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The Storm Watch Week 5

Hello again everyone, my name is Storm or CTRL ULT ELITE back with another Storm Watch article for everyone to enjoy. If you have not head of me I am an Emerald Tank enjoyer who has played League for far too many years and is currently the top laner for Mint Spark in BOLE. I am the main writer for the Blue Otter League Emerald Division this split. I have been creating written content for the past few seasons. I have written for The Nameless, CCS, Aegis and BOL. In the past, I also wrote articles about Yugioh and Fantasy Hockey. I'm eager for feedback; feel free to DM me.

Today we are back with another standard article from me going over my predictions for next week. Huge thank you to everyone for filling out the content form I received 26 responses (about 30% of the league responded!)  There are just 3 weeks left of BOLE, and the playoff picture is becoming clearer. The last week of the regular season will be my overall tier list article coming into playoffs and what teams need to secure playoffs double feature.

Storm’s Player Picks From Last Week

Upcoming Predictions Piltover

Clown Gaming Forklift Certified Vs Bloom Abyss 2-1 For Clown Gaming Forklift

Clown Player Player Predictions:

We play Bloom next and the only reason I think we might go to 3 games is because our ADC is going to be on vacation that week so we'll have a sub. But even so, CGFC 2-0 , 2-0 win, with a slight chance of 2-1 since we're having a sub adc.

2-1 probably. They're playing well and we have a sub ADC next week. 

2-0 win, with a slight chance of 2-1 since we're having a sub adc.

Bloom Abyss Player Predictions:

We play clown gaming week 5, I think itll be our toughest match , even though we lost week 1. I think we 2-1. Then we play The I in Team, idk much about them but they seem decent. I say we 2-1 them as well. Dzg is our last series of regular season, i think we beat them 2-0. Im not impressed by them, very inconsistent.

Clown gaming should be a banger they are tied for 1st and I’d love to be able to set the record straight about how good our “off role” team is by beating them soundly 2-0 and with the way we are playing I think we can 

2-0 against clown gaming these guys are garbage if we lose i'll retire

In the competitive landscape of the Blue Otter League Emerald, one team has been making waves and challenging the status quo: Bloom Gaming Abyss. Despite initial reservations, particularly towards Bloom Gaming and the broader Piltover division, their recent performance demands recognition. Currently boasting a formidable record of 3 wins and 1 loss, their sole defeat in week 1 against the Shadow Cows seems like a distant memory, with an unbroken streak of victories following suit. As they gear up for their upcoming series, anticipation mounts, heralding a clash of contenders that could potentially redefine perceptions of the Piltover division.

For Bloom Gaming, the past three weeks have been a testament to their prowess, albeit against ostensibly weaker opponents within the Piltover division. Demonstrating unwavering control, they have consistently dominated their matches, securing victories with commanding gold leads and impressive KDAs. However, amidst their triumphs lies a looming challenge – their impending encounter with a formidable adversary marks their first test against a top-tier team since facing off against the Shadow Cows. The onus now falls upon Bloom Gaming to validate their recent growth and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

At the heart of Bloom Gaming's success lies a formidable trio: Cloudbry at ADC, complemented by The COBER in the support role, with Jakob anchoring the mid lane. Together, these three players have exhibited exceptional synergy and individual prowess, spearheading Bloom's ascent in the league. Loveless and Unleashed the other players for this team are playing much more supportive styles being the engage the team needs leading the pair to have underwhelming statistics. 

However, while Bloom Gaming may appear to have the upper hand, Clown Gaming, their upcoming adversaries, are not to be underestimated. Despite fielding a substitute ADC player for the week, Clown Gaming boasts an impressive lineup. They are missing their all star ADC XxPhantom22xX who has the highest KDA, gold generation, and damage output on the team. Yet, the strength of Clown Gaming extends beyond individual performances, with nearly every member of the team showcasing exceptional statistics and strategic prowess. Moreover, Clown Gaming's strategic depth is evident in their diverse champion pool and adeptness in drafting. With a penchant for unconventional picks and superior macro play, they have consistently outmaneuvered their opponents, securing objectives and dictating the pace of the game. Tower by tower, baron by baron, and Rift Herald by Rift Herald, Clown Gaming's dominance extends beyond mere skirmishes, underscoring their strategic acumen and collective cohesion.

As Bloom Gaming and Clown Gaming prepare to clash on the battlefield, the stakes are high, and the outcome is uncertain. Will Bloom Gaming solidify their position as contender within the Piltover division and wider league? Or will Clown Gaming emerge victorious, cementing their status as the team to beat from Pitlover? Clown Gaming head into this series as the favorites and should merge victorious thanks to their overall team cohesion and superior marco play.

Blue Pearl Spire Vs. The I in Team 2-0 For The I in Team 

Blue Pearl Player Predictions:


We play a really good team but I think we'll bounce back this week and take it 2-1

The I in Team Player Predictions:

2-0 we lose

I expect to win vs everyone other than Clown. Vs clown a lot is based on how our top laner is feeling that day.

The I in Team's ascent to dominance is marked by unparalleled individual skill and collective synergy. Spearheaded by the triumvirate of Okami, Raijin, and Arytone – all of whom rank among the top 10 players in the Blue Otter League Emerald – they exude confidence and precision on the battlefield. Okami, in particular, shines as the epitome of jungle prowess, earning the title of the league's best player with remarkable KDAs and economic dominance. With such formidable talents at their disposal, The I in Team stands as a formidable force, virtually assured of a playoff berth and a top 3 finish in Piltover with a win this evening.

Conversely, Blue Pearl Spire finds itself grappling with uncertainty and underperformance. Following lackluster showings against Bloom Gaming and Clown Gaming, their playoff aspirations hang in the balance. The absence of standout performers and the lack of cohesive gameplay have rendered them vulnerable and exposed. While individual statistics may hint at potential from Fallen the teams ADC, the team's overall trajectory appears grim(The lowest KDA of this team in a 2.0 in their top lane which is not great but not terrible and their top KDA is 3.95 which is again close to noteworthy but not quite), with playoff hopes dwindling with each passing game.

As they brace for their impending clash, the odds seem heavily stacked against Blue Pearl Spire. With The I in Team's unparalleled talent and strategic acumen, exploiting any weaknesses in their opponent's early laning phase or draft plan appears improbable. For Blue Pearl Spire, the stakes have never been higher – a defeat would not only jeopardize their playoff aspirations but also plunge them into a desperate struggle for survival. In this pivotal encounter, only one outcome is certain – a battle of epic proportions that will determine the fate of both teams in the Blue Otter League Emerald. Will The I in Team continue their relentless march towards glory, or will Blue Pearl Spire defy the odds and emerge triumphant, defying their seemingly inevitable demise? The I in Team should take this series the teams raw talent and drive should over come any stargetic game plan that Blue Pearl Spire can provide.

Omega Gaming Soda Shakers Vs The Shadow Cows 2-0 For The Shadow Cows

Omega Gaming Soda Player Predictions:


The Shadow Cows Player Predictions:

Shadow cows need to go 2-1 to comfortably make playoffs. Blue Spire matchup in W6 is a must win for us, and perhaps the most important game in deciding who makes playoffs for Piltover.

For Omega Gaming Soda Shakers, the season thus far has been characterized by frustration and disappointment. Yet to secure a single victory, they languish at the bottom of the standings, their performance as both individuals and a collective falling short of expectations. With glaring deficiencies plaguing their gameplay, the prospect of clinching a series victory appears increasingly remote unless significant changes are implemented, be it in strategy or personnel.

Conversely, the Shadow Cows find themselves embroiled in a heated battle for the coveted 4th place spot in the Zaun division. As they prepare to face off against Omega Gaming Soda Shakers, a decisive 2-0 victory is imperative to cement their position and gain crucial point leeway in the playoff race. With stakes at an all-time high, every maneuver and decision becomes critical in determining their fate in the league. One player to watch closely amidst the impending showdown is Mahn, the enigmatic mid laner for the Shadow Cows. Renowned for his prowess on assassins, Mahn possesses the ability to single-handedly turn the tide of a game, particularly against less organized teams. With the potential to snowball matches out of control, his proficiency in navigating high-pressure situations makes him a formidable asset and a potent threat to the Soda Shakers and should be key for a 2-0 victory.

Conduit Surge Vs. DZG Arcadia 2-1 For DZG Arcadia 

Conduit Surge Player Predictions:


DZG Arcadia Player Predictions:

No idea

Currently languishing with a mere 8 points, Conduit Surge is acutely aware of the monumental task that lies ahead. To stand a chance at playoff contention, they must secure approximately 24 points throughout the remainder of the season, a daunting feat necessitating flawless execution and unwavering determination. With their backs against the wall, Conduit Surge must adopt a relentless approach, aiming to 2-0 every opponent they encounter in a bid to keep their postseason hopes alive.

Similarly, DZG Arcadia finds themselves facing a pivotal moment in their season, with playoff aspirations hanging by a thread. Currently sporting a 1-3 record and 13 points, they too find themselves in dire need of a series victory to remain in contention. Tonight's matchup against Conduit Surge serves as a litmus test of their resilience and determination, as they strive to pull off a monumental upset and secure a path to the playoffs.

In assessing the standout performers of both teams, attention naturally gravitates towards the ADC and mid laners, whose performances often dictate the outcome of matches. Castro of Conduit Surge has exhibited flashes of brilliance in the early game, showcasing proficiency on a variety of champions ranging from Kalista to Varus. However, it is the hyper-scaling champions like Smolder and Aphelios where Castro struggles, demonstrating a inability to wait to make game-changing plays and throwing leads early. Conversely, Canny in the top lane has struggled to leave a lasting impression, failing to capitalize on advantageous matchups and falling short of expectations.

Despite Conduit Surge's lackluster debut, Genetrics, the team's ADC, emerged as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness, delivering standout performances in both games against the Shadow Cows. With the highest KDA and CS score on the team, Genetrics embodies the resilience and tenacity that Conduit Surge must harness to turn their fortunes around. In contrast, DZG Arcadia enters the fray with a sense of momentum, buoyed by a previous victory against the Shadow Cows and a penchant for pushing series to the brink. With their ability to take games to the wire and their demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity, they possess the tools necessary for Conduit Surge to emerge victorious in tonight's clash.

Upcoming Predictions Zaun 

Monkeys Emerald Vs Horizon Gaming 2-1 For Monkeys Emearld

Monkeys Emerald Player Predictions:


Horizon Gaming Player Predictions:

2-0 horizon getting it together

The emergence of Monkeys Emerald onto the Blue Otter League Emerald scene sent shockwaves throughout the Zaun division, as they burst onto the stage with a 1v9 carry performance that left spectators and players alike in awe. Led by the indomitable Acbalough in the mid lane, Monkeys Emerald initially seemed poised to dominate the competition, instilling fear in the hearts of their adversaries. However, their meteoric rise was met with a sobering reality check as they suffered a humbling 0-2 defeat at the hands of Conduit Jiji last week, exposing vulnerabilities in their top side. The collapse of PacaPaul and Glada on the top side of the map against the relentless onslaught of CZI and Chris from Conduit Jiji served as a wake-up call for Monkeys Emerald, highlighting the importance of cohesive teamwork and strategic coordination. Despite the individual brilliance of Acbalough, it became evident that success in the Blue Otter League Emerald hinges not only on individual talent but also on collective synergy and map-wide awareness.

On the flip side, Horizon Gaming finds themselves in a period of transition and adaptation, with the acquisition of a new top laner and a gradual improvement in performance. While they have demonstrated resilience in pushing series to game 3 against formidable opponents like Final Boss and Mint OTS, their gameplay has been marred by a lack of cohesion and direction. Fragmented drafts and disjointed strategies have hindered their ability to capitalize on individual strengths, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation by more cohesive teams.

As the two teams prepare to clash, the question of individual prowess versus team cohesion looms large. While Monkeys Emerald boasts formidable individual talent capable of swinging the tide of any game, Horizon Gaming seeks to leverage their collective synergy and newfound stability to overcome their opponents. Ultimately, while Horizon Gaming may hold a better overall record, the series outcome hinges on their ability to bridge the gap in individual playmaking and overcome early game deficits that Monkeys Emerald is likely to exploit. Monkeys Emearld have the ability to take this series into their own hands and should be able to secure victory tonight leading them 1 step closer to calming a post season spot.

Omega Wooper Vs. Conduit Jiji 2-1 For Conduit Jiji 

Omega Wopper Player Predictions:

2-1 because every game we play is 2-1.

2-0 (chris)

2-0, I gap Chris in kayn v rek'sai so he's doomered.


Conduit Jiji Player Predictions:

2-0 they lost to the team we just played kekw

2-1, Wooper is very good and my old team, but I have to have confidence in myself and my team to pull through.

Amidst the fervor and anticipation surrounding the Blue Otter League Emerald, one series stands out as a focal point of intrigue and rivalry – the impending clash between Conduit Jiji and Omega Wooper. Fueling the flames of competition is the prospect of Chris, the current jungler of Conduit Jiji, facing off against his former team, Omega Wooper, in a showdown that promises fireworks and intensity.

For Conduit Jiji, the stakes are high as they seek to assert their dominance and solidify their position in the Zaun division. Armed with what is arguably one of the easiest remaining schedules in the league, having already faced off against the top 3 teams, Conduit Jiji boasts a balanced lineup, anchored by the formidable talents of their top and mid laners. With a 2-2 record and a wealth of strategic options at their disposal, Conduit Jiji enters the series with confidence and determination.

On the other side of the Rift, Omega Wooper remains a team defined by the performances of Mordstreich and Sixela66. As the backbone of the team, their success or failure often dictates the outcome of matches, placing a significant burden on their shoulders. However, the efficacy of their bot lane will draw attention particularly Payneless the teams jungler, in providing adequate protection and support will be crucial in determining Omega Wooper's fate in the series.

As the battleground is set, the question of strategy and approach looms large for Conduit Jiji. With multiple avenues of attack at their disposal, including exploiting potential vulnerabilities in Omega Wooper's bot lane or leveraging their individual strengths in other areas, Conduit Jiji holds the reins of destiny in their hands. Despite the potential for a closely contested series, the prevailing sentiment suggests that Conduit Jiji holds the edge as the superior team. With a cohesive lineup and strategic flexibility, they are poised to emerge victorious and secure a crucial win in the Blue Otter League Emerald.

Final Boss Esports Vs. Mint Spark

Final Boss Player Predictions:

2-1 for Final Boss… the team we gonna play is Mint Spark and they are seed 1 so they must be good

2-1 Final Boss , Mint Spark is clearly playing well but I think we continue to grow every week

Mint Spark Player Predictions:

2-0 hopefully

2-1 vs final boss. they look good but we are better

We should be able to 2-0 for the rest of the season I believe. I just show up and play so I have no thoughts. 

Win 2-1 over Final Boss. I think Final Boss is a good team but after watching their game 2 last night I think the series will go our way. Final Boss is just randomly looking to fight all the time and was blowing summoners to chase kills instead of ending games/taking objectives. 

I am on this Mint Spark roster and generally do not like to write about my own team so I will refrain from doing so.

Mint OTS Vs. Paradox 2-0 For Mint OTS

Mint OTS Player Predictions:


Paradox Player Predictions:


Struggling to find their footing throughout the season, Paradox has encountered numerous challenges and setbacks, leading to a series of roster adjustments in recent weeks. Amidst this turmoil, they find themselves facing off against Mint OTS, a team renowned for their disciplined game plan and proficiency in executing late-game teamfight strategies. For Paradox, the path to success has been marred by inconsistency and unpredictability. With a penchant for making high-risk plays, they often find themselves teetering on the edge of disaster, relying on bold maneuvers to turn the tide of battle. However, this approach has proven to be a double-edged sword, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation by more disciplined opponents.

In contrast, Mint OTS embodies precision and strategy, approaching each match with a clear game plan in mind. When able to draft and execute their late-game teamfight style, they transform into a formidable force on the Rift, capitalizing on superior communication and experience to secure victory. As they prepare to face Paradox, Mint OTS remains steadfast in their commitment to their game plan, confident in their ability to outmaneuver and outlast their opponents. As the series unfolds, the stage is set for a clash of contrasting styles and philosophies. Paradox's penchant for risky plays clashes with Mint OTS's calculated approach, culminating in a battle that is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. While Paradox may seek to disrupt their opponents with daring maneuvers, Mint OTS have the upper hand in their series provided they are able to remain calm. Until the nexus explodes MINT OTS always has a chance. With the risky nature of Paradox I do not feel they will be able to close a game out this series and Mint OTS should end this series win a clear and deceive win.

Content Questions

With over 75% of the Vote it is clear to see that most people believe that Zaun is much stronger that Piltover. We will have to wait and see until playoffs for conformation of this but I think it is interesting to see. Only 6 players voted for the other division being stronger and all of those players chose Zaun not a single player in the Zaun division said Piltover was the stronger division. 

Any reason why you feel that one division is stronger than the other?

AfkBoulder CGFC Voted For Zaun: I think that Piltover is very separated with their top/mid/and bottom teams. Zaun is a lot closer so competition will seem more fierce. As for what has the stronger teams it's hard to answer.

Eros of Blue Pearl Spire Voted For Piltover: I think CGFC and TIIT are stronger than any team in Zaun, but Piltover also has worse teams

cloudbry Bloom Gaming Abyss Voted for Piltover: Because clown gaming and bloom are in this division

Chris of Conduit JiJi Voted for Zaun: Mickey Mouse Division over there

Mollywhops of Mint Spark voted for Zaun: Player I know are in the league and they don't play for bottom teams 

KTL Mint Spark voted for Zaun: feels like piltover is just one or two good teams.

Sixela66 of Omega Wooper voted for Zaun: We play in it. Also most teams weve played are decent. Only piltover team we scrimmed against we bullied with sub so easy win.

IshaN of Omega Wooper  voted for Zaun: The division just has more stronger teams, I feel like the top teams in each division are roughly equal, as are the bottom teams, but there's just more teams contesting the top in Zaun.

Payneless of Omega Wooper voted for Zaun: Multiple teams that can contend for the title, while Piltover seems to have roughly 2

Hzrd. CGFC voted for Zaun: Lol our group is group of life 

The First Boss of Final Boss voted for Zaun: Because my team play in it

Final Boss voted for Zaun: All the teams seem pretty equal

AlbinoSunBear of Mint Spark Voted For Zaun: Looking at rosters it just seems like zaun is overall the better of the two

CTRL ULT ELITE of Mint Spark Voted For Zaun: Piltover has 17 players on main roster who are below E4. I also think there is like 2 real teams in that group.

THECOBER of bloom Aybss Voted for Piltover: Still have 2 undefeated teams in the division bloom is on the up and coming after 2-0 spire looking like a very strong top 3 teams 

VeyCaution of Clown Gaming Forklift Certified Voted For Pitlover: I haven't looked to much into it. Start of season coach said Zaun was stronger, but last week he said something about Pitover being stronger so.

Mordstreich of OG Wooper: Voted for Zaun: We know the majority of the teams and the players in this league. We highly respect a lot of them.

Exotic of Horizon Voted For Zaun: better teams

The Shadow Cows Voted for Zaun: Because the competition is closer. Even if piltover has better top teams, Zaun has better average teams

nahCnosaH of DGZ Arcadia Voted for Piltover: Not really

Ayrtone of The I in Team Voted for Zaun: Idk probably cause we are a bunch of sucks and we are 8-1

AlyXO of Final Boss Esports Voted for Zaun: I'm in it XD

Czi Conduit Voted for Zaun: 

Fallen of Blue Pearl Spire: I think the teams are preforming pretty well and haven't scrimmed vs other div teams

Raijin of The I in Team Voted for Zaun: We suck and our team is 4-0

jakob of bloom abyss Voted for Zaun: piltover is mickey mouse if this clown gaming team can be #1

Who do you think is the most likely to win BOLE?

Clown Gaming and Mint Spark Split the vote as the team most likely to win BOLE with 6 votes each.

Why do you gap the league or why do you not want to play the team you checked off? 

AfkBoulder CGFC Voted For I wanna play the best teams so bring me the hard matchups. Hands are rated E for everyone: My ability to assess game states and call macro has been really big for my team. I've been dictating tempo, objectives, setups, and back timers. 

Eros of Blue Pearl Spire Voted For Clown Gaming( currently seed 1 Piltover), Mint Spark(currently seed 1 Zaun), The I in Team(currently Seed 2 Piltover): They just are the strongest right now and actually play together like a team, most of these teams feel like playing soloq games

cloudbry Bloom Gaming Abyss Voted for We Gap the League, Clown Gaming( currently seed 1 Piltover):I think our team is able to beat any team in this league. Id rather avoid clown gaming cause i think that would be the best final 

Chris of Conduit JiJi Voted for We Gap the League: Confidence in team

Mollywhops of Mint Spark voted for Clown Gaming( currently seed 1 Piltover):We gap the league through better teamwork and communication. We're on the same page. We pick up slack when one of us is off their game

KTL Mint Spark voted for Clown Gaming( currently seed 1 Piltover): good team with a good org

Sixela66 of Omega Wooper voted for We Gap the League, Omega Wooper(currently seed 3 Zaun):  We figured out how to hit midwave. Now its just bot gap every game cant lose ff15.

IshaN of Omega Wooper  voted for Final Boss(currently Seed 2 Zaun): Their top laner is a psycho (in the best way possible)

Payneless of Omega Wooper voted for Final Boss(currently Seed 2 Zaun): They will have a much larger fanbase than us, so away games will be difficult

Hzrd. CGFC voted for Mint Spark(currently seed 1 Zaun): Eh mint is just good

The First Boss of Final Boss voted for i’m not avoiding any team … I just give it my best

Final Boss voted for don't care about avoiding anyone: Everyone on our team is a threat.

AlbinoSunBear of Mint Spark Voted For We Gap the League: In the three series we've played since I was added to the roster I feel like we haven't been challenged very much so far, as we end up playing everyone maybe my opinion will change 

CTRL ULT ELITE of Mint Spark Voted For We Gap the League:Our team legit clicks together and seems to have some idea of macro. I don't feel there are any solo laners this split in BOLE that will destroy us in the side lanes and our team fights together should let us gap whoever we play.

THECOBER of bloom Aybss Voted for We Gap the League: First game of split for bloom was a tough loss on stream since then we haven’t dropped a game and hit our stride very scary team to be facing at the moment 

VeyCaution of Clown Gaming Forklift Certified Voted For No idea who anyone is: While I put no idea who anyone is, I'm still confident in my own abilities as well as my team. I think that while it might not be a "We gap the league" angle, I do think we're one of the most likely teams to win the overall league.

Mordstreich of OG Wooper: Voted for We Gap the League: Alexi and I are incredibly strong in the bot lane and our team recently went through a revelation to help us through mid game/objective setup.

Exotic of Horizon Voted For Mint Spark(currently seed 1 Zaun): tough opponents

The Shadow Cows Voted for Clown Gaming( currently seed 1 Piltover), The I in Team(currently Seed 2 Piltover): Because we lost to I in Team in embarrassing fashion (stood no chance) and CG is probably just as good.

nahCnosaH of DGZ Arcadia Voted for No idea who anyone is: I'm choosing random answers here. I'll play anyone to get better.

Ayrtone of The I in Team Voted for No idea who anyone is: IDK

AlyXO of Final Boss Esports Voted for Clown Gaming( currently seed 1 Piltover):I honestly don't really care what teams we face. If you set out to win a tournament you have to be prepared to win against anyone. I think we have a huge range of skill on our team and it's just going to depend on the day tbh. That being said I think on our best days we can beat the other teams on their best days, from what I've seen so far. 

Czi Conduit Voted for We Gap the League: when we're playing good and not going 2-1 for fun no one can hang with us

Fallen of Blue Pearl Spire Mint Spark(currently seed 1 Zaun): Looks like the best team in the other div

Raijin of The I in Team Voted for Monkeys Emerald: Our weakest laner is in mid and their mid looks to be their star. Giving him a free lane is rough.

jakob of bloom abyss Voted for Omega Wooper(currently seed 3 Zaun): there are a few good ads and tops but 0 good jgs or mids, sup is 50/50, me and cloudbry carry for sure

Who has been your team's MVP so far this season?

AfkBoulder CGFC If I couldn't say myself I would say either Phantom for his teamfight positioning or Cyclone for the pressure he draws and how he approaches skirmishes

Eros of Blue Pearl Spire Fallen or Penguini

cloudbry Bloom Gaming Abyss I have to give it to my support, THECOBER. Hes autofilled support for the team after the og roster wasnt eligible. He has picked it up and has done really well despite being doubted by the league. (IE otter talk , saying we are offrole players and wed probably finish 7th)Hes been a key piece to our wins.

Chris of Conduit JiJi canela tea/czi/shifti/peacemaker

Mollywhops of Mint Spark Delilah or storm. 110%

KTL Mint Spark Albino Sun Bear

Sixela66 of Omega Wooper Mord but hes cringe as fuck so myself. Payneless smurfing but hes only 2 games.

IshaN of Omega Wooper Mordstreich (he's holding me at gunpoint)

Payneless of Omega Wooper Mordstreich

Hzrd. CGFC  Boulder. 

The First Boss of Final Boss I’ll say Zetta. After that is my adc and mid lane then top.

Final Boss Zetta or Spicy Tuna

AlbinoSunBear of Mint Spark  I think we've all been playing pretty well but Id give it to our junglers, ratqueendelilah

CTRL ULT ELITE of Mint Spark Honestly I think Rat Queen Delilah in jungle has been insane this season for us. We have claimed dragon soul and Baron super easily and they are adapting their pathing every game.

THECOBER of bloom Aybss Cloudbry or Jakob both are playing lights out 

VeyCaution of Clown Gaming Forklift Certified Afk Boulder

Mordstreich of OG Wooper Me.

Exotic of Horizon its a team effort if one of us does good we all do 

The Shadow Cows Manh (pronounced man-huh)

nahCnosaH of DGZ Arcadia Idk, I haven't played enough with the team yet.

Ayrtone of The I in Team XSoccerX

AlyXO of Final Boss Esports (Emerald) It's hard to say. I've had some good performances, but Zetta is the most proactive player on our team, Shaqtus has shown up in random games, but Faulteh hammered last series into the ground. 

Czi Conduit think canela tea has been super good and really underrated so it'd be between him and peace

Fallen of Blue Pearl Spire IslamicSamurai 

Raijin of The I in Team Okami, maybe Ayrton. But Ayrton missed a week and Okami has been kicking ass

jakob of bloom abyss low key the cober cause he's my goat on engage champs

If you had to pitch a new skin for Riot to make what champion would you choose and what would the skin theme be?

AfkBoulder CGFC I'd want an Astronaut Zyra where her seedling where little green aliens that shot lasers from UFO's

Eros of Blue Pearl Spire 

cloudbry Bloom Gaming Abyss Id probably choose Drvaen. It would be called Ravin Draven. His axes are glowsticks and he has rave attire on, no shirt, and hes wearing a hydration pack. 

Chris of Conduit JiJi  no idea gimme another kayn skin

Mollywhops of Mint Spark Bro give milio a decent skin. I hate the champ but I gotta play him often so at least let me have a decent skin

KTL Mint Spark Milio

Sixela66 of Omega Wooper Im poor.

IshaN of Omega Wooper Sylas with those sticky hands you get at an arcade for 25 tickets

Payneless of Omega Wooper Arcana Sylas

Hzrd. CGFC Balloon Boy Zac

The First Boss of Final Boss Its gonna be Garbage collector Rakan

Final Boss Legolas Varus

AlbinoSunBear of Mint Spark  I love the coven skin line so I'd like a coven skin for Diana/sylas/twisted fate 

CTRL ULT ELITE of Mint Spark The only skins in league I truly enjoy are the funny/joke skins. Would love to see something off the wall and turn the Gentleman ChoGath skin into a skin line for other Champions. Gentleman Yone who wacks people with his Cane and calls you a whippersnapper. 

THECOBER of bloom Aybss Gate keeper Braum no one gets to the back line 

VeyCaution of Clown Gaming Forklift Certified I really like the soaring sword skin line so maybe one of those for Camille. Idk how well it'd turn out but might be cool.

Mordstreich of OG Wooper Man that's a hard one, I probably would choose kogmaw but I'm unsure what the skin theme would be...

Exotic of Horizon Battle Queen akali cause it is one of the best thematic and best champ in game completely un bias 

The Shadow Cows BDSM theme, Dominator Jax, Submissive Annie. 

nahCnosaH of DGZ Arcadia I'd like more shadow assasin themes. It's cool.

Ayrtone of The I in Team

AlyXO of Final Boss Esports (Emerald) Make a super gnarly looking undead skinline and give me a skeletal warrior Yasuo pleaaaassseee

Czi Conduit Santa ornn like come on riot, gimme dat shit

Fallen of Blue Pearl Spire 

Raijin of The I in Team Have you seen the video game Okami? The art style is pretty sick. Maybe something like that for smolder as his only skin is a bit mid?

jakob of bloom abyss i feel like project azir would go so hard

What is the pickup line/1st message on online dating apps you go for? 

AfkBoulder CGFC Sorry, we're going to have to ask you to leave. You're making all the other women look bad.

Eros of Blue Pearl Spire 

cloudbry Bloom Gaming Abyss Baby Girl whats your name,. let me talk to ya, let me buy you a drink

Chris of Conduit JiJi sending a picture of a ball and asking for them to pass the ball back (shit is HEAT)

Mollywhops of Mint Spark You looking for the man of your dreams? Because I'm right here

KTL Mint Spark wow nice smile

Sixela66 of Omega Wooper I dont have any dating apps

IshaN of Omega Wooper lol

Hzrd. CGFC I don't do dating apps but I'm curious if I can apply to be yours 

The First Boss of Final Boss Hi

Final Boss I'm married

AlbinoSunBear of Mint Spark I feel too old for pickup lines so I just dive right into conversation, I got no time for games 

CTRL ULT ELITE of Mint Spark: Do you want to go for a walk along the beach and grab some gelato? Brix(my French bulldog that pulls all my dates) would love to get me out of my apartment. 

THECOBER of bloom Aybss Lol bold to assume a leauge player has a dating app

VeyCaution of Clown Gaming Forklift Certified

Mordstreich of OG Wooper I don't.

Exotic of Horizon we play league no time for relationships

The Shadow Cows Are you my appendix? Because my stomach has me feeling like I need to take you out ASAP.

nahCnosaH of DGZ Arcadia Did you fart? Cuz you blew me away.

Ayrtone of The I in Team Do you like support players? Cause I'll be your bitch any day of the week

AlyXO of Final Boss Esports (Emerald) I try to use something on their profile so it's easy for them to respond :)

Czi Conduit  "everyone one in here seems jealous tonight, think its because they know they can't ever have eyes as bright as yours."

Fallen of Blue Pearl Spire 

Raijin of The I in Team Hey! Honestly just thought you were pretty damn cute and wanted to say hi. Also I've been on a baking streak recently but need a taste tester, care to help at all?

jakob of bloom abyss do you fw quirked up white boys

Best Fast Food, and what are you ordering there?

AfkBoulder CGFC The Sourdough Jack from Jack in the Box is goated

Eros of Blue Pearl Spire 

cloudbry Bloom Gaming Abyss In n out, Double double protien style, grilled onions and chopped chilies, large coke

Chris of Conduit JiJi 

Mollywhops of Mint Spark Taco bell and crunchy tacos ezpz

KTL Mint Spark hmm probably 5 guys

Sixela66 of Omega Wooper Id say shake shack but theyve been trolling me so i just order from random pizza places in new york. 

IshaN of Omega Wooper im too indecisive for this

Payneless of Omega Wooper Raising Cane's, Box Combo No slaw XTRA Sauce

Hzrd. CGFC  Papa John's pizza obviously. Large pepperoni 

The First Boss of Final Boss Chick fil a … But I usually cook my food

Final Boss Flamethrower burger from DQ

AlbinoSunBear of Mint Spark I'm not much of a fast food eater but I do enjoy some late night drunk taco bell runs for the craving boxes/burritos 

CTRL ULT ELITE of Mint SparkMcdonals Nuggets with hot mustard sauce is my childhood comfort order and what I get cravings for.

THECOBER of bloom Aybss Give me that Popeyes Crispy chicken sandwich 

VeyCaution of Clown Gaming Forklift Certified I don't think its the best, but for some reason my go to is usually Subway. Footlong Turkey, with Pickles and Olives. 

Mordstreich of OG Wooper Culver's, Culver's Deluxe as a double with a Lemonade 😎

Exotic of Horizon Zaxby's wings and things all day

The Shadow Cows Depends on the day. In N Out (#1 with onions no tomatoes), or Chick Fil A (spicy grilled chicken sandwich + nuggies)

nahCnosaH of DGZ Arcadia subway, protein bowl. or great garlic foot long.

Ayrtone of The I in Team Panda Express orange chicken

AlyXO of Final Boss Esports (Emerald) Depends on the day for me. Does Hawaiian bros count? If so that, and honolulu chicken. IF not, probably taco bell and it truly depends on how much THC is in my system.

Czi Conduit  chinese, gotta get the boneless spareribs dinner with a side of fried dumplings

Fallen of Blue Pearl Spire 

Raijin of The I in Team In-n-out 10000%, double double with all of the normal stuff, both types of onions, animal fry, neopolitan shake if I'm feeling like a fatass or diet coke

jakob of bloom abyss five guys double bacon cheese burger and small fry

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