roster built around getting the top side of your map a strong start and letting your AD scale I see this team doing well. Other than watching TheRealOogway to see how many solo kills they can get I would focus on L9 SKOOTIN. When Kindred and Graves get a lead they can start throwing their weight around. A top side gromp mark may look innocent but it could become a team fight with Kled and Galio looking to join.

TheRealOogway is a top laner who looks to carry in solo que. A Jax, Kled and Darius player primarily, TheRealOogway wants to be the one on his team with the most damage done and taken. With this type of play style you force your team to play for you and this roster is built to do just that.

For jungle Elemental Maelstrom have L9 SKOOTIN a very flexible jungler. L9 SKOOTIN has games on many different champions but in solo queue they primarily rely on themselves to carry and play more scaling junglers like Graves, Kindred, Karthus and Shyvana. They do however still have many early game junglers in their champion pool playing Xin, Udyr and Rek’Sai to name a few.

Nèzumi plays a supportive style mid with picks like Karma, Twisted Fate and Galio unlocking L9 SKOOTIN to play his much more greedy scaling junglers. But if Nèzumi needs to carry he can play several control mages or Yone. Nèzumi will probably play for push on his picks and roam with L9 SKOOTIN to whatever lanes need help.

The bot lane for Elemental Maelstrom is defly and DMForScholarship. Both are strong ADCS and DMForScholarship is listed as the support on this roster. With intimate knowledge of how ADC’s want to position and play DMForScholarship will have unique insights playing this new role for themselves. Senna and Renata Glasc are two of the only supports I can find within DMForScholarship’s champion pool. Hopefully they are practicing their new role in scrims. defly the actual ADC for Elementals Maelstrom is a Twitch lover the plague rat has been his most played champ in ranked for 4 seasons straight. defly has primarily early games lane bullies in his pool as Twitch is his hyper carry of choice. I expect this bot lane will primarily look to play for scale instead of outright aggression giving L9 SKOOTIN and Nèzumi an easy gank target.

2) NwE Nebula

Top: Cølę

Jungle: Goati

Mid: Nuffies

ADC: Duck But Rubber

Support: 5ugar

NwE Nebula is a team with a strong core identity. Let Duck But Rubber carry the team on hyper carries with 5ugar and Cølę protecting him. Nuffies and Goati are going to look to harass the enemy team flank and dissuade them from having full 5v5 team fights at objectives. With an average solo que rating of plat 2/3 I easily see NwE Nebula making it out of their group and into playoffs.

Cølę is a weak side top laner. Sion is his tank of choice in solo queue but they also play lots of Ornn, Tahm Kench and Shen. For more damage profile Cølę also plays gangplank and gnar. Having a scaling safe top allows teams to play hard for early drakes. If his team needs a carry Cølę can play Jayce, Camille and Gwen as well.

Goati is the cap exception player for NwE Nebula. Primarily a mid lane roam specialist Goati has a very interesting jungle pool with high damage profiles to compliment his tank top laner. They play a lot of champions who can jungle as well as mid and seem to enjoy assassin junglers such as Rumble, Zed and Qiyana. Gaoti will have to expand his pool to some more conventional jungle champions I feel but who knows maybe Rumble jungle is sleeper OP.

Nuffies has played a lot of champions this season and almost none of them over 10 times. Nuffies plays over 100 different champions almost every season of rank they play. Nuffies was diamond back in season 9 and played the majority of their games on Sylas mid. Currently Nuffies is enjoying Ahri and Zeri mid. I expect NwE Nebula to look to give counter to Nuffies and let them pull out crazy counter picks in draft. I expect that Nuffies will play a different champion almost every single series.

Duck But Rubber is the reason that Cølę is a weak side top laner. Duck but rubber is a hyper carry focused ADC playing Jinx, Vayne and Aphelios. They are also picking up Sivir, another very strong scaling ADC. Last season Duck but Rubber was playing mostly Senna, Twitch and Samira. Samira might be played often as their support 5ugar loves early game aggressive supports. 5ugar has almost 200 games of maokai this season with a 55% win rate. It is their comfort pick. Other supports in 5ugar’s pool include Blitzcrank, Ashe, Nautilus and Leona. For more enchanter style picks 5ugar plays Janna and Renata Glasc.

3) TA Tropics

Top: Twiggy 44x

Jungle: CoffeeBlack 7x

Mid: Monix 11x

ADC: Paneer

Support: Jackie Moon 33x

Ta Tropics have a strong team this season for BOL Platinum. The key carry for this team is Monix 11X a high ranking mid who can look to secure picks for their team. Both top lane as well as the bot duo on this team play plenty of different picks and I imagine that they will be able to react accordingly in draft. Playing VS a team like NWE Nebula who are all about their bot side of the map you can early pick a safe top laner for Twiggy 44x and look to ensure you have a winning 2v2. But if you are against a team with a really strong top side of the map like Elemental Maelstrom you probably want to save a counter pick so your top laner has a playable matchup, looking to punish with range advantage.

Twiggy 44x is a player within the Freljord group who has the option of playing on the weak side of the map. Twiggy 44x plays weak side picks like Gnar, Mundo and Ornn but also has the option of playing for counter pick and strong side as well. Last season their most played was Mordekasier and they do have other strong side picks such as Akshan,Camille, Sett and Sylas.

For Jungle they have CoffeeBlack 7x a top laner who is making the switch down from top lane to jungle this season. CoffeeBlack 7x played juggernauts in top like Urgot, Darius and Sett while transitioning to jungle they have seemed to enjoy playing much more mobile picks. Lee sin Jarvan IV and Lillia are currently their most played. I'm curious if this lane swap will be beneficial for TA Tropics as CoffeeBlack 7x seemed to have a lot of success in the top lane.

Monix 11x is a mid player with a slightly unusual mid pool, they enjoy mages with much more CC compared to the average mid laner. Most of Monix 11x games are on Ekko but they also have lots of games in solo que on Lissanada and Neeko. All these champions provide a deadly 2v2 mid jungle synergy so I expect CoffeeBlack 7x to spend a lot of time mid to unlock their mid laner and allow them to roam with them to other lanes.

The bot lane for TA Tropics is Paneer and Jackie Moon 33x. Jackie Moon 33x is the support player and higher rated of the duo in solo que. Jackie Moon 33x has a wide support pool not specializing in any particular champion or style of support but looking to pick whatever is best for their team. They play it all from enchanters like Lulu, poke mages such as lux to engage options like Rell. With such a wide pool Paneer will have almost his choice of support to pair with whatever marksmen they lock in. Paneer enjoys ADCs not typically found at the top of tier lists. Most of their games this split are on Caitlyn and Kai’Sa. Paneer off roles into mid so I expect Mages to come out of them sometime in the split. Jackie Moon 33x also plays Senna allowing for more unique picks bot with fasting Senna. Ta Tropics will always have lots of bot lane options with this duo Panner having mid picks to draft from and Jackie Moon 33x having a support for almost every pick.

4) Literal Monkeys

Top: jah olive e

Jungle: lebron basketbal

Mid: Chinese Spy

ADC: Paca Paul

Support: Just Bobo

Literally Monkeys is a team I think will surprise teams with the Freljord division. The team's average solo que rank is on the lower end only being plat 4 but they have a clear game plan. If I were drafting in the perfect world draft scenario we get a team with a top lane equalizing matchup juggernaut or counter pick(think Sylas vs Ornn or Aatrox vs Gwen) a power farming jungler such as Shyvana jungle, a scaling mid such as Viktor and an aggressive pushing bot like Miss fortune Blitzcrank. If your draft is like that with everyone playing their style you can probably take a game off almost anyone in your group. The wheels start to fall off however when things change from that golden plan. PacaPaul is the player to watch. They remind me of WildTurtle from the LCS flash is not a defensive tool for PacaPaul but an offensive one to be used to go forwards for kills and that comes with risks. On picks such as Jinx having no flash is similar to having a sign above you that reads FOCUS ME FREE GOLD.

Literally Monkeys top laner is jah olive e. A top/mid player jah olive e primarily plays fighters and juggernauts in the top lane and control mages in mid. jah olive e has most of their games this split on Sylas, Irelia and Gragas picks who can be played flexed between roles. They also have tons of games on Camille, Darius and Aatrox providing their team with a win condition if they are on the strong side of the map. I think jah olive e will have many opportunities for his unique counters but might be put onto tank duty due to his bot lane being the strong side of the map.

Lebron bastketbal is a jungle player in this league who enjoys playing power farming junglers. They have the majority of their games in solo que on Shyvana and Hecarim. The question for Lebron bastketbal is can they match the early tempo of the other junglers within his group? If they are able to play Shyvana and get early drakes with his strong bot duo it will definitely help alleviate the pressure on the map. But with a mid player who primarily plays to scale and a bot lane who will draw constant they might be forced to play a high temp jungler they are not as practiced on such as Poppy or Trundle.

Chinese Spy for Literally Monkeys is a fan of staple competitive picks. Their mid lane pool is full of picks seen in pro play around the world such as Viktor, Corki and Ahri. The spice that Chinese Spy has is Ziggs and Annie. Ziggs is a counter to most of the traditional control mages in mid out ranging most of them and possessing superior shove. Without an early game jungler I am unsure if Chinese Spy will be able to play this pick optimally as they will be a prime target to get camped. And a 2v2 early mid of Ziggs Shyvana/Hec does not sound like a winning fight. Annie is a pick that is the opposite of Ziggs looking to play with an aggressive jungler and who looks for roam opportunities and dives. Chinese Spy I think will be a pillar of stability on Literally Monkeys. If he is able to farm well all of his picks provide exceptional value in late game scenarios possessing utility and damage so teams can not solely focus on PacaPaul.

PacaPaul the ADC for Literally Monkeys will be the swing point for this team he is their highest rated player sitting in plat 2. A Jungle/ADC player PacaPaul loses games by themselves or they win them in solo que. Looking at PacaPaul’s history they have losses as an ADC with double digit deaths but in their wins they normally have a KDA above 5.0. Almost every game PacaPaul plays he has over 50% kill participation. With a champion pool of Ezreal Miss Fortune and Sivir I predict that PacaPaul is going to look to fight with Just Bobo all the time. Speaking of Just Bobo they have a clear preference to play high tempo engage supports. Thresh Nautilus and Blitzcrank are their most played this year. This bot lane is going to try to smash people, get up in their face, get plates, get dragons and win through bot.

5) TA Wild Side

Top: TâcoCât

Jungle: SingularBread



Support: Drakas424

Soulbert is THE player on this team to watch and the player to get TA Wild Side their wins. Soulbert is the highest rated cap exception player currently in BOL Plat. This team is theirs to carry and they play the hyper carries who can. Expect drafts that feature a tank top laner, a secondary engage jungler and a control mage mid. Soulbert will play whatever is best for himself and try to get some gosu level highlight plays.

TâcoCât is the top laner for TA Wild Side and a solo que warrior with 800 games of ranked so far this season. TâcoCât generally seems to play more tank and juggernaut style top laners. They have played lots of Ornn, Shen Urgot and Garen in ranked. Recently TâcoCât has been playing mostly tanks in the top lane and is getting ready for his weak side duty on TA Wild Side.

SingularBread play mostly sejuani and wukong 2 champions known for their high gank threat and teamfight CC. Both champions do not possess the fastest clear times so Singular Bread might be a bit later to plays then his jungle counterparts. When SingularBread is looking to carry, they turn to Shyvanna, Mordekaiser and Bel’Veth. With a tank top and a control mage mid player I predict that SingularBread will mostly be playing for counter ganks. If SingularBread can keep the game close they are doing a fantastic job as a jungler.

A control mage player Kurido will have all the tools to try and carry his team if he is given the time to do so. Given enough time to scale and acquire items and levels Azir Viktor and Malzahar can almost solo win teamfights. All 3 picks have high CC, damage and are fairly safe. Kurido is looking to buy space for Soulbert to win teamfights, locking down key targets and proving space safes with CC.

Soulbert and Drakas424 form the bot lane for TA Wild Side.. Soulbert plays lots of Kog’Maw, Ashe, Jinx and Caitlyn. All of these picks have long range and want to suck up all the farm to become the late game monster. Everyone on Soulberts teams is designed to protect and let Soulbert shine. Drakas424 is someone who enjoys roaming and looking for early kills. With Blitzcrank, Pyke and Bard as their top 3 played this season I predict that almost every 1st base Drakas424 is going to look mid or top to help out his team while Soulbert gains solo exp. Drakas424 does not have that many games on enchanters so far but they might start practicing them.

6) Titan Gaming Atlas

Top: Rågnar

Jungle: Vxpir

Mid: 0dysseus


Support: AU KnuckeD

Titan Gaming Atlas are a team that is all about their bot lane. ACIick and AU KnuckeD want to play for plates and to get ahead. Rågnar needs to provide a front line for the duo around objectives and 0dysseus needs to be the team's secondary carry. Let Vxpir cause chaos on the map and look for plays whenever they see fit. I think that the team will attempt to take the bot tower, rotate your bot to mid and repeat the process until you have a sizable gold lead and look to snowball the game from there.

Rågnar the top laner for Titan Gaming Atlas is a player who loves Sett. It is their most played champion by far this season. Rågnar has added some tanks in their roster with games on Mundo Cho and Orrn. They however had much more success on classic split pushers like Yorick and Camille in past seasons. Rågnar is looking to play a new playstyle for his team fulfilling the front line role. That's not to say that Rågnar will always be the weak side and pathed away from but expect more juggernaut/tank picks from this player as opposed to champions who need tons of money to function like Kayle and Gangplank.

Vxpir games seem to be complete bloodbaths in solo que. His games on average have almost 2 kills a minute in gold. This player loves champs who want to fight you more than they want to farm. He is extremely proficient at Volibear, an early game gank focused snowballing jungler having a 67% win rate on the pick over 75 games. The rest of his pool is somewhere around the normal 50% with lots of games on Udyr, Hecarim and Viego, all champs who look to fight you in your jungle for your farm. I'm curious if he will be able to reign in his aggression and play at a more traditional tempo.

0dysseus is listed as the mid laner for Titan Gaming Atlas. They are transitioning to mid as their main role this season as they seem to be a fill player playing almost every role a small amount. 0dysseus will need to try and narrow his champion pool and refine his picks if he hopes to stay even with the platinum mids he will be facing in the league. He is currently playing mostly Viktor and Vex 2 strong mid laners with plenty of wave clear and CC.

ACIick and AU KnuckeD form the bot for Titan Gaming Atlas. ACIick looks to be this team's clear carry at plat 2. ACIick has most of their marksmen games on Cait and Jinx 2 characters who want the game to go as late as possible so they can achieve the 6 item dream scenario. ACIick also has lots of games on Zeri, Jihn and Ezreal to provide their team with utility and poke if scaling is not needed. ACIick in their wins deals tons of damage to turrets and leaves lane with CS advantages 2 great signs for the Titan Gaming Atlas early game. AU KnuckeD the support player of the duo has plenty of options. When the duo is looking for early towers and lane pressure AU KnuckeD plays Morgana, Lux and Zyra for long range poke and trap combos. When the teams need hard engage they play Nautilus and Leona. Need scaling Yummi, Senna and Renata Glasc are also in AU KnuckeD’s champion pool.

7) Mystic Cats