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Gold Power Rankings Week 3 - Division 4

1. 3-0 Esports - Match score:(1-0), Game score:(2-0)

“I prefer Flash of Hecarim, the comfort of it makes me play better” - Greedee

3-0 came out of the gate strong with a solid 2-0 victory over Scarlet Miracles. This was a statement game for all members involved that they didn't come to the league just to play, they came to win. And all members were on board in this Mid/JG dif series. The team looks to solidify their rule over division 4 this week in a matchup versus VBU Aragon.

Player to watch: Greedee

Coming up big vs SM, greedee will need to keep his performance up versus VBU for them to take the win. Teams should probably ban hec, if only because he's busted.

2. VBU Argon - Match score:(2-0), Game score:(4-0)

VBU had another strong week in week two, taking down bottom of the pack Titan Esports. The roster has proved they can play effectively around their mid laner, and allow him to carry, which is more than a lot of teams in the league can boast. The Roster is sitting soundly in second on this list, mostly because i got Veteod for trying to put them in first. Lets see if they can rise up to the challenge and go 3-0 or if they will get bodied by 3-0.

Player to watch: BestSupportMain

Two weeks in a row, somebody stop this man. Showing up big on strong team fighting champs like Brand as well as a split pushing macro threat like Ryze, he is the heart of the team figuratively and literally as a mid laner. Lets see if he can make the division 4 mid lane his lane kingdom.

3. Scarlet Miracles - Match score: (1-1), Game Score:(2-2)

Dropping to third on our list is Scarlet Miracles. The old king from last season, fell to the new upstarts in their week two match. Luckily for them, this is a bye week so they have time to try and right the issue, and get their mid laner to learn to not run it down versus stronger opponents. Still getting ranked third despite that, the team is still solidly in the top 3, with only the chubby babies to worry about behind them

Player to watch: howimetyourtable

Table had a rough week this week, but picks like shen and urgot are a welcome sight in BOL gold. He has been the rock of a team previously so it will be interesting to see if he can rise back to the role the team needs for him.

4. Chubby Babies - Frost - Match score:(2-0), Game score:(4-0)

Chubby Babies hold their own in 4th place, after taking out the division gatekeeper of NSG. the babies have shown effective play vs the bottom of the pack teams, and solid performers in the jungle mid and ADC roles in particular. The team will have room to move up the rankings in this weeks match vs Scarlet Miracles.

Player to watch: Candle King

Mid lakers again showed up strong in this division. Candle and the rest of the team are an effective machine thus far, however they will need to prove themself vs the top of the table teams and mid laners for me to be able to rate the roster higher.

5. Titan Esports Match Score:(0-2), Game Score:(0-4)

Titan Comes in 5th on our list, as the “best of the worst” category of division 5. The roster has been pounded thus far, however they have some hopes left as their mid laner had some decent games.if the team rallies around him,and can cut down the feed there is still hope for the roster to make up some ground.

Player to watch: TES DontEatBees

Mid lane coming up as the best player on the roster, if he can find his place and rally his team around him, he should be able to carry the roster to a win, if only a single game vs Chubby Babies Frost

6. Hyperion - Match score:(0-1), Game score:(0-2)

Hyperion had a bye week last week, so there's not much to say. The roster dropped in the rankings as a result of the strength of those around them going up. While they won't be showing much taking down a struggling NSG amethyst in week 3, a solid victory can be the start this team needs to turn things around moving forward. See last week for a better breakdown of the team, their match, and the player to watch.

7. NSG Amethyst - Match score:(0-2), Game score:(0-4)

Coming up last is NSG amethyst. The team got devastated by the frost babies, but do have room to start their comeback vs hyperion. The roster is interesting as they pull out some solid meta picks such as swain and hecarim, however something just isnt clicking for them. They will be able to rise up in the ranks as they begin playing other bottom teams, and have to take the win in week 3.

Player to watch: your guess is as good as mine

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