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Week 3 Masters draft recap

Hello everyone, my name is Glorsnax and welcome to ICYMI (In case you missed it) where we do a brief summary of the previous week of Masters B.O.L. We have reached almost halfway through the season which is a bit weird when you think about it too much. I don’t think much at all though. Let’s dive in. (Unfortunately due to working over 40 hours this week it will be short.)

DoG Gamma 2-0 Death Cards

Well. This series was uneventful as Death Cards only got 12 kills both games, just a stomp. GG’s to both teams as Death cards take their first loss of the season to Dorado. 

Lane Zero Maelstrom 2-0 USAE 

Game 1 was the Griffin show as he ended with a 30 KDA and just won the game off his picks and plays, USAE went down trying to fight but couldn't stop the floodgates and lost in 22 minutes. Nothing really you can mention that was positive other then Kaisa not dying as much with Renekton. GG’s though.

Game 2 was much closer scoreboard wise but it boiled down to NA Stallion on Kindred vs Ins1d10us Xayah, This was one of the best chances for USAE to tie the series and bring us to a game 3 and give Lane Zero their first loss this season but it wasn’t in the cards at the end of it. Mistimed fights or giving up pressure let Kindred scale hard and get two barons and dragon soul, A heartbreaker for the Army as they still look for their first series win. Lane Zero stays perfect on the season as they look to fly high next week against the illustrious BYE WEEK.

DZG Styx 2-1 The Fraud Team

Game 1, This was a really rough look for DZG as they really seemed to play with complete disrespect and failed completely to win any of the tossups as it just didn’t go their way, and this is not a dig at Fraud team as they completely made them pay and kept punishing topside for their picks, a great game from Verticality as he was able to lead him and his team to the dub and really put DZG in a tight spot, this has the writing to be another stomp series

Game 2, well. That was a complete change of pace as DZG stopped playing coinflips and just completely stomped this game. Every lane lost and Senna scaled and they just ended the game, going into game 3 is a pivotal moment for Fraud to really make a statement.

Game 3, The curse of the Croc strikes again this series as it was Verticality and Topside fell behind where Tonzo was able to group and bring the storm as they won with the teamfight against another teamfight comp with the wombo not being enough while behind. Rexs Senna tried their best to be the final raid boss but farming Senna is still weaker than fasting Senna. A disappointing finish for Fraud as they stay in the mud at 3-5 and need to beat Goofy next week to have a better chance for playoffs as DZG faces DoG Beta next week looking to make it 4-0 (series).

Khan Esports 2-1 The Crabs Radiant 

Game 1 started off as usual of Masters season so far, a stomp where Khan just dominated Crabs completely and made sure the nerfed Smolder couldn’t carry the game, Really well played from all of Khan as now it's up to Crabs to respond game 2, and if it’s like other series, we should be in for a great series.

Game 2 did not disappoint in this matter either as Crabs really won crucial teamfights and secured dragon soul and baron to help push for the end of the game, and almost an insane KP coming from their jungler Mr Drex as he finishes it with a KP of 28/29 and leads them to a pivotal game 3 alongside his carries. Puffies really tried their best to carry with the Leblanc but it was just smoke and mirrors.

Game 3 was tells a story, but not a happy ending for the Crabs as it was all the pressure on Palmgoat to carry before his back gave out, Khan does enough to push the Xayah out and take the series in a closer game then most stomps but still not distinct enough for alot to be said, with that said it was close for Crabs as they almost secured soul and could have potentially turned it with it. GG’s to Crabs as they search for their first series win next week against DZG, as for Khan they face DoG Beta

Nameless Tritium 2-0 Leash the Dogs

Game 1 was just to protect the hypercarry comp and it worked out exactly as they hoped as Aph just hard carried the game in the later stages as Twitch wasn’t fed enough to carry this game for the side of Leash. But crucial teamfights and two baron secures made sure Nameless can win the game with the hypercarry scaled. Close game from both sides but the timer ran out.

Game 2 was just the Voltage show as he hard carried on the Nameless with the rest of the team holding strong to make sure he can stack and overpower the rest of Leash, This game was close till one fight blew the game wide open for them and they pushed and pushed until it ended for the dragon. GG’s to both teams as Leash is needed a win soon to stay alive while this helps Nameless stay in the middle of the pack

Goofy Goobers 2-1 Omega Akuma Pairing Knives

Game 1 was a slow game where Goofy just slowly got leads and pushed it when they got item spikes and pushed advantage as they let early tempo go the way of Omega who got all 6 grubs, they also stole a baron and stalled the game for the Jinx to try and hypercarry but its hard when the second member with the most kills is a tank volibear, Goofy improved from last series and have to close it out game 2 in order to stay a threat.

Game 2 was a heartbreaker for the Goobers as they really couldn’t end as two members only end with 1 death and OAPK took advantage of the one fight and ended the game off it as they will take the to even up the series, a great confidence booster for OAPK as they secure the dub. Will game 3 lead us to the promised banger? 

Game 3. Nope. Complete domination from the side of Goofy Goobers and they made sure to let OAPK that the second game was a fluke. A bit of a disappointment for it but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes as Goofy gets to rest the next week secured in the 3rd spot comfortably. While OAPK is still second due to points and face Fraud who is on the lower end of the standings but can still threaten so they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Thank you all for another great week of League! I hope you have a wonderful day if you got this far, and if you did, post a bird emoji in masters general. It’ll be our secret.

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