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Week 7 Gold Power Rankings Division 4

1. 3-0 Esports

In my power rankings, I criminally under rated 3-0 out of ignorance, and every week they remind me by absolutely battering their opponents. Last week vs NSG Amethyst was no different and this week will be no different either as they go against bot of the pack, Titan Esports.

Player to Watch: Everyone

Let us be honest, the team is absolutely stacked and there is no weak link or hard carry. They are all individually great and as a team an absolute nightmare for any gold team to deal with.


2. Scarlet Miracles

Scarlet Miracles had a bit of a slip up last week, dropping their series to Hyperion, 2-1. Luckily for them, I believe they have done enough to wrap up 2nd place, just having to play NSG Amethyst in the last game of their regular season.

Player to Watch: Healthy Ego

After this players dominating game one performance, this player disconnected and was unable to complete the series vs Hyperion. Hopefully, their internet will be back without effecting their mental.


3. Chubby Babies Frost

Chubby Babies Frost has done what is required of them to wrap up the 3rd seed. Their Bye week could not have come at a better time either, being able to prep without showing picks is huge going into playoffs.


4. Hyperion Gaming

After a shaky start to the season, Hyperion has really rebounded and looked lot better. They recently defeated Scarlet Miracles and if they win just 1 game this week, they secure themselves playoffs, but let’s be honest, they want that clean 2-0.

Player to Watch: Kappa Krusader

The Kappa King has returned to Hyperion and the team is happy to have them back. He keeps the mood light and the gameplay level high. I expect him to do well for this team in whatever role they have him play.


5. VBU Argon

Unlike Hyperion, this team is on the downfall unfortunately, ever since lead man BestSupportMain ranked out the team, the team has lost 2 additional players. I would like to see them come out tonight swinging but I’m concerned that tonight will mark the end of their season.

Players to Watch: The New Players

They have some big shoes to fill with not a lot of practice time. They need to stay calm, cool, and collected and look to upset.


6. NSG Amethyst

Unfortunately, things just keep getting worse for Amethyst. They got absolutely dismantled last week at the hands of 3-0 and now they have to deal with Scarlet Miracles. My hope is they will put their best foot forward and go out swinging.

Player to Watch: WarOtter

Warotter had a decent game 1 last week vs 3-0 and I believe they will need this player to have 2 good games at least to look competitive in this week’s series.


7. Titan Esports

The real David vs Goliath is Titan vs 3-0. No one is expecting anything and it would be genuinely shocking, if they have a close game. I personally don’t have high hopes for them this week and wish them the best with any leagues they play in after BOL.

Player to Watch: TES Major

As the ADC of this team, they will need to go absolutely nuts if the team wants a chance to win.

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