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Oasis Octane vs Chubby Babies Frost

Octane comes in as the second seed from Division 2 and Chubby Babies Frost comes in as the third seed from Division 3.

How Oasis Octane got here:

Oasis Octane has had an interesting season nevertheless. This team was at the top of the group at one point and honestly, I’m going to say it, I think they’re one of the weaker 2nd seeds. Oasis Octane lost to NSG Black in an unfortunate game and then also lost to the Arcanists, who aren’t even in the playoffs (unfortunately). The good news is, Chubby Babies Frost are a pretty weak third seed, and they should be able to pick up this win. By far the players to talk about for Oasis Octane are Sharpotter6 and Quelana, who basically carry the team. Honestly, slap four tanks and Quelana on anything and that’s the recipe to success for this team as this man is unstoppable. I want to point out two things in the stats here. Quelana has a 26.2% damage share as the ADC, the next being only 20% and that’s from the mid lane. Next up, this guy has over 130 kills.. How is that even possible.. Oasis Octane are going to be looking to play through the bot lane without a doubt, so Chubby Babies Frost you better be ready.

How Chubby Babies Frost got here:

Chubby Babies Frost comes in as the third seed from the group of death, which is pretty impressive. They ended up beating every single team below them in the group and only losing to Scarlett and the undefeated 3-0 Esports. Chubby Babies Frost have a decent team across the board and it seems anyone on that team can carry the game if given the right tools. They all have around the same damage share on the team (minus the support) and all have similar kill participation. What this basically means is that they are a very good “team” in the sense that they do everything together, making plays together, and they don’t really end up finding leads on their own. This is good and bad because against Oasis Octane their bot lane naturally will get a lead and well, you probably know where that is going. The good news is that this team likes to make plays together so, who knows, maybe they’ll all 5 man bot, the classic!

Prediction: Oasis Octane 3-1 Chubby Babies Frost

Honestly, I think Chubby Babies Frost won’t be able to handle Quelana and Sharpotter6 in the bot lane. I think all Oasis Octane really has to do is go even on the top side of the map and they’ll be set for a free ride into the next round. This series is all on Chubby Babies Frost and them being proactive, otherwise Quelana will just take over the game naturally. I think Chubby Babies Frost though will take a game, if they can find out the secret that is to Quelana’s success and I think they’ll find out how to stop it, but it’ll be too late.

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