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Platinum Week 4 Power Rankings

These rankings are done by yours truly, Greedee, which shall be a trend for future rankings. Please don’t roast my rankings in the trash talk channel, unless you’re being respectful. I would appreciate a DM instead, telling me what I could do better. For this 4th week, it seems that the playoff picture has sort of come into focus, and I have to say that this week doesn’t have nearly as many interesting matchups as last week. Let’s see if there’s going to be more upsets. Enough chat let’s get into the rankings!

1) VBU Radon

VBU Radon has shown every single week that they are a team to be reckoned with, even 2-0ing one of the other strong teams in the league. They’ve proven at every angle that they are the best, so a #1 seed is deserved. I really don’t see this team losing, and no team has cracked their code yet. They seem to like the same kinds of drafts, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I guess. Legit most members of their team can solo carry so the team feeds off of each other's strengths

to make them even better overall. Let’s see how

long they can stay undefeated!


2) Predictive Gaming Chronos

With another powerful week beating another top seeded team, Predictive Gaming Chronos are definitely in the driver’s seat in Division 3. They’ve gone all the way up to #2 seed not only because of this, but because of a lapse in play from most of the other top teams. Predictive Gaming likes to mix up their draft phases by swapping mid/top champions and roles, and just making the other team constantly have to keep up with them. They are definitely a powerhouse so watch out for them in the coming weeks.


3) SE God Squad

SE God Squad pulled off the upset of the week by beating Chubby Babies Black this past week, and I think it’s righteous to put them all the way up at the #3 spot for this week. They’ve shown a lot of inconsistency, but their jungler and mid laner fill the carry positions that they’ve needed. Their botlane and toplane play mainly support champions, so having those lanes that can 2v8 or 1v9 is super crucial to a good team. They’ve shown they can beat the best and are a far stretch from the team that lost to Flash the Disrespect.


4) Chubby Babies Black

After a very dominant first couple of weeks, Chubby Babies lost a very long best of three to SE God Squad. And I fully believe the reason why was in the draft phase, because I think that the player caliber on Chubby Babies Black is probably the highest in the league. They love putting Almawt on picks that he can thrive on, with dominant CS numbers and lane priority. I think if they can find picks that work well in synergy between jungle and bot and build their champ pools overall, they can be easily the strongest in the league.


5) Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

My only problem with Goon Squad Gaming is that they have been struggling to find drafts that work for them. They have an overall insane caliber of player and their laners are just great, but they can’t seem to find picks that take them to the next level. I think if they can get some more scrims and work together better they can be a favorite in the competition.


6) Omega Gaming Fire

Omega Gaming Fire is another top-tier team that has seen a fall in the rankings as of late. Last week, they were beaten by Predictive Gaming in a 3 game series, but they certainly made it close. I think it’s fairly safe to say that they will be fighting for a wildcard spot, as I’m reasonably certain Predictive isn’t going to fall off anytime soon. I think if they keep to their strong suits in drafting and teamfighting they will have a lot of success, and this team is one of my guarantees for playoffs.


7) Glacial Rising Phoenix

Glacial Rising Phoenix start out their divisional games with a close win over Crosspoint Origin from week 3. They have a lot of synergy as a team and are abusing that when they get a lead, with great rotations around objectives. I think they do more with a lead than almost any other team, and I think that has a lot to do with jungler. It seems that they keep forcing him onto the sejuani, which I think doesn’t work well for their team’s style. They do a metric ton better when he’s on a carry.


8) Crosspoint Origin

Crosspoint Origin seems to be a very hit or miss team so far, and I think that has a lot to do with the performance of their ADC, Keorra. I know all I say about this team is Keorra this, Keorra that, but I think they should find a pick for him that works for the team, or still put priority on him.

I think the loss to Glacial was definitely a detriment to their playoff hopes, but with Flash the Disrespect and Team Dark Spark on the horizon, don’t count anyone out yet.


9) Flash the Disrespect

With a win over Team Dark

Spark, Flash the Disrespect are sitting pretty and are tied for the top of their division. They have a high stats amount compared to some of the other teams in the league, due to their priority in midlane and botlane. If they can keep their momentum rolling into their week 6 and week 9 games against their other two division rivals, they can definitely solidify a spot in the playoffs. One week at a time though, as Hide on Team and Predictive Gaming Chronos should definitely prove a challenge for this upcoming week 4.


10) Chubby Babies White

Chubby Babies White came out on top last week with a very tight 2-1 victory over Hide on Team, a must-needed win for their playoff chances. Their conference will make it very hard to make playoffs so any victory is a huge step in the right direction. If they keep it up, they can look to take a wildcard spot away from one of the top 4 teams. Their semi-unorthodox draft style complements their ADC, Reliable, as his Cassiopoiea was especially clean in the two games that they won.


11) !Rawr Lethal

Against Anarchy Amber, !Rawr Lethal had a not so good first game, with them losing pretty convincingly. However, they did reverse sweep the series, with a game two that lasted a total of 21 minutes. I think they’ve found the style and rhythm that works for them in terms of toplane and jungle picks. The first game this week should be interesting, with Cheeze Nip Dude serving a one-game suspension for playing on an alt in matches. If they can beat VBU and/or Crosspoint Southpaw they will be fine.


12) Crosspoint Southpaw

Crosspoint Southpaw had a very convincing victory over Soulbound Tempest, with pretty much the fastest match completion time for the week. It seems that they have found a draft that works for them, and every one of their players stepped up. I think if they keep it up, they can have a chance against some tougher teams in the league. Also closing out games should be important to them as well, it seems that they like mid-game wombo comps so they should know how to end a game quickly.


13) Team Dark Spark

With a close loss to Flash the Disrespect this past week, Team DarkSpark falls further down in my rankings. It feels like they don’t have a solid carry to me, with inconsistent performances from pretty much every one of their team members. They are pretty good at staling games out until late, but rarely ever draft comps that hardscale into late game, which seems a bit strange to me. Either way, they need to start winning division matchups if they want to edge into a wildcard/division leader spot.


14) Soulbound Tempest

After a really tough loss to Crosspoint Southpaw, Soulbound Tempest is looking a little lost as of late. Maybe this week will change things, with a couple of very tough games against SE God Squad and Chubby Babies Black, perhaps their hardest week yet. If they can sneak by with a win, and keep winning their easier weeks, they can rack up enough points to contest a wildcard spot, or even division leader if they find a way to beat VBU and GSGE.


15) Anarchy Amber

Anarchy Amber has shown signs of life in their game against !Rawr Lethal, taking game 1 in dominant fashion. Even though they lost, there’s still hope for them yet, but they’ll have to start winning games somewhere. Why not start this week, with Goon Squad and VBU on the menu? If they can beat either of those teams, they can beat anyone in the league.


16) Hide on Team

I think Hide on Team has some really solid players overall, but I think they’re forcing themselves to take some picks that really aren’t working that well for them, such as Senna. I think their ADC is probably on the top half of ADCs in the league, so if they can work around him and put him on Ashe, Varus, or something else that he can be a hard carry on, they should be fine. Their drafting isn’t awful, but to succeed they probably have to have better individual performances overall.


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