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Week 3 Power Rankings & Predictions

Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. Previously in Week 2, we only had 3 tiers of rankings due to the early nature of the ELO system (one tier for undefeated teams, one tier for split decisions, and one tier for winless teams). However, with two weeks of matches in the books, teams have settled now into five tiers. The tiers are still a bit cookie cutter (the five tiers are 4-0, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3, 0-4). There are fewer ties in this week’s iteration of the power rankings, and predictions will hopefully become more accurate. I will be adding a tracker count to see how accurate my predictions are as well as the ELO’s. Here are Manatsu’s Power Rankings (MPR) for Week 3!


Power Rankings

Tier D

16th ▼1 Crosspoint Southpaw (0-4), Week 2: 0-2

15th = Anarchy Amber (0-4), Week 2: 0-2

14th ▼2 Hide on Team (0-4), Week 2: 0-2


Tier C

13th ▼2 !rawr Lethal (1-3), Week 2: 0-2

12th = Chubby Babies White (1-3), Week 2: 1-1

11th ▼4 Team Dark Spark (1-3), Week 2: 0-2


Tier B

10th ▼9 Flash the Disrespect (2-2), Week 2: 0-2

9th ▼2 Soulbound Tempest (2-2), Week 2: 1-1

7th ▼1 Glacial Rising Phoenix (2-2), Week 2: 1-1

7th ▲5 Crosspoint Origin (2-2), Week 2: 2-0


Tier A

6th ▲1 Omega Gaming Fire (3-1), Week 2: 2-0

5th ▲2 Swift Esports God Squad (3-1), Week 2: 2-0

4th ▼3 Predictive Gaming Chronos (3-1), Week 2: 1-1


Tier S

3rd = Chubby Babies Black (4-0), Week 2: 2-0

1st ▲2 VBU Radon (4-0), Week 2: 2-0

1st ▲2 Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon (4-0), Week 2: 2-0



This week will be the first round of divisional games! Unfortunately, I don’t have a good way of using the ELO system to predict the number of games the series will go. As such, I will only be showing which team the ELO system predicts to win. Since I’m not an ELO system, I will be predicting both the winner and the number of games. Because the number of points earned this week will be affected by how many games are played, I will only be providing my predicted Week 3 standings.

Week 3 Divisional Games

Current Record:

Manatsu: 11-5

ELO: 12-4

Swift Esports God Squad (3-1) vs Chubby Babies Black (4-0)

ELO Prediction: Swift Esports Chubby Babies Black at 55.2%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Chubby Babies Black 2-0

!rawr Lethal (1-3) vs Anarchy Amber (0-4)

ELO Prediction: !rawr Lethal at 55.0%

Manatsu’s Prediction: !rawr Lethal 2-1

Soulbound Tempest (2-2) vs Crosspoint Southpaw (0-4)

ELO Prediction: Soulbound Tempest at 60.8%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Soulbound Tempest 2-0

VBU Radon (4-0) vs Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon (4-0)

ELO Prediction: Tie (Both teams have the exact same ELO)

Manatsu’s Prediction: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon 2-1

Hide on Team (0-4) vs Chubby Babies White (1-3)

ELO Prediction: Chubby Babies White at 54.9%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Chubby Babies White 2-0

Omega Gaming Fire (3-1) vs Predictive Gaming Chronos (3-1)

ELO Prediction: Predictive Gaming Chronos at 50.4%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Omega Gaming Fire 2-1

Crosspoint Origin (2-2) vs Glacial Rising Phoenix (2-2)

ELO Prediction: Tie (Both teams have the exact same ELO)

Manatsu’s Prediction: Glacial Rising Phoenix 2-1

Team Dark Spark (1-3) vs Flash the Disrespect (2-2)

ELO Prediction: Flash the Disrespect at 54.6%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Flash the Disrespect 2-1

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