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Unofficial Week 2 Platinum Power Rankings (Top 3)

Hey everyone, welcome back to a new season of Blue Otter League. With this season, I’m seeing some familiar faces, but a lot of new ones as well. I’m not going to keep up with name changes because that sounds like a total mess as you all are always trying to have new, ‘hip’ names. If you weren’t with me last season, you’ll know that I like to have fun with these rankings and that’s it: they’re just for fun. So if you see your team/name at the top, well… congrats, I noticed you! If you don’t… well, get good? Let’s begin!

Infernal Team Power Rankings (Top 3)

Undying Tyrants (UT)

Coming in at number one this week, the Undying Tyrants. This series was by far the quickest series of the set of matches this last week and it seemed to be a total wash. It seemed to be a complete team effort as every role seemed to provide something to these fast and efficient wins. My analysis will be that this team will look to play through their bot half of the map as Top/Mid appear to play Tank/Control Mage, respectively. You know.. If you want an insider tip into beating this team ;).

Cloud Team (CT)

At second place this week, we have the Cloud Team. While it may seem like a boring name upfront, just wait for the doozy of a name for the upcoming team. What may be more embarrassing, however, is the team that gave up 8 kills to a mid-lane Karma. This team definitely seemed more top heavy of a map focus as we look to see a bit more participation out of this Bot lane. Overall, a strong performance and we look forward to seeing y'all in the next series.

ISU G&E Emerald (???) Alright, y'all need to change this name… immediately. Nearly had an aneurysm just reading it. Anyways, coming in third is XXXXXX Emerald. Emerald seems to be another top heavy focused team as there were very strong performances out of this Mid and Jungle. If you want my advice on beating this team, maybe avoid picking Zilean Mid. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from CT and run Karma if we’re that picky about picking supports Mid.

Hextech Team Power Rankings (Top 3)

Revolution Ice Age (RIA)

Alright, listen: I’m somewhat of a prophet. Here’s a flashback from September 28th, 2021: I give some quality advice, apparently, because this team 100% started a revolution and is coming in at the number 1 team for week 2 of the Hextech bracket. To be honest, not even sure if this is the same organization but… there’s a revolution happening none-the-less. RIA, across the board, outperformed their opponents and came away with one of the quickest total game times of any team this week. I look forward to seeing such a powerhouse pull out some quick dubs in the future.

GSG Sigma (GSG)

A familiar team name takes the spot for the number two place here as some dominant performances come out from the Mid/Bot lane positions. I mean, 26 kills across two custom games from a Bot laner? I’m surprised the total game time was so high. As it should be, the two roles with carry (APC and ADC, if you’re new to League… which it looks like some of y'all might be) being the main carries just has a really nice bliss to it. I hope this trend continues into the second week here in BOL for this strong team.

CB Rush (CBR)

In a surprising turn of events, CB Rush is not in the top spot in my power rankings for the first time since September of 2021. While taking the series to its third game, CBR managed to pull out the series victory from a very strong Bot lane performance. My favorite sub Support making his debut with an incredible Nautilus performance, Coach Pizza definitely put in the work to allow this Bot lane to succeed. The only factor I see here in their loss is Coach not on Nautilus so like… if we’ve learned anything, take my advice and maybe ban it if you want a shot at prevailing over this CBR bot lane. Either that or just force Coach on an actual carry and experience the first 15 minute decimation at the hands of CBR in BOL history.

*Disclaimer*: Like I said at the beginning, the power rankings are for fun. They’re supposed to be light-hearted and a nice get-a-way from some very competitive series games. If you don’t enjoy the banter, turn your monitor off. Can’t be that much different from how you play the game, anyway. If you made it this far, any suggestions/feedback is more than welcome and appreciated. I hope y’all had an excellent first week of BOL and I look forward to seeing y’all next week.

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