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Week 6 Gold Power Rankings Divison 2

1. Mad Rawrs

Still sitting on the throne for Div 2, Mad Rawrs continue to roll, having an impressive 2-0 over Twin Disaster. This week, they play vs CB Shock, I do not expect them to slip up.

Players to Watch: Dilly Uwu

Dilly had 2 great games vs Twin Disaster, play both sides of a match up and winning both. I’m excited to see how he plays this week and the remainder of the season.


2. The Collective Esports

Coming off a bye week The Collective Esports go up against an underperforming NSG Gold squad. If they have been playing to their standards and NSG plays to theirs, the Collective Esports should comfortably win.

Player to Watch: Rurfu

The last time we saw this team, Rurfu has some great stats on the two tanks he played which is a great sign when you can play a champion for the team and still dominate lane with it. I believe he can do the same this week.


3. Twin Disaster

Twin Disaster hit a bit of a speed bump last week, dropping to Mad Rawrs 0-2, but this week is their chance to make it up as they face Imperial Gaming. I expect them to win, but all the teams betweek 2-6 are still hunting for playoffs so every game will count.

Player to Watch: Toxin

Toxin got embarrassed last week on BOL stream vs Mad Rawrs and I expect him to rebound this week with his normal 1v9 mentality.


4. Chubby Babies Shock

CB Shock returns to the playoff picture this week after a rocky road vs Poro Snaccers, in which they did win the series 2-1. Coming towards the end of the season, their week 6 game vs Mad Rawrs could not be at a worse time where every point absolutely counts. I hope they are ready.

Player to Watch: CANMaple

CANMaple is very much a hit or miss player this split. He has incredible games, and then he has absolutely trash games. He will need to be at his best tonight, if his team wants a shot to win.


5. Imperial

Imperial may not currently be in the playoff picture, but they are fighting to get back in it, winning last week 2-1 over NSG Gold. This week, they have another uphill battle vs Twin Disaster, but if they win, they will be looking good going into the final week of play.

Player to Watch: Azurexfire

Azurexfire had some great games last week and he will need to keep up this level of play to help get his team to the post season.


6. NSG Gold

NSG Gold had a disappointing loss last week, dropping 1-2 to Imperial. Unfortunately, it does not get any easier for them this week as they take on the Collective Esports. This is their last week of play and if they don’t win, the old Minor Champs will find themselves not making playoffs.

Player to watch: Duke11

He was the bright spot during last weeks single win over Imperial and I am not sure why they swapped the play style so much. I hope he gets the chance to play more carry jungles.


7. Poro Snaccers

Poro Snaccers unfortunately, with last weeks loss to CB Shock, they have officially been eliminated from playoffs. They had some okay single games but could never manage to win a full series. They have a bye this week, but could play spoiler in week 7, as the 2-6 spots are awfully close.

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