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Week 7 Gold Power Rankings

Sup, It’s Wakka! Back again after a short week off dealing with illness and irl stuff and same with Toxin being just as busy so last week kinda got away from us but some interesting things have come out of BOL Gold the last 2 weeks i'll do my best to try and get as much of it covered as I can. I will be doing both West and East this week instead of just dealing with the west so it will be my first time rating the East as Toxin is in Korea. It's hard for us to get both done around the same time with busy irl conflicts the last couple weeks. So don't get mad at him if East seems a little different than it has been in the recent weeks and same with me having to look more into the East then I do normally. So with that lets jump into this week's team power rankings for Blue Otter League Gold Season 6 Week 7

West Division

1. Imperial Gaming (+1)

Coming into first place in the west division for the first and last rankings of the regular season is IG. I think this team is the favorite to win it or at least make it to finals from the West as their only loss was Week 1 without their new starting lineup so Conduit got the early series win yes, but IG I think on paper is still the stronger team and only dropped a single game since adding Paradigmshift. I'm putting my channel points on IG to win this week as well and most likely for the rest of the season into the finals.

Player to Watch - Swaggy P

Swaggy P is my sleeper op jungle pick of the year, this player keeps their mouth shut and gets the job done and gaps people weekly. Granted they have great laners in every other position I still think Swaggy after the season is done will have been a top 3 Jungle in the league and if they have a great playoff push could look to be the top jungle on the year.

2. Conduit Esports (-1)

Finally dropping out of the #1 slot they held for the last couple weeks while still a top team getting 2-0 by CB X in week 5 hurt them as they finally faced an actual good team they choked. If they had played IG other than week 1 Conduit is a 2 loss team nuff said really. I still really like them to be good fighters in the playoffs and maybe knock out some other good teams but if they have to go against any of the other top teams early I think an early exit is for Conduit.

Player to Watch - aintezbngcheezy

To round out the last week of BOL the player to watch from Conduit is Cheezy. Lets home cheezy can bring some of that season 4 NADS luck and momentum with them and get the rest of the team in place to a strong push going into playoffs. Cheezy will most likely end a top 5 support on the season as well.

3. CB X (=)

So first thing with CB X I really wanted to and felt like they should be lower on this list but there really isn't any other justification I can give to put either of the next 2 teams above them even with the gross loss vs Reign last week. Yes they are a 2 loss team, 1 to IG the top team and then Reign a middle of the pack team fighting for a playoff spot. Though with Altazi probably not being able to play rest of the season and having an autofill bot lane this team is SHAKEY. Even in the Reign series Kaiten was 1v9 and it wasn't enough. With this week playing Krakens who are fighting for a playoff spot expect them to come out hungry and if CB drops this series it'll finally give me a real reason to drop them even lower. Beating Conduit the week before in week 5 does help them stay relevant in this spot though

Player(s) to watch - Everyone expect Kaiten

Need a good series out of anyone else. Kaiten can clearly only do so much 1v9 and it didn't even matter last week. Whichever adc/sup botlane they run this week needs them to show up and put out something winnable. And the top half of the map needs to help Kaiten as well with a good jungle performance from Anderson Cooper and the toplaner Bootybanginbilly. Just give Kaiten any bit of help and this team should be good.

4. Monkeys Rising (+1)

Think this is a good spot to put the Monkeys in training as they really haven't proven anything to be put higher on this list unless the top teams start losing which is not happening. Fielding a pretty manageable roster and on a good week I think this team could pull off wins against most teams. Like they've beaten the teams lower in the standings and had trouble with some of the ones above them. If they are able to pull of a game or even the series vs IG this week I can give Monkeys more credit where they stand but for now this is just kinda where they fall.

Player to Watch - Vxpir

Coming into the last week of BOL Vxpir has a good and tough matchup against Actual Bird and if they are able to take control or get ahead of their opponent it will help out MR a ton and could swing some games in their favor. I think they should be able to handle as most of the top laners in the West are super strong and the better of top laners in the league. Should just be another week on the island in the top for Vxpir.

5. Reign Gaming (+1)

Moving up the list is a team that is playoff contention if they are able to win 2-0 and the Krakens lose, Reign is in the playoffs. Last week was huge for reign taking down one of the supposed top teams in BOL gold this season CBX. with big pop off games coming from Emperor in the jungle and T1 Matthew in the bot lane. Having the one FF week really hurt this team a ton because if they did not have those points completely taken away i think this team would have just been a lock as that would have been a 4 point swing if they managed to come back and win 2-1 instead of FF after 0-1.

Player to Watch - Emperor

Need another pop off series because they NEED a 2-0 if they want to make playoffs even if nads win a single game they are in no matter how the rest of the series go (forgo FF’s) if Emperor is able to gap in the jungle again and carry and tilt NADS the series should be closer but in Reigns favor.

6. Nails and Day Spa (-2)

Heads, Tails, Tails, Tails, Heads. Those where my 5 coin flips just like this team hella coinflip. It's hard to tell which version of this team will show up on game day. Them playing like that and being coinflip really makes it hard for us to find where this team really stands. Like yes I really think if this team is playing at PEAK performance and everything goes their way and it's their best series, they can repeat Season 4 and win it all but they have not been like that a single series all year. Dropping plenty of series and only winning 2. The thing is though they only need a single game win not even the entire series to be a lock for playoffs. Well see if they can get that one win and be locked for playoffs… they only need 1.

Player to Watch - Diete

1 game, that's all they need just one big pop off from their top lane carry diete. Not saying Reigns top laner The Gray Ninja is bad at all but i think Diete as his best is the best top laner in the league but they just haven't shown that ability yet, and that's just been a common thing for NADS all season. Bring out the classic Jax or Urgot 1v9, get the dub and go home.

7. Krakens of Love (=)

Hear me out. Krakens of Love have a chance at a playoff spot. They need some help from another team though. If Krakens of Love win 2-0 it will put them at 25 points and they also need Reign to beat NADS 2-0 which would put Reign and NADS at 24 points putting Krakens into the playoffs. It's the hardest of the 3 teams fighting for a spot to happen but it can happen. TheForgotten0ne will have their hands full as the 1v9 monster Kaiten is his oppenment. Not saying there isn't a chance they can pull off the playoff miracle but anything is possible.

Player to Watch - TheForgotten0ne and Chrizzleblizzle

First TheForgotten0ne has the hardest matchup of the week as I said earlier. Because CBX has not been playing well other than Kaiten being a 1v9 player atm so they will have to try their best to keep them in check. And then next is the top laner Chrizzleblizzle they have put up some good weeks and this is another week that needs to happen. With Altazi being out the top lane matchup should be a little closer against Bootybanginbilly. If these 2 are able to keep their laners in check or even win and get ahead that is Krakens win con most likely.

8. Nitwits in Purgatory (=)

Sadly NIP is 100% eliminated from playoff contention and thank you for playing in season 6 of BOL Gold. There was some hope early in the year after taking down NADS but they were never able to take any other series after that. If only they were able to beat some of the other bottom teams it could have been closer but it just wasn't.

Player(s) to Watch - Everyone

Again thank you for participating in BOL Season 6 let's just hope even though they are 100% out and are playing for nothing and playing a top team they all show up and at least dont FF. In the past season the team in last place without a playoff shot has FF’d in the past. Let's just hope NIP does not do that !

West All Star team of the Week: (Week 5-6)

Top Lane: Diete, Potatotomato6669 Jungle: Warhead852, Swaggy P

Mid Lane: TheForgotten0ne,Kaiten

AD Carry: Riv60, Paradigmshift Support: Noname, AintEZBngCheezy

East Division

1. Limitless Excel (+1)

Sitting atop of the East division after 6 weeks is Limitless Excel. After beating on the lowest team in the league Rev in week 5 and then beating RSO the week after they are a lock in for the playoffs they can still fight for the number 1 seed as they play the other top team in the East this week GSG. Winner of the series takes 1st place in the East so a lot is on the line for this game.

Player to Watch - TheycallmeREX


2. Goon Squad Gaming Sigma (+2)

Number 2 for this division is GSG Sigma as just above they are fighting for the number one seed in the East with LXX. Winner takes all. Even if LXX wins 2-1 and the points are tied LXX would have the head to head matchup win so it really is the winner take all for the first seed. After taking down SCS in week 5 and BDE in week 6 they for the moment sit atop the standing with a series score of 5-1 and game score of 11-2 with 33 points. This last week is for all the marbles lets see if the talk can back up the gameplay versus LXX

Player to Watch - As before the matchup to watch this week the matchup of the dogs Vandrahl vs TheycallmeREX. Yes there are other banger matchups going on this week like the top lane matchup between Physical and C0nquers or midlane Buckbee vs BTG all should be fun to watch.

3. Radiant Storm Onslaught (-2)

After coming out of winning the MST RSO is 2-4 in game score and 0-2 series score. After having some rough weeks I still really wouldn't count this team out. I think that even through the losses RSO still has the best Jungle and Botlane in the East division and when in stride are an unbeatable team. Clearly they have not been in stride and playing correctly dropping games in series people thought they would just 2-0. RSO is still a playoff lock which should be scary for everyone else in the league as the Playoff Buff for RSO is about to be in full effect. A 2-0 and a single NSG loss puts RSO at 3rd seed.

Player to Watch - Basting the 2nd and Natsu

One thing about having